Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 624

“Are you not getting married?”


At the sudden question, Eugene spewed the alcohol he was about to pass down his throat. It was an attack without warning, but as if the experience had not been meaningless, Xian did not panic and immediately tilted his chair back to avoid drinking.

“Khehe, kek… … .”

But Eugene couldn’t let go of the attack like Xian. His nose and eyes were sore from the strong drink regurgitating down the middle of his throat.

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“It’s not even a random question, is it?”

Xian answered while returning the chair that had been tilted back to its original position.

This is Xi’an’s room. Brothers asked me to have a drink just the two of us, so I was sitting in front of him, and he suddenly asked me a question like that. Yujin rubbed the back of her hand with the back of her hand and glanced at Xian.

“Who made it?”

“what… … what?”

“Who ordered you to ask? Are you the lord? Anicilla? Or maybe the father… … ?”


“no… … no It could be someone else.”

Yujin opened her eyes thinly and murmured. cubby. As she poured new tan wine into her empty glass, she thought of the ‘candidates’.

Aside from the parents of the family that came to mind first, there were too many people who would recommend Xian to think about ‘marriage’.

A Sycnad living in the forest. Although his race and parents are different, Sikh Nad and Senya are brother and sister. This guy has a good side when it comes to issues related to Senya, and he has created an atmosphere that encourages Eugene by uniting with the elves of the forest several times.

Loverian and Melchis. A few days ago, the two had visited Lionheart’s home on behalf of Arrot for a matter related to the ‘new city’. At the spot where Eugene was also present, they started greeting and talked about the new city and the academy that were being opened.

Alchester and Raphael. They also came to Lionheart for similar reasons as the wizards. One of the reasons for the visit was to convey the request of the emperor and the pope to continue friendly relations, but Alchester suddenly asked about the age at which he could enter the academy.

I thought I wanted to enroll my 13-year-old son, Liu Dragonic, into the academy, but in reality it wasn’t. It was Alchester himself who wished to enter the academy… … . It is said that there is no status or age in learning, but Alchester, the commander of the imperial knights, cannot enter the academy.

Fortunately, Raphael didn’t seem to have any intention of entering the academy on his own. Instead, he turned his attention to theology, which was being discussed as a candidate for the academy’s course.

Raphael told the academy that if necessary, he could leave the work of the Knights of the Blood Cross behind and lecture on theology, but Eugene refused without hesitation. If Raphael, a partial fanatic, is in charge of theology, the students will become the same fanatic.

maybe it’s aman Didn’t Xian go to Luhar Kingdom with Ayla just a few weeks ago?

many others. If you add a little exaggeration, the entire continent is interested in Eugene’s actions. In particular, the ‘marriage’ of a celebrity is a popular topic that can be talked about comfortably even in a local bar.

“If you want to ask, you can ask directly, so why would you ask me to ask?”

“Why, you are my brother. When it comes to siblings, you can say things you wouldn’t say to others.”

“sibling… … !”

Xian’s eyes widened. Feeling quite moved, he raised his glass to Eugene.

“So who are you? Are you Senna, Anis, or Cristina?”

“If it were them, they would brush you off.”

“Well, I guess so. So who are you?”

“… … .”

Xian couldn’t answer easily and hesitated. That awkward attitude made Yujin even more frustrated.

braided. Eugene clinked the glass and urged again.

“Who are you?”

“… … It’s Ayla.”


“My name is Ayla.”

An unexpected name came out.

Ayla Luhar. Descendant of Moron, daughter of Aman, princess of the Kingdom of Luhar. And Xian’s fiancee. Eugene blinked her eyes and remembered Ayla whom he had seen in the hallway of the mansion earlier. She resembles Moron and Aman, she was incredibly precocious for being 13 years old.

‘young master.’

Every time Ayla sees Eugene, she smiles and calls her like that.

‘Where are Mer and Mir unnie?’

The only thing that is precocious is appearance. Ayla’s mental age is the same as her age. Perhaps that’s why Mer and Laymella treat Ayla as ‘elderly’, which is rare.

“… … Why is Miss Ayla?”

“I am very interested in your marriage.”


“Before you marry me, I want you to get married first. It seems that I want to refer to it… … .”

“reference… … ?”

“What a wedding is like, what a bride should be like. and… … and.”

Xian hesitated for a moment, unable to speak, then drank the alcohol he hadn’t drunk yet.

“A bouquet… … He said he would like to receive it.”

“bouquet… … .”

Eugene swallowed a gulp.

Sian’s marriage is scheduled for when Ayla turns 20. Seeing that she referred to the wedding and said that she wanted to receive her bouquet, it seemed that Ayla was more sincere with her Xian than Eugene thought.

Actually, regardless of age, the two of them got along very well just by looking at their looks. At least so far.

Ayla is still shorter than Xian, but what if Moron and Ahman’s Luhar blood awakens in the next few years? Eugene remembered Gargis’s younger sister, whom she had seen at an event at her parents’ house before, with her muscles bulging like her older brother’s… … .

“Why is your expression like that?”

“Kuhm… … .”

Eugene cleared his throat and looked at Xian’s expression.

“But are you really going to get married?”

“I will.”

“Your engagement was ultimately decided by the head of household and Anicilla-sama. Not Miss Ayla… … .”

“The other candidate was Princess Scalia.”

Now, Scalia has become a devout believer, worshiping Eugene as a god, but when they first met, she slaughtered mercenaries in the snowfield and attacked Eugene, blinded by stress and nightmares. At the time, Xian, who couldn’t decide between Ayla and Scalia as her betrothed, immediately chose Isla as her betrothed after experiencing Scalia in the snowy field.

“You seem to be misunderstanding something, but I sincerely intend to marry Ayla.”

Xian’s face as he put down his drink was very serious, and Yujin, who saw that, couldn’t help but look even more suspicious.

“you… … that… … no.”

“Don’t get me wrong… … ! Who wants to get married right now?”

“If Lady Ayla is 20, you will be 30.”

“If Ayla didn’t want to marry me, I’d say no too. Not only now, but also 7 years from now. However, even now, just talking about the breakup makes me cry… … !”

Sian sighed as his shoulders trembled.

“I am crying as if the real world is about to end, what should I do? I need to soothe! I’m sorry, I won’t break off the engagement! But really, after 7 years, Ayla might change her mind. Maybe you don’t want to marry someone 10 years older.”

“If 30 is a man, what am I a grandfather? No, undead?”

“Stop talking. When are you going to get married?”

Eugene licked his lips at the sharp shot.

“… … About a year later?”

“Oddly enough, what about a year? You can do it right now.”

“If you decide to do something about marriage, do you do it right away? I need to prepare my mind too.”

“What preparation… … .”

“Anyway, I’ll do it in about a year.”

“with who?”

This question was also very sharp. As Eugene blinked her eyes at her speechless jaw, Xian clicked her tongue and smirked.

“Senya? Mr. Anise? Are you Cristina? Who are you going to do it with?”

“… … all… … Together?”

Xian’s face twisted at the words he barely answered. Eugene quickly added words before those twitching lips opened.

“I hope for all three anyway, and I… … uh… … I think it would be nice And, rather than marrying Senya a year later, Anis a year later, and Cristina a year later… … .”

“There are so many things I want to say.”

Instead of spitting out curse words, Xian let out a long sigh.

“Even at your words… … I think there is a point. By the way, did Senna-sama allow it?”

“… … I did something similar.”

“Why do you keep giving vague answers?”

“That’s why I said about a year later. Organize what needs to be sorted out, make sure to get permission… … .”


Xian sighed again and shook his head.

“Whatever… … It’s a slope… … I can do it. Maybe Ayla will like it. Because I can get a lot of bouquets.”

“I’ll throw three at the same time, so make sure you catch them well.”

“If you’re going to throw three, why don’t you throw one to Ciel?”


This time, Eugene spewed out the alcohol he was drinking, and Xian quickly tilted his chair to avoid it.

“I… … Vermouth has been close to Ciel since the other day. Do you know what’s going on?”

You’re talking again. Xian looked at Yujin with a pathetic face and shook his head excitedly.

“Why are you asking me that? And when you see it, you know He watched my training every day.”

“Why all of a sudden… … ?”

“It’s not just Ciel who looks after you. Take care of me too.”

“Do you teach better than me? That bastard, I haven’t been good at teaching anyone since the old days.”

“It’s an honor just to watch.”

“You don’t seem to be able to teach well.”

“At least he’s a lot kinder than you used to be.”

Xian clicked his tongue and put the glass down.

“Let’s stop drinking and finish. Tomorrow is an important day, so you can’t have a drink all night.”

tomorrow. Finally, Lionheart New City is completed and we are moving in.

Since a new mansion was also built in the new town, the main residence itself was left on the site. Since it is also a mansion with a history of 300 years, it was decided to use it as a villa to serve as a museum for future generations.

“Who said they would come to the completion ceremony?”

“In Lionheart, the Senate, the Black Lions, and the influential collateral families. And other than Lionheart, officers from the Shingun era, monarchs from each country, and high-ranking nobles… … .”


“Hundreds of thousands have already gathered outside the city gates for several days.”

The completion ceremony of the Lion Heart New Town is receiving a lot of attention from the continent. At the completion ceremony tomorrow, people living in Lionheart’s home will be the first to move in. After that, they take a tour of the mansion and city landmarks together with invited guests.

After a series of ceremonies, the gates of the city are opened. Hundreds of thousands of people, who had already gathered a few days ago, would tour the city through the open city gates.

“The residents are selected by lottery. Isn’t that too unconventional?”

“It’s not even picking them all.”

The residents of the new city decided to give priority to the new soldiers who fought in the war. And it was decided to draw a lottery for the demons and immigrants who previously lived in Pandemonium, and for the continental people who wished to move in separately.

“We decided to draw a lottery for the crowd who came to the completion ceremony tomorrow. It could lead to catastrophe.”

“I’ll make sure that that doesn’t happen.”

When hundreds of thousands of people rush into a city at once, chaos ensues. If you proceed to the lottery on the spot, the excited crowd may go wild.

A countermeasure against it has already been put in place.

“Finally it’s tomorrow.”

Yujin stood up from her seat with a hearty smile. As Xian said, it was an important day, so it was the birthplace of going back to my room without drinking any more.

“You seem to have expected it while pretending you weren’t either, right?”

Xian smiled and asked. Lionheart’s mansion built in the new town had been seen by the family members a few days ago. Xian actually had no complaints about the mansion he was living in now, but he felt a flutter in his heart when he saw the mansion built in the new town.

“Of course not.”

Eugene replied with the same smirk. However, Eugene’s expectations are not due to the completion of a new mansion and a new town.


Eugene hid his excitement and left Xi’an’s room.

“Are you going to bed now?”

On my way back to my room through the hallway, I ran into Anise and Cristina.

Anis, who successfully moved into the doll’s body, resembles Christina next to her, like twins. Other than the atmosphere, the difference is the presence or absence of tear points and the clothes. I can recognize Eugene without a problem, but the resemblance is so much that other people can’t help but confuse them.

One person suggested tying her hair so that it would be clearly recognizable, but Anis firmly refused. Judging from her nasty disposition, she probably intended to confuse others.

“What about Senya?”

“I am still in the woods. He said he would check the movement magic that he will use tomorrow.”

“It’s a big deal if you fail.”

Even if you leave the mansion behind, there is an enormous amount of moving goods from the main house. In addition, the entire forest and dwarven workshops had to be warped to a new town far away.

During the month leading up to the completion of the city, Senya was immersed in completing and checking this large-scale warp magic. People decided to move directly to the warp gate, so there was no need to worry about casualties.

“There’s no way Senya’s magic will fail, is there?”

“I still have to go and help.”

“Didn’t Senja kick you out the last time you went to help? Just go and don’t disturb me and go to sleep.”

“Then what are you guys doing when you’re not sleeping?”

I didn’t have to hear the answer. It was because the smell of alcohol wafted from both of them. Since Anise nestled in the doll, the two of them have been working hard every day. Sometimes, he forcibly drags Ciel back after training.

“Drink some more… … .”

“I didn’t want to drink, but the sister told me that the alcohol wasn’t enough… … .”

“It is a blatant lie. Isn’t it you, Cristina, who seduced me to go to the kitchen because I was running out of snacks?”

While the two squabbled, Eugene quietly took a step back. It was certain that if I stayed any longer, I would be caught by the two and forced to drink more.

“Eugene-nim will go with you too.”

“That’s a great idea, Cristina. Now that Senya is gone, the two of us can monopolize Hamel.”

Before Eugene could back off further, Cristina and Anis split Eugene’s arms and grabbed them. When the two of us were one body, we would have been able to shake it off somehow… … Eugene held his breath at the pressure he felt from the tightly gripped arms.

“Aren’t you sleeping?”

While dragged along the corridor by the two, Vermouth’s door opened slightly. He looked at Eugene’s pale and crumpled face, and Christina and Anis, who were red from drunkenness but glowing with desire, and clicked her tongue.

“Hey, let’s have a drink.”

Eugene urgently asked Vermouth for help.

“No reservations.”

Vermouth didn’t even worry. He felt that if he was dragged to that place, he would not only drink until morning, but would also face hot retaliation from Anise and Cristina someday. At Vermouth’s answer, the smiles of the two saints deepened even more.

“Good night, Mr. Vermouth.”

“Have a nice dream, Mr. Vermouth.”

The two saints left a greeting and dragged Eugene away.


before closing. At the sudden approach, Vermouth turned his head. Yujin glared at Vermouth with gleeful eyes and continued.

“Look forward to tomorrow.”

“… … ?”

Vermouth did not understand the meaning of the words.

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