Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 623

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Early in the morning, Ciel woke up in bed. It’s a time that hasn’t come to mind yet, but Ciel is used to waking up at this time.

I sat on the bed, turned my neck a few times, put the soles of my feet together, and stretched my upper body forward. After that, I got off the bed, relaxed my joints, drank the water next to the bed, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and changed my clothes.

I left the room and quietly closed the door. time most of them are asleep. I walked silently through the dimly lit hallway. Waking up and leaving the room at this time is a daily routine for Ciel.

As he was born in the Ryanhart family, there was never a lack of hard work during his childhood. In the days when his eldest son, Iod Ryan Hart, who was now forbidden to even speak his name, had the right to inherit the family head—for the satisfaction of his mother and the position of the head family. and… … .

“Maybe the direction of the effort is wrong.”

Walking down the quiet hallway, Ciel pouted his lips.

It wasn’t just her. The twins’ hard work since childhood is not only the satisfaction of their mother and their position in the family. She is 13 years old. In order to show an overwhelming gap in the now-defunct Lionheart tradition, the blood line ceremony, and to compete with Eugene, who has become an adopted son of the original family. No, rather than a competition… … .

13 years old. The twins at a young age had no choice but to have complicated feelings for Eugene.

A collateral far superior to the main family. She wouldn’t have to worry much if she remained as a collateral, but Eugene became the adopted son of the original family. Fortunately, Anicilla had a keen eye for reading current trends, so she did not choose to oppose Eugene. What she said as she sat her little twins in front of her was that she and Eugene should be her real family.

Seeing Eugene’s skills at the Blood Ceremony was also a boon for the twins.

Xian was instinctively drawn to Eugene’s power. A boy of that age admires and wants to be close to someone stronger than himself. However, Xian wanted to go beyond admiration and become brothers, and the pride of the noble master made him try to follow Yujin somehow.

Ciel is similar. However, unlike Cian, Ciel was a woman. For Ciel, who lived only in her main house, which consisted only of her family, which was connected with her blood, Eugene, who suddenly appeared – she had no choice but to have a faint perception of ‘family’ or ‘siblings’ from an early age.

If only the feelings of puberty were less. If Eugene had not gone to Arot to study abroad. If instead of becoming a black lion, he would have followed Eugene. If I had acknowledged this feeling early on and appealed to Eugene… … If you made that kind of effort.

“It couldn’t have been.”

It might have been in the past when he didn’t know the circumstances, but now Ciel knows a lot about Eugene. No matter what direction Ciel tried, he probably couldn’t get the answer he wanted from Eugene.

For him, the ‘past’ was something he could never shake off. relationship with his colleagues. emotions accumulated from it. A regret that has not yet been achieved. No matter how much Ciel appeals, Ciel’s feelings cannot reach Eugene.

No matter how pretty you wear. Even if I swing my sword every morning at the gymnasium. Even if it gets stronger like that. Such efforts could not give Ciel the answer he longed for.

Even in a war that has already ended… … It was. The reason Ciel wanted to become so strong was because she wanted to fight alongside Eugene. Whether it is the demon king of confinement or the demon king of destruction. I wanted to help Eugene by doing my part in that battle.

It was too far. didn’t reach Ciel’s performance in the war is limited to summoning Moron using the Dark Eye. In the war against the demon king of confinement, she defeated many demons and monsters. Even in the war against the Demon King of Destruction, she made many Nur fall.

That’s all. Ciel couldn’t stand on the same battlefield as Eugene. Ciel’s position in the two wars was always the same. A battlefield without a demon king. He had no choice but to wait for Eugene to defeat the demon king and come back.


Ciel let out a deep sigh.

The war is over. And there will be no war for hundreds of years. No, even if a war broke out somewhere on the continent, there would be no reason for Eugene to step in, and naturally, Ciel would not be able to fight ‘together’ with Eugene.

But waking up early every day, changing clothes, and heading to the gymnasium… … Is it because of many regrets?

Unexpected expectations? A desire to be strong regardless of that? Or just a habit? Even Ciel himself couldn’t figure out the exact reason. When you see that your eyes open naturally at this time, you can’t sleep well even if you try to go back to sleep, and your body feels tired if you skip the morning training… … Could it be because of habit?

Ciel smiled bitterly and headed for the stairs.


I could feel the presence in the study near the hallway. With a little concentration, Ciel was able to recognize the owner of the presence, so instead of going down the stairs, Ciel headed to the study first.

The head office’s study boasts a scale comparable to that of a small library. Vermut, who had been standing near the bookshelf and reading a book without sitting down, raised his head at the sound of a slight knock.

“Come in.”

Ciel peeked his head through the crack in the door. She stared at the vermouth, blinking her eyes, then smiled bashfully.

“Eldest Father.”

“ha… … .”

At the mischievous call, Vermouth let out a long sigh. He shook his head and murmured.

“I can’t get used to that title.”

“Isn’t that better than calling you father? Or should I call you Grandpa?”

“I prefer to call you by name.”

“I can’t. Because my eldest father is the progenitor of Lionheart.”

“But the title of eldest father… … .”

“Since the head of the household has no older siblings, there is no one I can call eldest father. Isn’t it very family-like to call you like this?”

Ciel smiled and entered the study. Ever since the meal they had together a week ago, Carmen had been calling Vermouth ‘father’ and Ciel ‘eldest father’.

“Did I interrupt you?”


“Are you unable to sleep? Or, if you are uncomfortable with your home, or… … .”

“No, it’s not like that. I usually don’t sleep much… … .”

Vermouth held up the book he was reading.

“There are many interesting books here.”

A book that summarizes the history of Lionheart, which does not circulate outside. Ciel’s eyes sparkled. Naturally, Ciel, the son of the family, had read that book several times since childhood.

“My eldest father… … hmm… … Are you curious about the story after death?”

“I wonder if I deserve it.”

Vermouth smiled bitterly and sat down in the chair. He was silent for a moment as he stared at the book on his desk.

The vermouth of 300 years ago was neither a good husband nor a good father. Vermouth had dozens of wives and dozens of children, but none of them was ‘special’, such as loving a little more or caring.

Vermouth’s children made a lot of effort to escape the brilliance of their father, which was followed by the modifier ‘great’. At the same time, he longed for the affection and attention of his father, whom he had no choice but to respect.

Some of the children must have resented their heartless father. From then on, he must have been dissatisfied with the gap between the main family and the collateral. However, no one openly challenged Vermouth. Because their father was the great Vermouth.

“… … There wasn’t a single bad word written about me.”

Vermouth murmured, feeling bitter. Perhaps it was because of his respect for his father that he did not leave behind his resentment. Or did he want to publicize the Sijo passed down to future generations as a flawless superman?

“Are you regretting the past?”

Ciel tilted his head and sat down across from Vermouth. Vermouth opened his mouth, unable to take his eyes off the closed book.

“At that time, I had no choice. Even if I go back in time, I will do the same thing.”

Lionheart was created to reincarnate Hamel. To increase the probability of reincarnation, which may occur at any time. And to use it as Hamel’s ally, he repeated expansion after expansion. Even if we go back to the past, Vermouth will create a family the same way.

“Even a person like my eldest father has regrets.”

“Everyone has more or less regrets.”

Vermouth looked away from the book and looked ahead.

descendants after 300 years. The origin of the family. Aside from that, Ciel has a special bond with Vermouth. Vermouth stared at Ciel’s left eye, which was slightly duller than his right eye.

That demonic eye was awakened by Vermouth.

In the battle against the new frenzied demon king, when Eugene’s consciousness was sucked into nothingness by the moonlight sword’s rampage. The chains of the demon king of confinement calmed the runaway, and Ciel contacted Eugene to escape the futility of his consciousness. In the process, the demon factor inherent in Ciel’s Lionheart’s blood was manifested.

Vermouth wanted it. He was wary of a backlash against Shinseong if he tried to manifest it in Eugene’s blood. Ciel’s blood was used.

“I have sinned against you too.”



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Vermouth let out a long sigh and said.

“Then at sea. I am… … You haven’t thought about your future. Even knowing that I could die from the sudden reaction of the planted demonic eyes, I… … .”

“That’s Okay.”

Ciel rubbed his left eye.

“At first I didn’t know what had happened, but the results were good, right? I like this magic eye.”

The moment when Yu-jin woke up after being caught up in the rampage of the moonlight sword and couldn’t control her body properly. The attack that penetrated the gap was aimed at Eugene. Ciel pushed himself to save Eugene, causing him to lose his left eye.

“At that time, I thought of this Mystic Eye as a gift from my eldest father. Thanks to that, I was able to help Eugene even though I lacked a lot of strength.”

“… … .”

“You don’t have to feel guilty about me.”

Ciel chuckled and leaned toward Vermouth.

“There are many things I want to hear from my eldest father.”


“What kind of person was Eugene?”

Ciel’s eyes sparkled with interest and curiosity. Vermouth thought that question was unexpected and tilted his head.

“Haven’t you heard about Hamel many times besides me? Sennana Anis, Moron… … .”

“Impression is different for each person. I’m curious about the impression my eldest father felt. Eugene and my eldest father are very conscious of each other, right? Eugene sees his eldest father as a rival, and he said he wanted to win at least once.”

“Impression… … .”

Vermouth tapped the table with his fingers and was lost in thought for a moment.

“Apart from Hamel’s previous life, the impression I got when I first saw him was… … hmm… … It was crazy.”


“At the time, there were only three of my colleagues: Moron, Senya, and Anise. And Hamel was making a name for himself in the mercenary world. I used that reputation as a sloppy pretext and said I would make Hamel a colleague.”


“Senya and Anise refused. Moron and I were enough warriors to engage in close combat, and at the time, I didn’t have a good impression of the job of a mercenary. Hamel’s fame is there… … hmm… … It wasn’t a very good direction.”

I didn’t even have to go through my memory. Vermouth still clearly remembered his first meeting with Hamel.

“In our first meeting, Hamel was beating the knights.”

“… … why?”

“Hamel was looking for a ship to go to the Devil’s Land. that… … It’s because the knights laughed at Hamel during the negotiations.”

Ciel blinked his eyes, unable to answer.

“Hamel broke the limbs of the knights one by one and stole their weapons. After that… … I approached Hamel.”

“And what?”

“I said let’s eat. You can’t have a conversation in the middle of a street full of onlookers. So we went to a restaurant together, and while eating… … He told me to be a colleague.”

“… … What did you answer?”

“How to purify this… … .”

“You don’t have to purify.”

Vermouth hesitated for a moment, then answered in the most polite tone possible.

“He said he had no intention of listening to a bastard bastard more than himself.”


And Ciel couldn’t help but laugh while holding his stomach.

“Your personality was the same in the past, right?”

“I think I’ve become very gentle now. After becoming teammates, Senya and Anis persistently shaped Hamel’s personality… … .”

Vermouth smiled and stared at Ciel.

“Reincarnating and starting a new life must have changed Hamel’s personality. I never imagined that Hamel would kneel in front of ‘Father’.”

“Um, sure. The Eugene I saw when I was younger was even more damning than now.”

“How was it?”

“My brother teased me a little, so we had a duel right away. My brother fell out of the room, and he threw up and cried.”

Like Vermouth, Ciel could clearly remember his first meeting with Eugene. Vermouth covered his mouth and opened his mouth as he watched Ciel giggle.

“Do you like Hamel?”

Ciel’s laughter stopped. She blinked her eyes a few times and stared at the vermouth.


The silence was short. There was not the slightest hesitation in Ciel’s answer.

There are regrets for not getting a little closer to the past. I know that I can’t reach you by going back to the past. As Vermouth said, people have more or less regrets, and the past that has already passed can never be undone.

“I know I can’t take it in return. But I don’t want to give up. If you give up… … If I give up, I think I will regret it even more later.”

Like a habit, he wakes up every morning and swings his sword.

“No matter how strong I become by swinging my sword, I will never be able to become equal to Eugene. I will have no choice but to look at Eugene’s back from now on.”

If you swing your sword until morning, when you wake up, Eugene will come out and talk to you.

Ciel liked that moment.

“I don’t want to retreat to a place where I can’t see my back. I want to be where I can see it no matter how far away it is. and then… … then sometimes If Eugene looks back on me.”

I consciously blinked, but unexpectedly, no tears flowed.

“No, I will follow you desperately enough to make you have no choice but to look back.”

Rather, I felt relieved. The gloomy feeling that had been floating around before coming to the study had disappeared.

“Does my eldest father think I’m stupid?”

“It can’t be, can it?”

Vermouth smiled lightly and shook his head.

“Ciel. Your wishes will never be ridiculed. You didn’t give up or despair.”

“Because I’ve been slapped before.”

Ciel smiled and rubbed his cheek. A dim light streamed in from the window near the desk. I glanced out the window and saw that it was already dawn.

“I’ll just go.”

“Are you going to swing the sword?”


“If it’s okay, can I take a look?”

“Of course it’s fine.”

Ciel stood up from his chair with a bright smile.

“Is it okay to think that the fact that you listened to me and offered to look at the sword means that my eldest father is cheering me on?”

“Because we are family.”

Vermouth laughed and stood up from the chair.

“Go to the gymnasium first. I will change my clothes and go right away.”


Ciel quickly turned around and left the study. Left alone, Vermouth murmured as he returned the book he had placed on his desk to the bookshelf.

“This is so… … .”

In his previous life, Hamel was not very popular with women. Because her personality is violent, her mouth is rough, and her face is full of scars. Senya and Anise, who spent a long time as her companions, felt a love for her Hamel, but from her universal point of view, Hamel was the type that could not be very popular with her woman.

But now… … .

“I never thought I would be reincarnated with such a handsome face.”

The reason Ciel fell in love with Eugene was not only because of his handsome face, but also because of his looks. In particular, the hundreds of love letters that are burned every day at Lionheart’s home are because of Eugene’s active work and handsome face.

“You are guilty too, Hamel.”

Vermouth shook his head and left the study.

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