Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 603

Vermouth, who was staggering towards me, didn’t feel rational. Nothing could be seen in those unfocused, dull eyes.

Everyone in front of him felt it. That what was approaching now was another being covered in the skin of vermouth. That that is the essence of vermouth and the origin that gave birth to him. No matter how much you appeal for past ties or affections, that will never stop and achieve the nature of destruction.


He called his name in a low voice. He hadn’t thought of being able to wake Vermouth with a single call, but since he was looking at the one approaching, he had no choice but to call his name involuntarily.

Destruction lifted its arms as if answering its call. The empty space was distorted and a messy color spread. At that moment, each of them moved without saying who was first.

heavy sound. Moron kicked off the ground and bounced forward. There is no ax in Moron’s hand now. The ax he had wielded all his life was shattered in a battle with the demon king of confinement. But Moron raised his hand as if he were holding an axe.

Hwareuk. An ember flew between Eugene and Moron. Since he was an incarnation and a great warrior, the god of victory directly bestowed a weapon on him. There was an ax in his hand, which was not holding anything. Moron, unfazed by her new axe, slammed it down upon her doomed head.

The ax was blocked in the air and could not advance further. Morron’s bouldering force crushed the axe, but the barrier created by the intertwining of colors was not pushed back at all. Even when they collided, the sound did not spread.

From the rear, Senya lifted Merry. The flames and colors entangled in the repulsion were interpreted, and the spiritual power created magic to penetrate that gap. A spear fired without a sound passed Moron’s side and reached destruction.

The window that reached right in front of me exploded. There was no sound this time either. It succeeded in penetrating the barrier, but Senya’s magic did not deliver any damage to Perish. The magic was gone, and the gaze of destruction moved on Senya.

The only thing that moved was the gaze. This place is none other than the belly of destruction. A phenomenon occurs only with the gaze. Senya had a hunch that death would overtake him, but he did not move from his seat.

This is because, at the moment of approaching death, a light different from the color already shimmered. The fire spread to the void. Eugene Lionhart. He took her saintess as her wings and raised her hand, and with that alone the color was extinguished.

Eugene held a new sword that was burning brightly in his hand. A long time ago, Agaroth could only survive here, swinging his sword recklessly. But now it’s different. The longing that transcended time and space is Eugene’s sword, and all the will of the present that does not wish for destruction pushed Eugene’s back.

The light drew a line.

Kwaaaang! At first there was a loud noise. The colors were scattered and destruction was pushed back. The demon king of confinement, who was watching from a distance, unknowingly exclaimed. A light that does not go out even in the belly of destruction. The demon king of confinement felt how bright that light was.

It is different from Agaroth. The divinity of war that he had did not shine for long in the end, but the divinity of Eugene Lionheart is not war.

‘but… … .’

Admiration was shed, but I can’t be sure of the ending. The demon king of confinement held on to the string of consciousness that was about to be cut off and faced destruction. It’s different from Agaroth, who only stopped walking despite his desperate struggle – but destruction only slightly retreated.


Eugene felt it too. It’s different from Agaroth, and it’s different from a week ago. Now, Eugene and his colleagues do not feel the ominousness, anxiety, and madness they always felt from the ‘Demon Lord of Perdition’. It is because they are resisting the erosion of that terrible magical power.

Of course, I hadn’t dreamed of being overpowered, but I knew it for sure when I touched it directly like this. Just by touching it, it seems that the divine power and existence are worn out. No, it is worn out.


Eugene let out a dry laugh and took a step back. She looks into unfocused eyes, but vermouth is nowhere to be seen. But she didn’t care about Eugene and she continued to speak her mind.

“Even if I don’t want to go crazy, I have no choice but to go crazy.”

The retreating destruction has come forward again. The moving hand led the color. A spark rose against the color that attacked from the front. The light of the blazing flame immediately faded over with color, but after that faded, the light flared up again.

I cut the tangled colors. Whether it was cut or cut, the color spread and blocked the front. Slashing blows and magic filled the gap between attacks. It disappeared the moment it reached it, but Senya’s magic did not stop.


Eugene shouted. Before she could shout directly, Moron already understood Eugene’s meaning and raised her axe.

Woo woo! The ax created with divine power changed its size to suit what Moron wanted to do. Moron Ruhar is a man who approaches divinity with only ‘power’. The power he pulled out with all his might embodied a miracle in harmony with Eugene’s divine power.

The originally large ax became much larger. It was a place where neither the sky nor the ceiling existed, but the ax rose as high as if it could reach the sky. The blade of the ax hanging from the tip grew as if it could split the sky and the earth. And Morron’s hands didn’t shake at all even after holding the ax that had grown in size.

“Hoo-wook… … .”

Morron’s face was red, and blood vessels bulged all over his body. Destruction, noticing what was happening behind it, turned its head. It lacks intellect and reason, but instinct has determined that it cannot be left alone.

The moment his gaze moved, Eugene’s body also slipped. And behind the destruction, Senya poured her magic. Thanks to this, Moron was not disturbed in any way.

His tightly clenched teeth were crushed, blood splattered from his gums, and blood flowed from his entire body. Bones shattered and muscles burst from not being able to withstand his strength, but his hand gripping his axe did not loosen. As the body collapsed, the power that expanded exponentially moved the axe.


The ax started to fall. The slow, heavy movement distorted, cracked, and tore the void.

This is not ‘outside’. It’s not the middle of the world. This is in the belly of destruction. That ax is now cutting through the belly of destruction.

should not be left alone The instinct of destruction judged once again. Simply moving your eyes can’t block it, and you can’t even get over the obstacle right in front of you. So destruction moved directly. Without motion or sound, perdition leapt over Eugene.


Senya shouted. Don’t fall! The spears shot in succession chased after destruction. Eugene immediately spread his wings and followed the destruction. An outstretched hand grabbed the magic spear.

The flames from Eugene’s hand wrapped around the spear. The different divine powers and divinities were in perfect harmony.

Roaring! A large flame spear held in hand. Rather, Eugene immediately twisted his back at the force of the spear pulling him in.

Sparks exploded and spears shot out. The swirling spiritual power penetrated the emptiness. Destruction, which tried to stop the falling ax, turned its head to the horror behind it.

Don’t fall out! Destruction has stopped. The tenacious and tenacious magic clung to the body of destruction once again. I struggled to get out, but I couldn’t. Destruction raised unfocused eyes and pursued the axe. The color moved with her gaze, but it was now impossible to block the axe.

The falling ax pulsated as if it were alive. The slow fall gradually accelerated. The tall and large ax gradually decreased in size according to the acceleration. force is compressed. That much made the ax difficult to handle, but Moron did not stop.

Eugene brought both hands together in front of his chest. The Levantine sparked in the universe in his chest. He felt the presence of a ‘light’ in the distant sea. His resonance with the light was stronger than when he battled the demon king in captivity.

It has to be. What the colossi and old gods ultimately hoped for in the previous era was the end of destruction. The battle with the demon king of confinement was just a process to reach the present. That is why the light poured all of its divine energy into it without sparing it.

The divine power extracted from the Levantine became a spark, whirling between Eugene’s hands. The sun of divine power thus created was dyed black.

Eclipse. Eugene had a hunch. The battles he has done so far, the Eclipse he has used every time. That the current Eclipse is even stronger than the Eclipse created in Noir Jebela’s dream.

Eclipse moved forward.

“Break it, Moron.”

Morron twisted his bloody lips and grinned. The ax that was huge enough to reach the sky was now reduced to the size that Morron used to use. Eclipse entered the ax’s trajectory.

The ax blade blasted Eclipse. Exploding black flames wrapped around the axe. And the ax stuck into the floor, leading the flames.


Cracks spread across the colorless ground. Even after taking the ground, Moron blew more power into the axe.

The void shook.

Hey hey hey!

A sound like a tearing scream rang out. This is the most special and imperfect place in the ship of destruction. The first wound of the demon king of destruction. Even after a long time had passed, this wound did not heal, and rather, a part of the destruction came out through the wound.

A new attack was thrust into that imperfect wound. The ax that fell through his stomach further tore the wound. The Eclipse, which had fallen together, dug into the wound.


Everyone turned their heads in surprise. The destruction that had been caught in Senya’s tenacious magic opened its mouth.

“ah… … ah.”

The color of destruction shuddered. The shaking spread to nothingness. The increasingly violent shaking spread to the floor.

[Eugene. Look there.]

I heard Christina’s voice in my head. The scenery outside was dimly reflected in the swaying nothingness. At the same time, the landscape of Rehein Yar was also visible. The advance of Noor, who was pouring out while trampling on the strewn corpses, was blocked by the new army.

I couldn’t keep staring. It is because the floor with large cracks has collapsed. He didn’t even think that the floor would collapse, so Eugene hurriedly stretched out his hand toward Moron. Moron, who had been sitting down with his tattered arm stretched out, was moved to Eugene’s side.

The fall has begun. The wide spread wings embraced Moron. Moron’s wounds quickly healed as Anise’s touch grazed them. Moron caught her breath and lifted her head. I saw destruction fall from above.

“Hamel, just… … the voice… … .”

“I don’t know.”

Eugene bit his lip. Was it a painful moan or a sigh? Either way, ‘destruction’ didn’t sound like it. Was one more blow to the wound fatal to perdition? Perhaps, the current attack has awakened Vermouth’s consciousness?

“Where are you falling?”

Senya, who had come closer, spat out. She glanced down as she prepared her magic for her unforeseen eventuality. Since the bottom is not visible, the distance of the fall cannot be estimated.

But I could definitely feel it. It feels different from where I was before the fall. deepen The air is disgusting. My head was dizzy just from breathing, and my mana was unstable.

“Is it okay to leave? rather… … .”

“are you okay.”

Eugene answered without question. The stinky air, the instability, the insanity, all of those poisons are felt by Eugene as well. However, Eugene thought that this was the right way. The madness and ominousness of this reckless rampage must be proof that you are close to the source of the demon king of destruction.

The fall stopped.

“… … what is that?”

I did not see the destruction that fell from above. More than that, it was something that caught my attention. A point where the eyeballs are distorted as if they were not real, beyond the bitterly unpleasant and polluted air currents.

There was a grotesque and disgusting mass. Rotten, and fresh flesh stuck together like rags. Similarly, a mixture of skin and bone, like a sculpture made by an evil warlock as a nasty hobby. It’s never going to be alive.

everyone felt that is alive Alive, throbbing.

“It is the heart.”

The demon king of confinement slowly fell down to the floor. He sat down on the floor, unable to stand properly, breathing heavily.

“Heart of Perdition.”

Eugene pulled out an old chain from under his cloak. The chain trembled as if it would break at any moment. The chain that the demon king of confinement first tied to the demon king of destruction. Eugene gulped and looked back at the demon king in captivity.

“At first I… … A chain was tied to the throne where the demon king of destruction sat.”

That’s how the first hero became the demon king of confinement.

“Has that throne become your heart?”

This is the deepest place in the ship of destruction. At first, the chains were connected, but it is the first time that even the demon king in captivity sees the heart. The heart is a vital part, so even if I wanted to see it, I couldn’t see it, and even if I tried to get closer, I couldn’t get there.


A voice was heard.

“Then it is over.”

Everyone raised their heads.

I could see the figure of Vermouth clutching his chest.

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