Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 602

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demon lord of destruction


Yujin opened her mouth, shaking her shoulders for no reason. It was a blatantly harsh sound, so Moron, who was standing a few steps in front of her, turned her head.

“What is it?”

A voice mixed with a little tension. Even the morals are tense, and the situation is bound to harden.

Moron was not the only one who reacted to the sudden outburst. Senya, who had been concentrating on her merry tightly, opened her eyes in surprise.

“what? Why all of a sudden?”

Instead of answering right away, Eugene kept his mouth shut. She was embarrassed to open her mouth to a more enthusiastic response than she had expected. When Eugene didn’t say anything to her, Moron, who was looking behind her, tilted her head.

“Hamel, why all of a sudden… … .”

“Ignore it.”

Anis, who was standing behind her, sighed and raised her hand. slam! The palm of the hand that had been savagely slammed into Yujin’s back.

“I was trying to say nonsense without understanding the atmosphere.”

“You said you couldn’t grasp the atmosphere, that was wrong. I couldn’t help it because of the atmosphere, so I was going to talk nonsense.”

No excuses or lies. Eugene thought so sincerely. A feeling of oppression as if suffocating. It was because I felt that the tension that the real ‘end’ was ahead was holding everyone’s breath.

“Looks behind you, too. It looks like it will pierce your head.”

Yujin grumbled and looked back. end of the plain. In front of the wall, an army led by the new army is deployed. That enormous army lingered around the walls of the city for a long time, filling up the rear for a long time.

All those soldiers are watching Eugene and his party heading towards the seal of destruction. Even though there was quite a distance, flags flashed everywhere and cheers erupted, as if they knew that they had looked back. The roaring shout made the plains roar and the eardrums vibrate.

“Everyone is praying for your victory, Hamel. Why don’t you even wave your hand?”


He grumbled, but waved his hand. ㅡWow! Eugene let out a deep sigh at the cheers heard again.

Scams are full. At least in the military, there seems to be less tension or fear about a showdown.

But that’s because most of them have no real sense of the ‘enemy’. The seal is still intact, and the pressure has not come out. Eugene turned his gaze to his army and looked up at the sky.

Just like when he fought the demon king in captivity, the sun created by Eugene’s divine power now rises in the sky over the plains.

It’s not just floating here. Early in the morning, with Ciel’s help, they stopped at Rehein Yar and set a sun there as well. Under the snowy sun, there are mercenaries represented by Aman, Luhargun, and Ivik.

“The snowfield side is a little uneasy.”

“Aman is my descendant. He inherited my blood means that he is a brave and strong warrior, and the warriors who follow him are the enemy of Bayar.”

Morron opened his chest and spoke proudly.

“Even though I cannot fight alongside them, my descendants will keep Nur from coming down the mountain.”

“Shouldn’t we be worrying about us rather than worrying about others?”

“As you say, you’re putting magic here too.”

At the answer that came back, Senya rolled her eyes and pursed her lips. Worrying about those left behind is the same as Senya and Eugene.

However, there is a limit to making arrangements in advance on this side. It is impossible to stay together and fight Nur. In the end, the only way to end the battle is to defeat the Demon King of Destruction. Eugene opened his clenched fist.

I could see the chain I received from the demon king of confinement. The chains in his palms trembled and moved. From the time I held it in my fist, the chain vibrated like that. It seemed to resonate as the distance from the seal increased. After catching his breath, Yujin raised his eyes and looked ahead.


A wall of chains was visible.

I looked at Moron. Morron, who was standing a little in front of him, nodded at his gaze and stepped back. Behind him he looked at Senya. She stopped her chants and stood by her side. The last time she saw the anise behind her back. Anis grabbed the rosario and walked forward a bit.

Excluding Vermouth, all four of them equally stood in front of the wall of chains. The chains in his palms vibrated more and more strongly. In the distance, incessant cheers rang out. The glimmer of light that I could feel without looking back gently pushed my back.

Chain stretched forward.


From the end of the tall wall, the chains disintegrated and began to crumble. The innumerable fragments that were intertwined with each other fell down and scattered as black ash. The ominousness that had lain inside was released. The sky shook and was covered in color as if it were polluted.

I couldn’t see what was going on in the world until the end. Because the chain in front was wide open. Before Eugene and his colleagues could move from their seats, the open door swallowed them all.

The sound of chains breaking was no longer heard. Nur, who was supposed to fill the inside of the seal, was nowhere to be seen.

Eugene raised his head and looked up. The sky was not visible. A white space with no sun or moon. She lowered her head and looked down. His feet are stepping on something, but it doesn’t feel like the ground. Like the sky, the ground is pure white. The futility she had seen many times. The world where Agaroth finally reached and died.

This is the inside of the demon lord of destruction. It is a messy shape with all colors mixed together, but inside it is white without any color.

“You came quickly.”

A voice was heard. Eugene looked at the place where the voice came from without being surprised. I saw the demon king of confinement standing alone.

“It is quite worthwhile to wait with a promise.”

The demon king of confinement giggled and muttered.

Eugene stood in place and stared at the demon king in confinement. He could tell without even looking closely. The demon king of confinement was really ‘barely’ standing still. Is the reason why I stand there because when I sit down, I will never be able to get up again and I will collapse.

“Contrary to what you say, you don’t look well.”

“Since it was a forced seal, it can’t be helped. and… … Is there no reason why I should be in good shape?”

The demon king of confinement slowly turned his head. Originally, her face was pale due to lack of blood, but now she has gone beyond the level of paleness and has become pale.

“Do you need my help more than now to defeat destruction?”


He shook his head without any hesitation.

“Your role in this fight is over.”

Eugene took the first step forward.

ㅡuuuuuuuu… … Perhaps feeling that step, her emptiness shook.


Eugene’s body passed by the demon king of confinement.

“You can just stand here and watch. The ending of what you repeated many times and compromised by wishing for the next time many times.”

aaaaa… … .

A deafening cry resounded from the shaking nothingness. Hearing that, Yujin clenched his fists. Moron gritted his teeth, Senya chewed her lips, and Anise sighed.


The demon king of confinement shook his head and opened his mouth.

“I will save Vermouth… … Do you think?”

“How many times do you ask? We don’t think about anything other than that.”

“I guess so.”



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I didn’t talk about possible and impossible. He didn’t say what he saw or felt while he was here. The demon king of confinement understood that his sentiments and opinions were of no value to them.

Directly seeing, feeling, judging, and giving answers–it is not the role of the demon king of confinement. Eugene is right. What the demon king of confinement would do was to see the outcome.


The demon king of confinement pointed forward.

The most alien place in the center of destruction where nothing exists. In a sense, a place that can be called the beginning of everything. There is a ‘wound’ that has not healed even after a long time has passed. That wound is the first and only wound that was inscribed by ‘him’ after becoming the demon lord of destruction, and that wound will not heal no matter how many times the world repeats itself.

Before he became the Demon King of Destruction, he had the name Vermut Lionheart. He was a man who wished to become a hero but did not become one, but was allowed to stand by the hero.

The moment when the hero defeated the demon king as everyone hoped for. The man put a knife in the warrior’s back. It was because of petty jealousy. He thought that if he defeated the demon lord, the hero would be honored as a hero forever, and that his colleague himself would not gain the same glory as the hero. The throne of the demon king instigated men’s ugly and worldly jealousy, that day.

A new demon king was born.


saw the wounds

I saw vermouth. How the demon king of destruction was born. I know from the memories of the demon king in captivity what ‘what’ name he was called before he became the demon king.

It’s a memory that doesn’t need to be cared for or has any value. What does it matter how destruction was born? What is important to Eugene is not the origin of destruction, but the death of destruction.

name of doom? Vermouth Lionheart? I’m terribly uninterested in that either. The ‘vermouth’ that the demon king of confinement knows is different from the ‘vermouth’ that Eugene, Moron, Senya, and Anise know.

Vermouth Lionheart is a warrior. He didn’t care if Light didn’t recognize him, or if Vermouth himself didn’t consider him a hero. Everyone else recognized Vermouth as a hero and called him a hero.

Betray your comrades out of petty jealousy? That is something that could not happen to a man named ‘Vermouth Lionheart’.

Everyone knows. Vermouth never betrays his comrades. no. None of the five people who crossed the Devil’s Realm together 300 years ago betrayed their comrades. No one sticks a sword in the back of his fellow man to be jealous of his glory.

If you have to blame vermouth.

“I was just keeping my mouth shut.”

Yujin tilted her head and sighed.

“He appeared in my dreams and made me suffer for over 100 years.”

Morron said while brushing his beard.

“I am also guilty of giving me a small memorial address even though I was not dead.”

Anise smiled and nodded.

“I almost died because my chest was pierced.”

Senya grumbled, furrowing her eyebrows.

“So, Vermouth.”

Eugene’s hand was raised to the side. Hwareuk. The rising flame covered Yujin’s body.

“Apologize or make an excuse.”

big wound.

Broken chains are strewn about its center. Vermouth is sitting on the chair that I have seen many times. It’s different from the ‘look’ that descended a week ago. If at that time it was the Demon Lord of Destruction covered in the form of Vermouth, then what is in front of us now is-

Vermouth raised his head.

Lips did not open. Dull golden eyes looked at everyone. In this achromatic world, they were shining with different colors. My heart, forgetting the agitation, was beating at its own pace. Fluttering emotions spread.

It was blinding.

I felt a longing for the four people in front of me. The light that allowed me to desperately maintain my sanity during these 300 years of loneliness in this void. I miss the light so much that I want to approach it, but I can never do that, I thought I should never do that.

I felt intense emotions.

I knew it instinctively. In that light, he remembered the existence that had left a huge scar inside him a long time ago.

Didn’t see any more. drew attention You can’t get it by seeing it with your own eyes. The light that had kept him rational until now, the emotions he felt now, did not evoke true emotion in him. The cry from the abyss never comes out of the mouth.

looked outside While neglecting the pouring out of his followers, his body remains motionless. I know why. Because ‘that’ is here.

Simple. If you kill them, you can move. If you kill them, the ‘I’ screaming in the abyss will also disappear, and we will be able to become one completely.

After that? No need to think about that. You don’t even have to think about repeating the following.

For the demon king of destruction, there is no reason to destroy the world. Because he never destroyed the world in the true sense in the first place.

Before the completion of destruction, the world always moved on to the next one and started from the beginning, so the demon king of destruction- always, always, always. I just repeated what I couldn’t do until the end.

Can we destroy the world in a true sense this time? I didn’t even worry about that.

The instinct that destroyed the world over and over again aroused the man.


The colors entangled and wrapped around Vermouth’s body. No emotion or will is felt in the empty, cloudy eyes. The same goes for living. He doesn’t breathe life. Horrible, like going crazy. He only pours out such ominousness.

Now that’s not vermouth.

From the beginning, that body was an alter ego separated from the demon king of destruction. But that body belonged to Vermouth. There is vermouth in there.

“To make them open their mouths, I need to get them to wake up.”

Eugene smiled and grabbed his sword.

The Demon King of Destruction is approaching.

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