Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 412

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2-34. incomprehensible


The sphere dispersed and the night sky was revealed.

A sea of ​​stars that had been hidden spread out overhead.

Akasha’s body lost speed and began to fall.

Blood bursting from the cut surface was coloring the sky.


Cracks appeared on his mask again.

There was no smile this time.

A loud roar erupted, as if a hellish machine were running away.

『■■■■ ■■■!!』

My guess is that it was a scream.

It was a roar that sounded like a hellish machine running wild, but to me it sounded sweeter than ever.

I bit my tongue and gathered myself.

Perhaps because I used too much force, my consciousness was fading.

“not there yet.”

It was a mistake not to slit his throat.

Whatever it is, it has to end this time.

The miracle that makes my wishes come true has already left my body a long time ago.


When I swung the sword at my chest, an explosion occurred.

It was a truly ignorant change of direction, but there was no other solution.

The body that had been ascending without knowing the end descended towards Akasha.

“Get out of here!”

The bangs were flipped.

I grabbed the hilt of the sword with both hands and prepared for the final blow.

Suddenly, Akasha stretched out her right arm.



I reflexively took a defensive stance.

However, this time it was not an attack.

Akasha’s index and middle fingers were crossed.

It was a hand gesture I had never seen before.

At that time, Akasha’s blood, which had been pouring down like rain, stopped in the air.


It was like seeing Sita’s abilities.

The stuffed blood drops began to gather all at once.

A long, red straight line appeared down Akasha’s falling back.

It was the moment he unwrapped his fingers.


The straight line widened like a maw, revealing a huge crack.


It was a crack that felt quite different from before.

Inside, where magical power raged like a storm, there was a long, narrow path.

At the end of the road, another identical crack was carved into it, and a sunny meadow was spread out inside it.

‘Parallel world.’

It wasn’t difficult to deduce the situation.

This crack was a portal to the next parallel world.

Akasha, driven to the brink of death, was trying to escape.

“Stop f*cking with me.”

It was unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the distance between him and him was gradually narrowing.

Now it’s only about twenty steps.

As I grabbed the hilt of the sword, the sword body turned red.


I accelerated and swung my sword, causing another explosion.

“Why don’t you stop there right now, you bastard!”

The scenery becomes blurry.

It was so fast that my eyeballs were crushed.

The sword rushing in with its red tail was about to rip Akasha’s neck.



The guy’s arms spread out as if he was struggling.

Four more cracks opened on the smooth mask.

Each crack forming a circle around the center looked like an eye.

The crack that originally looked like a mouth changed direction and turned into an eye.

The colors of the white and black were reversed, which was quite eerie.



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Five eyes stared at me.

Five of my faces were shimmering on my five retinas.

It was only for a moment, but my head started spinning.


A strong repulsive force erupted around Akasha.


The blade that was digging into my neck bounced off.

My body flew backwards as if hit by an iron ball.

Eventually, the crack swallowed Akasha.

A roar of evil erupted from deep in the throat.


It was a narrow miss.

There was nothing more I could do.

I had used up all the strength I had from breastfeeding, so I had no strength left in my body.

The body, which was flying in a parabola, slowly fell.

“나와 이 개새끼야! “Are you still a disaster?”

No matter how much I shouted, there was no answer from Akasha.

In the end, I ended up missing it.

My body, which had been falling, tore through the layer of energy and escaped.

The sphere disappeared, but the night sky was still a crucible of madness.

Fire, shadow, and the brilliant colors that erupted as Seniel was destroyed were rushing like a storm.

‘Is that okay?’

Sweat formed on my palms.

It was an overwhelming sight just to see.

To be honest, I didn’t think I should leave it alone, but I had no idea what to do or how to deal with it.

It was about time I was slowly getting used to the feeling of falling.

Suddenly, a loud cry rang out from below.


It’s a spirit I’ve heard a lot about somewhere.

It was a head-turning moment.

A huge figure grabbed my back.


There was no need to complain that my throat was strangled.

He fell to the ground with me under his side.


As soon as it landed, there was a loud noise.


The big thing that threw me collapsed.

A frugal deer antler was sprouting from the head of the large man lying sprawled out.

The severed left arm was tied with bandages.

I quickly got up and approached him.

“Oh my god, are you okay?”

“There’s no way it’s going to be okay, right?”

Pantasion gasped.

Looking at the condition of his body, it was good that he was alive.

It was worse than right after being beaten by Akasha.

There was a smile on the mouth that was swollen with blood.

Jumping to that height like this, you crazy bastard.

“First of all, thank you. “Where is Orsay going and why did you come?”

“That demon dragon…huh, he’s busy right now.”

“You’re busy?”

“Yeah…over there…”

Pantasion moved behind me.

Come to think of it, Orsay wasn’t the only one missing.

The majority of the resistance fighters who were supposed to be gathered on the ground had disappeared somewhere.

I turned my head and froze in place.


Navardose had collapsed not far from headquarters.

When she lay down, she looked like a red mountain rather than a living thing.

The resistance group surrounded her head and sobbed.

“Ugh! “I, Navardose…!”

“You can’t go on like this. Come to your senses, okay?”

It was as if he was encouraging a patient on the verge of death.

It didn’t feel very good.

Orsay, who had returned to her true form, was spewing fire over her body.

【Huh… Damn it, wake up!】

Dark red flames were engulfing Navardose’s body.

Her scales heated up and cooled down repeatedly when touched by the fire.

I noticed that it was an action similar to artificial respiration.

【The kid did it, so you’re planning on leaving like this!? Open your eyes!】

Orsay roared.

Even more intense flames poured down on Navardose’s body.

The scales sparkled beautifully, but the closed eyelids did not open.


I staggered towards her.

Pantasion, who was about to say something, fainted from exhaustion.

The people who discovered me covered their mouths and were shocked.

“Oh my god, Ronan!”

“I’m glad you came back safely! But the body…!”

The crowd split to left and right.

Personnel in charge of treatment rushed in.

I shook my head, keeping my eyes on Navardose.

“I’m OK. Navardose…what happened?”

“Hehehehe, you haven’t been able to wake up since the battle with that wizard. Even though there are no visible injuries on the body. “Master Orsay barely managed to stop the fall…!”

The old elf wiped away his tears.

He reported that Orsay threw everything he had to receive Navardose’s body.

Summoning all his remaining strength, Orsay succeeded in performing a miracle like a five-year-old child lifting an armored war horse.

But despite his efforts, Navardose remained silent.

The eyes that always looked out at the world affectionately were covered by thick eyelids.

I don’t know what the problem was, but it was highly likely that it was Akasha’s doing.

I had my eyes closed since I fell down the sphere.

I held my forehead as I stared at her.


This wasn’t correct.

My physical condition wasn’t great either, but that didn’t matter right now.

If Seniel was destroyed and Navardose also died, everything would be over.

I pulled out my sword, placed it on my forearm, and slashed.

Red blood leaked out.

“Ro, Ronan?!”


People were shocked.

Anyway, I approached Navardose.

My blood wasn’t a panacea, but I had to do everything I could.

One of Navardose’s teeth was almost as big as a human’s.

I was about to pour blood into her mouth.

Coo coo coo coo coo…!

Suddenly, an unusual explosion sounded from high in the sky.


“Ugh! What, what?!”

This was not a sound that could be ignored.

Everyone, including me, raised our heads at the same time.

The energy that was in the air was gathering in one place.

“What is that again?”

The whirlpool that covered the night sky was unusual.

The flow of power was creating another sphere.

It was much smaller than what Akasha had created, but its density was incomparably higher.

Particles of black, red, green, blue, and gold were tangled and blinking.

What the hell is going on?

It was a car that held the handle of a sword so that it could deal with anything that happened.

The slow convergence of power accelerated like crazy.

The particles that covered the sky disappeared at once.

It was the moment when stars appeared in the open sky.


The sphere exploded, and colorful waves spread out into the world.



The world has become brighter.

The wave was made up of colorful particles that formed a sphere.

The strange particles spread out across the heavens and earth, causing changes in everything they touched.

Grass and flowers grew on the barren land.

The soil covered in dull frost had become fertile enough to plant crops right away.

The muddy and turbulent sea suddenly became clear.

It took less than a minute for everything that touched my eyes to come to life.

Someone who was staring at the horizon in confusion jumped up and shouted.

“Hey, look over there! “It’s a killer whale!”

“What kind of nonsense is that?”

People turned their heads.

As if responding, three orcas jumped in formation onto the surface of the ocean off the coast.

There was astonishment on everyone’s faces.

Until this morning, it was a sea where not a single sardine could be found.

“Shoals of fish…!”

The orcas were even chasing colonies of other fish.

It was originally a very common fish species, but after the planet was taken over by giants, it became extinct, leaving no fish left.

The miracle did not end there.

Beyond the mountains rising inland, hundreds of pure white seagulls soared.


Again, exclamations erupted from the crowd.

Like everyone else, I froze and watched the world come back to life.

It was unbelievable.

No matter how much power I gave to Seniel, the living thing did not come back.

The excitement had not yet subsided.

Navardose, who had been silent the whole time, twitched like a child waking up from sleep.


【Me, Navardose?!】

Orsay took a deep breath.

It was a change that did not happen no matter how much fire was poured into it.

Eventually, Navardose opened his eyes.

There was no trace of pain or fatigue in the large, clear crimson eyes.

The eyes that were looking around were fixed on me.


I was speechless and hesitated.

Suddenly she closed her eyes.

The huge body was engulfed in light and disappeared.


Navardose, transformed into a human, appeared in an empty space. “…Ugh.”


I helped her as she stumbled.

There was not a single wound on Navardose’s body.

The woman who held me and supported her body smiled.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah…as you can see.”

“Haa… I’m glad. “You were surprised.”

I shook my shocked heart.

When I couldn’t open my eyes, I thought something really big was going to happen.

I opened my mouth and pointed to the sea where the fish had returned.

“Anyway, it’s really amazing that you can accomplish something like this. “How did you do it?”

“······I didn’t do anything.”


“I don’t understand. “What the hell is that wizard…”

Navardose said to himself.

She was smoothing her hair as if she was confused.

It was something I had never seen before.


“I’m listening.”

She suddenly stopped mumbling and squeezed my hand.

“Go after Akasha. Right Now.”


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