Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 413

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2-35. Every time I see the sunrise


“Hey, hey…!

“Your eyes!”

“Why the snow?”

“The crushed eyeball was regenerated! Let me clean up some of the blood. “Oh my God, is there such a miracle?”

The surroundings were bustling.

The particles of life spreading in all directions have come to heal all kinds of serious injuries.

People were simply amazed as they witnessed a miracle.

Even for a moment, Navardos forgot that he had woken up.

As I was facing her, I tilted my head.

“Of course I’m going there, but suddenly?”

“okay. “It’s not unusual.”

Navardose’s eyes were shaking.

The stiff expression was full of puzzlement.

She muttered to herself and began to explain the situation.

“I just can’t understand. “It was only when the battle started that he attacked me.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“The whole time it entered the sphere, it just ran away, twisting space. As for Akasha… he didn’t seem to want to fight in the first place.”

The frown narrowed.

I thought this was some kind of nonsense.

You two made such a fuss and didn’t even fight?

“This is absurd. So what was that flashing thing inside the sphere? “Why did you suddenly fall?”

“Most of it was my offense. I poured it out with the intention of killing him, even if it meant risking my life. But Akasha didn’t even respond properly except for the first few times. “The reason I lost consciousness was because of the shock of recovery.”


“okay. It was an instant. The waves that erupted from the center of the sphere instantly healed the injuries accumulated on my body. Even the scars that I had from the distant past and that I thought would stay with me forever…”

Navardose looked around.

People whose wounds had healed were cheering.

Orsay, who had exhausted all his strength, was asleep next to him.

She was about to continue with a secondary explanation.


A sound like a flash of lightning rang out from high above my head.


“…I guess I don’t have much time.”

We raised our heads almost simultaneously.

Navardose frowned.

A red crack was opening its mouth in the middle of the slowly brightening dawn sky.

It was the crack through which Akasha escaped.

Unlike the cracks that remained before I cut them, they were healing and disappearing quickly.

“What, why is it like that?”

“…I think this is our last chance. let’s go!”


Suddenly Navardose wrapped his arms around my waist.

Red wings spread behind her back.

The ground moved away along with the sensation of my body rising.

“Ro, Ronan?!”

“Master Navardose! Where are you going all of a sudden?”

The people gathered below let out a sigh of confusion.

I wanted to answer something, but I didn’t have time.

We arrived in front of the crack in an instant.

The red maw was getting smaller in real time at this very moment.

Navardose snapped his fingers.


A reef floating through the sea served as a stepping stone into the crack.

Navardose, who landed together, grabbed my shoulders and warned me.

“Be careful, Ronan. That wizard’s power is beyond imagination. Honestly, I don’t even know if my attack worked at all.”

“Do not worry. “You don’t trust me?”

“Of course I believe it more than anyone else in the world, but this is a separate issue. And… Feet!”

“Ugh, what?!”

Suddenly Navardose spit something out of his mouth.

My eyes narrowed.

A sparkling shard of ore lay in her palm.

“Whoa… take it.”


The fragments were covered in sticky saliva.

I picked it up as if I was possessed by something.

The fragment, which was presumed to have originally been part of a huge gem, sparkled in a color I had seen many times before.

That’s right, it was something I discovered in Seniel right before meeting Akasha.


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Navardose continued.

“I swallowed it while fighting that guy. It was a fragment that made up Seniel. “I think it will help you more than me.”


“okay. Since you have to keep chasing Akasha… wouldn’t this be useful if the next parallel world is as broken as ours? “Of course, I’m not sure.”

Navardose quenched his appetite.

He looked a little unsure.

Because I didn’t feel an incredibly powerful force like the particles spreading out now.

It’s probably the remnants left over after all the vitality has been drained.

“thank you. “I will use it well.”

Nonetheless, I took the fragments with me.

Although it was relatively weak, it seemed to have considerable vitality.

In a parallel world without Sita, there was room for it to be useful.

“I’m sorry for letting you go so suddenly. “It’s only right that we say goodbye properly.”

“are you okay. “It was something that would have happened in the end.”

“···I don’t want to send you away as expected. “Even though I know it can’t be helped.”

In the silent sky, only the sound of the wind could be heard.

The crown of the sun was rising above the dark horizon.

Suddenly, Navardose, who was staring at me, spoke.

“Oh my. “Can you come closer for a moment?”

“ok? What’s wrong?”

It was a moment I approached without much thought.


Suddenly, Navardose raised himself on tiptoe and kissed my cheek.


There was no time to react.

She lowered her heels and smiled.

“Hehe, thank you for saving our world. Goodbye..”


“I envy that kid Adeshan. “I’m sure you’ll make a good spouse.”

Navardose stroked my head.

The place where my lips touched was hot.

It seems like it was her own greeting.

Judging by the wrinkled nose, it was a very nice goodbye.

But what about this? Actually, I had something to say in preparation for this moment.

I bent down while rubbing my cheek.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“It’s no big deal. “Just one word before I go too.”

Navardose flinched.

When I looked up close, the crimson eyes were already watery.

I have no hobby of making women cry, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Because I really wanted to say this.

I hugged her gently and whispered in her ear.

“take care of yourself. mother.”


“It was just passing rain. As long as the spark of life is not extinguished, the world will return to its original state. “No matter how harsh the winter is, it eventually turns into spring.”

After a short hug, I straightened my back.

Navardose was frozen without saying anything.

Dawn was dawning on the horizon.

It is a landscape that is similar to a sunset but gives a very different impression.

The water scales dancing with the wind, scattering light towards the world, were beautiful.

“Thank you for believing in me until the end. “I won’t forget that you treated me like a real son.”

“I, I…”

“He got angry at me for daring to touch my child. To be honest, I was jealous of her when I was younger. “Children with mothers.”

Navardose bit his lip.

In the end, the overflowing tears slipped down my cheeks.

After lowering her head for a long time, she looked at me again.

The main voice came out between lips that had marks from biting too hard.

“······I will think of you every time I see the sunrise.”

Instead of answering, I grinned.

Perhaps because the sun was so bright, my vision became hazy.

I turned my head.

The crack, which had been getting smaller, was now big enough for one person to pass through.

I waved my hand one last time and stepped into the crack.


The morning was in full swing.

The sky, where the cracks had disappeared, was clear and spotless.

A flock of sea birds were swimming in the fresh air.

Suddenly, a strange sound entered the ears of the resistance fighter who was recovering the wreckage.



It sounded like a child crying.

I looked around, but didn’t see anything special.

I was about to walk again because I thought I had heard wrong.

“Huh, is there anyone? “The legs… the legs…!”

“Oh my god!”

This time I was sure.

The man looked in the direction the sound came from and his eyes widened.

A woman was lying down in the middle of a messed up beach.

She was sobbing like a child, with both legs gone below the knees.

The man hurriedly asked for help.

Not long after, about fifteen people came rushing in.

People who recognized Le Tansieh were astonished.

“Oh my god, Maisie Letansie!”

“Isn’t he dead?! “How did I end up in a place like this?”

“Ugh, I don’t know… Suddenly the scenery changed and the bridge…!”

Letancier explained that he lost consciousness while talking to Ronan.

When I came to my senses, the fight was already over.

It was only moments ago that she woke up to find that her leg had been cut off.

“Well, am I never going to be able to walk again? “Huh…Huheh…”

“Don’t cry. “Let’s take a look.”

At that moment, a nearby military doctor approached me.

As he carefully examined the wound, he slapped his forehead and admired it.

“Huh, it was cut very cleanly…! “I think I can put it back on without any problem.”


“then. “There are no miracles.”

Perhaps thanks to the particles containing vitality, the cells remained alive without necrosis.

Originally, I would keep the legs, but it wasn’t a dream to join them perfectly if I used the headquarters’ cutting-edge equipment.

The excited military doctor’s hands were tense.

“Oh, it hurts! “Kyaaaak!”

“Okay, hurry up and go. “Please be patient.”

“I will never do anything bad again! Phew! “Please save me!”

Le Tancier was screaming and shaking.

People carefully lifted her up and carried her to the infirmary.


Pantasion was watching the comedy with a faint smile.

It was he who found Le Tancier’s leg in the ruins.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind.

“I’ll put your arms on too, but. “Pantasion.”

“···Not required.”

Pantasion glanced back and shook his head.

Abel was sitting on a rock, looking like a beggar.

Maybe it’s because we went through a hard time together, but I’m not really angry anymore.

It was his first appearance since he fell due to being attacked by Akasha.

“I think I have paid for the sins I committed. It must be like that in Letan City… I think that Akasha was a messenger who came to collect the price for our sins.”

“Oh, what an interesting claim.”

“Why did you throw yourself to help Ronan? “To the subject who was only looking for a chance to kill her.”

“I just did it because I was frustrated. “Of course I tried to ignore it, but I kept thinking about old times.”

“Thinking about the old days?”

“That’s right… when a fluff like you wasn’t even born.”

Abel smiled bitterly.

Even though we have lived for an incalculable amount of time, there are some things that cannot be forgotten.

He still sometimes dreamed of walking through the snowy fields holding hands with Cain.

The boy’s hand that he brushed when scattering the ashes felt very similar to his brother’s.

“I plan to disappear like this. “There is no room for villains in the new era, so will you come with me?”

“Get out of here.”

“I knew so. Well then, as an old boss, let me give you some advice. “If you really want to atone, it would be better to use your arms and work like an ox rather than talk about bullshit philosophy.”

It was a mocking voice.

A vein burst out on Pantasion’s forehead.

“You guy.”

Each syllable tickled the back of my throat.

It wasn’t exactly wrong, but that was the problem.

But when Pantasion turned around, Abel had already disappeared.

Instead, his severed left arm was left lying where Abel was sitting.

With your middle finger raised straight up.

“······Damn you.”

Phantasion growled.

No matter how much I looked, I couldn’t see him.

He looked around and grabbed his left arm.

Eventually, I started walking, following Le Tanxie’s screams.

Navardose, who was watching them, shifted his gaze to the sea.

“Hehe. “That’s a good idea.”

I was very satisfied with the choice of Pantasion.

Just because you suffer doesn’t mean your fault goes away.

She was walking on the beach.

The crashing waves were repeatedly soaking my feet and then disappearing.

【Come out, Ronan! This damn bastard runs away without even saying hello!】

“That kid too.”

I suddenly turned my head to the sound of a voice coming from the sea.

Orsay, who could not even say goodbye to Ronan, was circling around the area where the crack was, spouting fire.

That’s because he’s not honest, but he’s a really affectionate kid.


Navardose said to himself.

After sending Ronan away, she was looking back and forth between the land and the sea.

The sunrise was reaching its peak.

The morning sun had clearly appeared, casting light on the world.

My eyes became hazy once again at the sight that resembled the sight of my youngest son, who had just passed away.


The months we spent together were passing before our eyes.

It was only a moment for her, but she would never forget it until the end of her life.

A short but beautiful time, like dawn.

She turned away from the sun.

A landscape full of vitality unfolded.

People were busy moving around on the messed up land, fixing what was broken.


It was a world in which we had to live except at sunrise, where we would spend most of our time.

“A passing rain…”

Ronan’s words lingered in my ears.

Even the harsh downpours eventually stop.

Winter always becomes spring.

Everything I saw now was proof of that.

She wiped her eyes and smiled and smiled.

“Okay, let’s try again.”


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