Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 407

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2-32. Disaster from the future (5)


“···The former king of giants?”

Orsay frowned.

He was leaning against a pile of rubble and looking around with dreamy eyes.

I grabbed his shoulder.

“okay. We have to go deep into the basement of headquarters. “If I’m not wrong, it’s still there.”

“What on earth are you talking about… Wow, they’ve all disappeared.”

“Damn it, stop nagging me and get up. “I’ll give you a detailed explanation as I go!”

“Damn you! Do you think someone does this because they don’t want to wake up? “What are you telling me to do when my body doesn’t move?”

Orsay coughed up blood again.

It seemed like the injury was much more serious than I thought.

In the first place, if he did something reckless, he did it, but he was never the kind of guy who would act harshly.

Nevertheless, now was a time to overcome.

I was wondering how to come to my senses about this.

Orsay, who was looking up at the sky, suddenly stood up.


“Oh, I’m surprised.”

My long legs were shaking.

Look at this guy, he can’t move?

Orsay’s gaze remained at the center of the sphere created by Akasha.

Every now and then, as the flames erupted, the shadow of a huge dragon was glimpsed.

It was Navarre who was engaged in a fierce battle with Akasha.

Suddenly, four wings spread out like an explosion on Orsay’s back.



The wings were also in terrible condition.

The wing membrane was torn and tattered here and there.

The fresh blood that was dripping down had already formed a puddle.

I don’t know because I don’t have one, but if wings had nerves, it would be so painful that I would die.

“Kwaaaak, keaaaaak!”

Nevertheless, Orsay was moving with an obsession that bordered on madness.

Even though it was vomiting blood, it didn’t stop flapping its wings, so it seemed like it was going to explode at any moment.

I rushed forward and grabbed his waist.

“Yumma, where are you going?!”

“Let go! “Navardose must die by my hand!”

“What’s wrong?”

Blood spurted out on my forehead.

There are degrees of immaturity, and this one was a bit heated.


I lifted my waist and placed Orsay on the floor.

“Ugh, how dare you…”

“Are you talking nonsense like that now? “Do you know what you’re fighting about right now?”

“That kind of stuff is none of my business. “Get out of the way!”

“This bastard is really…!”

The hand holding my collar gained strength.

I didn’t understand.

I thought he was a guy with a good mentality, even if he wasn’t smart.

Orsay, who was shaking helplessly, suddenly bared his teeth and shouted.

“Navardose should not die now! “He hasn’t even given back what he received!”


Extremely excited, Orsay’s pupils were narrowed vertically.

One of the horns was broken, and more passionate killing power than usual was pouring out.

This was the car I was trying to say.

The surface of the sphere floating in the sky exploded and part of it fell off.

It was a very small lump, almost like a drop of water compared to the whole.

“That is…”

We turned our heads almost simultaneously.

The separated fragments flew rapidly west.

It was a place where no life could be found yet.

On the surface of the water where the drift ice was floating, the roots of bald heads that had been left as a memorial were sticking out.

It was the moment when the black, round shape disappeared beyond the sea.

A black wall rose along the horizon.


“f*ck, everyone, bow down!”

I shouted while pressing Orsay’s head.

People nearby fell to the ground in a panic.



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A belated explosion followed by a shock wave swept through the area.


“Save me!”

The dust rising above the headquarters disappeared at once.

Trees were uprooted and rocks flew into the sky.

Orsay’s body, which escaped my control, rapidly swelled.

The storm made up of fire and darkness penetrated deep into the sky before slowly dispersing.

“f*ck… Cough, Cluck!”

I woke up shakily.

When I looked around, there was nothing special about it.

The roots had disappeared without leaving a trace.

Only the violent waves were running wild in the place where the white hand was.

I bit my lower lip as I thought of Navardose.


It was a power I had never seen before.

The Giant King’s bombardment wasn’t like this either.

Screaming sounds began to be heard nearby.

Fortunately, no one died or was seriously injured.

It was thanks to Orce, who returned to his original form, spreading his wings to block him.



The wounds increased, but he didn’t care.

The attitude was that there was no time to worry about such things.

Orsay just lifted his long neck and stared at the sphere that had swallowed Navardose.

【······That monster sacrificed too much.】


【I gave my life to save those who were not worthy of being abandoned. Ha, to look at it funny…did you think I didn’t know that he went looking for a rock alone every day?】

Orsay burst out laughing.

It wasn’t difficult to figure out what he was talking about.

This was before the headquarters was moved.

Navardose took his dying body and gave his life force to Seniel every day.

She said she kept it a secret from everyone, but it seemed like the secret wasn’t completely kept.

“…Is that what you meant?”

【This is unacceptable. I don’t like that monster, but it shouldn’t meet a pitiful end in a place like this. You deserve to enjoy heavenly life at least until the day you die by my hand.】

“Who’s going to die, you idiot? “You’re being unlucky.”

I laughed lightly and spat on the floor.

Anyway, this is the problem with males.

I was embarrassed to show kindness or show affection, so I leapt onto the head of Orsay, who was breathing heavily.

He then stretched out his index finger and pointed to the pit where the headquarters was originally located.

“No one dies. “Let’s go quickly.”

【I’m sure.】

“You don’t trust me?”


No further explanation was needed.

There has already been enough proof.


Orsay’s wings spread out like an explosion.

The moment I grabbed its horn, the big guy shot forward.

“Over there!”

We descended into a huge pit.

It didn’t take long to find the passage.

There was a door in the steep inner wall that could barely fit one person through.

Orsay frowned.

【How are you supposed to get through something like that?】

“It’s spacious inside. All you have to do is blink it right before the collision.”

【Damn it, just try not to be like that.】

Orsay growled.

As he adjusted his wings, the direction changed.

It was a car whose huge head was about to crash into a wall of rocks.

Pow! My and Orsay’s bodies turned into particles and dispersed.

My vision, which had been blacked out, came back.

An ice cave wide enough for everyone except Navardose to pass through unfolded before their eyes.


“long time no see. really.”

It was the first time since I came with my father.

Perfume tickles the bridge of my nose.

The ice that covered all directions, up, down, left, and right, was probably similar in age to this star.


Suddenly, the entire cave shook violently.

The ceiling in front collapsed, and chunks of ice the size of a house poured out.


“Keep going!”

It seemed like additional sphere fragments had fallen.

I took my stance and swung my sword.


The shattered ice exploded.

Orsay, who succeeded in breaking through, increased his speed.

It shouldn’t have stopped.

The winding passageway led to a very deep place.

There was a lot of vibration while moving, and the ceiling and walls collapsed.

“f*ck, do it in moderation!”

Each time, I swung my sword.

Orsay gathered all his strength and used blinking.

It felt like I was riding the most dangerous ride in the world.

How long has it been like that?

We finally arrived in front of the huge stone gate.


“Now come back to being human. “You won’t be able to get through it anyway, so don’t use blinking.”

Orsay did just that.

I looked up at the stone gate, feeling a strange feeling. It was in my memory.

The specially treated door blocked most attacks, including magic.

The sparkling mana of the bald race, which should have disappeared completely by now, was leaking out from beyond the door.

‘I should have stayed.’

When I rubbed my palm against the blade, blood flowed.

I just swung my arm.

Blood sprayed in a fan shape was stained on the stone door.


The door slowly opened, revealing the interior.

“It’s still the same. Damn it.”

An indescribable smell wafted in.

Even the second time, I can’t get used to it at all.

Perhaps because the source was destroyed, the sparkling mana was noticeably reduced compared to before.

After moving forward along the hallway for about ten minutes, an open space opened up.

A large chunk of ice stood in an open space so wide that it was difficult to see at a glance.

It was so large that it seemed as if it had been taken from a glacier drifting in the Sea of ​​Ghosts.

Orsay looked around and raised his eyebrows.


“Haha… thank goodness. ‘It was still there.’

I breathed a sigh of relief.

A huge, white and shiny head was half buried in the ice.

Torso, limbs, wings, etc.

Except for the head, all other parts had disappeared.

“It all started here.”

The memory of carrying my father to visit is as vivid as if it were yesterday.

I jumped onto the ice and approached the head.

I could see it when I looked closer.

The head was also not intact.

The lower part of the neck, trapped in ice, was slowly turning into particles of light and disappearing.

Orsay opened his mouth.


“This is the former king of the giant race I mentioned before. He died fighting Seniel in the distant past and crashed here. “I think he has good preservation conditions, so he doesn’t disappear right away like other bald heads.”

“Does that make no sense? “If it’s Seniel, isn’t it the stone?”

“that’s right.”


I pulled out my sword and stabbed its dimmed eyes.

A stream of bright blue blood flowed down with difficulty.

The richest blood in the world that made my father, who was an ordinary boy, immortal.

‘It won’t be okay.’

After taking a deep breath, I knelt down on one knee.

I remembered the time when I drank the blood of that bastard.

The essence of power, which was second only to the sphere floating on the ground, burned away all the curses remaining in my body.

My father definitely said this.

Even as a joke, don’t even think about drinking more.

You are alive because the curse acted as a buffer.

“Did I know that a day like this would come?”

I couldn’t help but smile.

I stretched out my arm and received the blood.

The liquid that pooled in the palm of my hand was surprisingly hot.

Orsay, who was watching me with bated breath, was astonished.

“for a moment. What are you trying to do? Why…!”

“This is the only way now.”


Orsay tried to dissuade him, but he ignored him.

Blue blood flowed into my throat.

It’s hot too.

The unpleasant fluid was telling me what my esophagus looked like.

It was the moment when even the last drop disappeared into my stomach.


Suddenly my vision began to spin.

My legs lost strength and my butt hit the floor.

I could hear Orsay calling my name from afar.


I thought I knew why my father said that.

I feel worse than when I first drank alcohol.

I can’t get up even if I want to.

It feels like something is pulsating inside my body, but I can’t really feel it.

“Really… wow, it looks like shit…”

Still, I had to get up.

I stood up using my sword as a cane and opened my mouth.

“Let’s go back up.”

【You crazy bastard!】

Before I knew it, Orsay was supporting me.

His black body swelled.

While retaining its human form, horns, a tail, and wings sprouted.

Orsay, who had become a quarter dragon, rode me on his back.

He was just about to fly towards the stone gate.

“It’s not there…”


“Where is the time? Everyone is going through such hardships… Once someone dies, they don’t come back…”

I’m starting to feel dizzy.

I don’t really know what I’m talking about either.

The disgusting sensation was transforming into pain that felt as if the blood vessels of my entire body were on fire.


You never get used to pain.

I know.

Still, you have to shake it off.

Because this is what I have to do.

Because it’s something only I can do.


Staggering, I swung my sword aiming at the air.

A straight line crossed the ice ceiling.

Silence came.

It wasn’t that long.

It was the moment when the sword, which had finished its role, returned to its original place.

The lines on the ceiling widened and red light poured out.

Kwahahah Ah- !!!

The darkness blocking my view was split in half.


Orsay’s eyes widened.

A cross-sectional view of the land was spread out on both sides of the gaping ceiling.

The night sky was visible in the distance.

The sphere that filled the sky had looked completely different from the last time I saw it.

The turbulent mass of green, blue, and gold mixed together was reminiscent of this star seen from space.

I don’t know why it became that mess.

This is something we need to find out from now on.

I cried out, swallowing the blood that had come up to my uvula.

“Let’s go up. “f*ck.”


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