Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 408

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2-32. hope


– The ability to make your wishes come true?

– okay. It’s a power that even Abel could never possess.

It’s a memory that wasn’t that long ago.

I was walking down the ice passage leading to the Bald Good King.

Every time I spoke or breathed, pure white steam came out.

My father, who had just come out of the recovery unit, was riding on my back.

– Then shouldn’t that be enough to punish bald heads? Is there really a need to hit and run like this?

– I also wanted to do that. But this ability cannot be involved in life. I prevented the eruption of a supervolcano that would destroy the world… but I could not save the residents of my hometown smaller than Nimburton.

My father smiled bitterly.

My parents… that is, my grandfather and grandmother, and the village people did not survive in the end.

Although he lived for countless years, Abel was the only exception.

– Besides, even if it were possible to control life, I wouldn’t be of much help. I no longer have the power to make my wishes come true.

– Eh? Then who has it?

– This is it. It passed on to my daughter. That’s why she had to place a much more severe curse on that child than you… in order to deceive Abel.

Surprisingly, it was my older sister who took the power to make wishes come true.

It was the moment when the questions I had had since I was young were answered.

Honestly, it didn’t make sense.

Even though it was so pretty, I didn’t have a twist.

I smiled as I remembered my sister’s face.

-thank god.

– huh?

– I’m glad it was my older sister who inherited that power. If it had come to me, it would have definitely been abused or wasted as something useless. The river that winds around Nimberton must have turned into beer right away?

It’s obvious even if you don’t look at it.

No matter what happened, he must have enjoyed this pathetic thing endlessly.

Eventually, he would get tired of that and become a wanderer.

My father smiled briefly after hearing the self-deprecating words.

-Hehe, I don’t think so.

– yes?

– Even if you had inherited the power, nothing would have changed. You are a good boy. You have no idea how pretty Kasha is about you.

-···What could I have done wrong?

My father didn’t answer and just laughed.

Feeling embarrassed for no reason, I quickened my steps.

The ice cave was so long that it felt endless.

Anyway, it’s a hope, a wish…





“······That would be really convenient.”

【Ronan! Wake up, Ronan!!】


【Damn it, what are you doing in such a daze all of a sudden!】

An excited voice shook my ears.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Orsay’s angry face.

The vertically narrowed pupil looks as if it will emit light at any moment.

【Get ready! The ground is right in front of you!】

“Ah… that’s right.”

Orsay was flying with me at his side.

The cut surface of the earth was spread out on both sides.

‘Yes, this is what I cut.’

My dizzy vision was corrected.

I think I briefly lost consciousness due to the side effects of illegal drugs.

I was flying to Akasha after drinking the blood of the previous king.

“sorry. “I’m a little dizzy.”

【I can’t believe the guy who delivered this slash is staggering…! Mistakes cannot be tolerated!】

“I said I was sorry. “Anyway, why is it like that?”

When I raised my head, I saw it clearly.

Brilliant colors were seeping through the cracks that were getting closer and closer.

The sphere formed when Seniel was destroyed was transformed into a very different form from the initial period when it was filled with fire and darkness.

“Did you do something?”

I couldn’t figure out what was what.

It seemed clear that the situation was still urgent.

Although the color changed to be a little less threatening, the amount of power conveyed did not change.

When I completely came to my senses, I grabbed the hilt of the sword.

“Well, you’ll find out when you go.”

【I’m going!!】


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The exit was already just around the corner.

Suddenly, the inner wall collapsed with an explosion sound.

Another piece of debris appears to have fallen to the ground.

Rocks and ice fell like a landslide.

It’s enough to cause a stampede, but Orsay doesn’t slow down.

I also swung my sword without panic.

Dozens of slashes covered my eyes.


Everything blocking the way was torn to pieces and collapsed.

Orce roared as he escaped through the explosion.


“It’s a sight.”

The view was wide open.

When I saw the scenery on the ground, I gritted my teeth.

There was nothing special about it.

Dozens of pits large enough to swallow the headquarters whole were created here and there.

It was a trace of fallen fragments of a sphere.

It was fortunate that the place where the resistance fighters were was not attacked.

A man who saw us shouted and pointed his finger at us.

“Hey, over there! “It’s Ronan and Captain Orsay!”

“what? “Then it couldn’t have been that the ground just cracked…!”

People who were terrified became busy.

I tried to yell at them to evacuate and not stand there foolishly, but it was meaningless so I stopped.

If I fail anyway, we’ll all die.

The night sky I looked up at was filled with spheres.

It is one of the most intense sights I have ever seen.

Flame and shadow.

Colors of unknown origin were mixed and swirling.

Honestly, I don’t know if I can put my body there.

I can’t even imagine what I’ll experience when I go in.

Of course, nothing changes.

Orsay and I became black meteors and soared toward the sphere.

We were just about to enter.


The sky not far away tore open and a huge dragon appeared.


My heart sank.

The first to exit the sphere was Navardose.

However, it did not seem to have come out to announce victory.

She fell head first and closed her eyes as if she were dead.


Orsay’s face turned pale.

There were no fatal wounds visible, but he was unable to come to his senses.

“Akasha, you bastard!”

The rate of ascent decreased.

Orsay was looking at Navardose and the sphere in turn, not knowing what to do.

My clenched fist gained strength.

Oh shit, really, what are you worrying about?

I swept away my bangs and shouted to Orsay.

“Orsay. I’m fine, so go and save your sister! “Save me and then come back!”

【But you have wings…!】

“Shut up and go, you bastard! Do you want to regret it until you die like me?!”

I was so frustrated that I couldn’t stand it.

I hit Orsay in the face with my fist.


The head that had been tilted back roughly returned to its original state.

Orsay, who was catching his breath, muttered through gritted teeth.

【···If you die first, I won’t leave you alone.】

“Just shut up and throw it far away!”

Orsay closed his eyes tightly.

He grabbed my arm and threw it into the sky.

Then, I spun towards Navardose and kicked my outstretched foot as if pushing it away.


Our opposing bodies flew in opposite directions.

Orsay’s body swelled explosively.

As soon as he transformed into his original form and reached Navardose, the sphere swallowed me up.


I frowned.

The inside of the sphere was not much different from what it looked like from the outside.

Light and colors without unity were swirling around.

Seniel’s vitality had already disappeared somewhere.

It was a landscape that seemed to have translated the concept of chaos into form.

‘You fought well in a place like this.’

I respected my sister.

An overwhelming magical power was piercing my entire body to the point where it was difficult to breathe.

Crimson embers were flying everywhere.

It was a sign that Navarre had fought a fierce battle.

Even though she was defeated, her strength did not disappear and she remained to resist.

“You bastard, where are you hiding?”

The heat was intense.

I had to hurry and find Akasha.

Fortunately, people were wandering around looking for Akasha.


A torrent of power tore through the colors and crashed into me.


It was blocked by a narrow margin.

As I was flying helplessly, I swung my sword behind my back.


The sword energy exploded and its speed decreased.

When I turned my head in the direction the attack came from, I saw a shadow standing in the middle of the storm.

Akasha, completely devastated, was looking down at me.


He shouted in rage.

Akasha did not answer.

He was standing there watching me fall.

“You bastard…!”

As expected, he was a bastard I didn’t like.

That kid knows.

There is no need to lose strength.

The fact that I, who have no wings or a vehicle, will not be able to do any harm to myself.

In that case, I too was at the mercy of the judge.

Since he even drank the blood of the previous king, he really did everything he could.

As I grabbed the hilt of the sword, an aura burst out.

A more intense sunset enveloped Akasha.



Nothing changed.

Even though it cut the earth in two, my aura could not reach it.

The straw that I managed to hold on to scattered.

A crack appeared in the center of his mask.

The sound of air escaping came out through a crack reminiscent of a mouth.


It was a mocking voice.

The guy stretched out his finger again.

Intangible waves poured towards me.

Reply with swordsmanship.

His sword skills became sharper after drinking blood, but there was no dramatic change.


A wave of power that is not completely cut pushes me away and blows me away.

“What the hell are you…”

With the feeling of being thrown away, the guy moves away.

It feels like my eyes are getting dark.

What on earth is that bastard?

Why can’t my sword reach?

However, even as I am eroded by despair, my hands move.

I prepare to fly again with an explosion at my feet.

Whether there is a chance of winning or not.

After catching my breath, I was about to spread black energy.

Suddenly, something shot up from below and grabbed me by the collar.


Not Orsay.

But it was a familiar face.

White hair flutters in the wind.

I took a deep breath after confirming the identity of something.


“You’re such a pathetic little brat. “I can’t bear to watch this.”

Abel growled.

I was at a loss for words at the completely unexpected face.

It was the first time I had seen it since returning from Bald World.

“Were you still watching?”

Abel was silent.

He soared high into the sky, holding my collar.

The flames and shadows dispersed, revealing Akasha.

Abel pulled out his sword with the hand that was not holding me.

“…Prove that you are your child.”


“Damn it, I don’t want you to lose to that poker bastard who ruined my plan!”

Abel screamed.

There was no time to ask what kind of nonsense this was.

He threw me away without any hesitation and leaped towards Akasha.

It’s also fast.

As his slash lit up the sky, Akasha stretched out her finger.


Abel flew away as if hit by a battering ram and fell outside the sphere.



I had some expectations, but there was no twist.

However, it was not a meaningless sacrifice.

All of Akasha’s attention was focused on Abel.

Before I knew it, I had come within a stone’s throw of him.

So, close enough that you can touch it if you swing the knife.

After confirming that Abel had fallen, Akasha turned to me.

“I don’t know what it is…!”

Perhaps this was the last chance.

Akasha stretched out her finger.

An intangible torrent attacked me head on.

There is no place to retreat anyway.

I swung my sword, rotating my entire body greatly.

Nabiroje-style spinning sword.

It was the first skill I learned from a teacher.


The blade and magic clashed, creating a discordant sound.


As expected, the taste of the hand is dry.

As expected, there is some secret to this bastard’s magic.

Still, I didn’t stop.

Rather, he gripped the hilt of the sword even more strongly and added strength to the rotation.


Suddenly, flames bloom behind the blade.

The embers flying around were sticking to the sword.


My eyes widened.

Navardose was helping me.

The embers were sticking to the sword, adding strength to it.

Every time the fire got bigger and brighter, the sword attack was accelerating.

Still, one decisive blow is lacking.

It is an enemy worthy of being called a disaster.

Suddenly, the words my father said flashed through my mind.

– Even if you had inherited it, not much would have changed.

I don’t know why it suddenly occurred to me.

Are you hoping that the blood you drank still has the power to make your wishes come true?

It’s absurd, but it might be so.

This is a situation where there is no answer.

I thought about it.

If only that were true and I could make a wish.

If I could wish for just one thing.

“······Let me give this bastard one hit.”

He whispered.

A power of unknown origin was added to the back of my hand.

It was very small and weak, but it was enough to break the tight balance.

The stagnant sword attack moves forward.

The magic splits.

The cracks that appeared on Akasha’s mask disappeared.


The guy hastily increased the number of fingers.

There are as many as five.

The force pressing down on my body suddenly increased.


My face turned red.

The regurgitated blood burst out between my teeth.

If you say it’s nothing, it’s a lie.

Honestly, it f*cking hurts.


Still holding on.

You can’t lose to a magician or something with your grit.

The blade began to cut his cloak horizontally.

It’s incredibly hard, but not so hard that it can’t be cut.

The sword body was now completely engulfed in flames.


The fire, which was growing bigger, exploded once more.

The blade hanging in the middle of the cloak comes out the other side.

A glowing line was drawn over Akasha’s body.


There was no sound.

Akasha’s separated upper body soared into the sky.

It was the moment when the flames engulfing the body of the sword died down.


The turbulent sphere dispersed and the wide night sky unfolded.


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