Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 342

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Abduction 25. A blue spring to you (7)


It was red everywhere.

A fire storm that became more intense was swirling.

The flame that changed Navardose’s shell was being absorbed by Gargarens.

His body, which was originally amorphous, was slowly regaining its original shape.

【It was truly a long…time of perseverance.】

Gargarens closed his eyes.

The days I had endured to get to this point were passing by like a flash.

The whole incident started when Ronan’s father, the Savior, cut off his horn.

Losing the horn, an organ of strength and a symbol of pride, was an unbearable tragedy for Gargarens.

Unable to overcome his resentment, he literally went crazy, and in the end, most of his strength was taken away by Navardose, who could not stand his evil deeds, and he was exiled.

‘My mother was also very harsh. ‘What kind of a big deal is it to burn down five or six cities of scum?’

In fact, until then, Gargarens was leading a fairly comfortable life.

Even though he lost almost all of his strength, he was the greatest red dragon.

It wasn’t a task to create a rare like a normal dragon and act as the lord of the surrounding area.

Until a black dragon came looking for him.

【Orsay… When I get out of here, the first thing I will do is rip you to death.】

Gargarens gritted his teeth.

Even thinking about it again, it felt like the scales on my entire body were standing on end.

Orsay suddenly attacked and tore himself, who was devoted to rehabilitation treatment, to pieces.

If he had turned his body into a spirit just a little later, he would have died.

‘Damn it, if only my physical condition was normal…!’

I couldn’t hear the story behind it without crying.

Trapped in a crystal with only his life barely spared, Gargarens had to struggle with loneliness for over a decade.

Only after he regained some strength and was able to show off his presence was he able to come up with a plan for this resurrection.

【Anyway… Mother is still the same. She can’t possibly absorb it all.】

Gargarens, who finished reminiscing, laughed.

Even though he had already regained half of his strength, there was no sign of the fire dying down.

I couldn’t believe that it was just mana coming from a shell.

Although she was the mother who gave birth to her, she was an unbelievable monster.

Gargarens said.

【mother. Do you know what I’m going to do from now on?】

No answer came back.

The molting Navardose was still peeling off its old skin with its eyes closed.

The corners of Gargarence’s mouth rose.

【I will go out first and burn everyone I see to death. I don’t want bugs crawling around my hometown where I only stayed for a short while. My mother is like this, and her brothers are scattered around the world, so there is no one who can stop me.】

Gargarens had the confidence to turn Adren into a sea of ​​fire.

He was once nicknamed the Red Death.

If he could regain his prime strength, no one would be able to stop him.

【Next is the world of mortals. I can guarantee that many of my compatriots will support me. It’s just that we’ve all gone crazy due to the recent turbulent times, because dragons are by no means a species that can coexist with other microscopic creatures. Destruction is our essence.】


【Of course, you can’t beat your mother. I might run away for the rest of my life, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this horribly boring peace comes to an end!】

Gargarens’ voice became more intense.

This was because his strength grew and his emotions heightened.

His body, which was regenerating rapidly, has now recovered all parts except the horns and tail.

Just a little bit longer and he would fully regain his prime strength.

【No one can disturb me! The dragon will reign, and the little creatures crawling on the ground will bow their heads beneath our wings!】

The uncivilized silence is over.

The little creatures will tremble under the dragon’s shadow again.

He was in the midst of bursting into flames.

“You have a big dream.”


An unfamiliar voice came from somewhere.

Gargarens flinched and looked around.

No one was visible except Navardose, who was molting.


I definitely heard it from somewhere not far away.

【What kind of rat are you…】

I definitely didn’t hear it wrong.

Gargarens’s brow furrowed.

The huge wings spread out as if exploding.

【Reveal your appearance! You little thing!】


A torrent of fire swept through the palace.

The fire, blown by the wind, created dozens of large and small whirlwinds.

Savior and Orse.

Gargarens, who has been bullied by beings smaller than himself, has become unable to overcome even minor troubles like this.


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Soon the whirlwind subsided.


Gargarens snorted.

There was no sign of life.

I don’t know what kind of thing was hiding in there, but it was clear that he had just been burned to death.

What a waste of money.

Now that he had almost regained his full body, he was about to fly.


A green line was drawn over the two pairs of horns.


Gargarens hastily raised his gaze.

A human girl was standing on his head.

In his small but strong hands, he held a long sword sparkling with green mana.

“I was wondering what kind of guts he had, and then he had this big guy behind him. “The Fire Dragon clan.”

Nabirose said.

Perception-impairing magic was swirling around her body.

Gargarens was about to shout something.

The green line widened, and the horn, which had not yet taken shape, turned into flames and dispersed.

At the same time, the mana collected so far flowed back and an explosion occurred.


A shock hit Gargarens as if his head was hit by a battering ram.


The large figure stumbled greatly.

Nabi Rose did not miss that gap.

She reversed her sword and stabbed Gargarens’ left eye.

Ronan’s blood-covered blade penetrated without resistance into the eyeball of Gargarens, who was still closer to a spirit than a dragon.


Dark red flames surged out as if replacing blood.

【this guy!】

Gargarens, who was struggling in pain, swung his arms.

A huge front paw hit my head, but Nabirose narrowly managed to avoid it.

As soon as she landed on the ground, she swung her sword widely.


The fire that had approached like a wild dog died out at once.


Gargarens was startled.

It was the first scene I saw after coming out of the egg.

A mere mortal could put out the fire of the Fire Dragon clan.

Even though it was a lingering fire that came from my mother’s shell, I couldn’t believe it.

‘Is it this much? I’ll have to finish it quickly.’

Nabirose chewed her lips.

The winner had to be won before Ronan’s blood dried completely.

The reason she was able to move safely in the heat wave was because she was able to cut down the approaching fire.

The dragon’s weaknesses are its horns and heart.

And an unpleasant feeling somewhere in the body.

The horns had been cut off, so if either one was destroyed, there was a high possibility that it would disappear.

Just as the butterfly targeting the heart was about to rush in.

【Don’t be cocky, you mouse!!】

In an instant, Gargarens’ mouth opened.

My swollen lungs were burning.

Nabirose instinctively sensed a crisis and leaned back.


I tried everything, but it didn’t work because of my weight class.

Fire poured out from inside the gaping maw.

It was not on a scale that could be avoided or dealt with.

The flame, which was highly concentrated and closer to the beam, hit exactly where Nabirose was.


A roar rang out along with a fiery pillar of fire.

【Something like a bug that you don’t even know where it came from!!】

Nabirose was engulfed in the explosion, but Gargarens did not stop.

He moved his head back and forth and radiated flames.

A strong explosion occurred wherever the fire passed.

He finally poured out all the flames in his lungs and roared fiercely.


The flame palace shook.

The ruined interior was revealed where the explosion subsided.

Melted chandeliers and hallways.

All broken windows.

It broke through the defense shield and caused damage.

This time, there were no survivors in sight.

Gargarens consumed the fire remaining in his mouth.

【···I wasted my strength in vain.】

Because I was so excited, I ended up using more force than necessary.

The extremities of the body that had turned into flames were proof of that waste.

Of course, it wasn’t a fatal problem.

There was still a lot of Navardose’s flame left.

Although time was a bit tight.


Gargarens growled.

Although it was a brief encounter, he was a mortal who left a strong impression.

It’s not enough to cut down on fire, but you’re also hurting yourself.

I never thought the horn would be cut off again.

【I changed my mind. I will completely destroy Adren.】

I felt like I wouldn’t feel better unless I did something like that.

Eventually, absorption was completed.

Gargarens, which had regenerated all parts except the horns, opened its mouth.


The beam fired in a straight line hit the inner wall.

The wall, which was rapidly melting, finally collapsed.

‘at las.’

Gargarens’ wings spread again.

The huge wings had now completely regained their original form.

The red-hot film was reminiscent of a barrier made of flame.

Adren’s night sky was shining beyond the newly opened hole.

The full moon was beautiful.

As if the outside world hadn’t noticed yet, students could be heard laughing.

【I will tell you once again the feeling of fear that you have forgotten.】

Gargarens laughed.

Now that laughter would turn into screams and wailing.

As soon as he flapped his wings, his body rose.

It was the moment when the extraordinary Gargarens raised its head, causing a storm.

“Don’t move… hehe, you lizard.”


A familiar voice rang out again.

Gargarens hastily turned his head.

The girl who should have disappeared without a trace was standing in the middle of the flame palace.

Nabirose, who was breathing heavily, continued speaking.

“Outside now, my students… are enjoying their youth…”

【···Amazing. Why are you alive?】

Gargarens was purely amazed.

It was a wonder he was alive.

The sword broke ungainly.

Her hair, which used to fall down to her waist, became a short bob.

The skin exposed under the half-burned school uniform had terrible burns etched into it.

This was the result of Ronan’s blood drying out while trying to stop the fire.

“Don’t give dirty breath to the children who shine brighter than anyone else every day.”

Nevertheless, Butterfly Rose didn’t care.

Although his body was completely ruined, his eyes were shining like stars.

She aimed the broken sword at Gargarens.

【Ha, that’s funny. I didn’t know that I would see such a rare sight as soon as I regained my strength.】

Gargarens laughed.

For the second time in his life, he was experiencing mortal wonder.

In the end, he even regenerated his horn and spoke in a bewildered voice.

【I’m sick of it. I will praise your courage and especially save your life. Just try living like that for once.】


【Instead, I will have to pay for my sins from your disciples. I’ll tell you clearly while breathing fire. The reason you die is because of a teacher who doesn’t know the subject. I’m looking forward to seeing your expression at that time.】

“Here… fight with me.”

Nabirose spoke, but Gargarens ignored it.

There was no time to waste on someone who was already dying.

He spread his wings again and sneered.

The moonlight seeping through the hole was still beautiful.

It was at that moment that the red head looked back at the hole.


Gargarens’ body froze.

The full moon that was there just now has disappeared.

There was no hole in the wall or the mother escaping while engulfed in flames.


I couldn’t see anything.

The world was literally covered in darkness.

Gargarens, who was in confusion, suddenly noticed another change that had come upon him.

My body didn’t move at all.

In a world that could not be seen or heard, a sound like a wind leaking spread quietly.


It was right behind my back.

Suddenly, the scales on his entire body stood on end.

A snake so large that it could not be seen at a glance was wrapped around his body.

The poisonous snake, whose body was thicker than its neck, had burns all over its body.

The snake that made eye contact with him opened its mouth.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop?”


It was Nabi Rose’s voice.

At the same time, three slashes were struck over Gargarens’ body.

On the horns, wings, and scales covering the chest.

When the world became bright again, everything was already over.


Gargarens, whose vital points were all destroyed at once, fell to the ground.


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