Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 343

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Abduction 26. A blue spring to you (8)


“It’s suspicious. “What did you two have to do to come to this shady place?”

Sechika muttered with her eyes wide open.

She slipped away from the group and was walking through the sewers of Adren.

In the end, he couldn’t erase his suspicions and started following them.

The sewer was dark and spooky, which seemed perfect for a tryst.

The magical energy detection ability inherited from Asher showed the traces of Lanse and Naro as bluish footprints.

‘Probably not. Probably not. How long have we been dating… but honestly, I have a better face, right?’

Sechika desperately tried to persuade himself.

As time passed, the hypothesis that Lance had an affair was becoming more and more popular.

We weren’t officially dating, but that didn’t really matter.

Ranse was a man with a strong taste in women, and the transfer student who appeared like a flame was a person who perfectly suited that taste.

She turned the corner and breathed a sigh of relief.


There was no one.

It was ironic.

While she was curious about Ranse and Naro’s whereabouts, she was also worried that when she turned the corner, she would see the two making love.

A kiss while leaning against a wall, or something like that.

If you witness something like that…

‘Please don’t do that. I like you all.’

Sechika bit her nails.

I didn’t even want to imagine it.

She had a good temper and was basically affectionate.

Not to mention Lance, I only played with him for a day, but I could tell he was a good kid.

It was the moment when she managed to maintain her composure and turn the next corner.



She bumped into something and landed on her butt.

Sechika looked up and took a deep breath.

The Lance I had been searching for so long was standing in front of me.


“Sechika…? Why in a place like this…”

“That’s what I wanted to ask… Anyway, why are you like that?”

Sechika was embarrassed.

Lance’s appearance didn’t look good at first glance.

His face was white and he was holding a sword as a cane, making him look like someone who had just woken up from a faint.

Sechika hurriedly approached him and grabbed his face with both hands.

“Who hit you? And what about me? As expected, that thief cat…!”

“It’s not like that… wow.”

Ranse shook his head and gagged.

It was only a few minutes ago that he came to his senses after fainting after being hit by Nabirose.

It felt like all my organs, including my stomach, were doing a tap dance inside my stomach.

“Sechika… go out and call people. “It’s dangerous for me.”

“W-what? “Why are you going to me?”

“There are villains trying to plant a bomb in the Flame Palace… wow, I went to take them down by myself, but seeing as there is still no news, I think something is wrong.”

“That’s impossible…! “What are you going to do?”

“I have to go help you… I’m sorry I knocked you down. “Hurry and call the people.”

After leaving those words, Lanse took a step forward.

Sechika stared at the back, dumbfounded.

A bomb attack out of nowhere?

Are you kidding me?

“That idiot…!”

Suddenly it was difficult to understand what was happening.

However, judging from Lanse’s serious expression, it didn’t seem like it was a joke.

I wasn’t the kid to play around with something like that in the first place.

She had a sharp mind and made decisions quickly.

Sechika, who was nervously messing with her hair, cast two magics at the same time.

And then he shouted at the idiot who was walking alone.

“hey! “Lance!”


From the beginning, I had no intention of absorbing all of Navardose’s power.

It was as reckless as trying to put embers in a bowl made of woven tree branches.

I planned to leave the Flame Palace after regaining just the strength I had at my peak.

Having experienced crushing defeats twice due to carelessness, I could confidently say that I was cautious.

【Keuuuuu! Hahaha!】

But why did a situation like this happen?

Absorption was continuing, but the body was not regenerating.


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Gargarens, who fell after being hit by Nabirose’s slash, roared at the top of his lungs.

【It can’t be like this, it can’t be like this! I am a member of the Fire Dragon clan!!】

The snake wrapped around his body disappeared, but his body continued to fall apart.

This was because three vital points, the horn, heart, and back, were destroyed at once.

He was now more like a fire in the shape of a dragon than a dragon.

The sight of Gargarens writhing in pain was reminiscent of a sand castle collapsing in the waves.

“Stop disappearing…you’ve already lost.”

Nabirose was silently avoiding the attack.

I was exhausted, but there was no reason to fight any more.

Because it was already impossible for Gargarens to survive.

Ronan’s blood was stuck to the blade, which melted at the time of the slash.

‘Now all I have to do is survive and return.’

But I couldn’t relax yet.

It was a pleasure to overcome the limit in an extreme situation, but it was all in vain if we could not return safely.

That will definitely remain.

Her gaze stopped as she looked around.


A crack remained in one corner of the shield.

It was a sign that Nabirose had destroyed it upon entering.

The only problem was that it was slowly closing.

Still enough.

She had her back to Gargarens and was just about to move.

【Khaaaa! Where dare you run away!】

A roar rang out from behind.

At the same time, a huge wall of flames erupted before her eyes.

The dark red boiling flames were high enough to reach the ceiling of the flame palace.

When I turned my head, I saw Gargarens, whose entire body except for the head had turned into flames.

【I curse you, mortal! Even if I lose everything, I will blow away you and this Flame Palace!!】

“What a pointless thing to do.”

【After that, my descendants will shout to the world! The collapse of the Flame Palace was none other than the work of humans! The insects crawling on the ground will once again fear the dragon’s wrath!】

Gargarens bellowed.

It was before Nabirose could respond.

Even his head was set alight by flames, and his body was transformed into a huge fireball.


The surrounding atmosphere began to swirl and gather towards the sphere.


Nabirose clicked his tongue.

It was like a star just before being born.

Gargarens planned to cause a huge explosion by sacrificing his own remaining life.

Judging by the size of the mana, it seemed to be enough to destroy the Flame Palace.

“Don’t be funny.”

She turned around without any hesitation.

Aside from the relationship with the dragon, if there was an explosion of this magnitude, there was a high risk that the students touring Adren would be killed or injured.

Nabirose’s heart, which had already reached its limit, was pulsating wildly.


The mana of the entire body was concentrated in one place.

As soon as she opened her eyes, everything became dark.


A poisonous snake broke through the floor and swallowed the sphere.


【Is it that technique again…!】

Gargarens growled.

For a moment, the absorption stopped and the flames died down.

However, the situation did not improve dramatically.

A mocking voice leaked from the giant snake’s stomach.

【no use! How many more years do you think you can endure!】


【Run your tail and run away! Watch with your own eyes as something precious disappears!】

Nabirose gritted his teeth.

I hate to admit it, but that lizard was right.

She was one of the ten strongest people in the world, but she was a red dragon.

Being hit directly by the fire of the Fire Dragon clan was not a blow that could be easily overcome.

As if to prove it, Nabirose’s skin was gradually burning.

This was because the mana that was used to block the heat was also used.

Now it was time to make a choice.

Do you keep everything like this and die together with Gargarens, or do you abandon everything now and run away to save your life?

Nabirose laughed.


It was a question not worth worrying about.

She added strength to the hilt of the sword she was holding.

“Come with me. lizard.”


Gargarens was embarrassed.

Nabi Rose forgot about the pain of her body burning up and focused only on maintaining everything.

‘Is this the end? ‘I’ve grown to a body that will never die of old age, and it’s really amazing.’

It was futile, but I had no regrets.

Was it the teacher’s role to protect his students? If he could protect the green shoots with his own life, that was what he hoped for.

The pressed palm no longer came off the hilt of the sword.

The days I had lived so far were passing by before my eyes, piecemeal.

The acrid smoke of the battlefield.

The screams of parents who lost their children and of children who lost their parents.

The cool sensation you feel the moment the blade cuts into your body.

A few coins exchanged for a human head, and the spicy taste of beer purchased with them.

My youth, filled with blood and never coming back.

What washed away those red memories were the students she taught so far.

‘But it was fun.’

Each and every memory I accumulated while working at Phileon was a treasure to Nabirose.

Thanks to you, I was able to save my empty life.

Just as she taught her how to use a knife, she also taught her students how to live happily.

Ronan and Adeshan, Schlieffen.

Besides that, they are stupid disciples who have no skills but don’t listen well.

The last thing that came to mind was the memory of the airship.

Nabirose raised her eyebrows as she recalled what Sechika had said.


It was a nice sound to hear.

I thought maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that I came back at this age.

As soon as the flash ended, time began to flow as it should.

The sphere of flame was getting brighter and brighter, and it seemed as if it might explode at any moment.

‘Was it too much to destroy it?

Still, everything will definitely lessen the impact.’

Nabi Rose, who had made up her mind, was exerting her last strength.

A young voice echoed from behind.

“oh my god! To me!”


It was a familiar voice.

Butterfly Rose turned her head and her eyes grew so big that they seemed to pop out.

Ranse and Sechika were running towards him from beyond the shield.

The bodies of the two people were floating in the air thanks to Sechika’s telekinesis.

“Ji, what is happening now? are you okay?!”

“That’s a bomb…! “Get out of there quickly!”

Sechika was astonished.

Lance gestured urgently.

Nabirose’s face distorted when she saw the two people.

She, who had calmed down despite the pain that made her flesh melt, screamed in rage.

“What are you guys doing here now! “Get out now!!”

“Nonsense. “How can I leave you alone?”

“Such a fool… Ugh!”

I wondered why on earth I was here.

Nabirose was about to scream again when he vomited blood.

The body had reached its limit and collapsed.

Concentration was broken and everything disappeared.

【I endured it well, but this is it. Disappear!】

Gargarens burst into laughter.

The sphere of flame that was revealed again began to burn more intensely.

Because it was confined to Mansa, its power was significantly reduced, but it was strong enough to blow up the inside of the palace.

Just as despair was about to appear on Butterfly Rose’s face.


Lance rushed to the ground and swung his sword.

A white line was drawn on the shield, and the healing crack collapsed.

A hole appeared that only one person could come out of.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he threw himself into the flames and hugged Nabirose.


Nabirose’s eyes widened.

Lance’s clothes were on fire.

It was visible that his skin was heating up, but he smiled regardless.

“Wow… you’re amazing. “How are you holding on here?”

“You idiot! “Stop talking nonsense and get out now!”

“It will happen even if you don’t tell me! Sechika!”

Lance, who was holding Butterfly Rose, looked back and shouted.

Sechika raised both arms as if waiting.

Archmage Asher’s first magic was activated along with the spell.

“I know! Invisible Hand!”

The two bodies were pulled back.

It was the moment when they escaped through the crack they had entered through.


The fireball reached its peak and exploded with a flash of light.


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