Absolute Necromancer Chapter 246

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Episode 246


If you have ever seen a valley on a day with heavy rain, the torrent of magic energy will surely bring everyone back to mind when they see the current situation.

The sight of it approaching with its mouth wide open was a truly horrifying sight, but Jinhyuk did not stop walking, massaging his body tingling with psychological fear.

‘The special stats are definitely deceptive.’

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue at the atmosphere of pressure on the opponent, which was unique to Magi, something he had never felt since he had always been under the influence of Magi.

Stats called special stats always had one outstanding advantage.

Among them, Magi had the advantage of having tremendous destructive power and the enormous pressure that fell from above on the being it encountered.

Assuming they are of equal skill, the difference between those who have magical energy and those who do not is clear, and it is to the point where it directly leads to defeat or victory.


“Drill it.”

Rattling- rattling-

The skeletons threw themselves into the waves of magic, thanks to Jinhyeok’s command to loosen them by massaging their frozen bodies in front of the waves of magic.

Psuk-kwaduk! Scoop it up!

As the mana is absorbed, the skeleton’s body, which has bones that are much harder than ordinary bones, breaks like corn.

Although there was no pain, the skeletons did not stop walking even though they clearly saw their bodies being shattered with empty pupils.

One, two, four, eight, sixteen.

From the time I got the Necromancer job, the skeletons made from the corpses of the monsters of the trials were being used up quickly.

It was bittersweet to see it being reduced to a powder that could never be revived, but the effect was clear.


The waves of magical energy, which could well be called a torrent, began to flow gently like calm valley water.

“… … “What?”

“It was hard to get here, damn you.”

“… … !”

When the demons are unable to hide their embarrassment at the wave of demon energy that has suddenly lost its power.

Jinhyeok’s blue mana-filled fist broke through the waves of weakened demon energy and roughly struck the demon’s face.


Speed ​​in addition to the stamina and strength that had increased to some extent through the ordeal.

In addition, the body is additionally strengthened with mana and the fists are even filled with mana, thereby maximizing the destructive power of the blow.

As evidenced by the heavy drinking, the demon fell down with his face sunken in the same posture in which he raised his arm to block the fist.


A heavy rumble spread throughout the dungeon as the demon, which was about the size of a male middle or high school student or adult, except for half of its wings, fell.

Jinhyeok sat down in front of the fallen demon, wiping his sweaty head.

Right now-

It was a fun(?) meal time. * * *

[Special stat: Demonic energy has been acquired.]

[The demon energy generating organ (seed) has been acquired.]

[There are too many demons snooping around someone’s house to say they are a small number.]

[To say that it is a small number of gods is rather large in number and is snooping around someone’s house.]

[The pinnacle of all evil screams and covers the window.]

After catching and eating the demon, Jinhyeok was able to obtain demon energy again.

It was a demonic energy generating organ that automatically generated demonic energy, and the seed that would grow Qliphoth was a bonus.

After obtaining the demonic energy that instills fear and fear in the living, the ordeal went more comfortably.

A large number of kobolds and goblins or a troop of orcs.

As the tenth level passed, it was quite difficult to deal with alone, but it was a worthy target for Jinhyeok with the demonic and undead.

Of course, in the process, he suffered a lot of injuries and consumed a lot of his stamina, but Jinhyuk survived.

Right now-

[Skill: Tenacity is strengthened.]

[Skill: Poison resistance is strengthened.]

[Skill: Tough skin is strengthened.]

There was a lot to eat as the number of monsters increased, but the trials were always fair.

Skills that become stronger as you eat them.

There was still a noticeable difference compared to before the trial, but I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw him getting stronger day by day.


After more than ten orcs disappeared into the stomach.

Jinhyuk shook his hands and stood up, calling out to the next person.

Coo coo coo coo coo-

The sound of a stone door opening becomes familiar as you become accustomed to it.

At the same time, what appeared beyond the door was once again a green monster.

But if it’s a problem-

“… … Trooooool!”

“troll? Why is this already happening?”

The green monster that appeared this time was not an orc but a troll.

When Jinhyeok is first embarrassed by the appearance of a monster that cannot be compared to an orc.



“… … Tsk.”

The troll facing Jinhyuk shot towards Jinhyuk like a bullet.



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Jinhyeok clicked his tongue as he watched the monster-like speed and size of the monster rushing like crazy, and entered the battle with the undead at the forefront. * * *

Right now-

[Skill: Regenerative power has been acquired.]

“… … “Whew, are the trolls coming to an end soon?”


A monster whose size is incomparable to that of an orc and has the bizarre characteristic of regenerative power.

A monster with crazy regenerative power that even if you cut off its arm, if you pick up the fallen arm, it will grow back again.

But in the end, to Jinhyuk, it was just one of many monsters.

Although it was difficult, there was a strategy, and Jinhyeok was not alone.

Rattling- rattling-

Demon soldiers hovering around while eating.

Jinhyeok’s strength with the demonic soldiers, whose bones were dyed black by absorbing plenty of demonic energy, was effective even against trolls.

However, Jinhyeok, who sensed that another enemy would soon appear as the number of trolls he was dealing with had reached 10, sighed and prepared for the next opponent.

Coo coo coo coo coo-

With the sound of the stone door opening, Jinhyeok’s prediction came true.

“ah… … iced coffee… … Aaaaaaaaaah!!!”

“… … This time it’s the Elyos.”

An Elyos screaming in pain.

The Elyos, with its dove-like white wings half cut off, flew towards Jinhyeok, screaming in pain and shedding bloody tears.

At the sight of the Elyos charging in with a brilliance that rivaled the sun, the bodies of the demonic soldiers began to quickly corrode.

Accordingly, the Elyos appeared in front of Jinhyeok, who stopped the corrosion by pouring in a large amount of mana and magic energy.

Pop! Green onions! Pabababak!

Fists and legs become intertwined quickly.

The limbs of the Elyos wrapped in divine power and Jinhyeok’s limbs wrapped in mana and demonic energy become entangled, and painful expressions appear on the faces of the two people due to the force.

Holy power and magic energy are both extremely toxic to each other.

This means that unless one side is dominant, both sides take damage every time they collide.

Accordingly, both the Elyos and Jinhyeok frown at the burning pain and mix up their attacks.

Rattling rattling rattling-

“Those who couldn’t die dare-!”

“Those who cannot die will give you death.”

“… … “Shut up!”

The magic bone soldiers, generously supported by Jinhyeok’s mana and magic energy, attacked through the divine power of the Elyos.

The bodies of the demonic soldiers who attacked, paying no heed to the rapidly burning bones, roughly grabbed the limbs of the Elyos.

“Let go! Let go… … “Wow!”

“I’m not telling you to let go, you should shake it off.”


The sharp tip of the staff gently digs into the Elyos’ chest, breaking his ribs and touching his heart.

The Elyos, whose limbs were strongly restrained by the demonic soldiers, had to look on with wide eyes as the attack took place.

“Wow… … Ugh… … I am… … Here… … I have to get out… … .”

Jinhyeok’s heart was immediately pierced as he watched the Elyos, whose life was quickly draining away, muttering incomprehensible words.


Jinhyuk opened his mouth indifferently, looking at the dead eyes of the Elyos whose life had completely disappeared with a clear penetrating sound.


Jinhyuk did not vomit even once until the meal was over.

[Special stat: Gained divine power.] * * *

[Occupation: Obtained All Master.]

[Skill: Wing creation has been acquired.]

[Special stat: Dragon power has been acquired.]

[Skill: Acquired Mountain Destruction.]

[Special stat: Strength has been acquired.]

[Occupation: Obtained Spirit Master.]

“… … Oh wow.”


The body of a huge green monster rolls across the floor along with the death tremors.

With him-


[Skill: Muscle strength is strengthened.]

With meal time now like a monotonous repetitive task, Jinhyeok ate the ogre’s corpse.

“Is this coming to an end?”

It was a long, long time.

few days? No, I couldn’t even tell how many months had passed.

Maybe even years have passed.

During that time, there were many changes for Jinhyuk.

I regained the job I had lost, met other Four Emperors, defeated them, and gained their energy.

[Most demons are snooping around someone’s house.]

[Most gods are snooping around someone’s house.]

[The pinnacle of all evil looks at you with a mysterious face.]

In the meantime, the curiosity and attention directed at Jinhyeok increased.

There was one thing Jinhyuk learned in the process.

“The Dungeon of Appetite is like Baal’s stomach. “Are the people it has devoured so far still alive and breathing in here?”

Although the Dungeon of Appetite may change slightly depending on the person who enters to undergo trials, what fills its interior will be those whom Baal has been devouring since ancient times.

The reason Jinhyeok knew this was because of the appearances of the people he had encountered so far.

“From ordinary monsters to the Four Emperors, everything from the past was completely different from the current era. It had been quite a while, and everyone seemed eager to leave. “In the end, is this Baal’s belly, a testing ground, and a prison?”

A look from the past.

The rough appearance rather than the current sophisticated appearance was evidence that they had spent a very long time here.

“I wonder what will come out now.”

I encountered monsters and the Four Emperors from the past several times, caught them, ate them, and took their abilities.

Jinhyuk was truly curious about who would appear at the end of the process.


“… … “It seems like I have already surpassed my original body.”

The current Jinhyeok, who only hunted and ate for nearly a year, had surpassed the original Jinhyeok to some extent.

That means that within trials, one can grow beyond one’s original self.

Looking forward to seeing what he would be like at the end of this ordeal, Jinhyeok opened the door to the next gateway.


[Be careful.]

“… … what?”

The first warning message that came to mind.

The warning message that never came out during the ordeal was enough to make Jinhyeok embarrassed.

The message came to mind again, along with the stone gate that did not move even 1 cm even though I pushed it with all my might.

[The enemy beyond this is a fragment of a forgotten god.]

[It is in a brutal state because it has been locked up for a long time.]

[You have earned the qualifications to become an apostle. Would you like to go back?]

“… … .”

A fragment of a forgotten god.

A god who was eaten by Baal in the distant past, whose name is not even properly known.

It’s also a fragment, not the main body.

However, the message was warning in extremely red letters.

They were urging him to go back since he had already acquired the qualifications to become an apostle.

Jinhyeok smiled wryly as he stood in front of the door where Jean Marceau had probably reached this place in the past and returned after receiving advice from the message.

“open it.”

[The pinnacle of all evil smiles darkly at your choice.]

A light word.

When Jinhyeok revealed that he was not satisfied with being an apostle with just one word to open the door, Baal, who was watching, also conveyed his feelings through a message.

The message of ordeal also nodded to the challenger’s will.

[…] … Good luck.]

With a trembling message response that was different from before.

Coo coo coo coo coo-

The stone gate, which boasted a heaviness that was on a different level from other stone gates I had passed before, began to slowly open.

“Baal! Baaaal! Baaaal! A devil that doesn’t even have a name dares me! I will chew it up and eat it! “I’m telling you to let me out!!!”

“… … !!!”

Is it a man, a woman, a child, an old person –

The voice mixed with anger, including everything, shook Jinhyeok’s eardrums.

My insides become a mess, and I feel like I want to collapse on the floor and spit out everything inside.

The voice of a ferocious god that makes you feel like you should kneel down and worship.



Jinhyuk, chewing his tongue to suppress his emotions, swallowed the blood that filled his mouth and raised his head to look at the ferocious Shin.

“Who are you?”

“… … You foolish one. A being from the future who has come to succeed Baal. I am not someone like you who can dare look at me. Get down on her knees and worship me and get me out of here. Is that the reason for your existence?”

“… … .”

It was difficult to even open his mouth due to the gravity and pressure in each word, but Jinhyeok endured it all and spit out one word as if he was chewing on it.

“If I eat you, how much stronger will I become and what strength will you give me?”

“… … Was he the same seed as Baal? “What is so attractive about this wretched being from a nameless devil who devours both his enemies and his own people that he walks down the same path?”

A fragment of a god from the past who persecutes Jinhyeok as if he is indeed a god even though he has lost his reason due to anger.

Jinhyuk responded to his words with a smile.

“All the answers are in what you said. Baal, a nameless demon, rose to the pinnacle of all evil and eventually ate you and trapped you in his stomach. “Isn’t there enough reason to walk behind him?”

“Are you mocking me!”

Where is the current Baal from?

None of that mattered.

In the end, the winner is Baal, and the god who criticizes Baal for his origins stands in front of him, broken into pieces.

In that situation, I had already decided what to choose between serving the god who was a fragment in front of me or walking in the footsteps of Baal, even though I didn’t like it.

“All you have to do is walk behind Baal, get to his side, and eventually eat him too.”

[The pinnacle of all evil laughs from ear to ear.]

Jinhyeok’s goal is not the fragments of God in front of him, but God and the devil.

Because it was beyond Baal, who stood at the peak.

“Become fertilizer for my path. “A fragment of a god whose name has even been forgotten.”

“… … !!!”

At the end of the calm answer, the fragments of the angry god move violently.

“One won (one won).”


An enormous energy overwhelming the fragments of the god in front of me began to fill the dungeon, a size incomparable to the first.

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