Absolute Necromancer Chapter 144

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“Hmm, the momentum… … .”

“Brother… … What is it? like… … Just like when I met Masun, no, even more than that. What kind of momentum is this, reminiscent of a being called Sandalphon who

appeared on the battlefield during the Guild War? … .”

“… … Ugh, I’m scared.”

The reactions of colleagues in front of Choi Kyung-hoon, who had committed suicide, were different.

Hendrick swallowed his sleep at the familiar yet familiar energy that reminded him

of his past, Ha-ryu thought of Sandalphon, and Miho was filled with fear.

Perhaps it was natural.

‘That’s what commitment is.’

God of battle.

They were beings that overwhelmed others on the battlefield and terrified them just by looking at them.

Of course, as it contains their names, it would be more correct to see Choi Kyunghoon as a being close to the god of battle.

‘The good news is that it doesn’t seem like he’s really trying to beat us.’

Kyung-Hoon Choi’s techniques can be divided into two.

Is it the regular version or the enhanced version?

Of course, the regular version cannot be ignored either.

‘Emperor Tess took Gyeong-Hoon as his disciple because he saw the normal version of the techniques and liked them.’

The general version of the Choi Gyeonghun style, which I often use in close combat, was an excellent and highly complete technique that caught the eye of Emperor

Wu Tess.

However, the enhanced version could not be compared with the regular version, as the name suggests, strengthening the regular version.

And enhanced versions exist for all regular versions.

in other words-

‘There is also a strengthened version of Tussin.’

This means that there exists a state that is one step further than the state of self-confidence that exudes destructive speculation that makes one feel as if he has taken the entire military branch as his domain.

However, Choi Kyung-hoon did not bring up a strengthened version of Tushin.

He said that he did not lose sight of the purpose of training us, not defeating us.

The fact that Choi Kyung-hoon, who never lost sight of his purpose, brought up the idea of committing suicide must mean that we can overcome this state of commitment.

‘He’s full of muscle and a fighting fanatic, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do anything. Especially in battles and sparring. If so, it’s worth a try.’

It’s worth a try.

The moment that thought occurred to him, Choi Gyeong-hoon checked the situation and took a step forward.

“All learning and teaching comes from beatings. “When you are on the verge of death, you naturally develop new skills to survive!”

… … is not it?

Before we could even tilt our heads at something strange, Choi Kyung-hoon, who

had become a ‘fighter’ with fighting spirit engulfed his whole body, had already arrived in front of us.

“First of all, you are the most annoying.”

“… … !”


Leaving Hendrick free to handle the force that cannot be ignored, called carbon steel, means that the variables will continue to increase.

‘I know most of Cha Jin-hyuk’s abilities anyway. Looking at the recent rumors and

his current appearance, I don’t know why he prefers close combat, but since the spirit bottles are limited, this guy is probably the most dangerous.’

In particular, unlike Hendrick, Choi Kyung-hoon had stored almost all of the information about Jinhyuk in his head, so it was inevitable that more attention would be

paid to Hendrick than to Jinhyuk.

In addition, the decision was made because he was more familiar with Cha Jin-hyuk, the Spirit Master, than Cha Jin-hyuk, who is currently known throughout TOP and is good at close combat.

The future of that choice was distant, but the outcome was close.


A heavy fist reminiscent of Ohamma struck Hendrick.

No one saw Choi Kyung-hoon’s fists, which were faster than any other attack, and

of course it was Hendrick’s responsibility to handle them.

“… … “Keuuuu.”

He raised his sword at Hendrick, feeling the joints of his arms creaking and the muscles of his arms screaming with a groan.

TongA heavy sound, as if a steel drum was being beaten, filled the military hall.

Hendrick rushed towards the empty chest with a raised fist.

“Chungryong Island.”

KiiiiingThe moment Hendrick’s Chungryongseom, which was faster than any other attack

and boasted tremendous attack power, was lodged in the Yongrin Sword, it was fired at a speed faster than a bullet.

A sharp stab that pierced one point was aimed at the target: Choi Kyung-hoon’s chest.

A thrust that has never been blocked before.

The stab, of which mutual destruction was the worst outcome, and which always yielded results that were a little less than what one had hoped for, was once again played out in Hendrick’s hands.

Quad deukWhen the floor of the military officer, unable to withstand the spewing out of that

power, cracked again, creating a mess in the surroundings.

KwasikThe tip of the Yongrin Sword touched Choi Gyeong-hoon’s chest.

‘… … ‘I reached it.’

Hendrick was so happy that the attack was successful that he showed his emotions

in a rare way.

But that joy disappeared like snow melting when the results were revealed.

“It hurts, but it’s not dangerous.”

“… … how?”

Chungryong Island, which was like a dragon with sharp horns that could pierce anything it touched, could not pierce Choi Kyeong-hoon’s bare chest.



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No, there wasn’t anything exactly.

Kiyiing- Quagga gagagak!

This is because the red fighting spirit, which perfectly protects its owner in combat situations, perfectly protected Choi Gyeong-hoon’s whole body like red armor.

And after completing the protection, the fighting spirit shook violently and tried to gnaw the Yongrin Sword.

A fighting spirit that is the best protection and attack force.

Even though the Yongrin Sword was a treasured sword made from the scales of a dragon, Choi Gyeong-hoon’s fighting spirit was not easy.

If left unattended like this, even if it was a Yongrin sword, a disaster could have occurred where the teeth were damaged or the blade was lost.

Fortunately, the speculation that was gnawing at Yongrin Sword stopped.

“… … “Wow!”

“Was this the invisible hand that Adam Smithson or something was talking about?

Well, it’s similar, so it’s probably right.”

However, that did not mean anything good to Hendrick.

This is because the fight that stopped the attack became tangible and grabbed Hendrick’s neck in the same manner as Choi Kyung-hoon’s hand.

It looked as if a third hand had risen from his chest, but its strength was not much

different from Choi Kyung-hoon’s original hand.

Hendrick’s eyes widened as he felt the pressure from the hand holding the back of

his neck and tried to shake the hand off.


“… … ! uh… … How… … crab… … ?”

“Hands made through speculation cannot be grasped by ordinary means. “Why don’t you at least look around the river?”

It was Choi Kyung-hoon who carefully taught how to destroy his own attacks, but


In other words, sword training and hand training are near-supreme skills that can

barely be performed in a perfect situation.

In such a harsh environment where one could not even breathe properly while being held by the nape of the neck, it was almost impossible to pull out a well-made steel machine that could hold the hand of a fighter who could only be held with a sword.


‘… … If it were me in the past, it would have been possible.’

Hendrick was even more devastated because he could have done that.

Because my past self was someone who was able to bring out the best in the worst


He always tries to deny and erase the past, but the powerful power, honor, and glory of his past self weigh down Hendrick like a stigma.

The body of a dragon race is amazing, but the body of a climber who goes beyond

the 800th floor is, if not worse than that.

900th floor.

Although he could not overcome the wall of ordeal, the memory of him as a climber who had reached it pushed Hendrick into the abyss of despair.

The force strangling my neck gradually caused me to lose my mind.

“… … Tsk, your mental strength isn’t that great?”

He attacked aggressively because he thought he had the ability to do it, but contrary to his thoughts, Hendrick’s performance was close to falling short of Choi Kyung-hoon’s standards.

‘Even if you are strong, if you lack the mental strength to support it, you are no different from a dull sword. That’s strange. I can’t believe that the mental power of a dragon of that level, who has reached the level of a strong man capable of shooting it out, is broken to this extent. I’ll have to check this later.’

Since he was in this position as a technical instructor, Kyung-Hoon Choi clearly checked the status of the trainees and closely checked areas that needed to be improved in the future.

Choi Kyung-hoon, who had thought about Hendrick’s condition in that everything

was perfect but was surprisingly mentally weak, raised his fist and tried to retire Hendrick.

‘I’m done checking, so I need to clean it up, and I need to check the other kids too.’

Besides Hendrick, there are three people left to check: Ha-Ryu, Mi-Ho, and Cha Jin-Hyuk.

There was no reason to create a hindrance to the confirmation of others by leaving Hendrick, who had completed the confirmation, in the sparring area, so Ha-Ryu,

showing off his bold movements, approached Kyung-Hoon Choi, who raised his fist

without hesitation.

TadadadadakThe stream rushing through the wooden floor of the military officer was as elegant

and beautiful as a butterfly.

However, in a move that did not lose practicality, Choi Gyeong-hoon tried to catch the downstream with his free hand like catching a mosquito.

‘Second level from the back. There’s nothing more to see at this rate. You are training the basics.’

Among the four, Hendrick and Jinhyeok were two strong, while Ha-ryu and Miho

were two weak, or one in one, one weak.

Naturally, it goes without saying that the downstream is 1st.

However, it was inevitable that Choi Kyung-hoon’s poor skills and lack of basic skills were noticed compared to the second round.

Therefore, it is a moment to lightly check the status of downstream and deal with

Hendrick and downstream at the same time.


“… … damage?”

“I’m confident about my eyes. So let Mr. Hendrick go!”

Choi Gyeong-hoon was truly surprised to see Ha-ryu avoiding his touch like a ghost.

Choi Kyeong-Hoon Ryu Chapter 8, catch.

Choi Kyung-hoon never even dared to imagine that he would miss something as he used it lightly.

Even the Emperor Tess was caught a few times and couldn’t control his frustration,

so he hit his head like a walnut, and the force was not at a level that a low-level climber could avoid.

However, Choi Kyung-hoon recalled the words that Tess naturally said in passing one day.

-There are many special people in the world. Like that guy, Maha Sword King. Probably, if it’s him, it’s your strange catch. So, I might be able to avoid Geumnasu.

-Huh, no way. Even Master couldn’t avoid it… … Wow!

-Stop being a jerk and raise your hand straight up, disciple.

‘… … Well, I can only imagine here. Anyway, he is capable enough to avoid my capture. Also, this child is probably not capable of a level that the teacher would recognize… … Does that mean he has the talent to be able to do that in the future? Ha,

after all, the tower is wide and tall!’

Choi Kyung-hoon, who erased himself from his past memories of being hit on the

head with a bear stick, smiled.

The tower is high.

The tower is wide.

Although it was said in a direct sense rather than a figurative sense, it was also figuratively correct.

There were many climbers in the wide and high space, and they were all hiding a

number that could not be ignored.

Even if you are an 800-story climber, this is a number that cannot be underestimated.

And how a being who has honed that skill and reached the pinnacle can reach the

end of a tower that exists beyond the 600th floor, possibly beyond the 900th floor.

“But you’re still young and weak. If you eat a little more, build muscles, and train your basics, you’ll be useful.”


“… … !”

But not now.

Even though he was a lower class with ‘eyes’ similar to those recognized by Tess, who fears even God and the devil, he was now just a young goblin.

Singularities were added to the previously saved state, but the main point did not change.

Lack of basic skills.

Recalling that once again, Choi Kyung-hoon, who had finished giving advice to Ha-ryu, punched Ha-ryu in the face.


“… … Wow-”

A short-lived regime that invades from close range.

It was not a technique that could be avoided just by seeing it.

In particular, he did not show any use of techniques with Ha-Ryu’s ‘eyes’ in mind,

so Ha-Ryu could not even see Choi Kyung-Hoon’s fist except for the moment when

the fist touched him.

Because the only thing Ha-ryu could do was to spew out black blood while lying on the floor.

“Oh right. “You almost forgot, too.”


“… … !!!”

And Choi Gyeong-hoon, who did not forget to finish Hendrick, shook off his fatigue by twisting his neck and hands.

Choi Gyeong-hoon grinned as he took in the sight of Hendrick’s fainting state, filled with despair, and Ha-ryu’s vomiting of blood.

“Who’s next?”

Fighting God.

The moment when the battle-mad god glances at his next target.

“You made good time. “Sipji Gangtan (十指强彈).”


Jinhyeok’s 10-point strong bullet, which Hendrick and Ha-ryu had worked hard to

complete, swept the floor where he and Choi Gyeong-hoon were standing.

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