Absolute Necromancer Chapter 143

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Episode 143

Following Choi Gyeong-hoon, I entered the ‘Musang’ attached to ‘Musang’ again, and naturally, what I saw were the ‘Musang’ guild members scattered here

and there in the museum.

Kwasik- Boom!

“Still fighting.”

“… … Hmm, are they wiped out except for the instructors? Tsk, these things embarrass people.”

The people spread out on the floor were all guild members who were trainees.

And those still fighting were all instructors.

Of course, the battle with them didn’t last very long, butthud!

“… … “It was a good sparring.”

“… … It was a good sparring. “I learned a lesson.”

With a heavy ringing sound, the instructor who had collided with Hendrick stood up in a mess and rolled over and struck him with his fist.

With the instructor bowing his head politely and saying that he had learned a

lesson, other places soon finished the battle as well.

“I was able to fill in the gaps. thank you.”

“Miho learned a lot too! “Let’s do it again later!”

“… … Whether it’s a joint attack by two people or an individual attack, I can’t

properly block it. “I will admit defeat.”

Haru and Miho.

The two also finished the battle in fairly good shape, although not as good as


Of course, not only Miho but also Ha-Ryu showed some rare wounds, but in the end, it was undeniable that it was an incredible achievement for a climber

who had just reached the 100th floor to beat an instructor-level climber who was quite mature in terms of skills.

“Damn, I lost my face.”

“It’s only natural that they are colleagues.”

“… … “Colleague, I never imagined those words would come out of your mouth.”

“If you get stabbed in the back once and die, you will change 180 degrees.”

“Wow, that will never happen.”

Choi Kyung-hoon grinned and shook his head, then walked forward and clapped twice.

Clap clap-

“How long are you going to lie on the floor and sleep? “Why don’t you wake up?!”

“… … yes!”

“… … Director, when did you arrive? “I’m sorry for showing such disgrace.”

“It’s okay, just roll that much more. Add one hundred canter laps!”

“… … “Yes.”

Not only the trainees, whose faces looked paler than when they were defeated, but even the defeated instructors began to slowly walk out of the museum.

Just looking at his haggard face, it didn’t seem like a good thing, but it didn’t

matter to me.

“Are you going to play right away?”

“There’s nothing that can’t be done. Should I give him some time to warm up?”

“no it’s okay. “How many people can there be?”

There are a total of four colleagues currently in military service, including me.

Haru, Miho, Hendrick.

Of course, all the soul bottles were counted after restrictions.

There were a total of four soul soldiers currently available for battle: Vulkan,

Tune, Basil, and Ashur Hum.

Since the number was equivalent to the total number of people, it was inevitable.

“Just go at it all.”

“… … Are you confident? “Your physical condition is not normal right now, and a penalty has been added to that?”

“under! Hey, I’m Musin. Of course, I can’t say this in front of my teacher… …

Still, I have never gone anywhere and not lived up to my name. “Don’t talk nonsense and attack me.”

“… … Yes, it won’t be too late to regret it later. Everyone gather together, it’s

a strategy meeting.”

I immediately summoned my colleagues as I saw Choi Kyung-hoon’s confident appearance, grinning and telling everyone to attack him.

At my order to convene, my colleagues, who showed no sign of fatigue even though they had just finished sparring, gathered in front of me.

“It seems like what happened went well.”

“Because he was originally my friend. But not now. “Don’t just watch, do it.”

“I thought so even if I didn’t say so. “You can’t hide your power from someone stronger than you.”

“… … Hmm, I don’t know if we can help.”

“… … Miho knows too. “That person is strong.”

“It doesn’t matter how strong you are. You can lose. What we’re doing is embarrassing that guy. Well, it would be better if we win in the meantime.”

Choi Kyung-hoon is strong.

There is no being in the tower who does not know this absolute proposition.

Even if there are many stronger beings than him, if you look at absolute evaluation rather than relative evaluation, Choi Kyung-hoon is in the top 1%.

A climber who may have reached 0.1%.

Even a wounded wild animal has no problem hunting its prey.

‘I said I would win, but honestly, that’s too much at our level right now.’

The gap is even more extreme than when I first met Hendrick.



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One day, we may be able to stand shoulder to shoulder and achieve victory like we used to, but at least not now.

‘It’s enough to win later, now is the time for ‘learning’.’

And if I wanted to win in the first place, I would have mobilized all the abilities available to me.

He already defeated the soul soldiers such as Tune and Basil and took on Hendrick, Miho, and Ha-Ryu and took on Choi Kyung-Hoon, showing that he has

no desire to win.

“Are you confident? “You don’t even have to use your organs.”

“I guess you didn’t know, but I’m good at close combat now.”

“… … “You’ll know when you see it.”

When I grinned and answered Choi Gyeong-hoon’s question that came up during a strategy meeting, he nodded with a puzzled look and took his stance.

Wow- WowThe sight of Choi Kyung-hoon stretching and bending his neck, arms, and hands was frighteningly intimidating.

I also ended the meeting while looking at him blankly.

“… … Now, let’s start the raid.”

We moved towards Choi Kyeong-hoon, a raid monster who would spit out the

price of experience.

* * *

“Give first go first.”

“I will accept it gratefully.”In this position, the strong player was Choi Gyeong-hoon, so the lead went to


“I will attack first.”

“Okay, what about you… … “I guess I can deliver a not bad blow.”

Hendrick took the lead that he earned.

It was only natural that Hendrick was the only climber in the group who was stronger than Jinhyeok, who did not use spirit bottles.

Hendrick, who took the lead, takes a step forward, and the others prepare to jump out right behind Hendrick.

SereungA heavy sword name rings out, and Yongrin Sword sneaks out of its home, revealing its sharp teeth.

“egg plant.”

“However much. Please come quickly. “I’m going to lose my mind while waiting.”

Since he had already clashed with Hendrick once, Choi Kyung-hoon relaxed and prepared to repel Hendrick’s attack.

However, Hendrick, who already felt his shortcomings, had no intention of using his right to go first lightly.

‘I make the best and strongest attack I can.’

It didn’t matter to Hendrick right now that this was inside a building, and that

his attack might half destroy it, or even completely destroy it.


‘… … I was defeated too easily earlier. It was unacceptable.’

This is something that cannot be tolerated, and cannot be tolerated even by

‘Hendrick’, who was called a dragon slayer in the past and now.

Hendrick could not live the life of a weak person who was lightly trampled by

someone else.


In order to trample on those who ruined his life, he had to always pursue and

maintain the life of the strong.

That’s why Hendrick drew his sword.


“Dividing the world.”

Kwa-ga-ga-gagI swung.

lightlyBut heavilyThe sword strike Hendrick swung hit the air and flew towards the huge wall called Choi Kyung-hoon.

Tangang (彈畺).

A state close to the highest that a swordsman who fires powerful energy like bullets hopes to reach.

The moment when the same technique that had blown away Basil before was

once again in Hendrick’s hands.

“… … It’s fun. It’s a tan river… … Not bad. “I thought he wouldn’t be at the level of the 100th floor, but he’s definitely great.”

Choi Gyeong-hoon, faced with a technology with the power of destruction to

destroy everything, smiled with interest rather than fear.

The supreme state.

Some people may think that the other person’s skills or abilities have reached

that level.

However, in the eyes of those who have truly reached or surpassed that level,

they are merely strong or great skills and abilities.

Hendrick’s steel steel, ‘dividing the world’, was nothing more than that to Choi Kyung-hoon.

“Chapter 8 of Choi Gyeong-hun’s style, catch.”

Speculation (鬪氣).

Although it is inferior to spiritual power, which stands at the top of all energies, it may be more powerful than spiritual power if only for its limited use in combat.

The passion, which resembles Choi Kyung-hoon’s and is colored red with passion, burns wildly like a forest fire and wraps around Choi Kyung-hoon’s thick,

scar-filled hands.

Soon, Choi Gyeong-hoon’s hands, wrapped around the fighting spirit that was firmly established like a gauntlet, literally ‘caught’ the flying tangang.

Quad deud deukTan Gang, who can destroy everything that stands in his way with just a light

gesture, was captured as if Choi Kyeong-hoon’s hand was being sucked in.

Tan Gang, who was caught, struggled to get out of Choi Gyeong-hoon’s hands, but all he could do was cut the floor under Choi Gyeong-hoon’s feet and push him away a little.

Push TastingTan River disappeared without a trace with a sound like a deflated balloon.

In response, Kyung-Hoon Choi shook off his hand, which was feeling a little

numb, and kicked away.

“If the first move failed, you should have stuck to it right away. “Isn’t that too


“… … !”

Speed like a beam of light.

Before he could even blink, Hendrick’s eyes widened as he heard Choi Kyeong-hoon’s devastating advice.

There was not much Hendrick could do in the face of a fist that gave the illusion of a heavy mountain that was crushing him before he could say anything.

“… … Ryu Seung-ryong (流乘龍).”


A clean sword strike from the bottom up.

Even though it was a clash of fists and swords, a sharp clanging sound echoed

inside the military service hall.

Even though his fist bounced up and failed to achieve its original purpose, Choi Kyung-hoon did not feel regretful.


“If you block an attack, you have to attack right away! “If you stand around like that, you’ll use it!”

He even gave advice to Hendrick, who was unable to swing his sword properly

due to paralysis in his arms while defending himself.

Hendrick shook his head and said,

“It’s not that they don’t attack, it’s that they can’t. And there’s no reason to do it.”

“… … “Well, it looks like it.”

There is no need to attack.

The reason was simple.

Because Hendrick wasn’t playing one-on-one with Choi Kyung-hoon right now.

“Hojo Nanmu!”

Miho’s sharp voice matched the ten sharp nails that swung around indiscriminately and cut Choi Gyeong-hoon’s empty front finger.

You made your own!

The scars on his frayed field jacket and worn-out military uniform increased again, revealing his scar-filled chest.

Miho’s fingernails clashed against her chest, which was exposed without any

defense, making loud sounds.


The sound of metal that disturbs my ears –

Even though his nails were harder than steel, Choi Kyung-hoon’s trained body

succeeded in blocking the attack like a heavy shield.

“… … “There are no injuries.”

A swift kick was sent towards Miho, who was looking at her chest full of old scars with a vain look on her face.

“They don’t look at me like I’m a child!”

“… … You don’t have to look! And Miho is not a child!”

Miho chewed her lower lip and sharply spread her nails as she kicked with all

her might, as if even young Miho didn’t care.

of course-

“It’s too much for a child.”


There was no one here who would have allowed Miho to handle a kick that contained too much force for young Miho to handle.

Among them, Ha-Ryu, who had the remaining hand, stepped forward first and

blocked the kick, and in return had to draw a red line around his mouth.

“… … Cough!”

“… … sister!”

“I’m fine, so watch out for the next attack.”

“… … huh.”

Even if you are young, it is strange to think that you are fine even when you see blood flowing from the corner of your mouth.

Miho, who felt Ha-Ryu’s damage, called Ha-Ryu, but Ha-Ryu was worried about Miho.

Miho, realizing that Ha-Ryu was hurt because of her, bit her lip until it bled.

It was too strong.

Of all the opponents I’ve met so far, I can’t think of anyone stronger than me,

except for Sandalphon.

‘… … No, maybe even Sandalphon would be surprised if he were still in good


Through the conversation between Jinhyeok and Choi Kyeong-hoon, this is an idea that Ha Ryu-gi can give after realizing that the current Choi Kyeong-hoon is not perfect, even excluding the penalty.

Even if a high celestial being came down to earth and suffered a huge penalty,

would you be the same as that being?

It was ridiculous.

But Choi Kyung-hoon was strong enough to make you think he could make such a ridiculous thing possible.

And Choi Kyung-hoon is a climber who does his best and does his best in whatever he decides to do.

“If you don’t come, I’ll go first.”

Hendrick collapsed, Miho’s attack did not reach, and Ha-Ryu could barely block the attack.

In such a situation, instead of giving him time to catch his breath, Choi Kyun

g-hoon’s mouth opened even more violently and he spouted out the name of the technique he thought was the best at the moment.

“Chapter 10 of Choi Gyeong-hun’s style. “Extreme.”

Choi Gyeong-hoon’s technique, which created a technique that can be called a martial art.

The ultimate form of technology commonly known as ‘Choi Gyeonghun style’.

“The fighting spirit.”


A tremendous amount of speculation erupted along with a formidable energy,

shaking the ‘Musang’ of ‘Musang’.

With an enormous appearance reminiscent of the descent of God.

The battle-mad god revealed himself, wrapped in a red fighting spirit.

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