Absolute Necromancer Chapter 139

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Baal’s Quest.

This is the first quest I received after appearing in this world again.

The process of starting the quest was absurd, but the result was sure to be amazing.

<Baal’s Quest>

Baal, the pinnacle of all evil, gives you a quest.

Quest achievement condition: Before entering the 100th floor, raise your name or nickname throughout the tower.

Penalty for Failure: You must begin the trials to become an Apostle of Baal.

Reward upon success: Baal will provide you with the recipe for the desired item.

Down payment: Shake hands with Baal.

‘Baal will provide me with the recipe for the item I want. ‘This is greater than

any other treasure.’

Millions of gold?

No, it is something that cannot be obtained even if you pay hundreds of millions of dollars.


A being with the arrogant nickname of the pinnacle of all evil.

Although he goes around doing all kinds of stupid things, there is only one reason why he can reign as the pinnacle of all evil.

‘It’s strength.’

It was power.

The world of gods and demons is no different from the tower.

With his power alone, Baal stopped everyone’s complaints and criticism of him.

It would be even stranger if the item that such a being offered as a quest reward was ordinary.

Of course, I wouldn’t know if the quest was too easy, but the quest I cleared was extremely difficult.

[Why don’t we do this without the pinnacle of all evil? He asks.]

[The nine-tailed fox clicks his tongue and blames someone, saying he knew that would happen.]

Even Baal didn’t know that I would succeed even though he set the quest.

Of course, Baal couldn’t even imagine a future where I would clear quests and

receive rewards.

But I succeeded in the quest, and I had no intention of taking the reward.

“Give it to me. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

[The pinnacle of all evil looks down on his face and asks what he wants.]

An incredibly difficult quest.

Of course, the reward for clearing it had to be enormous.

In particular, since it is not a finished product but a manufacturing method, the limitations will also be high.

So, without any hesitation, I said what I wanted.

“A recipe for making a weapon suitable for my class that I can use until I reach the top of this tower.”

[The pinnacle of all evil has passed behind the chair.]

[The pinnacle of all evil is rummaging through his warehouse and shaking his


[The pinnacle of all evil cries out that he is bankrupt.]

When gods and demons give something to climbers, they have to pay not only

the item but also an additional fee for the item.

In other words, not only do I have to give the item I want, but I also have to pay the additional fees that arise from giving that item.

Naturally, the additional fee increases as the item becomes more expensive.

I don’t know the exact amount, but I knew well that it was at least enough to

whine that Baal would go bankrupt.

But despite his whining, I was adamant.

“Give it to me. If you don’t want to talk to me again, don’t give it to me.”


In a situation where destroying quests may be the only thing left to do.

However, if I recall the way Baal had shown me so far, cutting off all ties with

me seemed like an impossible choice for him.

in other words-

[The pinnacle of all evil has paid the price for the quest.]

[The pinnacle of all evil appears, emptying out his dusty wallet.]

[King Mifu offers to buy someone a drink.]

[The God of Lightning quietly approaches, saying he cannot be left out.]

It makes no sense not to give Baal a quest reward.

In the end, Baal, who took all the losses, delivered the quest’s reward to me.

PaaaaatAs a bright cluster of light burst out, a scroll was floating in front of my eyes.

I quickly put the scroll in my arms, not wanting anyone to see it, and carefully

checked the status window of the scroll.

[???’s Recipe]

‘The pinnacle of all evil’, a recipe prepared by Baal for someone.

This is a recipe for a weapon that perfectly matches someone’s job, but whose name is not yet set.

However, it is clear that the power of the finished product will be overwhelming compared to any other weapon in the tower.

“… … “I’m sure.”

As I did not have any production skills, I did not know the proper production

method, but since I was shown the finished product in advance, I was able to see how valuable the production book that Baal gave me in return was.



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“It is a weapon that can accept and retain all energy, and can be transformed

into all the weapons in the world… … “I’m sure it’s really the weapon for me.”

Current mana, magic energy, divine power, spiritual power.

I am the one who deals with a total of four energies.

Considering that this will increase further in the future, a weapon that can absorb and retain the user’s energy was essential.

However, such user-friendly weapons are expensive.

But if it is just one energy, does it accept and retain all energy?

Its value must be indescribably great.

But ???’s abilities did not end there.

A weapon that can be transformed into any weapon in the world.

For me, who has a sub-job called All Master and prefers a variety of combat methods, it is a weapon more important than a thousand gold.

Spirit Master, All Master.

Baal had given me the recipe for an absurd weapon suitable for both professions as a reward.

[The pinnacle of all evil complains that he has truly become a beggar.]

Since it was such a weapon, it was clear that even if it were just for production, an additional fee would have to be paid, which would be more expensive than for an ordinary finished product.

Baal is not whining about becoming a beggar for no reason.

But I was relentless.

“I completely succeeded in the quest you gave me, and you just paid the price

for it. “Stop whining, Baal.”

[The pinnacle of all evil drinks with tears in his eyes.]

[I lament that reality is more bitter than alcohol at the peak of all evil.]

It was about time I looked at Baal, who was whining, and kept the recipe in my arms.


“As expected, it’s fast.”

Ha-Ryu and Hendrick, who had parted ways, appeared.

Haryu showed a few scratches, but Hendrick was still fine.

It was only a matter of time, but it would have been impossible to trouble Hendrick now with something like Twin Head Troll.

Of course, Ha-ryu, who was still young, was the last and then Hendrick.

Since first place was decided to be me from the beginning, the speed of the two people was not that important.

[The person who cleared the 100th floor the fastest]

A title given only to those who clear the 100th floor the fastest.

All stats + 30

‘This is enough.’

A new title obtained by clearing the 100th floor.

Even just looking at this alone, it was worth clearing the 100th floor.

It was a title I liked so much that I couldn’t even think about how late the two

people were.

All stats + 30.

This title is considered the best among titles that show its true value the more

stats it has.

Having earned that title, I left behind Ha-Ryu, who was holding hands with Miho and saying ‘se-se-se-se’, and checked the status window that I hadn’t seen


“Status window.”

[Status Window]

Name: Cha Jinhyuk

Occupation: Spirit Master

Sub-occupation: All Master

Body: Mana body, half-sacred half-demon


Strength: 107 (+63)

Health: 110 (+63)

Agility: 109 (+63)

Intelligence: 147 (+63)

Mana: 185 (+78)

Magi: 98 (+68)

Holy power: 98 (+68)


1. Predation

2. Versatility

3. One won (one won)


Comprehensive resistance, tenacity

‘… … ‘It’s huge.’

The status window was so enormous that my eyes widened.

I hadn’t really looked at the 60th floor city since I left it, so the growth in basic stats was fully expected, but the power of the title was truly great.

Just considering the stats that were raised thanks to the title, it was an example of one that boasted stats comparable to those of a 50-story climber.

What was particularly satisfying was that the power of the title was applied to

magic and divine power from the moment divine power and magic power were

opened, without relying on items.

‘If you use a member in this state to demonize or consecrate… … ‘It’s thrilling

just to imagine it.’

The current sum of the additional and basic stats of magic energy and divine

power is 166, respectively.

If you add that up, you get a ridiculous stat of 332.

‘With this, even climbers up to the 300th floor can be dealt with without difficulty.’

I was satisfied with my current condition, to the point where I was confident that I would be able to deal with climbers on the 300th floor without difficulty,

at least as long as I was using my body.

‘In addition, if I use the recipe given by Baal to complete a weapon just for me… … It’s good enough to deal with the Four Emperors who might be waiting for us in the goblin village.’

The Four Emperors that appeared on the 100th floor that Gold Rich had heard about.

They would definitely meet us at the point called Goblin Village.

At least the possibility is high.

Therefore, it was clear that the new weapon and my own increased strength would be of great help in meeting them.

After checking my current state of powerlessness after reaching the 100th floor, I took a step forward.


Hearing the stream calling me, I turned my head and said.

“Are you not planning on going?”

“… … Where on earth are you going? “You have to say something!”

When Ha-ryu started shouting, I realized that I had not told him the destination, so I smiled and told him the destination.

“Downriver, your favorite place. And a place where there are people who can

help me where I am now.”

“… … no way?”

As soon as he heard what I said, I nodded, looking at Haryu’s face that lit up

as if he had figured out something.

“Everyone needs to check the equipment, right? Let’s go meet old man Muyoung for the first time in a while. “There are things I can entrust to you.”

Muyeong (無影), Genno.

As one of the survivors of the goblin village and a skilled blacksmith, he would have been able to immediately recognize the production method and materials needed for production contained in the recipe given by Baal.

It was a place that needed to be visited at least once for the production of weapons that were sure to be of great help in the future schedule and for Ha-ryu,

who had been looking forward to meeting Genno.

It was time to head to the ‘Goldrich Blacksmith’ that Goldrich had prepared for him on the 100th floor.

* * *

Taang- land-! Taang- land-!

The sound of a heavy hammer hitting iron and a flickering flame instantly fill

the workshop.

The old man wiped away his sweat and smiled with satisfaction as he looked at the completed weapon with the flames disappearing as quickly as they had filled the workshop.

“Not bad.”

A small dagger.

However, since it was a dagger made with all his might by an artisan-level blacksmith, its quality would not be inferior to that of a famous sword or a treasured sword.

Because he knew this better than anyone else, the old man did not wipe his s

mile and placed the completed dagger in the scabbard they had made together.

SighThe pleasant sound of the dagger and sheath being clicked together fills the workshop.

“I struggled with it for a few days and finally finished it. “Muyoung.”

“Melton! “It’s all thanks to you,” he said.

Then, a small but sturdy man called Melton approached the old man, Muyoung, who was checking the finished product.

Muyoung burst out laughing at Melton’s blunt voice and gave him the credit for the finished product.

However, knowing that Muyoung did most of the work, Melton did not receive

the credit he gave.

“Who are you planning to make unscrupulous? And a dagger like that is nothing!”

“Yes, I guess so. “As a dwarf, I apologize for making too much of a campaign

with a dagger that would have been more than enough for you to make.”

“Please tell me it’s not because I’m a dwarf, but because I have the skills of a

blacksmith named ‘Melton.’”

“Well then, Blacksmith Melton is quite possible.”


These are people who have made a name for themselves as a race of craftsmen within the tower.

As soon as they touch it, they come out with a lot of swords, whether famous

swords or treasured swords, so everyone unanimously calls them ‘the race with

the hands of God’.

No matter how much Muyeong is an artisan-level blacksmith, Melton is a dwarf family where artisan-level blacksmiths pop out whenever they get bored with

the craftsman-level work that each and every one of them gives him.

It is not enough to be infinitely humble in front of them.

“I guess that’s something to give to the little boy who wears it around every day, right?”

“… … “The sword the child is carrying is obviously good, but it is sure to be harmful.”

Dragon slayer sword.

A magical sword that devours the user the more it is used.

Mu-yeong, who was concerned that Ha-ryu, who was like his granddaughter,

continued to use it, made the dagger he had just completed in the hope that he

would use it as little as possible.

“Tsk, what should I use that dagger for? “Maybe I should have made a long sword instead.”

“The dragon slayer sword is a precious thing, but when you really need to show off your true skills, you have no choice but to use it. To be honest, even if I

use my full abilities, it is impossible to make a sword of the same level as the Dragon Slayer Sword.”

“… … “All the damn magic swords are like that.”

As a member of a race with excellent dexterity, Melton, who often came into

contact with famous swords called magic swords and holy swords, clicked his tongue and chewed the dragon slayer sword.

No matter how famous the sword was or how precious it was, there was no way for him, a blacksmith, to acknowledge a sword that could devour its user and owner, the swordsman.

“If he’s in front of me, I’ll throw him straight into the furnace.”

Muyoung shook her head with a bitter smile and was about to say something

when Melton casually said something that would have shocked others.

“Young man, I don’t think that will work.”

“… … What is it? What are you again? This is no place for an idiot like you. Iron and fire… … “Oh my!”

A cold voice struck Melton and Muyoung’s ears.

However, even though the voice of an experienced climber filled the workshop, blacksmith Melton did not back down.

Instead, he tried to nag the intruder, but unfortunately, his attempts ended in


This is because Muyoung, who was pushing him and running forward, hit his


“… … Muyoung!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have time to listen to you nagging when I have a child like

your granddaughter.”

“You treat me like a granddaughter, a friend, a teacher, and a great colleague… … Wait, what? Granddaughter? Then the kid next to that guy… … ?”

A girl standing next to a man of moderate build who was blocking the front door of the workshop.

Only then did Melton notice the two horns similar to Muyoung’s growing on the girl’s forehead, and his words trailed off.

“Yes, that child is like my granddaughter and can be said to be the future of goblins.”

Melton had no choice but to ignore the tingling pain he felt in his buttocks as

Muyoung, who always had a serious and stern expression on his face, continue his explanation with a bright smile.

“Downstream! “Why didn’t you at least say something?”

“I came right away because I wanted to see my grandfather. “Would you like to talk next time, even if it’s a little late?”

“Okay, just come quickly. “It’s like a gift and it’s nice to be surprised.”

“… … Sheesh, I wonder if I’m a sad dwarf without a granddaughter.”

The sight of Mu-yeong and Ha-ryu embracing each other and saying hello was enough to make Melton’s heart, tempered with iron and fire, cry.

Melton, looking at Muyoung’s warm appearance as if he was seeing her for the first time, had a soft smile on his face without even realizing it.

The workshop, which had been warm with the heat flowing from the furnace,

began to become warm with the sight of grandparents looking out for each other.

of course-

“Dwarf old man, you need to talk to me.”

“… … He seems like a guy who has ignored manners. Even looking at this atmosphere right now, I can’t believe that… … .”

“An armor recipe given by Baal as a quest reward. “Do you still hate it like this?”

“… … You must be Cha Jin-hyuk, the rude guy that Mu-young always talks about. But he’s a guy you can’t hate or push away. That’s exactly right. Damn it,

come in. “Don’t disturb this atmosphere.”

Jinhyuk was meeting Melton, leaving behind such a warm appearance.

It was also a contact that any blacksmith before being a dwarf could never refuse.

The two carefully left the workshop, warmed by the meeting between Ha-Ryu

and Mu-Young, and headed to Melton’s private studio.

Needless to say, it was a very secret movement that no one noticed.

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