Absolute Necromancer Chapter 138

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“I will leave too.”

“Okay, Ken. “You did a great job this time too.”

Hong Gil-dong’s next batter was Ken.

Although he joined the battlefield a little late, it could not be denied that Ken was

a great help in the guild battle.

That’s why when I pat Ken on the shoulder as he’s about to leave and nod my head in appreciation of his hard work.

“There are many things I saw and learned this time.”

“The battlefield is basically like a training center.”

“… … Yes, there were definitely many moments when my life came and went and I

wanted to run away… … Still, I think it was worth it.”

“If that’s you, then that’s probably it.”

Ken smiled slightly as he recalled what he had learned during this guild war.

A calm smile.

It was a smile that I couldn’t believe had gone through a hellish battlefield, but I actually liked it.

‘There are things that can only be learned in a bloody battlefield.’

It was certainly a good idea for wizards to stay in their closets and study magic, but it was also important to use the magic themselves and find ways to strengthen it.

“area. The one used by Shane and others. “I can use it too, right?”

Ken’s appearance as he discussed territory was tense.

It was funny that he was nervous, as he had never been nervous during the guild war, but I knew why he was nervous, so I smiled and nodded.

“Of course, you will definitely have your own territory. Like everyone else. “Maybe

an area that is greater than others.”

“… … “I will try my best to show you next time.”

“Yes, I said we are now over the 100th floor. “I only need to climb about 200 more


“… … Does it have to go up that high?!”

It was very amusing to see Ken opening his mouth in surprise, looking uncharacteristically ugly as a wizard.

However, instead of teasing the surprised Ken, I ended the conversation by gently

patting him on the back and let him go.

“There will be no time to rest.”

“… … Yes, I plan to go up right away after talking with Halcyon.”

“Yes, take breaks and move around in between. “Seeing as she gets along well with

Halcyon, spending time with him will be a great help and relaxation for you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

I didn’t spare any advice because I knew that I didn’t have to take a long break, but I also didn’t have to skip it.

Unlike Shane, who was still an outsider, Ken was already a well-established guild


As a guild leader, it is natural to take care of your subordinates and help them grow.

Just like that, Ken caught up with Halcion, who was approaching along with Goldrich and Puppet, and fell to the side.

-… … The establishment of Gwimyeongyo was… …

-Already in progress step by step… …

“… … “It seems like they’re planning something strange, but I don’t think it’s anything to do with it.”

It wasn’t nice to see them bickering with each other, but these two are talented people who do their jobs clearly.

As long as he was good at his job and didn’t cause harm to me or Yeokcheon, there was no reason to sanction him for anything.

While Halcion and Ken were wandering off to the side, Puppet and Goldrich approached me and greeted me.

“It’s been a few days, Gwimyeon. “I apologize for not being able to greet you properly because I was busy.”

“Tsk, what kind of apple is that? “That guy must have been busy playing alone.”

“… … With Malbonsae. So, are you guys going too?”

Goldrich is 180 degrees different from the polite puppet.

But since that was their tendency and attitude, I did not impose any sanctions.

Because I was the one who knew better than anyone else that the position of guild

leader was just a facade in the first place.

Above all, I knew full well that the two had worked harder and more than anyone else in the few days after the guild war ended, so I had nothing to say.

Those feelings were especially strong because I spent the whole day yesterday chatting and playing with Ha-Ryu.

So, to hide their embarrassment, they asked if they were leaving now, and the two

nodded at the same time.

“I came down because of the guild war, but I was in the middle of conquering the tower. I think it’s time to accelerate again. “Through this experience, I feel like my limits have increased slightly, so I think I will be able to climb more easily.”

“Really? “That’s a good thing.”

“Next time I see you, the number of climbing floors may have changed.”

It’s the 200th floor… … You definitely have talent.

The growth and climbing speed of Ira, who was the head of the commercial association branch on the 10th floor, was unbelievable.

Thinking that he was indeed an excellent climber, I turned my head towards Goldrich.

“… … Well, you’re probably busy other than work here, so I can’t help it.”

“No, thank goodness. From collecting information on Ashur Hum to restoring the 6

0th floor to establishing a guild for traitors from the guild alliance. Do you know how much work I have to do?”

Gold Rich.

Even when compared to who I am now and compared to who I was in the past, I am a being with an overwhelming reputation.

Of course, if my past self were still alive, I wouldn’t have had a greater reputation,

but at least now he was more famous than me.



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Naturally, as famous as it was, Gold Rich had a lot to do.

In addition to the basic work of the Gold Rich Company and its subsidiaries, I additionally collected information on Ashur Hum and encouraged the division of the guild union prior to the guild war, as well as accepting guild members of the guild alliance who had betrayed. Even guilds were being established.

In addition, Gold Rich is also accelerating the investigation of the goblin village on

the 100th floor and the construction of a blacksmith village for old man Muyeong and other blacksmiths heading to the 100th floor.

‘Just by calculating, he is handling tasks that would not be enough even if he had 10 hands or even 10 bodies.’

A monster of the upper world.

As if to prove that the word ‘monster’ is not included in Goldrich’s nickname for nothing, Goldrich has been doing the work alone, for more than several years, that would have been difficult for anyone else to do with ten bodies.

It cannot be denied that with that alone, Gold Rich can be called something that transcends humans.

“What about the alchemist ‘Alchemy’?”

“I’m looking for that. Since it was moving so quickly, there was nothing I could do.

But I know a way to tie it down securely, so all you have to do is find it.”

“You can take care of it yourself. “Then I’ll come see you right away.”

Additionally, after receiving a story about the alchemist ‘Alchemy’.

Just as I was about to see Goldrich off.

“Cha Jinhyuk.”


“I learned this while continuing to monitor the goblin village you mentioned, but the current energy there is unusual.”

I had to stop when Goldrich spoke with a stern expression about the ideals of the

100-story goblin village.

“What do you mean?”

“… … Recently, a report came in that a number of Four Emperors were discovered

on the 100th floor. “The number of floors is low, but we believe it is at least the 200th to 300th floor.”

“It means there is something.”

A Four Emperor Climber between the 200th and 300th floors.

At that level, it would not be enough to add an additional 50 to 100 floors to the original number of floors.

People with the ability to recognize wherever they go in the tower suddenly came

down to the 100th floor –

I frowned and answered as I could smell the smell even if I just took a quick look at it.

“Everything is over. “It’ll go up soon.”

“Yes, you will only know and deal with the details when you get up to the 100th floor. “Once again, when it comes to matters related to the Four Emperors, there isn’t

much I can do to help.”

“… … Confirmed.”

The Four Emperors.

These are people who threaten Gold Rich with just their presence, and if they move in earnest, they can make Gold Rich, who has influence over the entire tower, a life-or-death decision.

When it comes to them, you have to be careful of even a single leaf.

I didn’t want to lose Goldrich through something like this, so I didn’t ask for his help.

Goldrich, who had told about the strange phenomenon occurring in the goblin village and on the 100th floor, disappeared.

“Then I will go too. “Halcyon will handle the rest of the work on the 60th floor.”

“Okay, let’s meet later at a higher place.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Even the puppet, which showed great politeness by bowing its head, disappeared.

I turned to look at the empty space ahead.

“Is the break over?”

A few days of sweet, sweet rest.

The end was like grease for a non-stop race up to the 100th floor.

And the oiled car had to go up to the race.

of course-

“It’s something I didn’t want.”

For a car born for racing, getting to the top of the race is no different from proving its worth.

In other words, it’s something I didn’t want to do.

“Time to run.”

All preparations were completed, and it was time to run for the next goal.

* * *

The next day dawned.

Most of the mercenaries, residents of the 60th floor, and climbers who heard rumors and came to lend a hand have all left.

Each person left for their main activity destination with the two letters of the name ‘Ghost’ in their hearts.

Someone remained on the 60th floor.

Some go beyond the 100th floor.

And someone beyond the 200th floor.

Maybe someone else beyond the 300th floor.

The names that were cherished in the hearts of those who were scattered like that

exploded with activity when they returned to their main activity area.

[60th floor]

-Do you know about a climber named Gwimyeon?

-He is a true climber. I am a climber who stands up to the strong for the sake of the weak.

-If you want to climb to a higher place, act like a ghost.

The climbers on the 60th floor remained where Jinhyuk left.

They gave up climbing the tower and remained on the 60th floor like ‘NPCs’ in the

game, expressing their gratitude to Jinhyuk for protecting the 60th floor, which was

like their world.

Because I was busy spreading the name of Ghost Face to new climbers going up to

the 60th floor.

[100th floor]

-The birth of a new super rookie!

– Demon Face’s Reverse Destroys the guild union of ten guilds and confidently wins the guild battle!

At that time, on the 100th floor, Jinhyuk’s achievements were announced and the

birth of a new super rookie was announced.

It was also natural that his name became widely known to people as a righteous man who fought against the violence of a large guild.

[300th floor]

-Did you hear the news?

-What news?

– I heard that a rookie climber named Gwi-myeon had a guild war between the guild he founded and a guild union of ten guilds belonging to the Holy Kingdom, or something like that.

-… … Hmm, I think the ability is clear.

-Would you like to recruit him?

-Not bad.

Those who have overcome one wall.

Even those who were not very interested downstairs heard about Jinhyeok.

And the news delivered to them was enough to make them, who had stopped paying attention to the downstairs, become interested in Jinhyeok.

In that way, Jinhyeok was steadily moving towards clearing Basil’s quest without even knowing it.

* * *

[65th floor]

Jinhyeok smashed the leader of the charging Red Orcs with a fist imbued with spiritual power and moved on to the next floor.

[70th floor]


Lizard people, also called the rulers of the swamp.

They rode through the swamp like a plain and hunted climbers, but were crushed

by a much larger number of spirit soldiers and undead and became jerky.

[78th floor]

Lizard King.

A boss monster that commands the Lizardmen, the rulers of the swamp.

Jinhyeok’s path was blocked by a monster that was a combination of a shaman and a warrior with tremendous strength and the ability to control the swamp at will.

But all he could do was block Jinhyuk’s path for a moment.

Without even Jinhyeok, Basil, Tune, and Ashur Hum, including Hendrick, were enough to play with the Lizard King.

[89th floor]


A monster with both great strength and monstrous resilience.

The monsters that have frustrated many climbers are those that do not die when cut down, and are almost impossible to kill completely unless one of their heart or brain is completely destroyed.

However, the power possessed by Jinhyeok and his colleagues was not a docile force that was satisfied with merely destroying the heart and brain.

With a single punch, the arm flies off, and with a single sword strike, the upper and lower body are split in two.

With just a little movement of his arms and legs, Jinhyeok advanced towards the next floor, defeating the group of trolls that brought despair to the climbers who preferred wheel fighting.

[100th floor]

It was the moment when Jinhyeok, who had been running without stopping after the guild war, separated from his colleagues for a moment.

* * *

[Please tell me when you are ready.]

Now, a familiar message window covers my eyes.

“I’m sure everyone will succeed.”

100th floor.

A place that can also be called the first ordeal.

Since I had already passed through this place once in the past, I had no worries.

Just others.

I’m especially worried about the downstream area.

“Where is your sister?”

“It’s somewhere else. “Because trials are like that.”

Because Miho was registered as my pet, Miho did not become separated from me.

As a result, there were so many beings who were currently going through the ordeal on the 100th floor with me.

Balkan, Tune, Basil, Ashur Hum, and even Miho.

There are as many as five people, each of whom is capable of passing the 100-story ordeal.

What that meant was simple.

“Let’s start right away.”

[Has confirmed.]

[5. 4. 3. 2. 1.]

[Good luck.]

With my voice announcing the start, 5 seconds pass in an instant and a system message announces the end of the game.

Buzz buzz buzzThe boss monster in charge of the gateway to the 100th floor appeared with a bright ray of light.

“It was a twin-headed troll.”

The boss monster at the 100th floor gateway is Twin Head Troll.

A mutant monster with two heads and a larger body.

However, because its strength was also a mutation, it was a monster that one had to be careful of.

An ordinary person would have been nervous at the appearance of the Twin Head

Troll, which has served as a wailing wall for countless climbers –

“Get ready.”

“Get it done in one go.”

“It’s time to set a new record.”

“A sword would be more helpful now than a shield.”

“Faster than Hendrick! “Faster!”

“… … Miho will help too. “I will go out ahead of you and greet you.”

The quality of the colleagues around me was too high for me to be nervous.



A twin-headed troll with two heads appeared and roared.

“Sabakgwe (蛇縛櫃).”

As soon as he appeared, Basil’s low voice rang out, and dead souls made up of snake souls wrapped themselves around the Twin Head Troll’s entire body.

We each unleashed the most destructive techniques we could at him, who couldn’t

even move.

“Soul Fist.”


I slammed my fist filled with spiritual power into the air.

“Soul Laser.”

Ji-e-ingVulcan fired a laser mixed with spiritual power and soul.

“Death-fighting, ultimate power.”

Pusss… …

Tune unleashed the pinnacle of deadly combat skills, a deadly fighting skill that had previously blocked my Demon Destruction Fist.

“Spiritual truth.”

Quad deuk!

A white-purple force burst out from the huge white sword that was lightly swung and rushed towards the Twin Head Troll.

And the finishing touch was Miho, a young fox with sharp claws.

“Hojo Dance”

Come on! Do it yourself!

The ten claws move randomly, tearing the Twin Head Troll’s entire body into pieces.

The moment when all these attacks hit was surprisingly-

[…] … You have passed the gateway to the 100th floor.

[The record is 00:00:83 seconds.

It was less than 1 second.

Especially considering that Jinhyuk’s record for clearing the 10th floor is ’00:00:96

seconds’, it is an absurd situation that the record for clearing the 100th floor is faster than the 10th floor.

However, since Jinhyuk was familiar with the faces of those who participated in this 100th floor clearing, he simply nodded his head and indulged in the messages that came to his mind.

[The current ranking of 100th floor clear records is as follows.]

??? : 1st place, 00:00:83.




[Please enter the name registered in the record ranking.]

[If you do not enter it, it will be registered as ???.]

Similar content to the 10th floor.

However, there was a set answer to the content that was not much different except

that there was a 100th floor where the 10th floor should have been.

“If you are a ghost.”

[…] … Registered.

Along with the alarmed message window of the system, other messages appeared.

[The clear record for the 100th floor has been changed.]

[The current first place winner is Ghost Face, and the record is 00:00:83 seconds.]

[…] … You cleared the 100th floor faster than anyone else.

[You have earned the title of ‘the person who cleared the 100th floor the fastest.’]

[The above title will remain valid until your record is broken in the future, and if so, it will be changed to the title ‘The person who cleared the 100th floor.’]

Jinhyeok, who is familiar but has also won a different title, answered with a smile.

“Send me to the 100th floor.”

After a long, long time, Jinhyuk once again entered the 100th floor.

And the moment Jinhyuk steps onto the 100th floor-

[You have cleared <Baal’s Quest>.]

[The pinnacle of all evil looks at you with a shocked face.]

A long time ago, the clear message of the quest he had obtained by shaking Baal’s

hand as a down payment was hidden before Jinhyeok’s eyes.

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