Absolute Necromancer Chapter 124

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“… … “Is this the end?”

Feeling the quiet surroundings, Tune stood up.

The headquarters of the guild union.

The place that was supposed to be full of climbers from the Guild Alliance was already empty.

Everyone was busy running away or being killed by Sandalphon, and Tune took a step back and watched from Sandalphon’s threat.

“No, the biggest reason is that he had no intention of killing me.”

Of course, Tune’s ability wasn’t the only thing that saved him.

Ashur Hum simply hoped that Tune would not die, and Sandalphon listened to


Thanks to this, Tune moved slowly away from the main camp full of corpses.

“Get up.”

Crash-dud-dudMana, a mixture of mana and morale, spreads through the main camp and battlefield full of corpses, and at the same time, it penetrates the corpses and revives the dead.

-Ugh… … .


Looking at the new ‘deaths’ that rose up one by one, making various sounds,

Tune walked towards the 60th floor city for the final battle.

Jeopuk- JeopukAfter Sandalphon’s defeat, only the sound of Tune’s footsteps echoed in the quiet battlefield.

Doo doo doo dooEventually, a new ‘death’ that completely consumed the sound of the tune’s footsteps began to advance.

The sound of earth-shaking footsteps completely covered the 60th floor.

Together with those who move to make all beings on earth their companions.

Puhua Ah- !!!

Changes also occurred in the 60-story city.

MutteringJinhyuk munched on the popcorn in his mouth and vomited out purple-black

spiritual energy.

Jinhyeok, who had seen Sandalphon being beaten by the nine-tailed fox from

afar, stands up and relaxes.

Balkan looked at Jinhyuk, who looked like he was about to run away at any moment, and said as he sucked down the last of his cola.

“Are you going?”

“I rested too long. Even God intervened in the confrontation with the leader of

the guild union and the confrontation with Basil, but I just watched quietly. Now it’s my turn to step forward. “All the kids, move back.”

“… … I get it.”

PuzzleJinhyuk had a pleasant smile on his face as he heard the sound of his bones returning to their original positions every time he relaxed, perhaps after sitting for a long time.


Jinhyeok felt joy even though the moment to decide his fate was approaching

with the end of the guild war.

“I go first.”

“Let’s go right away.”

“Okay, see you later.”

TadakJinhyuk’s body, lightly hitting the castle wall, flies into the air.

Fly magic.

As the mana envelopes his entire body, the fly magic that manifests causes Jinhyeok’s body to float into the air.

Of course, it is of little use in battle as it only floats in the air and is difficult to change direction properly, but for movement there is no magic like this.

Jinhyeok, who stepped through the air and slowly landed on the ground, stepped in front of Ha-ryu and Mi-ho.

JabakJinhyuk waved his hands, enjoying the feel and sound of the dirt as he stepped on the dirt floor with his shoes.

“Haryu, take Miho and step back.”

“… … Brother, I can still fight more. “I’ll just take Miho and join you again.”

Jinhyuk shook his head as he looked at Haryu, who was holding the fainted Miho in his arms and saying that he could fight more.

“No, from now on it’s my fight. It doesn’t matter how much energy you have left. “You have done enough, your fight is over.”

“… … but!”

“Vulcan! Take Haru, Miho, and other injured people and move to the 60th floor city. “I will not accept any objections.”

“… … Whoa, downstream. Let’s go, he’s right. You’ve already done enough. And contrary to what you said, your body doesn’t seem to be in any condition to

fight any longer.”

“… … !”

Ha-Ryu looked down at his hands with a surprised face as Balkan shook his head and pointed to his trembling hands.

Kuuk… … .

‘… … ‘I couldn’t be of any help to my brother again.’

Ha-Ryu chewed his lips and cursed himself at the fact that his body had reached its limit without him even realizing it.

That too for a while.

“… … “Don’t get hurt.”

Ha Ryu stood up and gently picked up the fainted Miho.

He then looked at the back of Jinhyuk, who would be left alone, and spoke calmly.

Hearing Ha-ryu’s words of concern for him, Jin-hyeok smiled slightly and tapped the mask with his fingers.

“Don’t worry, I have this. “Because this was enough to help me.”

“… … yes.”

Although he was clearly worried, Ha-ryu couldn’t hold back his embarrassment and blushed at the sight of Jin-hyuk comforting him.

But Ha-Ryu’s face turned red not just because she was embarrassed.

Goblin mask.

It is essentially a mask exchange between a male and female goblin about to get married, and is a symbolic gift given by a goblin marrying an outsider as a gift of himself.



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Of course, Jinhyeok did not mean it in that way, but was referring to the power of ‘battle foresight’ contained in the goblin mask, but it was inevitable that the former meaning was closer to Ha-ryu, who was a goblin.

As Ha-Ryu, speechless and filled with a mixture of shame and happiness, followed Balkan to the 60th floor city, others followed him one by one.

“… … “Did you get your money’s worth?”


The first was Shane.

When she asked whether he was worth the large sum of money he received, Jinhyuk calmly nodded.

In fact, Shane did something worth millions of gold.

If it weren’t for her, Yeokcheon, which couldn’t stop Ashur Hum, would have

been wiped out, and it wouldn’t have been able to hold out until Hong Gil-dong came.

“… … Damn, I don’t like it. I gave it my all… … “I scraped all the way to the bottom, but in the end I couldn’t put a single bullet in.”

But still, Shane couldn’t hold back his anger.

Even if Sandalphon was a god, the fact that she could not even properly damage Ashur Hum, a fellow climber, weighed heavily on her shoulders and heart.

Unable to control her anger, Hong Gil-dong suddenly approached her and tapped her on the floor.

“Did you say Shane Sozer? No one knows that Sozer has done his job well enough. The same goes for his older brother. Isn’t that right, bro?”

Jinhyuk also nodded in approval at Hong Gil-dong’s words, which cheered up

a listless Shane with a slight smile.

of course-

“… … Yeah, it would have been better if that latecomer had come a little sooner. “It’s never your fault.”

He didn’t forget to subtly scold Hong Gil-dong for coming late.

“… … It’s too much. what… … Yeah, I’d rather blame it on myself. Let’s just say I was late and couldn’t finish the battle before Sandalphon or something arrived!”

In response to Jinhyuk’s abuse, Hong Gildong hung his antennae-like head and let out a weak sound, but soon declared himself a punching bag.

When Hong Gil-dong said that everything was his fault, Shane eventually burst out laughing and stabbed him in the side with his elbow.

“It’s okay, I know it’s no one’s fault. “The only thing that bothers me is that I thought I could definitely reach it, but I couldn’t.”

“… … Okay, soger. For that matter, my hands are a bit sharp. “Isn’t there a hole in my side?”

Hong Gil-dong frowned and rubbed his side exaggeratedly when Shane’s elbow poked him close to the 300th floor.

Since they were not aware that Hong Gil-dong was trying to ease the tense atmosphere, Jinhyuk and Shane patted Hong Gil-dong on the back.


“… … Wow! my… … “I said it was my fault, but I didn’t say hit me!”

“Go quickly, it looks like you have some energy left, so take Shane with you.”

“I can go alone.”

“Don’t be rude. You know you have to be alive to get the balance from me, right? I’m not the type of person who leaves money in my grave. If you die, I will

collect the balance. okay?”

“… … Damn you.”

After Jinhyuk curled his fingers and made a joke, Shane and Hong Gil-dong took their steps towards the 60th floor city.

When looking at the back of two people supporting each other and heading towards the 60th floor city.

Another two-person team supporting each other appeared.

“Ken, puppet.”

“Haha, it’s been a while. I was late a lot earlier. sorry.”

“… … Whoa, I must be so dizzy right now that I see two people. “I will say hello later.”

Ken and Puppet.

They were one of the neatest people Jinhyeok knew, but they were a mess, supporting each other.

Actually, it was a natural thing.

It was natural for magicians to have lower physical strength than ordinary climbers.

“I told you to do some physical training.”

“But the glass cannon is gone.”

“… … I have nothing to say. “Once I finish this, I will start training again.”

Of course, Ken, who had received advice from Jinhyuk, as well as Puppet, who already knew that physical strength is important for magicians, nodded with

a bitter smile.

Even though Jinhyeok in front of them was a magician like them, he had a stamina comparable to that of Hendrick, who was far beyond the level of an ordinary climber, so there was nothing to say.

Well, it was possible because Jinhyuk had the power of being an All Master and strengthened his stats by grinding souls and absorbing soul groups, but that

was also Jinhyuk’s ability, so there was no room for meddling.

In the end, Ken and Puppet, who acknowledged their shortcomings, bowed their heads towards Jinhyuk.

“I’m sorry, if I had been stronger, I would have stayed and helped… … .”

“It’s okay, I told you downstream, but you did your job. “That level of propaganda is enough against two wizards in the mid-200th floor.”

“… … thank you.”

“I have to say I’m sorry too. If I had kept pace a little longer, the situation would have changed a little more… … “It’s just a shame.”

“You too, you did your part well enough. Because of you, Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho.

And don’t forget that Ken next to you and Shane who went first were able to fight easily.”

“… … Actually, I did it because I wanted to hear those words, but hearing them really cheers me up a lot. “Next time, we will come back in a much more improved form than now.”

After Puppet scratched his head and made a joke, Ken and Puppet also slowly

walked away from Jinhyuk.

One by one, everyone was moving away from Jinhyuk.

At least one person approached Jinhyuk.

“I made sure to get some rest.”

“It came just in time. “I was just about to get started.”


Among those who were with Jinhyeok, he was the one who had been with him the longest and was one of the few with whom he had a connection from his

past life. He stood by Jinhyeok’s side.

An empty battlefield.

To be precise, Tune stood in front of the two people standing side by side on

a battlefield full of corpses and undead.

-Krrrrr… … .


“You’re finally here.”

“Yes, you damn junior. “Let’s see the end soon.”

Jinhyeok nodded his head and spit out the words as if he was chewing on Tune’s words, leaving behind countless undead.

It was a long war.

Everyone suffered, but the result would be that only one side would be supported.

“Okay then, let’s start training our juniors. “Awake.”

“… … I’ve never had a senior like you, but I will respect you. From now on, you will live within me and by my side forever as an undead, no, as a soul disease. “Rise.”

Facing a moment when only one person could be recognized, Jinhyuk and Tune brought out everything they had.

Awakening and rising.

At the same time, two similar but different voices clashed in the air.

-For the owner of the soul!


Spirit soldiers and undead clashed.

It was the moment when the final fight of the guild war began.

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