Absolute Necromancer Chapter 123

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Before a huge amount of spiritual energy bursts out and the change begins.

So, it was when Sandalphon was roughly grabbing Miho’s slender neck.

“Just because you’re a child doesn’t give me a reason to look after you.”

“Let go… … Let go… … .”

Puck- Puck- PuckThe distance between Sandalphon, who was holding her neck, was too far for

young Miho’s arms to reach.

Nevertheless, Miho did not give up.

Although Miho was unable to use her strength properly due to her neck being held, she stretched out her fist and struck Sandalphon.

Of course, the attack was like hitting cotton, but Sandalphon didn’t even defend himself.

“It’s a spirit thing… … It certainly seems like he was born with good blood. Who are your parents? “A spirit object of this caliber would be quite famous.”

Sandalphon, who was examining Miho, who was holding her neck, to check

Miho’s status, quenched his appetite.

Miho’s bloodline.

In other words, Miho’s status was so special that it was clear that her parents

were quite extraordinary spirits or beings.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. “It’s almost time to clean up, so there won’t be time to look around any more.”

However, even for a moment, Sandalphon put strength into the hand holding

Miho’s neck.

Since Advent could not be maintained indefinitely, the time to end it was quickly approaching.

Anyway, it wouldn’t take long to wipe out the people gathered here, so I moved at a leisurely pace.

“Goodbye, little fox.”

The moment when he was about to break Miho’s slender neck with a slight smile.

KwaaaaA few minutes later, the explosion of spiritual energy that Jinhyuk saw occurred.

“… … This? “Could it be that this child’s parents are the same as mine?”

God and devil.

They often appear on earth through methods such as descent or incarnation.

Advent was to manifest on earth as vessels for believers in oneself or those whom one had chosen as apostles, and incarnation was a way for believers, apostles, etc. to make a homunculus-like vessel out of various materials and dwell in

the vessel.

Of course, neither the former nor the latter was that easy.

In the former case, if the believer or apostle who was to be used as a vessel for the Advent was weak, there was a high possibility that the believer or apostle

who had been saved would burst like a balloon in one Advent.

On the contrary, while the latter required a lot of money and time to create a

vessel that could bear the power of God, the time it could descend was very short.

Moreover, Advent is like a contract in which God and the devil are unconditionally superior.

In other words, they can only descend if they feel the desire to descend, but of

course the timing of their descent is at their own discretion.

But the important point here was that they were ‘as they pleased’.

‘It means that you can descend as much as you want. If this fox girl is the child of a god and a devil, she is reason enough to descend.’

Since descent is at the discretion of gods and demons, it would not be strange

for Miho’s parents to descend in response to her threat if she were the offspring of gods and demons.

‘… … No way, no way it’s not her.’

And Sandalphon swallowed dry saliva as he remembered the existence of a ‘fox spirit’ who was quite famous among gods and demons.

‘… … Now that I think about it, it seems a bit similar.’

It’s just that Sandalphon himself is not well known.

Coming from the Elyos tribe, the characteristics of being revered by the Elyos tribe are that compared to the reputation, the power itself is not that small.

Nevertheless, Sandalphon trembled as he thought of the person who existed between gods and demons, who made him clearly feel the difference in rank just

by seeing him from afar.

Sandalphon made a quick decision amid the bursting energy between Miho and Miho, who looked somewhat alike.

‘You have to step back. If she is ‘her’ child, she must never be killed for her future sake. And even if it’s not ‘her’ child, facing another god and demon is not

a good choice. ‘I’d rather just kill all the other guys.’

Knowing full well that killing Miho in front of him would not be a good option if it were ‘her’ child, Sandalphon chose to abandon Miho and target others.

However, one thing that is not good for him here… … .

“Where are you going?”

“… … !!!”

The point was that the storm of spiritual energy that had already exploded completely seeped into Miho.

And that means one thing.

“There will be a penalty for touching my child, right? pigeon?”


Just as Sandalphon took on the body of Ashur Hum, it meant that the same godhead took up residence in Miho’s body.

“Those eyes! nine… … nine tailed fox… … Was it really you… … ?”

Miho’s body, imbued with spiritual energy, was no different from before, but

her eyes were different, just like when she was with Sandalphon.

The ‘Red Eyes’ that turned red due to the red aura seeping into them are the beings that Sandalphon saw from afar.

Because it was like the trademark of ‘Gumiho’.

Of course, her child, Miho, was originally a red fox, but became purple after absorbing Jinhyeok’s spiritual power.

That’s why I couldn’t think of a nine-tailed fox, given that Sandalphon is a fox spirit born with a strong bloodline.

But it was already too late.

WowMiho’s hand, which owned Sandalphon’s neck just a moment ago, crushed Sandalphon’s hand.



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“Huh… … .”

“This is the hand that held my child’s neck.”

When Sandalphon groans at the sight of his first wound.

Miho touched her bruised wrist and smiled mischievously.

Her face and energy were 180 degrees different from Miho’s usual blank face,

but Sandalphon had no time to focus on it.

‘Younggi… … Spiritual energy is seeping into the body. If you leave it alone, it

will die.’

Miho’s reiki.

To be precise, it was because the red aura of the nine-tailed fox that had been wearing Miho’s body for a while was seeping into his body.

No matter what the other person’s energy was, if the energy was able to roam

freely inside the body, in the worst case, the body could explode due to an explosion of energy.

Moreover, it is too optimistic to think that the nine-tailed fox, a spirit creature that has achieved godhood, cannot do such a thing.

When Sandalphon concentrated on draining the spiritual energy that had permeated his arm, leaving his damaged arm alone.

TadakMiho, who freed herself from her broken hand and set foot on the ground, also showed change.

Crunch- clunk- clunkThe sound of something being put back together again.

Miho’s body changed along with that eerie sound.

He grew taller, his volume increased, and his cute face became a face filled with sexiness.

It was a moment where I wondered what would happen if Miho got older, and

if she got older a little more sexy.


As soon as the ground split, the nine-tailed fox’s fist lightly hit Sandalphon’s solar plexus.


Of course, the shock was not light.

A heavy shock wave explodes around Sandalphon, and Sandalphon is thrown

away along with the concave solar plexus.

The nine-tailed fox looked at Sandalphon rolling around on the floor and said

with a naughty smile on his face.

“My child’s master, this is the essence of ‘enchantment’ that you have never used.”

As the words were addressed to Jinhyuk, who was watching the battle from afar, Jinhyuk unconsciously felt his heart pounding.

‘… … Crazy, am I having heart failure when I see a girl and her chest pounding?

A long distance away.

It’s a distance you can’t even see properly unless you use mana to assist your

vision, but it’s an absurd thing that makes your heart pound.

But the real thing started now.

“Fascination (魅惑).”

‘Charm’ is an ability built into Jinhyeok’s fox mask, but I have never thought

of it as a very useful ability.

The moment when the essence of that ability unfolds.

Whoa The red aura bursting out from the nine-tailed fox’s entire body fills the world

on the 60th floor.

The red aura soon possessed the entire 60th floor world.

“Now, shall we try to captivate the world?”

As soon as the grinning voice of the nine-tailed fox became the trigger, the eyes of everyone on the 60th floor changed into a heart shape.

* * *


A heart that beats wildly.

At least there was no one here who couldn’t feel his heart beating more intensely than if he was in front of a lover he had been deeply in love with.

‘… … That person is a woman. I’m a woman too! This can’t happen. ‘You need to come to your senses.’

Of course, the same was true for Ha-ryu, a woman.

Ha-ryu could not admit that he felt love for the seemingly female Gumiho.

Of course, it made no sense to fall in love with someone during a combat situation, but the nine-tailed fox’s abilities were enough to make the impossible possible.

-Ah, goddess… … .

-You are beautiful… … .

-Please take my heart… … please… … !

One by one, they kneel down and express their sorrowful feelings towards the

nine-tailed fox.

They were mostly men.

It was amazing to see everyone, regardless of guild alliance or rank, holding on to their hearts and trying to get even a little closer to the nine-tailed fox.

At least the nine-tailed fox suppressed its power to lessen the burden on Miho, and the power of charm was reduced on the Yeokcheon side, so women like

Ha-ryu suffered less damage from the charm, but men were less sensitive.

“ah… … iced coffee… … I am… … I did it wrong. please… … Please take my life and take away your anger… … .”

And it was the same for Sandalphon.

The sight of Sandalphon gently folding his neatly spread wings of divine power and kneeling down without any regard for the hollow state of his chest was almost bizarre.

However, the nine-tailed fox looked at this as if it were natural and smiled.

“Yes, your sins, no, are done. Of course, your sins will not be forgiven if you take away the heart of someone who is at most a mere vessel, so go up and see.”

When male climbers desperately clutch their chests in a situation that seems strange and lustful, even though their tone is calm and shows their age.

PhuukThe nine-tailed fox’s white, slender hand pierced Sandalphon’s chest

Exciting-! Exciting-!

An excitement different from before enveloped the battlefield.

Red heart.

Sandalphon is still pounding, as if he doesn’t know that he is outside his body.

So Ashur Hum’s heart created a pounding heart that filled the battlefield.


However, unlike the heart that was still pounding after being pulled out, Ashur Hum’s body was different as his heart, the source of life, had disappeared.

Sandalphon came to his senses and spit out his last words as if he was chewing on the sight of him lying on the floor with a heavy sound.

“… … “I will not forget this debt.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

“Not just me, but all the organizations I belong to are in debt. “Don’t forget, nine-tailed fox.”

“… … Tsk, okay, get out of there.”

simplicity and honesty-!

The nine-tailed fox stepped on Sandalphon’s chest, crushing it with his foot as he continued to utter nerve-wracking words until the end, and then turned around.

“I’m slowly reaching my limit.”

Higher deity.

Because she was of a higher rank than Sandalphon, it was not a descent that the still young Miho could handle.

Even more so because it was a forced descent that Miho did not allow.

Of course, the nine-tailed fox could not stay on the ground for very long.

Wood-dukThe adult woman’s body reverts back to that of a child.

Miho, who had returned to her original form, was lying on the floor with an eerie sound echoing as her body rotated.


“… … Miho!”

Ha-ryu, who came to his senses only after Miho fell on the dust-filled floor, called Miho’s name and kicked out of the chair.

Ashur Hum, whose chest had been shattered, was looking at the world with fairly normal eyes as Haryu approached the fallen Miho.

Originally, his body should have died as soon as Sandalphon’s descent ended,

but because the Nine-Tailed Fox himself forcibly sent Sandalphon up, he was able to survive for a while.

Well, even if he survived the aftermath of Advent, no one would know that he

was not good at surviving, just looking at his chest shattered by the nine-tailed

fox’s attack and his heart lying on the floor.

Ashur Hum, who had seized the very meager time he had been given, just watched quietly.

‘colleague… … Are you a colleague? A colleague who is like family… … I had something like that too.’

lang syne.

To be precise, he looked at Haryu and Miho, overlapping the images of his colleagues who were with him as an ordinary warrior a few years ago.

In an unexpected attack, everyone except him died, and he was the only one

who survived, gained divine power with the help of the Fallon siblings, and slaughtered all of those who attacked his comrades. The kind of comrade he never got again.

‘… … Now I can see you again. ‘What kind of face will you greet me with?’

Ashur Hum, who always kept an expressionless face, closed his eyes with a faint smile.

Ashur Hum ended his life on the cold floor, leaving behind several years of trying to repay the favor.

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