Absolute Necromancer Chapter 120

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“Baby wheel!”


Hong Gil-dong’s baptism of attack.

Ashur Hum was lost in thought as he blocked the bogey wheel.

‘Where did it go wrong?’

It certainly wasn’t a bad start.

No, to be precise, they were 100% sure of their victory even before they started.

But everything was shaky from the start of the guild war.

‘Was the rebellion of low-level guild members a problem?’

At first, there was a mass desertion and rebellion of lower-level guild members who were supposed to support the guild union due to the rift in ‘Yeokcheon’.

Of course, that wasn’t the only problem.

‘If not, was the penalty big? ‘Is it a defeat to open a guild war without even having time to adapt?’

Next, the penalty created an unfamiliar physical condition, and there were times when I was helplessly pushed back because I could not adapt to it.

But even that couldn’t be the main reason.

‘If not this, is it the collapse of low-level guild members due to lightning wizards? If not, is the problem with the leaders of Yeokcheon, who quickly emerged

as strong players by filling in their shortcomings with the help of the puppeteer? If not that or that… … !’

My head gets confused.

Ashur Hum had to admit that so many numbers were intertwined to create this moment.

When looked at alone, the numbers were enough to endure, but the moment the numbers increased, they became entangled.

The current situation was created.

‘The defeat just means that they were better than us.’

Ashur Hum, who did not deny the fact that the current situation only happened because they were better, glanced at the battlefield.

did not sit still and watch.

Immediately, he violently swung the baton, gathered wind, and used his magic.

“Feng Huan (風環)!”

The pole that gathered the wind was swung roughly, and at the same time, a ring of strong wind flew towards Ashur Hum.


Ashur Hum, who was faced with a wind magic spell that flew away, destroying

everything in its path, stopped laughing and opened his mouth.

“Shane, do you remember what I said earlier?”

“what? “What kind of bullshit is that all of a sudden?”

After Hong Gil-dong joined, Shane, who was out of breath, tilted his head and

cursed at the voice of Ashur Hum calling him.

Ashur Hum continued speaking while looking at Shane, not even paying attention to the wind blowing towards him.

“I told you that you were indecisive, and I asked you if you could be considered a professional if you were willing to throw away your own life for a purpose,

for your master.”

Before Hong Gil-dong appeared.

Things I said before wrapping up Shane.

Ashur Hum said that again and continued speaking.

“And I’m different from you.”

“… … “No way.”

When Ashur Hum said that he was different from him, Shane looked at AshurHum with disbelief.

Now, he doesn’t even show any sign of defeating Feng Huan, who is right in front of him.

“I would give my life for my master. Literally unlike you. Now, let’s see the end of this match, Shane. No, it would be right to see the end for everyone here.

For the Fallon siblings!”

At the end, he mentioned his masters, the Fallon siblings, members of Nine Stars, and suddenly became quiet as he spoke his last words.

“God I believe in and follow, please appear here…” … “Descent.”

“… … Damn it, stop that bastard!”

The air has changed.

Looking at the surroundings becoming heavy and Ashur Hum beginning to change, Shane let out a harsh curse and pulled the trigger repeatedly.

Ride it!

He pulled the trigger at random and changed the magazine dozens of times, as if he wanted to shoot out all the remaining bullets.

Meanwhile, Hong Gil-dong also seemed to have noticed something and swung

his baton roughly.

“Wheel! Big wheel! “A whirlwind!”

Other people who saw Hong Gil-dong randomly firing off light attacks, heavy

attacks, and special moves also participated in the attack.

“… … Hojo Ranmu (狐爪亂舞).”

You made your own!

After crushing the ribs of Dyke and Beck Julio, Miho’s fingernails stained with

spiritual energy violently cut Ashur Hum.

“Are you ready?”

-It’s obvious.


Similarly, Ha-ryu, who had shaken off Mei and the dark sword, also charged

with the dragon slayer sword.

Even though I didn’t have any special skills, Geomgang’s mere presence was a

great help.



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In addition, Ken, who had stunned Hayden and Karl Ernoa, also struck a thunderbolt on Ashur Hum’s head.

“I’m not sure what it is… … I don’t think we should just leave it alone. “Heavenly punishment.”


A great magic that swept away low-level guild members at once.

It was the moment when heavenly punishment descended on Rense again.

Accordingly, Ken’s eyes were once again filled with messages from the gods related to lightning, but that was not the important thing.

In addition to them, those who were scattered on the battlefield tried to do their part to stop Ashur Hum’s ‘something’.

“Hwaryuseon (花流扇)!”

There was also a Taoist monk wielding a fan with flowing flowers.

“Eat this!”

There was also a climber sheathing his sword.


There was also a wizard who summoned a bunch of fireballs and threw them.

“Puppet expulsion!”

Even Puppet, who was exhausted from assisting several people, did not forget

to help.

The moment when everyone’s attacks hit Ashur Hum, with the number of puppets shooting hundreds of puppets like bullets.

“It’s late, you bugs.”


The sky split, and a dazzling pillar of light fell on Ashur Hum’s head.

* * *

“Cluck, cough, what kind of fuss is this?”

Hong Gil-dong, who was closest to attack, inhaled dust and chuckled.

Maybe I drank it because I was hungry.

But despite his question, there was no one who could answer him.

“Hmm, I think I saw a pillar of light.”

“me too. Miho also saw the pillar of light.”

There are only Haru and Miho who say that they saw a pillar of light that fell

where Ashur Hum was.

“Hmm, not good. “It was definitely a strange feeling.”

“you’re right. I definitely felt it too. Given the circumstances, it seems certain that it could not be prevented… … “Then I think we need to prepare properly.”

Just as Ken, who placed the heavenly punishment on Ashur Hum’s head, and

Puppet, who fired the army of puppets like bullets, said, the momentum shown

by Ashur Hum was terrifying.

Something so terrible and eerie that it made me think that I would die if I couldn’t stop it.

And they could not stop Ashur Hum.

A thick cloud of dust.

When the surroundings become heavy with tension about the Ashur Hum that

lies beyond, or about something that is no longer the Ashur Hum.

“It’s a shame.”

A voice came from the cloud of dust.

The voice clearly belonged to Ashur Hum, but everyone had to feel goosebumps as soon as they heard that voice.

A strange feeling, as if I had heard something I shouldn’t have heard.

The voice that made me feel that way seemed very regretful.

The moment they heard the voice filled with deep regret, most climbers lost their will to fight.


All climbers, except for the executives of each guild or equivalent climbers, kneel on the dirt-covered floor.

His face was a mix of fear and awe, and he didn’t know why he was making that face or why he was kneeling down.

I just feel fear when I see them like that.

When climbers who do not kneel raise their guard.

Just then, the dust cloud was swept away by the wind and the figure hidden within it was revealed.

“Ashur… … Right?”

“… … “I think it looks right.”

Ashur Hum.

Ashur Hum was standing there, looking not much different from before.

No one would have been surprised to know that this person was Ashur Hum,

except that he was rubbing his face with his hand with a look of regret on his face, like a person who was far from this battlefield.

But there was clearly a big difference between the current Ashur Hum and the

Ashur Hum of a while ago.

“… … eye! “Look everyone!”

At the cry of the most observant downstream, everyone’s eyes turned to Ashur

Hum’s eyes.

Where two eyes as black as obsidian should have been, there were no longer any eyes.

“… … light?”

“Should I call it brilliance?”

“No, it seems like divine power… … .

Because a bright halo of light was taking the place of Ashur Hum’s eyes.

When everyone can’t help but be surprised by the unbelievable reality.

Jose Yan, who was in the position of pig-throwing, opened his mouth.

“Ashur! What are you doing! “Knock them all down!”

He didn’t seem to know what change had occurred, but he shouted because he knew that the change was a change that made Ashur Hum stronger.

But he didn’t know.

“Yes, we should destroy it.”

“That’s right, what a shame I suffered because of those bastards… … Wow! Kehehe! ah… … Ashur?”

“And don’t forget that you and the others are on the kill list too.”


What he just said included everyone in the guild alliance, including himself.

The price of not knowing that was terrible.

Jose Yan’s thick neck, which was caught in the hands of Ashur Hum, was broken like a piece of corn.

Everyone, regardless of guild union or station, was shocked as they looked at Jose Yan’s fat body stretched out.

“Why are you taking your own side?”

“Ashur! “Why are you attacking us!”

Those belonging to Yeokcheon were shocked by the fact that they killed Jose

Yan, who was on the same side, and those belonging to the Guild Alliance were

shocked by Ashur, who killed Jose Yan, who was also on the same side.

In a similar but different surprise, Ashur Hum, who killed Jose Yan and shocked everyone, was calm.

“Because my child wanted you all dead. The only exceptions were his loyal subordinates who followed him. Of course, they will also follow Ashur Hum’s side as my subordinates.”

Ashur Hum wanted that to happen.

Instead of understanding the situation from before, everyone was confused by

those words.

“… … what?”

“Why are you talking about yourself like someone else?”

Ashur Hum himself spoke as if he were a third person.

That was the main source of confusion.

But that confusion did not last long.

“Let’s deal with you guys first. For sure… … Did you say guild union? Oh how

stressed my child is because of you. “I already wanted to kill him, but it worked

out well.”


One eerie sound.

However, contrary to the sound, the result was not the same.


Beck Julio, Dyke, May, Armgeom, Carl Ernoa, Hayden, and Horun.

The guild leaders of the guilds that made up the guild union all had their necks broken and died.

Like Jose Yan, who just passed away at the hands of Ashur Hum.

When everyone is shocked by the fact that those who fought fiercely until now died lightly.


“My children’s men. Now, be reborn with my power.”

Ashur Hum’s languid voice echoed through the quiet battlefield, and soon change began.


The bright brilliance of divine power.

As soon as it burst out of Ashur Hum’s body, it was absorbed by the guild members of ‘Lord of Divine’, who were his loyal subordinates.

And a change occurred among the guild members of the Lord of Divine who accepted the enormous divine power.

Wood clatter-

An eerie sound made by the body twisting.

At the same time, harsh shouts erupted from the wide-open mouths of the guild members.


“For Sandalphon!”


Another change occurred as they shouted the name of someone they had never heard before.

Quad deuk-

Pure white wings sprouting from the back.

The change was that wings sprouted, similar to those of an Elyos.

Along with the change that began in the guild members who were ordinary climbers, Ashur Hum muttered as he sat down on a throne-like chair made of divine power with a languid face.

“Ishim, my warriors. Sandalphon, First Archangel of Malkuth, commands you to take the head of your enemy and bring it to him.”

An Elyos who rose to the position of archangel of ‘Malkuth’ in the very first period when the name Elyos existed.

With Sandalphon’s orders, the guild members of the ‘Lord of Divine’, who had

now transformed from ordinary climbers into Sandalphon’s great warriors, ‘Spirit of Fire’ Ishim, began to rush towards the entire ‘Reverse Heaven’.

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