Absolute Necromancer Chapter 119

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“… … After all, I’m fine too, aren’t I?”

Hendrick knelt down on one knee in front of the dying Basil and frowned.

The whole body creaked, and the ocean-like power was exhausted.

The aftereffects of ‘Splitting the World’, which shattered Basil’s realm and his

breath in the dragon state, hit Hendrick.

“Tsk, why have there been so many situations lately where it’s difficult to even

lift a finger?”

The battle with Demon Sun was like that, and the sparring with Shane was also like that.

Hendrick smiled bitterly as he recalled how difficult it was to lift a finger at the end of a fight.

But I couldn’t just sit there like that.

-… … A close friend of yours has died.

-Kyahaha! I knew he was going to go after that guy! Should I turn that guy into an undead person? Should I save it? huh? Should I save it?

-Akkad, my lord’s close friend. Be polite. The body is collected and taken to the lord.

-Tch, Char. You are always stubborn.

This was because the Lich and Death Knight had come before him and were checking Basil’s body.

Char and Akkad.

They were the most powerful undead controlled by Tune, and they were the commanders who controlled Tune’s ‘death’ that was currently on the battlefield.

They checked Basil’s condition and gave an answer.

-You, carry the body of your lord’s close friend.


Death Knight Char grabbed a skeleton next to him and carried Basil’s body onto him.

After confirming that the skeleton, which rattled its jaw and nodded its head, took a step back and was waiting, Char and Akkad turned their attention to Hendrick.

-Let’s finish this and take that guy with us.

-Since Basil ransacked, can I keep that guy too? huh? Right?

-… … I’m not sure about that. Ask your lord.

-Do you not have your own thoughts? He seems like a bland guy.

We shared our thoughts about Hendrick, but in the end, the end was the same.

-Just process it and think about it.

-Okay, if you don’t hand that guy over to me, I’ll beat you up in front of my lord.

-… … Akkad, please.

Hendrick’s finish.

Hendrick put his thoughts together, looked at the Death Knight and Lich approaching him, and held the sword with trembling hands.


Hendrick, who barely got up from his seat while sinking his dragon sword into

the ground as a cane, glared at the two with a sharp gaze.

“I didn’t stand here just to be killed by the undead.”

-… … Do you still have strength left?

-It’s a monster, this guy too. How strong will you be if you become undead?

Will you be stronger than me? huh?

-Akkad, concentrate. The opponent is the one who defeated the lord’s close friend. If you let your guard down, you might fly somewhere.

-Tsk, I got it.

Char and Akkad, facing Hendrick, who was eager to kill, lost their guard and took their stance.

Char puts his hand on his sword sheath made of bone.

Similarly, Akkad also held a staff made of human skull and spinal bones.

Hendrick gritted his teeth as he watched the two, fully prepared, slowly and warily approaching.

‘There is no answer to this.’

Hendrick was not confident of winning against Char and Akkad, who were approaching him as if they were fighting their rivals in a narrow situation where

even Donggwijin was close, let alone winning even if he fought without letting

his guard down.

But that didn’t mean Hendrick gave up.

‘Even if we die, we die together. At least one guy. I’ll take you to the underworld, comrade.’

At least one.

When you are ready to crush at least one of Char and Akkad.

“Hendrik, this is not the place for you to die, is it?”

There was a familiar voice ringing in his ears.

It wasn’t Jinhyuk.

Because he was preparing for a fight with Tune.

“Sweep away all the junk.”


He orders to wipe out the undead ‘Death’ led by Char and Akkad, and according to the order, the spirit soldier leading the soul soldiers leaves his position.

The moment when the composition of soul disease vs. ‘death’ was created in

an instant.


The owner of the voice sat down on the ground.

“Lich and Death Knight… … “Only talented junior volleyball players.”

This person strokes his chin and comments on Char, Akkad, and the tune that

created them.



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-A soul evaluates its lord… … .

-… … I’ll change it.

When Char grits his teeth at the sight of the soul criticizing his master, and even Akkad spits out his anger.

A soul descended before them.

Vulcan opened his mouth.

“As a senior, it is natural to praise the outstanding performance of your junior. And I’ll leave this guy alone as he’s already done enough, and I’ll deal with you.”

Char and Akkad were indignant at the sight of Balkan smiling slightly while holding the staff that Genno and Muyoung had made.

-Are we going to be stopped by a single soul under the control of a necromancer who is not even on the 100th floor? It’s crazy.

-I can handle that guy on my own, Char.

They did not recognize Jinhyuk, who would confront Tune.

Tune, their master and lord, acknowledged him, but they could not understand the lord’s obsession with a climber who could not even climb the 100th floor.

In such a situation, it is surprising that they are not outraged because Balkan,

one of Jinhyeok’s soul diseases, has declared that he will stop them.

But regardless of their resentment, the problem was that Balkan was not some

thing they could ignore.

“Soul staff.”


Many souls scattered across the battlefield are sucked into the staff made by


At the time of the fight with Hendrick, there was no staff and a soul staff was

created with a level of perfection that was incomparable to the soul staff that was made entirely from souls.

“Soul Arrow.”

Eventually, the soul power and mana absorbed into the soul staff mixed together to create an arrow.

Knock knock knock-

The staff is used like a bow, and the power of the soul becomes a demonstration.

The moment Soul Arrow is caught in the spirit’s demonstration, and Vulcan releases the demonstration that has been stretched to its limit.


Soul Arrow tore through the air barrier as it left the demonstration.

Char and Akkad, who were looking at Vulcan with surprised faces who had prepared and completed an attack in the short time they were angry, eventually took their stance.


Char’s Bone Sword, made of bone, is pulled out of its scabbard.



Mana burst out steadily from Akkad’s staff, which was made of a skull and vertebrae that looked like they were made straight from a human head, creating a thick shield.

Just as the Balkans attacked in an instant, they also prepared to defend against the attack in an instant.

And right after their preparations are over.


Vulcan’s Soul Arrow reached them.


The soul contained in the Soul Arrow lets out a painful scream and penetrates

Akkad’s shield.

-Keuuuu… … Char!

Akkad, who realized that even though he strengthened the shield, it was not enough, immediately began adding strength to the shield.

At the same time, he called Char, who destroyed Soul Arrow.

-It’s already done. Four Light Dance.

During the time Akkad earned, Char completed preparations for the attack that shattered Soul Arrow and then launched the attack.

Four Light Dance.

As the light of death dances, the sword swings and kills the Soul Arrow, which

breaks the shield.


-… … Kieeek.

As the Soul Arrow is destroyed, the soul contained in the Soul Arrow dies out in death.

Even when his hard-fought attack came to naught, Vulcan wasn’t worried.

“Soul Arrow, multiple shots.”

-… … this.

-… … Damn it, Shield! shield! Shield!!!

This is because the Soul Arrow that was blocked just now had not one, but several shots ready.

While they were blocking, the dozens of Soul Arrows prepared left Vulkan’s hands again and rushed towards Char and Akkad.

When Char was embarrassed and Akkad was frantically creating a shield.

Soul Arrows had already rushed to their side.

Puck- Bub-bub-buk-

The Soul Arrow arrived before the shield was completed and immediately pierced Akkad’s body.

-… … Wow!

Unlike Akkad, who let out a scream of pain, Char swung his Bone Sword and struck down the Soul Arrow, but that was all.

“Soul Bomb.”

With a low, resounding Balkan voice.


The fired Soul Arrow glowed.

A precursor to an explosion.

And as soon as the omen began, Soul Arrow exploded.


At the same time as more than a dozen Soul Arrows exploded, Char and Akkad, who had Soul Arrows stuck in them or were striking them away, were also caught up in the explosion.

-Keuuuu… …


Although they are undead who cannot feel pain, the pain of having their whole body shattered can have a significant impact on their souls.

Even if they were undead, the pain of their souls could not be ignored, so when the two vented their deepest pain.

Balkan, who was looking at them with an emotionless face, pounded the floor

with his soul staff.

“That guy used ‘area.’ Although it is an imperfect area. “I’ll show you what’s real.”

Energy burst out from Vulcan’s body along with Vulcan’s voice muttering while pointing at Basil’s body.

Everything, starting from the most basic mana, to his source of spiritual power, and the magic energy and sacred power he gained while accompanying Jinhyeok.

A time when colorful energies mixed together and mixed repeatedly.


The mixed energies exploded and covered the surroundings of Char and Akkad, who were distracted by the combination of Soul Arrow and Soul Bomb.

“Realm, Holy Demon Spirit.”

[Domain, Holy Demon Spirit]

The realm of Balkan, which was originally a demonic insect composed of mana and spiritual power, evolved as ‘sacred’ was added through the encounter with Jinhyeok.

[Manawa and demonic energy mixed together, demon.]

[Spiritual power, the power of the soul, spirit.]

[Holy power, Holy power, Holy.]

A space filled with various energies.

That was Balkan’s new ‘territory’, the Holy Spirit.

-… … Oh my, Akkad! We have to get out of here!

-Ha, damn it. How do I get out of here?

By the time the two came to their senses, the Balkan territory had already been completed.

A world within a world cut off from the outside.

Char and Akkad, left alone with Balkan, faced Balkan again.

When they first saw Balkan, they thought he was just a soul under Jinhyeok’s

command, but when they encountered Balkan, they had no choice but to change their minds.

-… … Why on earth does someone like you work under him?

-you… … What are you? How can a soul have such power!

It wasn’t just the fear I felt because Balkan used ‘territory’ and entered Balkan’s ‘territory’.

The two knelt before the energy felt from the Balkan itself.

The feeling that the world is pressing down on them is Lich and Death Knight.

Even though they were high-ranking undead, it was too much for them to withstand as they were ‘only’ undead.

Balkan answered the questions they asked while kneeling and looking up at him by touching the abundant energy that filled the ‘area’.

“The soul obeys its master. That’s all. And even though he’s a cheap guy, he’s

not a bad owner.”

After answering with a slight smile, Vulcan swung his soul staff in the empty air.

But the changes that resulted were by no means ordinary.


The world is distorted and condensed.

In a world where change began due to the will of only one person, there is only one thing left.


It was divine power.

“Since they are undead, this would be the most efficient. “Goodbye, they’re not that bad undead, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

The most efficient and effective energy in dealing with the undead Char and


The divine power that grows in size by eating up mana and magic energy fills

the ‘area’.

A sphere of intense divine power, reminiscent of the sun, rises within the area.

Chii Iik-

Just as living creatures burn up in front of the sun, the bodies of the undead Char and Akkad began to burn up in front of the intense divine power.

Even if they were undead, they could not be insensitive to the pain caused by

divine power. However, Char and Akkad stared blankly at the sun of divine power without even groaning.

“Glory Meteor Fall.”

With the voice of Vulkan, who is the master of the realm and the Demon Holy

Insect and is like a god within the realm, the sun of divine power slowly fell towards Char and Akkad.

Kwahiah Ah Ah- !!!!

Glory Meteor Fall.

The moment when something like a meteorite made of divine power collides

with Char and Akkad.

The inside of the realm, the Holy Demon Spirit, was stained white with divine


Tsutsutsu… … .

“Phew, it’s over. “If we just take Hendrick to Cha Jin-hyuk, that’s it?”

And in the place where the realm, the Holy Demon Spirit, disappeared, only Vulcan was left.

In a place where there was no trace of Char or Akkad, Balkan lifted the unconscious Hendrik and carried him on his shoulders.

of course.

“There’s a skeleton.”

-… … Less?

“Put that down and go away.”

-… … Slowly.

They also didn’t forget to collect Basil’s body, which Akkad and Char had placed on the skeleton’s shoulder.

Hearing Vulcan’s cold voice, the skeleton put down Basil’s body with a sullen face and disappeared into the battlefield at a quick pace.

Vulcan, who was looking at the back of the skeleton as it clattered away and disappeared, eventually placed Basil’s body on his other shoulder as well.

“… … Damn it, I can’t believe I’m transporting a corpse with this old, passed out guy. “This is all because of that guy Cha Jin-hyuk.”

Vulcan, who was frowning at the weight coming from his shoulders, soon flew

into the sky.

The destination was the 60th floor city where Jinhyeok would be.

‘… … ‘The situation seems to be going well thanks to that Hong Gil-dong guy,

so I guess I can leave some space for now.’

Grateful for being able to take a breather thanks to Hong Gil-dong working with the Taoists, Balkan quickly flew towards the 60th floor city.

‘I love Cha Jin-hyuk to death. It’s the corpse of a 300-story climber… … The soul seems to be still attached well, so a good soul bottle will be born.’

How a good soul resides in a good corpse(?).

Balkan, who had confirmed that his soul had not left his body that long after

his death, smiled at Jinhyuk, who would be happy to see the corpse.

Vulcan, who had come to care for Jinhyeok following Ha-ryu and Miho, eventually disappeared from the battlefield.

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