Absolute Necromancer Chapter 1

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Episode 1

A change has occurred in the world.

It was not an ordinary change such as a tectonic shift or volcanic explosion.


A being that brought the world closer to destruction.

That was the monster.

Beings who take people as their staple food and kill them even when they are not


They appeared all over the world.

Among them, there were literally ‘monster’-like monsters that alone could overwhelm the army.

However, as the saying goes, “one win, one win”, a second change has arrived in the world.

An unknown land that equips you with means of attack and defense against monsters.

Some people used to call it [Devil’s Tower] or [God’s Tower].

That’s right too.

[Climb the tower. Everything you want will be there.]

[strength? Wealth and fame? Climb the tower and satisfy us! You will be rewarded accordingly!]

[strength? Wealth and fame? Climb the tower and satisfy us! You will be rewarded


A tower with an enormous number of floors, reaching 999 floors.

The beings that preside over that place are supreme beings.

Because it was God and the Devil.

From ordinary people to brilliant minds from each country, they headed to the tower.

Even the country took the lead in sending people, so it was only natural.

The tower existed everywhere and anyone could enter.

Some people said that there should be restrictions on entry, but… … .

[No one will be able to oppress the challenger.]

Professions of God and Demons.

No matter whether you bring a tank or any army stationed at the entrance of the tower, the result is the same.

If someone tried to stop someone from entering the tower, a [punishment] was immediately given.

Five years have passed since the eyes of billions of people around the world turned

to the tower.

[Nine Star]

Among the billion-dollar challengers, nine people reached the top.

Nine stars appeared in the world.

Each sword, sword, spear, etc.

Weapons, as well as magic and divine power obtained from the tower.

Those who have realized the ability to achieve miracles and run towards the peak.

They were the 9 stars.

However, the nine stars and one other star also emerged.

The star called [Dark Star] or [Death Star].

He was different from others.

He did not use any weapons, and his physical abilities did not reach superhuman levels.

However, it did not cover miracles such as magic and divine power.

However, people used to discuss him as the strongest star.

No, even if there are people who dislike him, his name always comes first when discussing the strongest.

The reason was simple.

[He who brings death.]

[If you catch his eye, you will not be at peace even after death.]

[The peak of death.]

Even gods and devils were astonished by his talent.

His abilities were superior to those of any other ‘climbers’.

There is only one ability he has.

Even though it was ‘necromancy’.

Among the climbers climbing the tower, the necromancer was not the only one learning necromancy.

However, there was only one necromancer who was that outstanding.

That is the Death Star and the Dark Star. Cha Jin-hyuk was a being.

-Cha Jin-hyuk, surpassed the 100th floor.

-No matter what anyone says, the first person to reach the 200th floor is Cha Jin-hyuk!

-The nine stars are under the Star of Death.

He was the first to break through the 100th floor, and he was also the one who was said to break through the 600th floor of the devil that separates the lower and middle layers.

However, that challenge ended with a joint attack on the 600th floor with 9 stars.

-Cha Jin-hyuk is trying to kill the nine stars and make them his servants!

-The fall of the darkest star.

– Cha Jin-hyuk, a traitor who was intoxicated with power and tried to abandon humanity.

It’s hard to call them colleagues, but they abandoned those who were members of


People were even more shocked because among them, there was someone who could call Cha Jin-hyuk a ‘friend’.

In fact, his friend Choi Gyeong-hoon, a member of the Nine Stars and a Korean along with Cha Jin-hyuk, disappeared after his death.



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After that, Cha Jin-hyuk, the last star who surprised everyone with the news that he would focus only on conquering the top, was forgotten.

… … And this is a known fact to the public.

Cha Jin-hyuk did not betray humanity; rather, he was just betrayed by nine stars, eight stars to be exact.

But that fact was buried, and 10 years passed like that.


An ordinary studio room in Seoul.

There, with a tearing scream, someone jumped out of bed.

“Huh… … omg… … .”

An ordinary, ordinary face.

He was an ordinary person, except that he was almost drenched in sweat.

And as soon as he got up from his seat, he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“Nine Star… … “Are these bastards stabbing me in the back?”

Nine Stars.

A person who curses those who have become idols and gods over the past 15 years.

His identity was none other than Cha Jin-hyuk, who was killed by their hands.

“… … How much time has passed? “I think the skill was successfully completed.”

The reason why he, who died 10 years ago, is still alive, or to be more precise, came back to life, was simple.

[Soul Succession]

The only one-time use skill he had.

It was thanks to the soul transmission.

The ability to transfer souls was simple.

When the owner of a skill dies, his or her soul automatically leaves the body and

moves to another body.

Even though it was only a one-time use skill, its enormity was such that all climbers who climbed the tower coveted it.

Because it was a way to have extra lives.

However, this skill also had a drawback, that is.

“… … 10 years? 10 years have passed? “This is crazy!”

Not only was it given a body similar to the user’s, but the user could not even choose the timing.

That was the reason Cha Jin-hyuk was angry.

No, even if the body and time were the same, there was another reason for his anger.

“Damn, even if I take revenge right away, I can’t believe my mother and I will lose

our body and even our bodies will return to the days when we were children.”

His body, which passed the 500th floor and reached the 600th floor, was worthy of being called a superhuman.

Of course, he was ordinary compared to the real superhumans around him, but his

body was as deceptive as his, so there were no complaints.

However, it was natural for him to be angry as his body and the mana that was filling it as if it were going to explode disappeared from nowhere.

For him who passed down the soul, the 10 years felt like a fleeting moment.

As such, the amount of helplessness he was currently feeling was also proportional

to that.

“… … Okay, it doesn’t matter. again. No, we just need to build it up more solidly this time.”

Despite losing everything, he tried hard to remain calm and collected.

As a result, he filled the feeling of loss of everything with anger, and through that

anger, he created the driving force to move his body.


“… … “First of all, I have to eat first.”

Before taking revenge, I had to fill my hungry stomach first.

* * *

Slurp! Slurp!

The sound of noodles echoing in a studio room.

The main character of that sound was Cha Jin-hyuk.

“Ramen is delicious any time you eat it.”

Although 10 years have passed, he felt it was only a few seconds.

Thanks to this, I didn’t feel like I was crying just because I ate ramen.

Just ‘it’s delicious.’ This is the end of his appreciation.

After filling his hungry stomach, he fell into thought.

‘How do we punish those damn bastards?’

Nine Stars.

Among them, 8 people excluding Choi Kyung-hoon, his friend who tried to save him.

They were the ones Jinhyeok would seek revenge on.

But it was also true that I was worried.

“10 years… … “In 10 years, the mountains and rivers will change a lot, but there is

no way those children are still staying on the 600th floor.”

10 years.

I’m talking about 10 years, but a lot changes in 10 years.

In addition, it was in the 600th floor level 10 years ago, so it is not surprising that the 999th floor has been completely broken by now.

Furthermore, if they had overcome all 999 floors, they would have become beings

comparable to gods and demons.

‘… … Then revenge is impossible.’

They were literally gods and devils, offering various rewards to climbers.

Beings that can kill a human with just a click of a finger.

In his current state, it wouldn’t be surprising if he died before he could even get to

them, let alone get revenge on them.

Therefore, Jinhyuk categorized the things he needed to do right now and immediately put them into action.

“We need information, information.”

Nine Stars.

Those who killed him and are no different from those who took everything from him.

I needed information about them.

Even if they became gods, it didn’t matter to Jinhyuk.

I was planning on tearing them to death, even if it meant climbing all 999 floors, whether it was 10 or 20 years.

And Jinhyuk, who was sitting in front of the computer and browsing the Internet, sighed in frustration.

“… … “What on earth have these X gods been doing for 10 years?”

An article appeared on the Internet window he was looking at.

[Nine stars, the leader, Choi Gyeong-hoon, the martial god, finally breaks through

the 800th floor!]

[Musin appears for the first time in 10 years. Breaking the record for the number of floors to be conquered in the tower!]

His feelings were mixed as he looked at the idiots who had only been able to penetrate 800 floors in 10 years, and who had been pushed aside by his friends.

The highest is the 800th floor, so anything below that will be even lower!

‘… … I can’t believe I was killed by those idiots. I’m going to explode and die again.’

If he had been alive, he might have conquered the 999th floor as he thought before, let alone the 800th floor.

It took 5 years to reach the 600th floor, so it would not have been unreasonable to

conquer the remaining 399 floors in 10 years.

Of course, you might think it was groundless confidence, but Jinhyuk’s thoughts were firm.

“Is it still a good thing? “Because the enemies are idiots and idiots.”

That fact was good news for Jinhyuk, who wanted revenge on them.

Because it was easier to take revenge on those who were still human rather than those who had surpassed the 999th floor and become beings comparable to gods and demons.

“Wipe your throat well and wait. “Fools.”

Jinhyeok muttered that with a faint smile on his face.

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