Absolute Necromancer Chapter 2

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Episode 2

“But we can’t attack right away.”

Although he pledged revenge, Jinhyeok had no intention of revealing himself.

Revenge is something that must be done step by step, starting in the dark, so that it can pierce the other person’s neck like a dagger.

In addition, 10 years ago, on the day of the betrayal, their passing was a difficult task for Jinhyeok.

“It was even harder because of those two damn cockroaches.”

Among them, the most annoying ones were the paladins and priests who were part

of the divine power class among the Nine Stars.

They were paladins and priests, but they were idiots who enjoyed alcohol, women,

and men.

… … That’s not something I should say after falling behind such idiots.

Of course, they were not the only ones at risk.

Other 9 stars that handle various weapons.

Passing their training was difficult even for Jinhyeok, who runs the army of death.

What was difficult back then couldn’t possibly be possible now.

On the contrary, if it were them today, I would not have thought that I would have

lost as soon as I faced them back then.

Although they may have been idiots, they were monsters considering their floors were well over 600 floors.

Jinhyeok, who had been looking for a way to fight them for 10 years, came up with one method.

“This time, let’s try to learn everything.”

If you just dig one well, you will succeed.

I confirmed in my last life that this was bullshit.

Didn’t he die after being hit by a sword while digging the path of a necromancer?

Therefore, this time I planned to dig several wells, very deep.

“Swords, spears, swords, bows, magic, divine powers, and even necromancy. “Is it


As the name Nine Stars suggests, the number of abilities they learned was nine.

Additionally, it is natural that learning two things is more difficult than learning one thing.

However, when it became 9, it was not at a level where it became 9 times more difficult.

It may be tens or hundreds of times more difficult.

No, there were also questions about whether it would be possible to learn them.

There were conflicting abilities, and it was unclear whether my body would be able to withstand it.

What Jinhyuk was thinking was crazy.

There were many people who thought what Jinhyuk did over a long period of time.

And their end was terrible.

‘As far as I know, Penta was the best.’


It was a term referring to a person who handles five occupations (abilities).

Two is a double, three is a triple, four is a quadruple.

From what Jinhyuk remembers, Penta was the end.

And his floor level wasn’t that high.

I think they said he died on the 100th floor, but it doesn’t really matter.

Even people who learned just 5 died before reaching the 200th floor.

However, for Jinhyuk, who was looking beyond 5 to 9, no, more than that, it was a

problem that could not help but be a concern.


“Once we hit each other, we see. “If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to find a way to

do it, even if it’s through magic and divine power.”

Those who handle weaponry can be dealt with with their own necromancy.

The necromancy he deals with is far beyond that of others, so it was worth a try.

But it wasn’t divine power or magic.


Those two things, which are like miracles that cannot happen, are completely opposite to necromancy.

In other words, Jinhyuk was determined to learn those two things somehow, even if he didn’t know anything else.

“Let’s get ready right away.”

I knew where the highest floor was, and I had a plan for dealing with them.

Now it was time to climb the tower.

* * *


No matter where you go in the world, there is an entrance to the tower.

Of course, the tower was not located somewhere on Earth.

There are just entrances all over the world.

Thanks to this, there was no major inconvenience for Jinhyuk to find the entrance

to the tower.

“That doesn’t change whether it was 10 years ago or later.”

A shimmering blue gate.

Even the soldiers standing by his side.

Nothing has changed from 10 years ago, when he was at the peak of his climbing.



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Well, they are just folding screens.

“Stop, what is the purpose?”

“Climbing the top.”

“… … Please come in.”

Look, is this a folding screen or something?

Anyone who interferes with those entering the tower will be punished regardless of

the reason.

God and devil come down.

In the end, they only know who went in and who came out, and there is nothing they can do.

Perhaps thanks to that, Jinhyuk was able to reach the gate, the entrance to the tower, very easily.

“Hehe, I can become rich if I enter the top and become a ranker!”

“Rank? “Arthur, people like you will die as soon as you enter.”

“what? “Has this bastard done everything he said?”

“What should I do? Will it float? “It’s going up!”

The area around the gate was crowded with people.

A gamble of your life.

As their nerves became sharper, they began to argue with each other, which led to

a fight.

But no one stopped it.

Just watch.

It was natural that the more they did that, the less competition there would be for


Of course, that was only for a moment.


“… … “It opens.”

The tower door opens on time.

To be exact, it was every hour, but it was whatever it was, so I’ll skip it.

As people were making a fuss about the tower door slowly opening, Jinhyeok carefully stepped back.

‘I won’t let anyone see me entering the tower.’

This was to prevent any information about me from being passed on to the enemy.

Still, it didn’t take long for those gathered in front of the tower to disappear, thanks to people rushing towards the door like crazy.

Everyone disappears into the tower and the only person left is Jinhyeok.

The last person that no one could see soon disappeared into the tower.

* * *

A dark passageway with no one around.

A figure appeared inside.

“Is it a tutorial? It’s been 5 years here too. No, 15 years to be exact.”

Inyoung’s identity was none other than Jinhyeok, who had entered the tower.

The place where Jinhyeok is currently located was the tutorial section where people were tested before entering the first floor.

Well, as the name suggests, it has the nature of trying to give people information and teach them… … .

‘That’s bullshit. ‘I don’t think there’s any other place that’s as shitty as this.’

To leave the tower, you must climb at least 10 floors.

In other words, even if they want to give up during the tutorial, they have to cry and eat mustard all the way to the 10th floor.

Thanks to this, the section where those who entered the tower got stuck the most

was the tutorial.

Next is from the 1st to the 10th floor.

In addition, the tutorial was proudly named as the stage that climbers rated as the

most shitty.

[Welcome to the tutorial stage.]

[From now on, you just have to avoid the traps in the tutorial stage and arrive at your destination.]

[All damage is recovered when you head to the destination and starting points.]

[Then good luck.]

“This message window is also really cute.”

People who come in for the first time are surprised to see this, but Jinhyeok is also

a person who spent 5 years in the tower.

The message window was no longer something to be surprised at.

After closing the message window with a natural hand gesture, Jinhyuk began to relax.

Uduk! Crump!

The eerie sound of twisted bones adjusting again echoed through the passage.

But Jinhyuk didn’t care and finished stretching to the end.

Because the future traps were dangerous.

Even though we all knew where and how the traps emerged, it was still dangerous.

Jinhyeok’s body now was that of an ordinary person.

Of course, I didn’t say I was scared or anything.

When Jinhyuk first entered the tower, the situation was worse than it is now, not good.

After all the stretching, Jinhyuk looked at the dark ceiling.

No, more accurately, he looked at the gods and demons who were probably looking at him.

‘Take a good look at you voyeurs. Because Cha Jin-hyuk is back.’

To others, they may have been symbols of fear and awe, but to Jinhyuk, they were

no more or less than voyeurs.

However, it is also true that their attention is hungry because the rewards they give

are real.

And from now on, Jinhyuk planned to rewrite the history of tutorials.

‘The status window that appears is the selection and training room. First of all, I have to break through here entirely with my own strength.’

First of all, it is a status window that turns humans into superhumans.

You can use it from the next tutorial stage after passing the current level.

In the end, the trap map must be overcome entirely on one’s own strength.

But Jinhyuk stood at the starting line without any hesitation.

“It begins.”

[Start the tutorial.]

Soon, I threw myself into a passage raining down all kinds of arrows and traps.

* * *


‘… … First, take a step from the front.’

A passage filled with darkness.

There is only one moment when you can see a colorless arrow flying from within.

Only when it is shot.

I don’t know if it’s consideration, but it’s because when the arrow is fired, light is

visible, albeit slightly.

Well, it is difficult to call a moment, even though it is only a moment, a consideration.

Still, thanks to that, Jinhyeok was able to dodge the incoming arrows.

But that was only for a moment.

Ping ping ping!

‘… … ‘Isn’t three shots too much of an illusion?’

Three arrows fired in succession.

It is not an arrow that is fired only in a straight line.

One foot in a straight line, one foot from above and finally one foot from the side.

A total of three arrows flew towards Jinhyeok.

Pick! Poop!


Of course, it makes no sense to avoid all of that with the body of an ordinary person.

I succeeded in dodging the arrow fired in a straight line, but not the other two.

Jinhyuk frowned as he looked at the arrows that hit each person’s left arm and right leg.

“It hurts so bad.”

He is also a person.

An arrow flew quickly.

How could it not be painful to be hit by an arrow with a sharp arrowhead?

Of course, there were skills that reduced pain while climbing the tower, and there

were also resistance skills.

But it would be even weirder for Jinhyuk to have it on the tutorial stage, which is not even on the first floor.

In the end, Jinhyuk had to endure it with his will.

Then, countless arrows were fired at Jinhyeok, who walked down the aisle one step

at a time.

ping! Peeping!

Up Down Left Right. Everywhere.

Is there a place other than here where this phrase fits best?

The constant barrage of arrows was so intense that I almost lost my mind.

Jinhyuk, who had already been hit with arrows repeatedly, had really turned into a


The blood he shed was already worth a bucket, and the arrowhead sticking out through his flesh was extremely grotesque.

“That’s it.”

Therefore, Jinhyeok gave up on moving forward as he felt increasingly dizzy due to


of course.

TrudgingThat doesn’t mean I collapsed on the spot.

I just trudge back the way I came.

The good news was that the arrow trap did not trigger on the path we had already


Thanks to this, unlike when I left, I was able to come back very comfortably(?).

And Jinhyuk returned to the starting line and sat down on the floor before crossing

the starting line.

It wasn’t that my legs had lost strength or anything.

just… … .

“Is it time to acquire resistant flow skills?”

Just getting ready to start the hard work.

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