Worthless Regression Chapter 396

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Episode 398 92. Despair (5)

Seongmin Lee gazed at his world.

When I first noticed it, I thought it was a chaotic mess.

Memories of Yang Il-cheon, the Demon Emperor of the Four Horsemen.

Memories of the dragon killed by Heoju.

Memories of Joo Hee-baek, a noble blood beast called a blood demon.

Me in my past life, me now.

The incoherently tangled memories were chaos itself.

But not now. Heo Joo left Lee Seong-min’s consciousness, and this huge world of consciousness became entirely Lee Seong-min’s.

This world was no longer hazy. There was no fog. Seongmin Lee was now the only resident here. He slowly began to walk through the world of consciousness.

Heo Ju disappeared, but Lee Seong-min was completely connected to Heo Ju in a split second. What his consciousness saw. What did he feel?

How did Heo Joo laugh after shaking off the sadness and regrets about leaving?

Don’t cry, smile.

Heoju said that. Still, smiling didn’t work. Every time I recalled a memory related to Heoju, I couldn’t help but smile.

That’s how important Heo Ju was to Lee Seong-min. Heo Joo’s voice, which always laughed and talked, can no longer be heard.

Not being able to meet Heo Joo in this world of consciousness shook Lee Seong-min’s spirit.

But still.

Seongmin Lee did not stop walking. He made a promise to Heo Ju. It’s not just that he’s going to kill Jennyella and then soak her body in a bucket of shit.

A promise that one day, when everything is over and there are no more regrets left in this world, we will go together to the world that Heoju, Simalyeonju, and King Chang are heading towards.

I couldn’t die even for that. He must prevent the apocalypse. Seongmin Lee stopped his steps.

Before he knew it, he was standing in the center of his consciousness. The memories he was conscious of came to mind one by one.

Long ago, there was a sect called Heukryeonmun in Sapa. At that time, the head of Heukryeonmun was a man named Yang Mu-gi, and Yang Il-cheon was born as his son.

Born with natural talent, he surpassed his father’s achievements at a young age and reached the realm of transcendence, establishing an organization called Simalian together with a martial artist named Heukleobeoncheon.

Because of his amazing martial arts skills, everyone called him the Demon Emperor.

Long ago, there was an arrogant dragon. Like all dragons, he was superior to all races from the moment he was born, and was arrogant, befitting the race’s characteristic of controlling magic.

Like most dragons, it was polymorphed and wandered around the human world, enjoying what it could.

Long ago, there was a noble blood beast named Joo Hee-baek. Suddenly summoned to this unknown world, he did not form a group as he did in the previous world, but wandered around as a ronin, taking pleasure in practicing martial arts and fighting powerful enemies.

Then, by chance, or rather, by design, I met two vampire sisters.

Not so long ago.

There was a 14-year-old kid who could be anywhere in the world and didn’t want to go to school.

Seongmin Lee opened his closed eyes. It took him a long time to recognize all those memories.

In reality, time would not have passed that much. We know very well that the passage of time in the mental world is different from outside.

Lee Seong-min slowly lowered his gaze and looked down at his own body. The memories that filled his world were scattered.

Who am I?

Am I the Demon Emperor with the memories of the Demon Emperor? Am I a dragon with the memories of a dragon? Am I a noble blood beast with the memories of a ghost blood beast?

It was a meaningless question. I already knew who I was. ‘I’ had to be me. Not the Demon Emperor, not the Dragon, not even the Noble Blood Beast.

So am I deaf?

“… … no.”

Seongmin Lee slowly closed his eyes. He lifted his hands and cupped his face.

My face was sticky with dried tears. Not with her ears. Until now, Lee Seong-min has always been a ghost.

From the time I killed the Sword Demon until now when my head was blown off by Jennyella.

“It’s not enough.”

The ears are weak.

It wasn’t enough to listen to the ears.


The sound was so loud that everyone could hear it. Jennyella’s giggles suddenly stopped.

She pulled out the hand that was stuck in the Black Dragon’s stomach. Nearby, Scarlett lay covered in her blood, and not far away, Lloyd was sitting with his head down.

“Ahhh… … .”

Osla had all of her wings torn off and was lying down. Baek Sogo raised his pale face.

She looked in the direction of the sound through blood-covered and hard-to-see eyes. Luvia, who was completely exhausted from consuming the protection, also lifted her head weakly.


There was that sound again. Jennyella didn’t see the devastation he had created.

As she wiped away the blood that had soaked her hands, she looked to where she could hear the pounding, pounding sound of her heart.

Lee Seong-min’s heart was pounding loudly in his chest after his head was blown off.

My heartbeat was so strong that my whole body was shaking. The hair that had disappeared was completely regenerated before I knew it.

The corner of Jennyella’s mouth twitched and went up. Okay, finally.

“I was worried you were really dead.”

The playback speed was too slow. It took so long that I thought my mind had completely died and only my body survived.

But no. That made Jennyella excited. What Jennyella wanted was not annihilation, but Lee Seong-min’s complete despair.

To surprise Lee Seong-min when he opens his eyes… … Jennyella prepared a lot.

Baek Sogo’s right arm was cut off. She gouged out Scarlett’s left eye. The left arm of the Black Dragon Association was cut off.

Lloyd’s right leg was cut off. She deliberately cut and pulled out only one by one. The rest planned to subdue Lee Sung-min, who was struggling and screaming, when he opened his eyes, make him sit down, and proceed in front of him.

I wanted to see you cry and despair. I wanted to make him beg me to stop.

Please forgive me, please save me, please don’t do it. Jennyella slowly approached Lee Seong-min.

I asked several times. Are you desperate? Called. Each time, Lee Seong-min did not give Jennyella the answer she really wanted to hear.

But now you can hear it. Jennyella stopped in her tracks. Her heartbeat, which was loud enough to shake her body, subsides.

My closed eyes opened.



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It felt like I had a long dream. Heo Joo’s voice was not heard. It was natural. He was no longer by Lee Seong-min’s side. Lee Seong-min slowly stood up.

I didn’t feel like my body was mine. I felt the same discomfort that I felt when I swallowed Aine’s heart, no, it was worse than that.

During the movement of raising his body, Seongmin Lee was conscious of his body. And he suddenly realized.

That a complete transformation has been achieved. Danjeon no longer existed. All of the enormous amount of internal energy and magical power within him remained within Lee Seong-min’s body.

Rather than being trapped and stagnant within the frame of Danjeon, Lee Seong-min’s entire body had become Danjeon.

“how is it?”

Jennyella asked excitedly.

Seongmin Lee looked at Jennyella with blank eyes. Jennyella felt a slight sense of discomfort at that expression.

Has the brain not regenerated properly yet? Although such questions arose, Jennyella spoke without hesitation.

“see. “What happened while you were down?”

Jennyella did not give details about what she did. Rather than doing that, he thought it would be more enjoyable for Lee Seong-min to see it with his own eyes.

Seongmin Lee slowly looked around. I saw many things. Osla with her wings torn off, Lubia falling helplessly, White Sogo covered in blood, Scarlet covered in blood, Black Dragon Hyeop covered in blood, blood, blood, blood. Seongmin Lee slowly closed his eyes.

There are no dead people.

Fortunately, everyone was alive.

I was able to feel a little relieved about that. Elixir is not omnipotent. Wounds like that cannot be regenerated even with elixir.

If your arm is cut off, you will have to live as a one-armed person for the rest of your life. If your eye is taken out, you will have to live with one eye for the rest of your life.

Still, he didn’t die. Everyone is alive. Seongmin Lee took a deep breath. There was no worst outcome.

It is not too late to turn back. Seongmin Lee was grateful for that.

“how is it?”

Jennyella asked excitedly. A small, whispering voice urged me to approach.

Jennyella moved her stopped steps. She narrowed the distance between herself and Lee Sung-min with light steps, as if dancing.

“How do you feel? While you were down, this is what happened. you are… … .”


Lee Seong-min’s mouth opened.

He didn’t listen to Jennyella until the end. She already knew what she was going to ask.

While Lee Seong-min was down, Jennyella was able to kill everyone. No matter how much they combined their strength, they weren’t strong enough to do anything to Jennyella under the full moon.

But Jennyella didn’t kill everyone. He may have inflicted wounds that will never go away, but he did not kill.

I could understand why he did that without even thinking about it. What Jennyella hopes for is Lee Seong-min’s despair.

“… … “I didn’t do it.”

didn’t die For now, that was enough. Jennyella giggled at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

still? Jennyella muttered in her low voice and shrugged her shoulders.

“Ah, good. very… … great. You’ve made it this far, but you haven’t despaired? It’s okay, it’s okay. The night is still long. Even if the moon sets, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is create a new full moon. Wouldn’t that make you more likely to despair? Okay, okay. He still hasn’t despaired. So how are you feeling right now?”


Seongmin Lee answered in a low voice. He looked down at his hand, which was holding nothing.


Something is strange.

Jennyella had that thought while listening to Lee Seong-min mumbling. Is it really that the brain is not regenerating properly?

You’re not stupid, and if you’ve done something like this, shouldn’t you realize that? Or was the stimulation so severe that my mind collapsed in that way?

“… … “There’s something strange about you.”

The smile disappeared from Jennyella’s face. If her mind has already collapsed, everything Jennyella has done has no meaning.

What Jennyella wanted was for Lee Seong-min to sit down in despair and fear, crying and screaming, and if he was completely ruined, he had to enjoy everything he could before that.

Jennyella hasn’t enjoyed everything yet. Push yourself to your limits, endure to your limits, when you are hungriest and thirstiest. She wanted to feel the greatest joy.

Jennyella’s eyes changed. Her magical eye of direct vision, which saw through everything, was activated. Jenny Ella’s shoulders trembled as she stared at Lee Seong-min.

‘There is no Heoju…’ … ?’

Until just a moment ago, Heo Joo was inside Lee Seong-min. He went beyond the limits of maintaining existence, and it wasn’t strange if he disappeared at any time… … I never thought it would disappear so suddenly. No, that wasn’t all. Something… … more… … .


Jennyella’s eyeballs burst out. Black blood poured from her eye sockets. Jennyella stumbled backwards, covering her eyes with both hands.

I couldn’t see through the existence with the magic eye of direct vision. What needs to be seen… … It wasn’t visible.

I’ve never seen Lee Seong-min before, but this was the first time I felt such strong repulsion.

“… … “What happened?”

“A lot of work.”

There was no need to explain to Jennyella. Seongmin Lee slowly took a step toward Jennyella.

He wasn’t just looking at Jennyella. I saw Frescan lying down in the back, still sobbing. She also saw Gemini frozen beside him.

“… … “It’s deafening.”


Seongmin Lee denied what Jennyella muttered with his head crossed.

“I am a slaughter predator.”

Seongmin Lee’s body disappeared.

It’s not that I haven’t seen it.

The shattered eyeball has already regenerated. Jennyella saw where Seongmin Lee was moving.

‘A massacre?’

The reason the movement stopped was because Lee Seong-min muttered something. The word itself is not a big deal.

Jennyella already knew that Lee Seong-min had awakened to a predation for massacre. There is no reason to be surprised that he now calmly admits that fact.

Heoju disappeared.

That was reason enough to be surprised. No, that’s not it. The reason I’m really surprised is… … .

Jennyella’s body shot backwards. Her full lips parted and her blood spurted out.

Lee Seong-min, who kicked Jennyella’s body, flew forward without stopping. He arrived at Gemini and Frescan’s location in an instant, grabbed them by the collars, and chased after Jennyella, who was flying away.

Jennyella flies backwards with the blow, and Lee Seong-min chases her, holding Gemini and Frescan by their collars.

The two left the lakeside in an instant. When the distance was sufficient, Lee Seong-min stopped, slamming Gemini and Frescan’s bodies he was holding onto the floor.

The ground shook and the bodies of Gemini and Frescan fell to the floor. Jennyella stopped a little ahead of him. She looked at Lee Seong-min, licking the blood that wet her lips with her tongue.

“What are you going to do?”

Jennyella frowned and did not answer the question. Seongmin Lee quietly raised his hand.

The magical power of the fairy forest began to fluctuate. The mana that dissolved in the air gathered into Lee Seong-min’s palm.

Jennyella’s eyebrows twitched. She guessed what Seongmin Lee was trying to do. Embarrassment preceded action.

Jennyella stood in the dark and watched Seongmin Lee massaging his magic power. There was no need for magic or chanting.

The magic power that filled the forest moved as Lee Seong-min hoped. Lee Seong-min’s lips opened slightly.

The words he muttered were a language that most beings, including humans, could never understand.

Even Jennyella didn’t know what Lee Seong-min’s words meant. But, I knew what it was.

“Yongeon… … ?”

It was unbelievable. It’s impossible. Dragons left this dimension hundreds of years ago.

No, it’s the same even if the dragon doesn’t leave and remains in this dimension. Humans, I don’t know if we should call the current Lee Seong-min a human, but how can a non-dragon being use verbs?

The words that Seongmin Lee uttered were true. The magical power moved according to Yongeon. The gathered magical power expanded widely and created a wall behind Seongmin Lee.

It became a strong barrier that surrounded the entire lakeside without any gaps.

This is my first time using verbs. Nevertheless, it happened casually and naturally. It was natural. For the current Lee Seong-min, verbs are something he ‘originally’ knew and could use. However, it was a little awkward.

Not being able to hear any voices in my head made me feel that way even more.

There are no shouting compliments.

I already miss that voice.


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