Worthless Regression Chapter 379

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Episode 381 90. Party (1)

A large bonfire lit up the forest. Beyond the fluttering embers, the fairies danced and giggled.

There were a lot of empty liquor bottles rolling around near the fire. King Chang, who drank heavily without suppressing his intoxication, surprisingly calmly curled up in a corner and fell asleep.

Lloyd, who had been caught by the Chang King and drank too much from the first drink, was lying next to him.

Black Dragon Hyeop was sitting near Teresa, whose cheeks were turning red from a little alcohol, and was talking, but Lee Seong-min was not paying attention to what he was saying.

What the Black Dragon Association was talking about was gossip that a woman of Teresa’s age would enjoy, so there was no need to listen to it.

“What happens to a child born between a half-human, half-dragon and a human?”

“In the first place, is it possible for a half-human, half-dragon to give birth?”

“hmm… … well. Isn’t that usually infertility in cases like that? “Why, they say mules are infertile?”

“A dragon is not a donkey or a horse.”

“But it’s not a good idea to go directly and ask if you are a eunuch. Rather than that, shouldn’t you first consider whether a saint can marry and give birth?”

Scarlett shook her wine glass and muttered with a serious expression on her face. After thinking about it, it seemed like that was right, so Lee Seong-min also nodded his head.

“But the age gap is a bit… … .”

“No matter how small it is, it’s two hundred years old, right? Still, I guess it won’t be a big problem… … “As long as we love each other.”

“Do you think it’s a possibility?”

“There are no flaws on the outside. What about personality, hey… … Compared to the old man sleeping, he looks very fine. “If you look around the world, you won’t find anyone who is inferior to that old man.”

Scarlett said and laughed, wondering what was so fun about it.

Anyway, those two are okay.

Scarlett slightly lifted her eyes and blinked them as she looked at Lee Sung-min.

“What is your relationship with Socheonma?”

“What do you mean by that out of the blue?”

“No, I’m just curious. “I never said it directly, but you don’t have to hear it to know that we have a very close relationship.”

“Aren’t you too drunk?”

“You’re just pretending to be drunk. “Who else would ask this but me?”

“No one will be curious about this other than Scarlett.”

“I don’t think so.”

Scarlett assured and raised the wine glass to her lips. She glanced at Baek So-go, who was sitting near Seong-min Lee.

Baek So-go’s cheeks were stained a reddish color as he hugged his knees with his arms.

Baek Sogo and Scarlett glanced this way and their eyes met. Baek So-go was startled, but pretended not to look away and raised his glass.

“Why? Women like stories like this. “Isn’t this a good topic to talk about, especially over drinks?”

“that’s right.”

Rubia’s eyes lit up as she sipped the fruit wine made by the fairies, saying she didn’t like the bitter taste. She perked up her cat ears and came over to sit next to Scarlett on her lap paws.

“Well, I know what kind of relationship Lee Seong-min and Socheonma have.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw two people having a secret meeting in the forest. Not only that, but things that happened in the past… … .”

“Don’t say unnecessary things.”

Seongmin Lee said while glancing at Rubia. Then Luvia pouted her lips and sipped her fruit wine again. The more you hear a story like this, the more curious you become.

“Are you still confused? I am your master. “Who is the great wizard who broke the contract with the Queen of Spirits and made you his familiar?”

“that… … “It’s Scarlett.”

“Now that the Spirit Queen is gone, I am your only master. Now, answer me. “What is the relationship between you two?”

“We’ve been friends since childhood.”

Scarlett wasn’t satisfied with that answer. Her eyes lit up and she urged her to answer.

Luvia also did not step forward and quietly kept her mouth shut, perhaps because she wanted to hear Lee Seong-min’s point of view properly.

Meanwhile, Teresa was laughing happily after hearing the Black Dragon Association’s unknown joke. Baek Sogo slowly narrowed the distance and listened.

First meeting, in the dungeon, in Rubes, in the fairy forest, in the sleeping forest.

Seongmin Lee told a story related to Wijihoyeon. He cut back on what to cut back on and didn’t say anything he shouldn’t do.

Rather, it allowed the listeners to exercise their imagination. Luvia cupped her red cheeks with her hands after hearing that they had been together in this forest for a year.

Baek Sogo’s cheeks hardened slightly. Scarlett clicked her tongue as she looked at Baek Sogo.

“It’s too disadvantageous.”


“No, it’s nothing.”

Scarlett rested her chin on her hand, feeling confused. Scarlett was also quite attracted to Lee Sung-min.

If you think about it carefully, the only man who has been by her side so far who is fine, has a fair face, has a good personality, is good at skills, and has known her for a long time is Lee Seong-min.

In the first place, Scarlett didn’t have many options. Like most wizards, Scarlett has lived a life focused on magic rather than love, romance, marriage, or anything else.

It was a little disappointing, a waste, and I felt that way. But she wasn’t sad.

‘Well, if it doesn’t work out, I don’t mind the second or third time.’

In that respect, Scarlett was very open. Of course, I don’t intend to do that right now.

First, you must end the apocalypse, and then you must achieve your secret wish as a wizard. Love, dating, marriage. That would probably be next.

But Baeksogo is different.

Scarlett glanced at Baek Sogo’s pale face. She was a little red from drunkenness just a moment ago, but no trace of that remained on her face.

It seemed that while listening to the story, he used internal energy to drive away the intoxication.

[Aren’t you going to confess?]

I can’t help it. I have no choice but to step forward and become the cupid of love. Scarlett sent a telepathic message to Baek So-ro, who was shaking with her lips.

Then Baek Sogo looked at Scarlett in surprise.

[What do you mean suddenly?]

[What’s happening all of a sudden? Do you know what your expression looks like right now? Can you at least give me a mirror?]

[What’s wrong with my expression?]



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[That’s it, that’s enough. What else can you do? Don’t you confess? I think this is good timing. If you put your mind to it, I will hold the wind properly.]

[I am… … I don’t have those feelings toward the priest.]

[But why is your expression like that?]

[What does my expression look like?]

[The expression of a foolish woman who couldn’t even confess her love to her crush, kept it in her heart for over ten years with the groundless confidence that she was the only one, and then found out that her crush had actually bitten and sucked her ten years ago without her knowledge. Hey.]

Baek Sogo couldn’t answer and just pursed his lower lip. Scarlett clicked her tongue and glanced at Baek Sogo.

Seongmin Lee felt like he had said something pointless and poured the alcohol from the gourd into a glass.

[Anyway, I understand. So you don’t want to say it directly yet?]

[…] … I don’t think it’s a story worth talking about in these times. And, I… … So, the priest has no feelings beyond the death penalty… … .]

[That’s your opinion. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it well.]

It seemed like the role of Cupid was too much. Still, Scarlett didn’t give up.

Scarlett took the gourd that Lee Seong-min was pouring and filled the glass herself.

“What do you think about polygamy?”

“… … What kind of bullshit is that all of a sudden… … .”

“Just answer me.”

“… … “If it’s polygamy, doesn’t that mean a man has multiple women as his wives?”


“Then won’t there be fights between women?”

“Women can understand each other better and not fight.”

“Still, it’s a bit…” … .”

“Then what about polyandry?”

“I don’t like it.”

“What a piece of trash.”

I answered immediately without even thinking. Then Scarlett looked at me with a straight face and swore.

“I don’t like it when a woman has multiple husbands, but I like it when a man has multiple wives?”

“I never said it was good.”

“There is a difference in the answers. “If women understand each other well, they can do it. That was the nuance.”


“Just shut up. What a piece of trash, all men are the same anyway. After all, what man wouldn’t like a woman who comes? “If the woman who comes is pretty, she can never say no.”

“Why on earth do you take it so negatively?”

“It’s because I hate you, you son of a bitch.”

“What did I do…” … .”

“Baeksogo. “What did you do 10 years ago?”

“… … yes?”

Scarlett turned her head and looked at Baek Sogo. Baek Sogo, who was drooping her shoulders, looked at Scarlet in surprise.


“What did you do 10 years ago?”

“that… … “I wandered the world.”

“Before that?”

“It was on the mountain of Mshi… … .”

“Were you on that damn mountain again? Well, I was better off than you. I stayed in the magic tower, smelling the musty smell of books, writing down grimoires until my fingertips went numb, and pouring over theories until my head exploded. But what about you? “I was biting and sucking with Socheonma!”

“Did I just do that? And biting and sucking, something like that… … .”

“So you didn’t?”

“that… … .”

“You really are unnecessarily honest in this regard. “Can’t I just lie and say ‘I didn’t do it’?”

“I didn’t.”

“I want to kill you, really.”

When Lee Sung-min answered with a trembling face, Scarlett shook her shoulders, trembled, and let out an angry voice. Seongmin Lee cleared his throat and took a sip of his drink.

“I’m a fool for trying to talk to you. Where did you come from with such a tactless guy… … .”

“Why am I so clueless?”

Lee Seong-min looked at Scarlett while asking that question. He had needlessly deep eyes.

Scarlett pulled her chin in surprise. Seongmin Lee sighed and shook his head.

“I don’t know.”


“The end is not yet over. Although the Queen of Spirits has been destroyed, Zeniella and Musin are still there. There may be other disasters as well. therefore… … .”

“I knew it would be like this. “Why are you talking seriously to yourself again when you just want to change your mind and have a drink?”

“That’s just the way it is. Polygamy, polyandry… … “What does that matter now?”

“The world might fall apart tomorrow, so shouldn’t we live a life with no regrets?”

“Would you like to plant an apple tree?”

“What kind of bullshit are you talking about? “Why are you planting an apple tree?”

“That was in the world I was in. Even if the Earth is destroyed tomorrow, there will be only one apple tree… … .”

“What are you crazy doing? What is Earth? And, why plant apple trees when they are dying? “Let’s just eat another apple.”

Scarlett fired back in a bitter voice. Seongmin Lee wanted to say something to refute those words, but he didn’t even know the name of the philosopher who said those words, so he just kept quiet.

“… … Anyway, I don’t really want to talk about that. Even now, while we are doing this, Wijihoyeon… … .”

“You must be having a really hard time. Thanks to that great person, we were able to easily capture the Queen of Spirits. In fact, even if we don’t do anything, isn’t Socheonma alone able to prevent the apocalypse?”

“I don’t want to put all the burden on her.”

“I’m just saying that too. I don’t want to blindly trust Socheonma, whom I’ve never met. I have to do it myself and see it for myself. Why is the atmosphere like this again? So why are you talking so needlessly about the end… … .”


Before Scarlett finished complaining, Lee Seong-min shouted something that flashed in his mind.

Baek So-go, who had been trying to control his complicated feelings while looking down, was startled.



“This is Spinoza. “The name of the person who said he would plant an apple tree.”

“So what?”

“just… … “It suddenly occurred to me.”

“Crazy guy… … .”


Teresa laughed out loud. Scarlett furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at Teresa, who was talking to the Black Dragon Association beyond the bonfire.

“What on earth is so funny that you’re splitting it like that?”

“It seems surprisingly humorous.”

“Yes, you’re a eunuch.”

“Isn’t that still not clear?”

“That is highly likely. by the way. “What would Socheonma think?”

“What do you mean?”


“Are we still talking about that?”

Seongmin Lee was dumbfounded and asked that question. This time, Baek Sogo pretended not to listen and listened. Scarlett nodded her head with a serious expression.

“After thinking about it, I think Socheonma’s opinion is more important than yours.”

Come to think of it, I’ve had this conversation with Wijihoyeon before. This was the story we shared before we parted ways from the fairy forest.

“… … “He said it didn’t matter because he was the first.”


“that is… … .”

“Ah, that’s enough. okay. Are you saying that you are always first? Second or third doesn’t matter. Wow, you have great confidence. “I’ve never met him, but I know exactly what his personality is like.”

This was sufficient income. From what I heard, Wijihoyeon didn’t seem to care much if there was a second or third time. Scarlett grinned at Baek Sogo.

[They say it’s okay to have a second one.]

[…] … So, I have those feelings towards the priest… … .]

[Yeah, no. It seems to me that you have those feelings.]

Scarlett stopped listening and cut off Baek Sogo. She smiled happily as she poured alcohol from a gourd into her glass.

“Ah, the drink tastes good.”

She poured the drink into her mouth, feeling pleasantly satisfied.


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