Worthless Regression Chapter 352

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Episode 354 84. Moon Palace (2)

An explosion occurred, and light covered the entire area.

Seongmin Lee searched for others as he was swept away by the irresistible waves of light.

Scarlett, Baek Sogo, Yana. What are they doing and are they safe? But the light that filled my eyes was so strong that it made it impossible to see what was right in front of my nose.

I couldn’t sense their presence, even with my senses that made me feel things I couldn’t see with my own eyes.

[Are you okay?]

Only Heo Joo’s voice could be heard clearly. Both eyes are blind and senses are closed.

Other than that, there was nothing wrong. Seongmin Lee tried to move forward by moving his arms as if he was struggling.

Sudden spatial erosion.

I haven’t heard the reason for this from Scarlett yet. Dangerous… … That said, is it really true? Light passes by.

Lee Seong-min was standing in the same place, but he felt an inexplicable sense of acceleration. It was a strange feeling, but it didn’t seem dangerous.


Seongmin Lee saw something. While the light passes by. Fast, slow, and stopping at some point.

In it, Lee Seong-min was standing there awkwardly. I couldn’t tell whether the scenery I saw was the past, the future, or the present.

Lee Seong-min’s eyes went blank. Standing beyond the frozen storm of light was a face I could never forget.

It didn’t change much, but it did look a little different. The obvious difference is that the hair has become longer.

little… … Are you skinny? Although she had never been fat to begin with, Lee Sung-min noticed that her face had become a little slimmer than it had been 10 years ago.

The expression on his face was fatigue, boredom, irritation, and anger. The object toward which the eyes filled with such diverse emotions are directed is not visible.

“Weezy… … .”


I suppressed my embarrassment and called her name with only earnestness. Did the voice reach you?

Wijihoyeon’s head turned beyond the storm of light. It only appeared big, but that alone gave Wijihoyeon a completely different impression than before.

Lee Seong-min and Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s eyes met. Wizzy Hoyeon opened her mouth to say something.

The frozen scenery moves. The scenery passes by in an instant. Flame, wind, water… … Clumps of them pass by.

what? Seongmin Lee ran forward without hesitation. He was trying to catch Wiji Hoyeon, who passed by.

far. No, to be precise, my body was barely moving forward. The space that passed by was too far to chase even at Lee Seong-min’s speed.

Was what I saw just a moment ago an illusion? Why am I seeing such a vision at this moment?

Something was visible beyond the storm of light.

It was a cat’s ears that stood up.

At that moment, Lee Seong-min grabbed it without thinking.


The storm is gone. Lee Seong-min collapsed in the same running position and rolled around on the ground.

Afraid that what he was holding might get hurt, he held it in his arms and tried to defend himself.

However, contrary to what I thought, the impact of rolling around was not as strong. Instead, what hit Seongmin Lee was the cold current of the lake.


After being sucked into the water, Lee Seong-min quickly ran out of the lake.


The loud screams continued without stopping. Seongmin Lee ignored the dripping water droplets and looked in the direction from which the sound was heard.

Scarlett was crouching inside the magic barrier with her head covered. Not far away, Baek Sogo, who had been standing in an awkward posture, slowly straightened his posture, and Yana, who had wrapped her nine tails around her body, also lowered her tail.

Scarlett’s screams, which had continued for a long time, stopped. She looked around her, cleared her throat, and stood up. She then swung her hand and released the magic barrier that was protecting her.

“… … “I thought I was going to die.”

“me too.”

“Actually, he should be dead. Space erosion on the scale just now is a catastrophe that cannot even be dreamed of through magic. “Unexpectedly, nothing happened.”

“You didn’t see it?”

“Are you kidding me? You clearly saw me screaming with my eyes closed, but what? Can’t you see? Do you want to search?”

Scarlett blushed, dyeing her earlobes red. That’s not what I meant.

Seongmin Lee slowly stepped back and looked at Yana and Baek Sogo. When their eyes met, they both shook their heads.

“I was blinded and couldn’t see anything.”

“Me too.”

So was it really an illusion? No, I couldn’t just think like that. Seongmin Lee looked down into his arms.

At that moment, I didn’t see anything wrong. Cat ears that stood out. Rather than thinking that it was unexpected, my first thought was that it was a pleasure.

The will of Gwangcheonma, who died a long time ago, lingers in my mind. Someday, if I get the chance. I never thought that that day would be today.


It was Luvia who fainted in Lee Sung-min’s arms. Rubia, whom I saw briefly in Germud 10 years ago and couldn’t even say hello to.

Seongmin Lee grabbed Rubia’s wrist. He just lost his mind. As the energy flowed into his bloodstream, Luvia’s body trembled.

“… … Ugh… … !”

Not long after, Luvia opened her closed eyes. The light returned to the eyes and they looked at Lee Seong-min. Luvia’s mouth opened wide.

“now. “Calm down.”

Seongmin Lee raised his hand to calm Luvia before she screamed. It starts with her screaming and it takes a long time to calm her down.

Seongmin Lee looked into Rubia’s eyes and explained the situation that had just happened.

He was caught up in a sudden spatial erosion, saw something strange in a passing storm of light, and saw Luvia before the storm ended, so he caught her right away.

“Are you crazy?”

While Lee Seong-min explained the situation, Rubia calmed down her surprise at this sudden situation to some extent.

However, Rubia was truly dumbfounded by Lee Seong-min’s last words and had to say them.

“Why did you catch me in that situation? It’s a shame because I was lucky. If I hadn’t been careful, I would have fallen through the cracks in space and become an eternal lost child. Or your body will explode and you will die!”

“… … I’m sorry about that. I didn’t know the situation well. But anyway, aren’t you glad you survived and didn’t die?”

“You’ve become very shameless while I haven’t seen you.”



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“As you get older, you become more shameless.”

Luvia burst out laughing at Lee Seong-min’s answer. She stared at Lee Seong-min’s face for a moment, then sighed and spoke to her seat.

“Can you please let go of my hand first?”

“Oh, yes.”

Seongmin Lee let go of Rubia’s wrist, which he was still holding. Luvia made a sullen expression on her face and struggled to get out of Lee Seong-min’s arms.

Even though ten years, no, more than that had passed, Luvia still maintained the same youthful appearance she had when she first saw her in Sleeping Forest.

It wasn’t because she didn’t age, it was because Luvia was an artificial spirit that was created.

“I couldn’t even say it’s been a while. “Ten years ago, we couldn’t even say hello properly.”

“… … how are you?”

“We didn’t get along very well. At that time, the mission that the Queen of Spirits gave me was to be my master… … It was about taking care of Envirus. But when I came to, I was back in the spirit world. At that moment, I learned that the master I served had passed away. Originally, I would have been destroyed by the Queen’s anger, but the Queen was in a deep sleep at that time.”

Luvia’s expression became bitter. She owed her life to the Queen’s 10-year sleep, but she did not consider it fortunate.

Rubia truly served her master, Envirus. However, she couldn’t help but feel guilty for losing her mind at the most critical moment and not being able to prevent her master from being murdered.

“I thought I would be punished when the Queen wakes up. but… … “Before I could be punished, someone invaded the spirit world.”

“… … yes?”

Everyone was listening to Rubia’s words. Luvia was glancing more openly at Baek Sogo than at Scarlet or Yana.

A long time ago, he seemed to remember a time when he and Lee Seong-min entered the dungeon to rescue Baek So-go.

“He’s someone you know well.”

I don’t know if you can call that a person.

Luvia added in a low voice.

“About fifteen days ago, a human… … I came into this spirit world. Socheonma Wijihoyeon. I don’t really know how she came into her spirit world. Perhaps the other spirits of her elemental world, not even her queen, will know how she came in. “Because it is originally impossible for humans to enter the spirit world.”

“… … “What happened after that?”

“that… … Wijihoyeon attacked Queen Dajjagojja.”

Luvia didn’t know how to explain what she saw. It was his first time seeing a fight on such a scale and between beings of such ‘status’.

The spirit world is the queen’s territory.

With a single wave of her hand, the highest spirits with terrible power are moved.

Nevertheless, the queen could not overwhelm Wijihoyeon even while fighting in the spirit world.

The highest level spirits were destroyed simply by being hit by fragments of power that flew out during the fight between Wijihoyeon and the queen.

“The fight continued non-stop for 15 days.”

So, I’m saying it doesn’t seem like a human being. It is natural that the queen’s power does not dry up in the spirit world, but Wijihoyeon also did not get tired or lose any strength during the 15-day fight.

“The ensuing fight came close to destroying the spirit world itself. At that moment, the queen hastily eroded the spirit world into this world to prevent it from being completely destroyed. It shouldn’t be done, but… … “The queen didn’t mind.”

“There were many spirits on this mountain.”

Scarlett, who was listening to the story, muttered.

“It seems that this mountain was a spot with a strong connection to the spirit world. Even if you’re unlucky, it can’t be like this. Why did this happen while we were here?”

“If the spirit world was eroded into this world, what happened to the spirits and queens in the spirit world?”

“… … We weren’t fully prepared, and the queen was exhausted. In fact, Wiji Hoyeon, if she had not intervened, the queen would have succeeded in eroding her without any anxiety after all her preparations were completed.”

“Then what happens?”

“That’s it.”

Luvia answered in a droopy voice.

“In many ways. As the wizard over there said, there are several other spots in the area with strong spirit energy, just like this mountain. The erosion that started from there would have completely destroyed the entire area, and later the powerful spirits and queen of the spirit world would have descended on this world with their original powers intact. And, I guess the queen did what she wanted to do.”


After hearing Luvia’s story, Seongmin Lee was silent.

Incomplete erosion.

It was unclear to what extent the Spirit Queen’s wishes had been fulfilled. However, no matter how imperfect it was, Lee Seong-min could not help but think that the Queen of Spirits herself had descended on Eria.

The reason was simple. In the current world, the Queen of Spirits was destined to end.

From the moment Envirus was killed by his younger brother Abel. The Queen of Spirits is destined to descend as her apocalypse and destroy this world.

“… … Besides this mountain, do you know any other spots where spirit power is strong?”

“… … I don’t know.”

Luvia answered in a gloomy voice.

“I’m honestly confused. The Queen is trying to destroy this world… … But my master wanted to save this world. I am… … .”

“What do you wish for, Luvia?”

Seongmin Lee asked while looking at Rubia.

“I know that Envirus wanted to save this world. Even though he died that way, his desire to save the world must have been sincere. “The Fairy Queen wants to pass on responsibility to this world for Envirus’ death.”

Luvia didn’t say anything.

“… … “Where did Grandpa Gwangcheonma go?”

After a moment of silence, Luvia asked that question. Lee Seong-min’s expression hardened at those words. After hesitating for a moment, Seongmin Lee sighed and answered.

“… … At that time, in Eorumuri… … “He passed away.”

“… … ah… … .”

Luvia’s mouth opened. Luvia’s ears drooped from her dazed state.

“Mr. Gwangcheonma left this will to me before he died. someday… … “Please make sure Rubia is doing well.”

“I am… … well… … “I’ve been there.”

“In the future?”

Luvia raised her eyes. Her eyes were moist, perhaps because of old memories.

“From now on, the Spirit Queen will destroy this world. I plan to stop her with all my might. Then, she might end up fighting with Luvia as well. “If you side with the Spirit Queen.”

“… … I am… … “It’s not that strong.”

“Then you will be killed by me.”

Luvia eventually shed tears.

“Why did this happen?”

Luvia made a crying sound.

“Grandpa Gwangcheonma died, and my teacher also died. “Why is this happening to me?”

“Because some damn son of a bitch is letting this world go by like that. I aim to hit the duck and kill him. ”

sincerely. Seongmin Lee spoke in a voice full of murder.

“And now we have to kill the spirit queen. Let me be honest. Rubia, I would love it if you could help me, but I understand that you have a position too. You are a spirit after all. If you’re loyal to the Queen, you’ll be with that crazy bitch who wants to destroy the world. “If I were to stand before the Queen of Spirits.”

Seongmin Lee stretched out his hand and wiped away Luvia’s tears.

“Run away. “Then I won’t have to kill you.”

Seongmin Lee said that and turned around. Aside from finding a spot, Seongmin Lee was thinking of trying something else. To do that, I had to leave this place first.

“… … Chenelon Great Lakes. Dahar ruins. Pemud Volcano.”

Luvia muttered.

“And Sleeping Forest…” … Here, the Yuzkiah Mountains. These five places are where the spirit power is strong. The queen’s existence… … I can’t feel it yet. “If the queen had come to this world, I would definitely know.”

“Are you saying that Advent failed?”

“no. That’s not it… … .”

Luvia stopped speaking.

[You’re talking too much.]

A buzzing voice made the space vibrate. A huge wind swept everywhere.

[Are you planning to betray the queen?]

A huge man rose up from the blowing wind.


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