Worthless Regression Chapter 322

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Episode 324

76. Unconsciousness (3)

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Slaughter Posik, who was thrown to the floor, burst out laughing like crazy.

Heoju looked down at the body of such a massacre and slowly withdrew his hand. Lee Seong-min opened his mouth in surprise when he saw Heo-joo’s back suddenly appear.

“That was quite unreasonable!”

As Salsaposik said that, he suddenly stood up. It has no eyes or nose. But he was stuck in his place. However, it also swells in an instant and the wound fills up.

“You’ve almost lost control of your magical powers, but you’re breaking through the wall of unconsciousness. “It seems like you were quite earnest and desperate?”

“I promised I would, I just didn’t want to lie.”

Heoju spat out in a cold voice. At those words, Slaughter Predation laughed even louder.

“You heard everything. Why did you, who were so strong, die? The death of the great youkai like you was at best to become food for that guy. Even though you knew that, did you still want to stand up for him?”

“What does that matter?”

Heo Joo smiled and answered the question of slaughter.

“It wasn’t an unfair death. If you were too strong and had to die, it would be a happy death! food? Does not matter. “Thanks to you, I experienced a lot of interesting things even after I died.”

There was no lie in those words. Heo Joo glanced at Lee Seong-min.

“It was rather good. You are the totality of that foolish bastard’s anxiety. “Without you, he would no longer have that idiotic anxiety that he might be the end of the world.”

“Did you forget?”

Slaughter Posik smiled, showing his teeth.

“You are overconfident in your own strength. You saw me in the shadows. I still remember your expression back then. “You felt afraid, right?”

Heoju did not answer. Slaughter Posik shot a bitter laugh at Heo Joo, who closed his mouth and approached him with great strides.

“You should have disappeared long ago. But thanks to the devil’s tricks, I survived! But I didn’t hate you. “You were the strongest among the yokai species.”

Strictly speaking, Slaughter Predator is not a monster. At the time of the end, the reincarnated person awakens and the executor of the end who has become non-human is none other than Slaughter Predation.

“I felt sorry for you for being harassed by the demonic spirit, so I showed you a way to move forward. “If you had chosen, you could have left this world and gone to a place where you were free.”

Heo Ju heard the mockery of the massacre predator. He was right.

The first time I encountered the carnage predation that settled in Lee Seong-min’s mind. For the first time in his life, Heoju learned what fear felt like.

Simply facing it. I felt death in every movement and everything.

And the path shown by Slaughter Predation. That winding single road.

Slaughter Posik sat at the end and asked Heo Ju if he would come here. But why? At that time, I felt fear just by facing it.

Right now, Heo Ju was not feeling fear. Rather, he felt a pleasant sense of liberation.

At that time, in Eormuri. For the first time, Heoju became conscious of the ‘single path’.

After that, Heo Joo did not just play around in Lee Sung Min’s head. He was emotionally connected to Lee Seong-min, and Heo Joo also saw and felt what Lee Seong-min saw and felt.

It was a diverse and new experience for Heo Ju.

Originally, He Ju did not know about martial arts. But now Heo Joo knows about martial arts. I also learned how strong a person who learns martial arts can become.

In particular, the power of Sima Lianju inherited by Lee Seong-min. Although it could not give strength to Heo Ju, who only had a soul, the group of Sima Lianju engraved in Lee Seong-min’s mind was also passed on to Heo Ju.

All those things. The martial arts that Lee Seong-min learned, the group engraved in his mind. Slowly recalling that, Heoju approached Ssalsaposik.

Slaughter Posik laughed and shook his head.

“You can’t change anything.”

There was compassion in Slaughter Predation’s voice.

“He was such a powerful monster, but he died before he could escape this world. Even after his death, your soul remains without rest and you are the toy of fate. There is no value to you anymore. The reincarnated person became a complete youkai, and I inhabited that body and became a slaughter predator.”

Heoju didn’t stop.

“It’s not difficult to take you down. Do you really think that this person will be of help? Hahaha, no help. “I have already completely taken over that guy’s consciousness.”

It was as he said. Lee Seong-min also tried to attack Sassak Posik several times, but his body had no strength at all.

That much strength, that endless magical power. Nothing could help Seongmin Lee.


Lee Seong-min looked at Heo Joo’s back. Heo Ju did not look back.

“I told you last time. “Maybe I died to meet you.”

At those words, Lee Seong-min clenched his fists.

Maybe Lee Seong-min doesn’t need to feel guilty about this.

Because Lee Sung-min did not know this fact, and everything that happened to Lee Sung-min did not happen with Lee Sung-min’s consent.

However, Lee Seong-min was feeling guilty. Even if he didn’t know. Even if it happened without his consent.

In the end, isn’t everything Lee Seong-min’s fault? In the end, I was too weak. Because it’s insignificant. So the power of fate was concentrated on Seongmin Lee.

Even if it was the devil’s intention that Lee Seong-min, who was of that caliber, was selected as a reincarnation.

“What does that mean?”


Heoju gave strength and stretched his feet forward. He stiffened his knees towards the grinning carnage predator standing in the distance.

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

The sound of Heoju’s bones rang throughout his body. Her muscles swelled and tightened repeatedly.

“I don’t regret meeting you. It was quite fun to see what you did in your head. At that time, it was more enjoyable for this old man to have his soul still alive and travel with you than to die like that.”

“You’re speaking uncharacteristically of a monster.”

The massacre predation was terrifying. Heoju also nodded her head and smiled at those words.

“Isn’t it inevitable? All that was left was my soul, living as a parasite on that idiot’s barding. “It is inevitable that the brutality of the past will decrease.”

Ttuduk… … Tdu-duk-duk.

Heoju’s muscles tightened to their limit.

“Just know. I enjoyed meeting you. I don’t know about fate or anything like that, but the few years I spent with you were enjoyable enough to compare to the whole life this old man lived. and… … This old man made a promise to you. “I will stop you.”


Lee Seong-min’s face turned white.

A terrible and fearful premonition came over me.



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The current Lee Seong-min was thinking about Sima Lianju’s death.

And Gwangcheonma’s death. For Lee Seong-min, it was difficult to compare Heo-ju’s existence to anything else.

When Lee Seong-min was most anxious and imperfect, it was Heo Joo who did not leave Lee Seong-min.

It was Heo Joo who gave Lee Sung-min advice and even went to the extreme to come forward whenever he was in crisis.

Heo Ju was a teacher, friend, and father to Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee quickly stretched out his hand and tried to grab Heoju. Even though I know that the gesture has no meaning. This is because he could not stand to see Heoju disappear completely because of him.

“Do not be afraid.”

That voice remained in Lee Seong-min’s ears.


Heoju kicked the ground and jumped forward. Lee Seong-min’s body flew backwards.

“If I wanted to leave, I could have left you a long time ago.”

Heo Joo’s shout rang throughout the space.


The world of unconsciousness was shaken with a tremendous roar.

Lee Seong-min, who flew back for a while, did not see Heo Joo and Sassal Predation.

All Lee Seong-min heard was the loud laughter of a massacre and the sound of something exploding and being smashed.


Seongmin Lee stumbled and got up.

Don’t despair me.

He held his head with both hands. I no longer felt the headache I always had.

But an even greater fear was trembling through his body.

All the new things that he had not known until now were putting pressure on Seongmin Lee. In the fate of the end, the demon spirit betrayed.

As a result, Lee Seong-min, who was not qualified, returned to the past.

Ahhh. So, Mshi said that.

Mish had already told me everything.

Unkind self-talk.

There are no coincidences in this world.

The same privileges apply to otherworldly people. skill. A handy perk that makes learning about something a breeze. It exists for a good reason.

There is a reason for everything. There is a reason to return to the past. Even if it seems like a well-played coincidence.

When you return, you need to be prepared. To become something worthy of the reason I came back.

Lee Seong-min collapsed in his seat.

Ah, yes. Msh. You told me everything then.

The reason why skills exist in otherworldly people. In this world where there are no coincidences, why do people like me return to the past?

I was a slaughter predator.

Even if I was an insignificant being in my past life, since I returned to the past, I had the fate of slaughter and predation.

Deep inside my head, the consciousness of slaughter and predation lay dormant. All waiting for the right time. And now the time has come.

The existence of me.

Seongmin Lee stumbled and got up. In the end, he was a puppet. My existence was a reincarnation and an observer to bring about the end, and it was a massacre and predation, one of the disasters of the end.

The betrayed demon deceived everyone’s attention through me and took possession of Wijihoyeon. Yes, that’s the way it is in the end.

In this world, Lee Seong-min was not the main character. He was a throwaway horse that existed for Wijihoyeon.


so I.

Is it impossible to do anything like this? I couldn’t do anything even after Sima Lianju’s death. This time, I couldn’t do anything. Should we see Heoju possibly disappearing?


Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth.

hate. I don’t like that. Of course I can’t help but hate it. He was disgusted with himself for not being able to do anything.

Even in Gwangcheonma’s death and Sima Ryeonju’s death. He didn’t like that, so he inherited the power of Sabeopju. Because I don’t want to remain as a helpless person.



Seongmin Lee realized that he was holding something in his hand. Seongmin Lee lifted it. Pure white, white… … It was an awl.

In the past, when I killed Amzon. This is the object that Amzon held in his hand at the last moment and tried to stab Lee Seong-min. Musin referred to this unknown white wooden awl as Baekah (白牙) or Mistiltein.

Even Lee Seong-min did not know what this item was used for. He didn’t even know why Baek Ah was in his hands at this moment.

Is this also destiny? So where is the destination of this damned and shitty fate? If it is my fate to awaken to slaughter and predation.

“… … a little… … .”

Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth. He didn’t do any calculations. Because he doesn’t know what the object in his hand is for or what function it has.

I just had to do something. Because he hated himself for being helpless.


To be honest, I didn’t think that Slaughter Predator would be this strong.

This is because Heoju was not an opponent for slaughter and predation, even if he had only seen it in Eorumuri.

Heoju’s power was surprising, but it wasn’t Heoju that shocked Slaughter Predation.

He saw it being held in both hands of Lee Seong-min from a distance. What are you thinking?

The spirit of carnage and predation has hardened. Lee Seong-min was aiming the sharp end of his white sword at his own heart.


Slaughter Eater roared. There was no room for that cry. Heoju was startled by that loud cry. When he looked back at Seongmin Lee, the massacre predator was flying towards Seongmin Lee across the world of consciousness with all its might.


Heoju let out a yell and chased after Sassalposik. He grabbed the shoulder of the flying slaughter predator and threw it to the ground.

The massacre predator resisted violently and struggled.


Heoju shouted, pressing down on Ssalposik’s shoulders with both hands. I don’t know what Lee Sung-min is trying to do. However, seeing the laid-back Slaughter Posik show such a passionate reaction, it seemed clear that what Seongmin Lee was trying to do would be difficult for Slaughter Posik.

Listening to all those cries.

Lee Seong-min gave strength to both hands holding Baek-ah.

Until it penetrates your chest, pierces your heart, and comes out the back.


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