Worthless Regression Chapter 316

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Episode 318 75. Demon King (4)

“how… … “What happened?”

Cain stammered. He still didn’t know what had happened.

Abel looked at Cain with hateful eyes. She is of no use. Maybe she had the same powers as before. Currently, Cain has lost most of his abilities as a wizard.

Although it is said that he migrated to the spirit world and barely survived with the power of the queen. Breaking the contract with Mana is a fatal thing for a wizard.

“I can barely suppress aging with that little magical power. like that… … That much. Did you want to live… … !”

Abel spat out in a suppressed voice.

“I don’t care what happens to the world I was born into. like this… … In her mansion provided by the Queen. Taking care of a garden with colorful flowers, etc. Was she living like that? … !”

“I, I am.”

Cain stammered in response to Abel’s words.

“I was willing to do anything. Me too… … This means that they have been working hard to prevent the end. But, now I am… … ”

“Shut up.”

Abel did not want to listen to Cain. It was something he didn’t need to hear anymore. Cain’s efforts? know. I have no intention of ignoring it.

But in the end, the efforts he made were those that prioritized avoiding his own terrible death. Didn’t that ultimately lead to this result?

“What do you want to do?”

Kim Jonghyun asked with a smiling voice.

“Lee Seong-min. This is what I am saying to you. What you set out to do has failed. Now that things have come to this, the only way to avoid the apocalypse is to connect the Great Demon World to this world.”

“Don’t talk nonsense… … !”

Abel gritted his teeth and shouted.

“Even if the Great Demon World and this world are connected, it will ultimately be destroyed. Will you take care of humans? Are you going to protect this world from the clutches of demons? … !”

“No, I don’t plan on doing that. Still, wouldn’t it be better than complete apocalypse? Even if the human placenta dies, this world will not be completely destroyed.”


Seongmin Lee, again. He recalled it. A phrase he had heard many times. This is what Mush and the Fairy Queen also said. There will come a time of choice.

Seongmin Lee looked down at the spear he was holding in his hand. You must become a being that matches the choice you made. Thinking back on what Mushi said.

Join hands with Kim Jong-hyun to connect this world with the demon world.

First, hundreds of thousands of humans would have to be killed. No, just a few dozen won’t be enough. Maybe we should kill millions.

Only by sacrificing such a human soul will it be possible to connect this world to the Great Demon World. After that, death will continue endlessly. The Eria connected to the Great Demon World will no longer be the Eria it used to be.

Since when did you care about people’s lives?

I heard that voice from somewhere in my head. Isn’t the most important thing yourself? No matter what happens to this world, you survive. If you have the power, you can probably save your life.

Don’t be funny. Isn’t that something that may or may not be true?

So, let’s just blindly try to stop Kim Jong-hyun? It’s just that the method is disastrous, but isn’t Kim Jong-hyun’s job ultimately to prevent the end?

Preventing the end? No, Kim Jong-hyun just does it because he wants to. Think about what you wanted to do. He said it was unfair. He said it was a waste. Will your injustice be repaid by living in a miserable world connected to the demon world?

‘shut up.’

The voice lingering in my head was my own. What kind of answer do you want me to give? There is no answer either way.

Being connected to the hemp world is also an end in another sense. Who wouldn’t know if Lee Seong-min is stronger than the monarch of the demon world or the demon god.

It was difficult for him now to defeat Kim Jong-hyun, who was an imperfect demon king. If he were to be connected to the Great Demon World with this much power, it would be difficult to even preserve Lee Seong-min’s own life.

Lee Seong-min would be like that too.

What about other people? Recalls a distant memory. Those who received help from Zenabis. Hans, Jack and Lura. Ordinary people with no power. Lura said she was married. What about her children she gave birth to?

What about Selgerus? What about Scarlett? What about Baeksogo? Weezy… … What about Hoenn? Ambassador Bulyeong, Namgung Hui-won, Jihak, etc., etc., etc.

Why do you even care about them?

‘shut up.’

Can not be done. Kim Jonghyun was wrong. He cannot save this world the way he wants to.

Oh my, since when did you care so much about this world? Since when did he want to save the world?

The reason you want to prevent the end is because you yourself have never felt happy in this world. Wasn’t it because he lived an unhappy and busy life, and now it was a waste and unfair that the world was ruined, so he couldn’t leave him alone?

Or because he felt responsible for Sima Lianzu’s death? Lee Seong-min laughed while hearing the sarcastic voice.


I mumble into the chattering voice. Deep in my heart, ‘I’ was thinking that.

I remember what Abel asked. Are you desperate? That said, I honestly don’t know. The earnestness is… … little. Strangely enough.

I don’t want the world to end. So I block it. That flow happened very naturally, and I feel like I got to be a part of it.


This was undoubtedly true.

“Do you have any desire to compromise?”

Seongmin Lee opened his mouth.

“It’s about connecting with a world other than the cannabis world.”

“how? No, where? Are you trying to connect with the spirit world once again? haha… … Why should I do that? “It is my wish to be connected to the cannabis world.”

Kim Jong-hyun cannot be persuaded.

“Is there no other way?”

Ask Abel. Abel could not answer. Way… … does not exist. As long as Kim Jong-hyun wants to do that.

[What do you want to do?]

Heoju asked.

[What Kim Jong-hyun wants to do will ruin this world in many ways, but it will avoid a complete end.]


[If you stop Kim Jong-hyun because you don’t like it, there is no way to stop the end right now. Either way, it’s a shitty choice.]

‘Is there room?’

Lee Seong-min muttered.

‘Even if we succeed in stopping Kim Jong-hyun here. The end will not come immediately. The end will come someday… … ‘How much time do you have?’

[You are forgetting something.]



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Heoju said.

[You went to the dungeon where you died in your previous life. I got something from there. You don’t know how to use it yet.]

‘Are you saying that the key could be the answer?’

[I don’t know. But isn’t it given to you because it has some meaning?]

‘I may be a part of the apocalypse myself. Will the key given to me help me avoid the end?’

[You are not even sure of him yourself. The choice is yours. What are you? What do you think of yourself?]

Seongmin Lee.

[Do you want to be the end?]

There was no point in answering any more questions.

Seongmin Lee made a choice.

Kim Jong-hyun responded immediately to the sudden leap. He stretched out both hands and blocked Lee Seong-min, who jumped up.


The words spoken are clearer and faster than before. This is thanks to the Demon King’s body growing through repeated battles.

A strong restraining force grabs hold of Lee Seong-min’s body. Seongmin Lee forced his spear to move, ignoring the force holding his entire body.


Joints under stress break down. I ignored it. The window did not move. Instead, he kicked the air into the ground.

The barely two steps he took caused a terrifying impact.


With a loud sound, Kim Jong-hyun’s words lost their power. Kim Jonghyun clicked his tongue and moved his hand. Just as his speaking skills were strengthened, so were his magical abilities.

I felt like I would become addicted to this power. If we get a chance later, let’s find a way to become a complete demon lord. Kim Jong-hyun had that thought to himself.

Hundreds of fireballs hit Seongmin Lee. A firepower-focused attack without subtlety. Ibo Yu-ryeon’s thunderstorm unfolded.

The fireballs that were attacking Lee Seong-min explode all at once. In the meantime, Lee Sung-min became a ray of lightning and pierced the distance between him and Kim Jong-hyun.

“Stop it.”

Words and defensive magic unfolded at the same time. Run faster. At a speed that made one lose one’s mind, a flash of lightning was launched.


The defensive barrier was shattered. Lee Seong-min’s arms, which were holding the spear, were also twisted.

Kill Kim Jong-hyun here. Seongmin Lee decided on that. Kim Jong-hyun can never be persuaded by Lee Sung-min.

If we don’t kill him here, Kim Jong-hyun will repeat the massacre he committed in Germud and try to connect the Great Demon World with this world again.

So stop it. Even if there is still no clear way to prevent the apocalypse. Lee Sung-min chose to block Kim Jong-hyun. I know it’s irresponsible.

In a way, what Kim Jong-hyun wants to do may be the only way to save this world from the end.

Still, I planned to stop it. Yeah, there might be another way. In any case, if it creates a tragedy that is no different from the end or connection to the Great Demon World. rather… … I wanted to walk on the side where there was even a little bit of hope.

At least, Lee Seong-min had no desire to live in a world connected to the demon world.

The darkness surrounding Kim Jong-hyun became a sharp awl.

It stabs.

A huge amount of magical power was shot out along with the words.

Seongmin Lee opened his eyes wide and moved his hand holding the spear. Lightning and blood flow collided with the awl.

Lee Seong-min let go of his right hand that was holding the spear and stretched it forward. Blood Jangyeophwa, the sage of the Blood Hwanshinma Gong, was shot as a long shot. A powerful flame covering a wide area attacked Kim Jong-hyun.

[It continues to get stronger.]

Heoju warned. There is no comparison between Kim Jong-hyun when he first fought and now. No matter how much you think about it, growing in this short period of time is impossible.

‘know. The magic that was revealed earlier. It might have something to do with it.’

[It’s not head-to-head. A magic like that would have a duration. Are you going to endure it?]

‘Should I kill him instead of holding on?’

[Is it possible?]

Heoju chuckled. Lee Seong-min chuckled. In the midst of swirling blades. The sound of crackling lightning continues endlessly.

Lee Seong-min was moving his body little by little to avoid Kim Jong-hyun’s blade.

‘no. ‘It’s impossible.’

[Then you have to endure it. Until his magic ends.]

Lee Seong-min also judged that way.

but. The situation was not that good for Lee Seong-min either. Repeated play. Overuse of magical power. The foundation of the seal carved by Osla is being shaken. He fights Volander and then immediately fights Kim Jong-Hyun. This is too much.


While continuing to quickly evade, the attack was eventually allowed. He quickly pulled up his self-defense device, but Lee Seong-min’s body was thrown backward by the attack that struck his chest.

Kim Jonghyun lowered his outstretched hand and glanced down at Abel. Kim Jong-hyun chuckled as he looked at Abel, who was out of breath.

“You abused it.”

I don’t know much about Gries. However, the current Abel was not someone that Kim Jong-hyun should pay much attention to.

At least I’m worried about Frau… … Well, we can put it off a little later.

There was still plenty of time for the magic to expire. Kim Jong-hyun accelerated after Lee Seong-min, who flew away.

Seongmin Lee rose from the remains of the collapsed building. Did he fly quite far? The breastplate made of dragon scales was horribly dented.

It will recover on its own over time. Seongmin Lee walked out of the wreckage, spitting out cold blood from his mouth.

“Lee Seong-min… … ?”

Paladins and armies centered around Teresa were seen. For a moment, Lee Seong-min did not understand why they were here.

“place… … “What happened to the Snites?”

“During the battle, they gave up the fight. And then he escaped on a ghost horse.”

Theos answered. Apparently, when Bolander disappeared, the Death Knight legions that followed him dispersed.

“Wait a minute, the wound… … !”

Teresa hurriedly approached Lee Seong-min. Seeing the divine power reaching out to her hand, Lee Seong-min quickly took a step back.

“it’s okay.”

The divine power unleashed by Teresa was the polar opposite to Lee Seong-min. The hand she extends to heal her becomes poison to Seong-min Lee.

“This is true.”

A voice was heard from the sky.

“You’re running away because Volander is dead.”

Kim Jong-hyun came down among the paladins, waving his black robe.


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