Worthless Regression Chapter 122

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Lee Sung-min could not understand the joy that Kim Jong-hyun felt. That’s why Lee Sung-min remained silent, and eventually the conversation between Kim Jong-hyun and Lee Sung-min ended. After a little silence, Kim Jong-hyun showed Lee Seong-min and Rubia to a room on the second floor.

“I will not interfere with your lives. Likewise… “Please do not interfere with my life.”

Kim Jong-hyun put on a robe while saying that. Where are you going? Seongmin Lee’s words rose up in his throat, but he didn’t ask a question. This is because he first listened to his request not to interfere with his life.

“I was invited to a party today.”

Lee Sung-min did not ask, but Kim Jong-hyun answered first.

“It’s a party of warlocks. I would like to ask you to go with me, but… “Because Lee Seong-min is not a warlock.”

Kim Jonghyun laughed as he shook off the robe he was wearing with his hands.

“If you want, I can teach you basic black magic. Are you interested?”

“it’s okay.”

“Oh my.”

Kim Jong-hyun shrugged his shoulders at Lee Sung-min’s quick rejection.

“Dark magic is a very interesting subject… If you change your mind at any time, please let me know.”

Kim Jong-hyun left the house after leaving those words. Seongmin Lee went up to the second floor with Luvia and looked into the room that Jonghyun Kim had said he could use.

[You didn’t do any tricks.]

“I tried detecting it with magic, but there was nothing suspicious. The whole house is like that. In an ordinary wizard’s residence, there should be at least one or two border magic… ”

Luvia muttered as if it was strange. Seongmin Lee thought for a moment and then nodded his head.

“It’s a bit weird to leave without saying anything, but let’s just move to another place.”

“… all right.”

Kim Jong-hyun has always been a suspicious person. Until now, Kim Jong-hyun had never directly harmed Lee Sung-min, but since he came to this city, he couldn’t trust him unconditionally even if they already knew each other. I don’t know what Kim Jong-hyun is thinking. Maybe Kim Jong-hyun really brought Lee Sung-min into his house out of simple favor.

But what if exists in every case. Lee Seong-min did not want to be swayed by such an emergency. It is better to exclude it from the beginning. If you get caught up in work while staying in this house, it will be an ‘what if’ situation that Kim Jonghyun doesn’t want to imagine.

So leave home.

I was thinking of leaving the central district. When I heard the story, it seemed like Jennyella had not only the central district but the entire Travia in her palm. In that case, even if you leave the central district, you cannot avoid Jennyella’s eyes as long as she is in the city of Trabia.

‘What the Holy Spirit said was north. You don’t necessarily have to think of it as travia. North… ‘

Seongmin Lee looked north. Trabia is a large city in the northernmost part of the country. But can we really say that this is the end of the North? There was none. Let’s go a little further north. Seongmin Lee turned his feet towards the north.

“Where are we going?”

“To the north.”

“… “You definitely don’t want to go out of the city, do you?”

Rubia asked in an anxious voice, and Seongmin Lee did not answer. Luvia hung around with Lee Seong-min for quite a long time. That’s why she knew it well. Silence in these questions means the answer is ‘yes’.

“The bed… A bath… ”

Luvia lamented, drooping her ears. Seongmin Lee spoke to Luvia in an angry voice.

“You have had a good meal, be satisfied with it.”


Why am I here?

Men don’t know that. At some point, his memories became intermittent, and when he came to his senses, he could not recall the memories from when they were interrupted. But one thing was certain. When he came to his senses and connected his memories, he was always covered in blood.

‘There you go again. also… Where is this again? ‘

Byeokwonpae stood up with a self-deprecating laugh.

It was an unusual case. Even though he came to his senses, he was not covered in blood. Since hearing about Juhwaipma, Gwangcheonma has periodically lost her memory and reason. Every time that happened, Gwangcheonma always came back covered in blood. Because Ilshin’s martial arts skills were so extraordinary, when he came to his senses covered in blood, he felt dirty but did not feel any pain. This is because the blood that soaked his body always belonged to others.

‘I can’t imagine how much I was losing my mind. eye… winter… ‘Where am I?’

Gwangcheonma held her dazed head and moaned. What you see is a snow field. The wind was strong, but there was no snow. Gwangcheonma saw a huge mountain in the distance. There she turned her head again and saw the city walls not far away.

‘North… city… Could this be Trabia?’

no way. You came that far? Gwangcheonma sat down and had a light breakfast just in case.

“This is crazy… ”

I can guess what happened. Could it be that they launched a light attack without stopping all the way to this distant city? For what? Gwangcheonma’s eyebrows trembled. Until now, when I lost my senses due to the side effects of the juhwamunma. Gwangcheonma has been carrying out a senseless massacre. We are familiar with such massacres, but this is the first time something like this has happened.

Although he cannot remember, Gwangcheonma is unmanned. He quickly checked his body. Through the fortune-telling breakfast, we check the traces of martial arts on his body. There are no signs of battle. The only martial arts used were light attacks. Why on earth did I, when I lost my senses, run all the way here without stopping?


Gwangcheonma’s body trembled at the sound heard from far away. He slowly got up. The sounds spread one after another. There is a fight going on nearby. It was unclear what had happened, but Gwangcheonma headed in the direction of the sound without hesitation.

‘First I have to ask where this is.’

I thought it was Travia, but I still needed confirmation.

Aine was attacking Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee hurled his spear at the five tentacles approaching the front. Wow! With an explosion, Aine’s tentacle jumps back. However, Lee Seong-min did not suffer any losses. The end of the spear that was covering Lee Seong-min’s spear was slightly scattered due to the blows received while exchanging attack and defense.

Not much time had passed since I left the city with the north as my destination. Meanwhile, an attack occurred. The one who jumped out of the darkness was Aine, whom Lee Seong-min had encountered a few years ago and was able to defeat by learning how to use strong energy.

‘I guess I should say I’m lucky.’

Seongmin Lee swung the spear widely, ignoring the tingling sensation in his hands. With a heavy sound, Aine’s tentacles fly out once again. Aine’s attack was like that. She was watching Lee Seong-min’s response as she did not actively pounce, but only waved her tentacles in this way.

[What on earth is that kid…? ?! What on earth have you been doing to earn a grudge against a kid like that?!]

Luvia screams into Lee Seong-min’s head. Instead of taking the form of a beast, she transformed into a sphere of light and hid in Lee Seong-min’s arms. Seongmin Lee ignored Luvia’s cries and took a few steps back. However, Aine’s tentacles wriggle and attack Lee Seong-min again. Lee Seong-min immediately used a lightning strike to intercept Aine’s tentacles.

“Where is Frescan?”

Seongmin Lee asked while looking at the scattered tentacle fragments. Aine looked at Lee Seong-min’s face with yellow eyes and opened her mouth.

“In the city.”

Frescan is captured by Jennyella, the vampire queen. After Jennyella joined her Predator, she did not force him to do anything. However, as a Frescan, it was inevitable that she would ignore the vampire queen’s attention and leave the city.

So, rather than moving directly, I sent Aine. However, this did not mean that Frescan was not observing the battlefield. Several birds floating in the air were looking down.

‘It worked out better.’

You’re lucky. Seongmin Lee decided to make that decision. Lee Seong-min was also hoping to reunite with Frescan. He saved himself the trouble of searching. If he can subdue Aine here, he can pull out Preskan. Lee Seong-min was already feeling the gaze of the familiar flying in the air. He doesn’t know why he didn’t come here in person. Maybe he’s up to something.

It’s not that I’m not wary of it. Seongmin Lee deployed barding. The barding that only covered the upper body expanded greatly and covered Lee Seong-min’s entire body. He took his stance, holding the spear with both hands.

When I was attacked by Aine five years ago. If it weren’t for Scarlett’s help, Lee Sung-min would have died on the spot. At that time, Lee Seong-min was a master at the peak, but he was lacking in many ways and had many insecurities. The time that has passed is at most 5 years. However, Lee Seong-min’s accumulated time is not only that much.

Aine stopped searching. Now that Lee Seong-min is trying to do it in earnest, Aine has realized that it is pointless to continue her playful exploration any longer. She retracted her long tentacles into her body.

[You’re a bitch in a bad mood.]

Lee Seong-min also agreed with what Heo Joo muttered. The tentacles sprouting from Aine’s body regenerate endlessly even if they are burst or cut off. Aine narrowed her eyes and glared at Lee Seong-min. Her hands are covered with a black carapace, and her five fingers become five blades. With a ‘crunching’ sound, black stems shoot up from behind Aine. It became misshapen wings, and the remaining stems became flaccid tentacles.



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Aine does not unconditionally follow the words of her father, Freskan. But it was true that she personally had feelings for Lee Sung-min.

‘It was my first time.’

I felt such real pain. Aine stuck out her tongue and licked her lips, remembering the time when her body was penetrated by her powerful assault. She still has the same strange sense of kinship she felt five years ago. her father. Pres Khan had ordered Aine not to kill her Lee Seong-min. Since it was okay to be without a few of her limbs, I told them to bring her with her life attached.

Aine had no intention of following that order. From the moment we met… Aine was feeling a strong urge. When he saw it five years ago, he felt the same urge as he does now. But at the time, I didn’t know exactly what this impulse was.

But now I know. This was appetite. I’m not hungry. Still, I want to eat it. I can’t wait to eat it. If possible, I want to eat even after throwing up everything I ate. Aine felt her mouth watering. It wasn’t just the heart that I wanted to eat.

‘Where should I start eating?’

After all, is it better to eat from your toes and then climb up?

Aine swallowed her saliva while imagining that. At the same time, Aine’s foot kicked the ground. She rushed towards Lee Seong-min at a speed that was unbecoming of her size and sense.

[You have eyes for food.]

Heoju muttered in a happy voice. Lee Seong-min also felt that Aine’s eyes were twitching with appetite. Baaaang! Aine kicks the ground and jumps up. The snow pile beneath her feet shot up as if it had exploded. Aine slashed her large nails down at Lee Seong-min, breaking through the blowing snow.

Seongmin Lee walked forward without hesitation. It looked like he was approaching the attack head-on, but walking away was an illusion created by Lee Hyung-hwan. Lee Seong-min took one step at a time and ran next to Aine. Aine, who was floating in the air, spread his wings wide and quickly changed his posture in the air. The swung tentacle pierces the afterimage created by Lee Hyung-hwan, and another tentacle checks Lee Seong-min, who approaches next to him.

Seongmin Lee drew a circle with the entire window. The tentacles touched by the torrent of the spinning Ran are torn off entirely. But Aine’s hands are still healthy. She stretched out her sharp nails and tried to pierce Lee Seong-min’s chest. Lee Seong-min stepped back through the snow field and retrieved the spear he had been throwing.

‘Response is fast.’

As the self-defense attack is used, the strength of self-defense soars. The barding coated with orichalcon created a self-defense weapon that more than consumed internal strength, and the same was true for the spear held by Lee Seong-min. A strong breeze, like a flame, covers the entire window.

Eventually, it slowly subsides and condenses.

“I know what it is.”

Aine muttered when she saw the strength used by Lee Seong-min. And self-defense energy surged from her body.

“I know how to do it too.”

Aine said with a bright smile.


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