The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman Chapter 742

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Episode 743

“you also… .”

The man called Cheonma answered without even looking at Tacheon.

“Are you calling me that name?”

His tone was unique. At times it sounded like I liked the name Cheonma, and at times it sounded

like I loathed it.

“It doesn’t suit you, does it?”

Tacheon looked at Cheonma’s broad back and shrugged his shoulders.

“I am Tacheon, and you are Cheonma. “I think it’s the perfect name for people like us.”

The corners of the mouth of the young man’s mask he wore were curled up.

“… … .”

The Heavenly Demon did not respond nor did he turn his back. He just sat there as if Tacheon didn’t exist here.

“This place is always warm and harmonious. “The breath of nature is still alive.”

Tacheon smiled slightly as he looked at the green flowers and trees.

“It really doesn’t suit a person like you.”

On rare occasions, he said something that sounded like he was arguing.

“What is your business?”

Cheonma slightly turned her chin, ignoring Tacheon’s provocation.

“Is that the green king?”

Tacheon did not answer the question, but turned his gaze to Cheonma’s right.

A woman was standing under an unseasonably ripe apple tree. He was as tall as an adult man, and his posture was upright, as if he had learned martial arts.

He wore a black orc helmet on his face but strangely he had no buck teeth and two horns protruded from his forehead.

Unlike the light brown hair that fell over his shoulders, the red eyes glowing from the center of the helmet were burning eerily as if they were soaked in blood.

“I heard that you were awakened by the Green Lion, but this is more than expected.”

Tacheon whetted his appetite as he looked at the woman wearing the Black Oak Lord’s helmet.

“This level of growth is no less than that of Raon Sieghardt, and I covet it.”

He took a long sip as if he was sincere, but the woman wearing the orc helmet didn’t even look at


“… … .”

Rather, the shoulders of the swordsman standing behind him trembled slightly.

“I am the green king…” .”

“There has been a lot of unnecessary talk.”

A short man stood up from the bushes and shook his head.

He was wearing the life-like, vicious helmet of Ettin, but unlike the real Ettin, he only had one head.

“Did you answer my lord’s question?”

The voice of the man wearing Etin’s helmet was clear and transparent, as if he had not gone through a period of transformation. He looked so out of sync with his rough helmet.

“You’re still cocky. “Double-headed ears.”

Tacheon laughed, casually ignoring the energy wave from the two-headed ears.

“you. “This is not normal.”

Cheonma grasped Tacheon’s condition in an instant and lowered his fingertips.

“The body is intact, but the soul is torn. “What happened to me?”

He turned his head a little more, as if interested.

“There was another monster here.”

Tacheon calmly nodded as if he knew that would happen.

“Isn’t it obvious who would push me to this level?”

He snapped his fingers as he looked at the red scales of the helmet the Heavenly Demon was wearing.

“Glenn Sieghardt. He eventually reached the realm of splitting souls with a sword.”

“Glen Sieghart… .”

The Heavenly Demon slightly lifted his gaze and looked at the sky.

“He was different from everyone else. Being human he expected to reach that realm.”

He nodded slightly as if it was obvious.

“It’s just different from you. Because he is governed by causality.”

“I guess so.”

The Heavenly Demon let out a low breath as if regretful.

“So you came to ask me to deal with that Glenn?”

“Can you do it?”

Tacheon pointed his finger at himself and twisted his mouth.

“That’s why I’m like this right now.”


The Heavenly Demon shook his head resolutely.

“Glenn Sieghardt is certainly attractive, but now is not the time. There… .”

His spirit, who was smaller than anyone else here, soared like an explosion.

“Your purpose and mine are different. “Don’t think of taking advantage of me.”

When Cheonma lightly shakes his hand, the beautiful Dowonhyang is twisted.

The green trees exuded murderous intent like evil spirits, and the colorful flowers created an excruciating amount of pressure.

“It’s still the same goal, isn’t it?”

Tacheon did not forget to smile even in the bizarre fantasy caused by Cheonma.

“If you’re going to talk nonsense, stop… .”


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“Of course I didn’t come here to look at the back of your head or anything.”

When he snapped his fingers, light light and darkness bloomed, releasing the pressure of the Heavenly Demon.

“therefore! Tell me about your business… Ugh!”

“Would you please shut up?”

The two-headed ears stood up in annoyance and then stopped abruptly. He swallowed dryly when he saw the ominous light in Tacheon’s eyes.

“The Archangel has descended.”

Tacheon smiled faintly and brought out the word archangel.


At that moment, the Heavenly Demon, who seemed to never move, turned around.

An unquenchable flame began to burn inside the helmet, which had ten horns large and small.

* * *

Raon entered the training hall 5 early in the morning.

I cleared the frozen ground in the cold early morning air and finished basic swordsmanship training.

As I was about to practice the Gwanga Sword, the door to the training room opened, and the Gwangpungdae swordsmen came in one by one.

“As expected, this is my first time as a great lord.”

“There’s over an hour left until the appointment… .”

“Just looking at the clearing of the training ground, you can see that we arrived at least an hour ago.”

“Is that person not sleeping?”

The Gwangpungdae prosecutors clicked their tongues as they looked at the neatly organized training hall.

“Ah-oh! “I thought I was first today!”

Crane ruffled his hair and frowned.

“What time did that person come here!”

“It seems like two hours ago to me… .”

Dorian sighed as he looked at the well-organized training hall.

“Seeing as he was practicing his swordsmanship, it could be more than that.”

Burren shook his head as he looked at the Jecheon Sword in Raon’s hand.

“I used to come out at 4 a.m., and he got there before me.”

He sighed deeply, saying he was tired.

“It was 3 in the morning for me. Damn it.”

Marta wrinkled her nose as she heard Buren’s words.

“That guy would be more comfortable at the 5th training camp than at home, right?”

She clicked her tongue, saying that the reason Ra On goes to the annex is because of the food.

“I just don’t want to win… .”

Runan lowered her head, saying she had already given up on coming before Raon. She still seemed sleepy and closed her eyes.

“Where is the Vice Lord?”

Mark Goeten narrowed his eyes as he searched for Rimmer, who was the only one who didn’t show up.

“Why would that damn guy come at this hour?”

Do-gae snorted, telling me not to make foolish remarks.

“This is it. “Get started.”

He motioned to Raon to move quickly because it was annoying.

“All right.”

Raon nodded and went up to the podium.

As Dogoe said, Rimmer would not arrive until a long time later, so it seemed better to proceed in


Standing at the end of the podium and looking at the faces of everyone in Gwangpungdae, their complexions did not look good.

Since we had been together for a long time, I felt like I could now know what the prosecutors were thinking just by looking at their facial expressions.

“Thank you for answering my call during my vacation.”

Raon put his back on his back and lifted his chin.

“I participated voluntarily, and seeing how we gathered together, I think you all had the same thoughts as me.”


As the prosecutors’ eyes were scanning again, Crane raised his hand.

“I thought there would be retaliation later if I didn’t come today… .”

“Close your mouth.”


At Raon’s gesture, Dorian took out a muzzle from his stomach pouch and placed it on the crane’s


“There was an obstruction, so let’s start again. “I said participation was voluntary, but I think the

fact that we gathered together like this means that you all have your own feelings about this war.”

“… … .”

Gwangpungdae silently lowered his head as if to prove that Raon was right.

“town… .”

Crane also realized that it was not the time to play around and quietly bit his muzzle.

“Say it clearly. “You are strong.”

Raon faced the shaking eyes of Gwangpungdae with calm red eyes.

“Thanks to the life-threatening practical combat and blood-vomiting training, even if you search

the entire continent, you will not find a military unit stronger than the Gwangpungdae in their 20s.”

It’s not a lie. Even if Ohwang Oma was hiding something, it was good to be confident that there

was no group stronger than Gwangpungdae at a similar age.


“Eh… .”

“Well, not that much.”

“that’s right. “It’s still not enough.”

Crane, Dorian, and the other prosecutors scratched their heads in embarrassment.

“Still, you were not the protagonists in this war.”

Raon let out a cold voice that put to shame what he had said a moment ago.

“hmm… .”

“that… .”

I chewed my lip in silence because I knew better than anyone else that Raon of Gwangpungdae

was right.

“Because you lacked the ability to escape crisis on your own, you were unable to escape the gaze

of the powerful. Even during the war, they were in a protected position. “It was no different from a

child thrown into the water.”

Raon poignantly expressed the situation and emotions that Gwangpungdae felt and looked down

at Buren.

“When you try to cut down a bandit, strong energy flies in, and when you try to hit a bandit’s neck, strong bullets rain down, and even magic explodes, making it impossible for the frenzy to move


He continued speaking while looking down at Marta, who was chewing her lip until it bled.

“It was the same with the Robert family. “Because all you did was suck your fingers behind the advance of the six emperors.”

He lowered his fingertips as he looked at Runaan, whose fierce purple eyes revealed hidden enthusiasm.

“The war in the future will be rougher and more dangerous. As things stand now, you will be nothing more than bystanders or intruders.”

Raon cut Gwangpungdae’s heart sharply and revealed his heavy gaze.

-You… .

Lars furrowed his eyebrows as if he didn’t like Raon.

-Why are you different from usual… .

As the guy was about to argue, a strong wind of the storm surged from the center of the storm belt.

“I know. I know it better than anyone else… .”

Martha couldn’t even talk to the white blood cult leader during this war.

Her black eyes were bloodshot, as if she keenly felt the helplessness of that moment.

“So what should we do?”

Burren, whose goal was to be recognized by Karun, clenched his fists as if he understood why Raon said such a thing.

“… I’ll do everything. “Anything.”

Runan also nodded her head loudly, saying that she would do anything to become stronger because she had met Syria.

All of the Gwangpungdae members straightened their backs and revealed their burning eyes as if

they had the same intentions as the leaders.

“We must increase our strength before a full-scale war begins.”

Raon smiled with satisfaction and placed his hand on the sword of Jecheon Sword.

“All members will be masters, and Mark Götten and the team members will repeat missions and

training endlessly until they reach the highest level of masters.”

He pulled his chin in tightly, saying that he must develop the power to defeat any enemy that comes his way.

“It wouldn’t be fair if only you guys gave me a goal, so I’m planning to set a small goal too. I am… .”

Raon raised his finger as if making an oath.

“We will rise to transcendence.”

In addition to his own resolve, he strengthened his resolve by making a promise to Gwangpungdae.

“Now, small goal? “The Lord is the most difficult?”

Dorian’s lips trembled as if he was dumbfounded.

“Second, transcendental?”

“That damn bowl is really… .”

“Good luck Raon.”

Burren, Marta, and Runan also burst into laughter as they saw Raon speak of transcendence.

“okay. “If you give it to us, the level of transcendence should increase.”

Rimmer, who had climbed over the wall, quickly nodded.

“Because I also plan to challenge transcendence as the vice-captain.”

Rimmer grinned and said he would impose the same conditions as Raon.

“Are you Vice President?”

Crane removed his muzzle and narrowed his eyes.

“Hey, that won’t work, right?”

“It will never happen.”

Marta shook her head as she stood next to Crane.

“What kind of transcendence is that lazy person?”

She snorted, not even trusting a passing dog.

“To achieve my goal, I must ascend to transcendence.”

Rimmer waved his hand, saying that he would take on the challenge whether he believed it or not.

“Ordinary members are masters, captains are masters, top masters, and vice-majors are transcendental?”

Do-gae giggled as if it was absurd.

“A very damned armed force will be born.”

He smiled, not with a sneer, but with anticipation.

“So there are many things for the Commander-in-Chief to do.”

Raon bowed his head to Dogoe.

“Egh! Even though my later years have passed, I got caught by a strange guy by mistake… .”

Do-goe let out a long sigh, saying that he was not as good as a gambler.

“It’s nothing special, but… .”

Raon approached Dogae and took out five black bottles. It was a high-quality liquor that I obtained while going to the south this time.

“A risk! “Why all this!”

Do-goe laughed as if he had never complained before. Five bottles of alcohol disappeared into his sleeve in an instant, just as he thought he was a gambler.

“Everyone, be prepared! “It won’t be easy this time!”

He erased his tired expression and shouted at Gwangpungdae as if he wanted to pay for the drinks.

“Do not worry.”

“I never give up.”

“I will follow you until the end!”

The Gwangpungdae prosecutors bit their molars gently, saying they did not want to be bridesmaids.

‘Training and missions may be hell, but beyond that… .’

Raon chewed his lips thinly as he watched the roaring windpungdae.

‘You will be able to reach new territories.’

* * *

After training from dawn to dusk, Raon entered the Gaju training center before midnight.

Glenn hadn’t arrived yet, but the training room was brightly lit, as if instructions had been given.

‘Should I warm up a bit?’

I lightly turned my shoulder and pulled out my sword.


I was about to practice swordsmanship when Lars jumped up, fluttering like a freshly caught fish.

-How can you just practice all day?

The guy shook his head, saying he was really sick of it.

-Because of you, I couldn’t even eat properly!

‘You ate it at the training center.’

-To the king, that is not a meal!

Lars waved his arms, saying he wanted to eat a proper meal in the annex.

-Your abilities are increasing just by sleeping, eating, or resting, so why can’t you stay still?

‘That’s not enough.’

Raon looked up at the moonless night sky and shook his head.

‘Because every minute and every second is a waste to cut off Derus’ head.’

It is true that the Demon King’s power is a great help in growth, but the ability level alone has its


You have to raise your level of martial arts and constantly practice your sword skills to increase your chances of cutting Derusu’s head.

-Okay. Since it was a vacation, I thought I would just eat and rest for a while… .

Lars kept his mouth shut, muttering that he didn’t like it. He seemed to be quite considerate.

As Raon smiled slightly at Lars, who had become quiet, the door to the training room opened and Glenn came in.

“Matriarch… .”

“We will continue to see each other for a while, but please stop giving formal greetings.”

Glenn came over, waving lightly. I felt it every time, but he didn’t seem to like these excessive greetings or manners.

“I heard that you trained the swordsmen all day. “It might interfere with your training with me, so why did you train so much?”

His voice sank. This one question seemed to have a lot of meaning.

“Didn’t the head of the family tell you? Become stronger with his comrades.”

Because I had something in mind, I opened my lips without the slightest hesitation.

“As you said, I plan to walk with Gwangpungdae, not alone. Of course, I will make sure that it does not affect your training with the head of the family in the slightest.”

“is it.”

Glenn nodded, covering his slightly trembling lips with his right hand. She seemed to like her answer, although her eyes were still dry.

“Then since we don’t have much time, let’s get started right away.”

He approached the center of the training ground and snapped his fingers.

“How well have you mastered the Changgung Sword?”

“I have learned everything, but I can only use it in practice up to the 11th herbivore.”

Raon answered as he adjusted his sword.

“The swordsmanship you are currently learning is the Gwanga Sword, Seolpung Sword, Manhwagong’s Sword, the sword you made yourself, Changgung Sword, and other miscellaneous things, right?”

Glenn listed the sword techniques that Raon was learning one by one and took a quick bite.

“That’s right.”

Raon answered and lowered his head.

‘Because I heard it like this. ‘There are too many.’

When Glenn spoke directly, I thought that there were too many sword techniques he used.

They say that concentration is important for transcendence, so I felt like I should tone it down a bit this time.

“sorry. In my future training, I will focus on a few sword techniques… .”

“Anyone else would have said so.”

Glenn looked into Raon’s eyes and slowly shook his head.

“No, if it were a year ago, I would have told you that you should also focus on some sword skills. “Because that is the quick path to transcendence.”

He raised his finger and pointed at Raon.

“But when I saw you fighting, I changed my mind.”

“What is that… .”

Raon couldn’t understand Glenn’s words and blinked.

“There are areas that I, and the sword demon, who pursue ten thousand swords, gave up when reaching transcendence. But you are different. To reach transcendence, learn more and pursue a wider

world without having to focus on any one thing.”

The moment Glenn pulled out the Jincheon Sword with a light smile, the dark clouds parted and

golden moonlight poured down.

“Because your bowl can hold anything.”

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