The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 92

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 92>


Yoon Se-ah’s eyes lit up.

Actually, I didn’t have high expectations, but I found hope in Ariel, an otherworldly being.

“Charm is ultimately a type of status ailment on “All you have to do is resolve the status ailment.”

“The problem is that it is a condition that cannot be recovered through normal methods… … .”

“And the World Tree has the property of removing all status ailments.”

“World Tree… … ?”

“It is a tree that exists on the elven planet and forms the foundation of the world.”

“How much of the World Tree do you need to remove the status abnormality?”

“Nothing special. “You can eat the leaves of the World Tree, and even if you get hit with a branch of the World Tree, you will be healed.”

It was Ariel who answered so lightly that it was ridiculous.

“really? I wonder if it would be that easy to get it… … .”

“Not really. The World Tree is the only god and the world itself for the elves. Every single piece of debris is carefully preserved. To trade even a single leaf, you would have to pay a huge price. “Especially, if this world is in the tutorial period like it is now, we will never be able to save it.”

“… … okay?”

“However, I don’t know how things will change once the Space League opens. Still, the cunning elves will not hand it over easily.”

Ariel had a harsh evaluation of elves, even though she herself was a type of elf.

“Are elves cunning?”

“Then is there any reason not to be cunning?”

“uh… … According to my fantasy knowledge, living in the forest… … “I know they are a race that prefers peace over battle.”


According to the fantasy common sense held by the general public, it was a race that combined the concepts of ‘big ears’, ‘long lifespan’, ‘pretty’, and ‘kind’.

Of course, Yoon Se-ah only knew about elves with this level of common sense.

Because I didn’t actually see an elf.

“Hmm. The World Tree Alliance’s instigation… … Here, yes. It’s called propaganda. “This worked well.”

“Pfft, propaganda… … ?!”

“okay. “Why do elves have to be good?”

“uh… … well? “Because they are that kind of race?”

“In the first place, what is the concept of being nice? Is it kind to be nice to people of a different race? Or is it good to be devoted to one’s own species?”

When Ariel raised the corners of her mouth and asked, Yoon Se-ah hesitated to answer.

When I replaced the subject with a human, the answer did not come out right away.

“Elves are good. He is of his own kind.”

“huh… … .”

“And they are evil at the same time. For this race. and… … “For heretics.”

“Yeah, really?”

Yoon Se-ah, who had never actually seen an elf, just nodded, confused by Ariel’s words.

Seong Ji-han’s expression was stiff.

Elf League, World Tree Alliance.

I remembered how much trouble they had made against the Space League in their past lives.

‘In the end, the five elven planets included in the World Tree Alliance took first to fifth places… … .’

The elves were terrible.

And it was strong.

They were perfectly compatible with humans.

Not to mention aesthetics and longevity.

Physical ability, magical power, and heart strength.

Everyone was far superior to humans.

‘If you think about it… … .’

Seong Ji-han remembered the time in his last life when Sword King Yoon Se-jin disappeared.

Even after Yoon Se-ah committed suicide and Korea fell.

The sword king continued to be active in Japan without any hesitation.

When he was selected as Earth’s warrior representative from the Space League and faced the elf planet.

He was beaten like crazy with a wooden sword by the best warrior of the elf race.

-This isn’t it.

-no. This can’t be happening. This can’t be… … !

At that time, Yoon Se-jin had a panicked face that was never seen before.

At that time, I thought the Sword King had made such a noise out of shame because he had been defeated so miserably.

‘At that time, the wooden sword held by the Elf Warrior… … .’

Seong Ji-han, who was listening to Ariel in silence, decided to verify whether his guess was correct.



“They said that even if you get hit with a branch of the World Tree, the status ailment will be removed. “Then, if you hit me with a wooden sword made from the World Tree, will it heal?”

“Of course. If it is a wooden sword made from a branch of the World Tree, it usually does not contain divine power. “It will be much more effective than eating a few leaves.”

“is it… … .”

“But it’s better to give up the idea of ​​getting a wooden sword. “If it is a wooden sword made from the branches of the World Tree, it is an item given only to the most outstanding warriors on the elf planet.”

A wooden sword from the World Tree given to the best elf warrior.

Yoon Se-jin, who was hit by that, screamed that this couldn’t be happening… … .

‘After that, he never appeared in a match for the Japanese national team… … .’

Ever since he disappeared.

Seong Ji-han, a martial star who defected to the United States, was able to become the strongest warrior even with the 7th place in the world rankings.

If the Sword King was active.

Seong Ji-han would not have been able to establish himself as the unrivaled strongest among Warriors.

‘Plus, Japan’s ranking was also unstable.’

Just before the world falls apart.

Japan’s world ranking was 8th or 9th.

Of the final 10 countries, almost last.

If the Sword Kings had continued to be active, in fact, it was normal for them to be in the top 5 or higher.

‘But the reality wasn’t like that.’

At the last moment, Japan was a country that continued to defend its ranking with the points it had previously earned, but was slowly falling in the ranking.

‘At that time, the fascination was broken when I was hit with the World Tree’s wooden sword.’

I don’t know what happened after the charm was lifted, but seeing as the Sword King had been inactive since then, it seemed clear that something had gone wrong.

‘… … ‘I honestly don’t care about my brother-in-law’s life or death.’

Seong Ji-han looked at Yoon Se-ah.

Until she was driven to the point of suicide, the King of Swords lived in Japan and enjoyed the wealth of the world’s most beautiful woman.

There were many enemies in Seong Ji-han’s life.

More than anyone else, the person who would feel refreshed without feeling guilty even if he killed him was definitely the Sword King.


-Jihan. Please take care of Se-Ah… … .

Before sacrificing herself, her older sister Seong Ji-ah asked for her daughter Yoon Se-ah.

Nevertheless, he was addicted to gambling and neglected Yoon Se-ah’s misfortune.

In fact, it was Yoon Se-ah who actually took care of Seong Ji-han.

The relationship between the two went in the opposite direction from what my older sister Seong Ji-ah expected.

‘If it’s Se-Ah’s request, I’ll grant it first.’

To Seong Ji-han, Yoon Se-ah was the younger brother who was closer than anyone else and the blood relative of his only older sister.

It was a sore finger that took care of me like a piece of trash.

If Se-Ah wants to give her father a chance.

‘okay. I guess I should do it at least once.’

Just once.

“In that case, Ariel. According to what you said, we have to get leaves and branches of the World Tree. “I guess I’ll have to use it on Ito.”


“Then, at our current level of Silver and Bronze, there is no chance at all.”

“I guess so.”

But, all the stories that have come out so far.

This did not apply to the two who were currently only Silver or Bronze.

“Sea. “So what should we do?”

When Seong Ji-han asked with a sly smile, Yoon Se-ah sighed.

In the end, the story came to one conclusion.

“… … “Train?”

“I know.”

“Haaaa… … “Uncle is a training ghost.”

“For latecomers to move up, that is the only way to go.”


“Not if it’s hard. “Do you think your uncle can’t even feed you?”

Seong Ji-han knows better that training is hard.

Seong Ji-han, who wanted to let his nephew walk the easy path, secretly recommended it.

“That’s it!”

Yoon Se-ah immediately shook her head.

“I will take care of your uncle later, so prepare yourself.”

“Hehe… … That’s impossible, so what can I do? Um, okay. I think you can beat Barron. But, I’m having a hard time.”

Before he knew it, Barron had become a combat power gauge in Seong Ji-han’s mind.

“Ugh. “How do you compare me to Barron?”

“He’s a Vulcan. Se-ah, if you have the skills, they will just trample on you.”

“what the… … “When you don’t compare yourself to others, they give you credit again.”

Yoon Se-ah sighs as if it is absurd.

But there was a slight smile on her lips.

Still, I felt good when Seong Ji-han said that he could beat Barron, who was unrivaled at the top of the world’s prospect rankings before he rose to prominence.

at that time.


Yoon Se-ah’s cell phone vibrated.

She checked the message she received and looked at Seong Ji-han.

“uncle. Hayeon says she wants to apologize to her uncle. how will we do it?”

Seong Ji-han tilted his head.

Lee Ha-yeon has something to apologize to me for?

“Well, I tell you to come first. “I’ll go out and see.”

* * *

Penthouse drawing room.

Lee Ha-yeon bowed down to Seong Ji-han and apologized with the intention of getting down on her knees.

“Owner!! really sorry… … !”

“No, what are you sorry for?”

“I got the wrong person! I didn’t even know that Joo Eun-ji was that kind of person, and I almost… … !”


Only then did Seong Ji-han realize why Lee Ha-yeon had come to apologize.

Since she was the one who selected the employees, she must have felt responsible.

“I was planning to infiltrate from over there, but how would I have known?”

“Considering the importance of the waiting guild and the owner, we had to conduct a thorough background check on everyone who joins our guild… … “I was too complacent.”

It’s not like selecting a secret organization, it’s about selecting an editor and even conducting a background investigation.

Seong Ji-han felt embarrassed, but Lee Ha-yeon and Yoon Se-ah’s expressions were so serious that he quietly nodded.

“What is bygones is bygones. “You can do it from now on.”

“yes. “The National Intelligence Service also said that it would actively cooperate from now on.”

“… … Even the National Intelligence Service?”

Seong Ji-han was dumbfounded.

“yes. “I went into complete panic there after watching yesterday’s broadcast.”

As Lee Ha-yeon added additional explanation, the government’s position became understandable.

In addition to the Sword King family, which has already declined significantly but has not yet lost all of its power.

The sacred fan club ‘The First’, which has established itself as a new player fandom, began pouring in all kinds of protests and complaints to the government.

What on earth is the government doing?

Are you going to open your eyes like this and lose your player to Japan?

Moreover, since The First’s light fans were pure Gukppong fans who once belonged to the Sword King Family, they were almost leading public opinion blaming the government for failing to respond appropriately to spies.

“so. Joo Eun-ji… … No, I have decided to fill the void left by Ito Shizuru.”

“… … “Are you Hayeon?”

“yes! As the guild master and editor, I will work hard! I, that… … “You have to pay for your sins!”

Is it really necessary?

Anyway, the standby guild is maintained because of Lee Ha-yeon’s gift.

Unlike Seong Ji-han, who thought nothing of it, Lee Ha-yeon was enthusiastic.

“Well, that’s what I mean. Owner. “How will we handle the fact that we have achieved the 1 million subscriber mission?”

“1 million subscribers… … that’s right. “It suddenly became like that.”

“I think it’s definitely a special event that attracts attention from around the world. As soon as the news that Silver defeated Diamond spread widely, the number of subscribers quickly exceeded 1 million.”

When I participated in the world’s TOP 100 promotion match to silver, I rose sharply.

This time, defeating Diamond Ninja Akari served as an opportunity to take a second leap forward.

“Owner. Well, if you don’t want to reveal the status window… … I will make sure to cut it appropriately. As an editor, it’s a natural duty!”

“Is it okay for me to be seen?”

“As expected, right? I have all kinds of excuses prepared. In fact, in order to exercise the ability, there is a special status window that cannot be revealed… … yes?”

“It’s okay. “You can make it public.”

Seong Ji-han’s status window.

Although it was a unique status window that was completely different from that of regular players.

Seong Ji-han had no hesitation in revealing this.

‘Because the public’s interest gives strength to the players.’

Moreover, in a world on the verge of chaos like this, it was foolish to hide one’s power longer than necessary.

Rather, disclosing it appropriately will be more helpful in taking future steps.

“Uh, then… … .”

“Good for you. Since it’s over 1 million, let’s get rid of it now. Status window revealed.”

Although the calculations have already been completed internally, on the outside it seems light.

Seong Ji-han said that with a smile.

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