The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 83

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 83>

* * *

“Regeneration shortens the recovery time required for muscle growth, and promotes muscle synthesis by using the heel and great heel simultaneously… … .”

“That’s right.”

After listening to Seong Ji-han’s explanation, Lim Ga-young nodded and asked him a question.

“But is there a reason why you have to use the two recovery magics, Heal and Great Heal, together?”

“If you only use heels, it can hinder muscle growth. In the case of Great Hill, such side effects are eliminated. I think Great Hill has something to do with recovering from nervous system fatigue… … “I’m not sure about the exact reason.”

I once heard a long explanation about the mechanism behind this from Saint Sophia.

Since I am not a supporter, I ignored it.

Seong Ji-han decided to just say, ‘In my experience, this was the most effective.’

The detailed mechanism will be revealed later by other researchers.

“If you need the Great Hill. “It will be difficult for low-level supporters to use it.”

“Then it would be better to just use Regeneration. “Without the Great Hill, fatigue cannot be completely relieved.”

-Isn’t this pretty advanced information?

-I know? Can I just release it??

-But it seems difficult to actually use it. I don’t think a supporter who can use Great Hill will help me with my training.

-Well, I guess I would make a lot more money working part-time at a hospital haha.

-If it is clearly proven to be effective, the story will change again, right?

-ㅇㅇ Because the guild has more money than the hospital.

Is it because Seong Ji-han explained advanced information too easily?

Viewers who were listening to this actually expressed concern.

“it’s okay. “It would be great if this training method became widely known.”

Seong Ji-han, who watched the chat, spoke as if nothing had happened, and Lim Ga-young asked cautiously.

“if… … “If you don’t mind, can I try it too?”

“Of course.”

Immediately, Gayoung Lim took off her suit jacket and stood on the squat rack next to Seah Yoon.

Even though he was wearing a thin shirt underneath, his solid muscles were vaguely visible.

She slammed the plates into the barbell.

-When the two of you exercise side by side, it becomes art.

-But the weight lifted is violent…

-How much weight are you putting on? haha.

-If I lift it, I feel like I will be crushed to death.

-Gayoung Nuna… Her shoulders are wider than mine…

Let’s start squatting with Gayoung Lim next to us.

“I should do it too!”

Yoon Se-ah also seemed to be stimulated, so she finished resting next to her and started exercising.

Do you guys get stimulation from each other by working out side by side?

The two were sweating like rain and working their muscles like crazy.

“Can I take off my shirt?”

“ah… … Please.”

Lim Ga-young even threw off her sweat-soaked white shirt and began tearing up her muscles in a tank top.

-Wow… it’s strong…

-Look at the muscles on both of them;;

-Ah–I guess two of the three beauties in the waiting guild will have to be “eliminated”–

-Suddenly eliminated??

-To be my bride… you are too strong.

-ㅡㅡGo out and search.


“Whoa… … !”

Let the two of you exercise with tremendous momentum.

Lee Ha-yeon, who was watching this with her eyes closed, turned her gaze toward the cam.

“everyone. It suddenly became a health broadcast. I need to see how the owner trains… … .”

“Me? “Then shall we take a picture now?”

“uh… … “You don’t have to give me heels?”

“Because the healing magic is used after the muscles have been completely overworked. “I will cast it in an hour.”

Lee Ha-yeon looked at the two people working out after hearing those words.

… … I can’t just film that muscle tearing thing for an hour.

“yes. “Then, shall we go see the owner training?”

* * *

The room next to the training room.

Unlike the training room where exercise equipment was placed, there was nothing in this room.

“It’s empty?”

“yes. “I don’t need any special items when I’m training.”

Seong Ji-han said and raised his left hand.

“My training method is simple. Ariel.”


From Seong Ji-han’s arms, the dark elf Ariel jumped out.

She looked at Seong Ji-han and asked with a grave face.

“master. Are you going to do ‘that’ again?”

“huh. “Attack harder this time.”

“good night.”

Ariel’s body, which had formed a shape, disintegrated in an instant.

Instead of her physical body, she transformed into a shadow energy, which was her first form, and spread out in all directions like mist.

[I’ll hit you once this time.]


The black energy that was scattered like fog coalesced together, and each one formed the shape of a small sword.

Because of their small size, the force each one contained was not that strong, but the number itself was so large.

Seongjihan was surrounded from all directions, up, down, left, and right without any water leaks.

Lee Ha-yeon looked dumbfounded at the strange sight.

“uh… … “What kind of training method is this?”

“This is a training method to control my telekinesis. If Ariel’s sword touches my body, I will lose. “If I use my telekinesis to throw that sword, I will win.”

“aha. There are wins and losses. “What is your record so far?”

“I have never lost before. Whether on or training.”

As Seong Ji-han spoke calmly, the swords placed everywhere twitched.

[It will be different this time. master. Let’s make sure to guess correctly and win.]

“Have you made any bets?”

“yes. “The next time I level up, I will decide whether or not I will get shadow-related stats.”

“ah… … .”

-You use your remaining points to get different stats.

-LOL Then, there’s nothing to lose, right?

-ㄹㅇ The shadow stats are also crazy lol.

As viewers said, there’s nothing to lose, right?

Lee Ha-yeon thought that, but of course she didn’t say it out loud.

Soon the training began.


Small black swords floating everywhere flew toward Seong Ji-han.

Some quickly.

Some slowly.

The speed of the sword was so irregular that it could not be predicted.


[also… … Isn’t it possible?]

As it got closer to the area controlled by Seong Ji-han, the sword’s movements began to change arbitrarily.

The sword that was about to stab Seong Ji-han’s eyes turned its tip in the opposite direction.

The sword that was about to stab his face and chest turned and collided with another sword.

The rain of swords that had been pressing all at once collided with each other or flew in opposite directions and collapsed.

Seong Ji-han shrugged his shoulders with a relaxed expression.

“hmm. Is it like this?”

[master… … What a grip. Has the control improved even further?]

“Next time, I’ll have to increase the number a little more. “If things continue like this, I’ll never be able to get it right.”

[To do this, you need sword fighting stats.]

“I don’t have time to film that yet.”

Seong Ji-han and Ariel, who completely blocked the sword rain, finished their training and had a conversation.


-what. no way… … end?

It was a very bland ending for viewers.

From the outside, it looks like the training ended too quickly.

I thought the sword, which had become as small as a toothpick, might fly away, but then it tangled with itself and disappeared.

-It seems like the gym girls have a stronger impact.

-yep; No, my nephew is flexing his muscles in the next room, but my uncle is playing cross-legged.

-and. So absurd. Are you just telling Jihan that it’s a sinseon play? I don’t even know the deep meaning behind that practice!!

-Yeah~ But you don’t know either~

-The little guy, , , chicks, , ! Have you ever heard of this sword?

-Grandpa! Don’t watch the broadcast and take a break. My eyes are getting worse!

At a time when Seong Ji-han’s polarized fan base and Light’s fans were fighting each other over whether it was bland or not.

‘uh. It’s already over… … ?’

Lee Ha-yeon, who plays the role of a reporter, also thought, like the viewers, that Seong Ji-han’s training was not as special as expected.

‘… … this person. ‘It’s a different level.’

The bright smile on Joo Eun-ji’s face as she held the cam had disappeared.

After coming to the penthouse, I forced myself to smile brightly even when the access blocking message appeared.

He disappeared for the first time, his face stiff.

‘In an instant, I completely dominated this space.’

Unlike Lee Ha-yeon, who can hardly be considered a player.

Even though Joo Eun-ji’s current body is not the main body but an alter ego, she has the eye to understand the level.

‘The power of the shadow that controls the sword is clearly greater than the power that Seong Ji-han demonstrated… … It was strong.’

On the surface, it seemed so easy.

Speaking of Ariel’s sword, isn’t it a power that originated from Seong Ji-han?

It shows how easy it is to control it.

-After all, the shadow sword is also used by Seong Ji-han.

-What’s difficult about controlling one’s own strength? lol

It’s no big deal!

That was the possible impression of the general public.


‘The power contained in the shadow sword is compared to the power that Seong Ji-han controls space… … It was at least three times stronger.’

The alter ego of the ‘goddess’, Joo Eun-ji was able to clearly understand Seong Ji-han’s skills.

The fight between the two seemed to have ended coldly.

The exchange of power contained therein was exquisite.

The force of the Shadow Sword’s pressure was much stronger than that of Seong Ji-han’s control over space.

He easily overcame inferiority in strength through incredibly precise control.

‘That process too… … I twisted the sword’s trajectory so naturally.’

Based on his thorough control of space, he controlled an external force that was much more powerful than his own.

‘This interest… … must. You must definitely take me to Japan. ‘If I stay in Korea, it will definitely be a big regret.’

Joo Eun-ji bit her lip.

I thought that by tricking the Sword King, Japan would definitely crush Korea and take the top spot in the league.

The more I looked at Seong Ji-han, the more this confidence disappeared.

Right now he’s only silver.

‘What if a year passes?’

Would he still be Silver then?

Becoming a member of the Diamonds and being selected for the national team.

He will grow into the worst player that can hinder Japan.

Seong Ji-han a year later… … .

Can the Sword King be easily defeated?

Joo Eun-ji couldn’t be too confident.

‘I don’t know how such great players come from this small peninsula… … .’

In order to clearly trample on competitors in the same East Asian league, Seong Ji-han must be converted to Japan.

That was the way for the country and for everyone in their hometown.

“This is the end of today’s training.”

“ah. Owner~! Are you finished already?”

-no way. It’s so bland… I was most looking forward to Jihan’s training.

-No, why are you so dissatisfied even after seeing that perfect control?

-Really; The First, please leave alone.

-Heulheul, , , well, they say they can only see something with their eyes, , ,

-I told you not to chat with your grandpa?? ㅡㅡ

In the chat, after watching the video of Seong Ji-han training, there were complaints that it was too bland.

That’s just the average person’s perspective.

Joo Eun-ji, who understood the true nature of that training, made a special decision.

‘… … Now is the time to use this.’

She held the cam with her right hand and opened the diary with her left hand.



Ariel, who was in a sword state, spoke so that only Seong Ji-han could hear.

[Over there, there is the Akashic page.]

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