The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 72

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 72>

* * *

Akashic Page.

This item was an item that could be made by combining 25 ‘Pieces of Akasha’, items that can be obtained with probability on

The Piece of Akasha, which comes with a chance from the Platinum League, was neglected until 2014 because its purpose was unknown.

Even if you tried to sell it on the market, it was not listed as a special item and could only be traded within the district, so some players threw it away because it only took up inventory.

However, when the Korean LK guild learned how to use this item, the situation took a turn.

LK Electronics, which had been in second place for many years, suddenly achieved tremendous technological progress starting in 2015.

Even though the amount invested in research and development was significantly less than other leading companies.

LK caught up with the technological capabilities of leading companies and later took the lead in technological advancement itself.

‘It was later revealed that this technological advancement was due to the Akashic Pages.’

By using the Akashic Pages, significant effects were seen in the field of research and development.

It was particularly effective in the IT and electronic fields, and all of the world’s leading IT companies were anxious to purchase pieces of Akasha.

‘I didn’t even know how to use it… … .’

The reason for this was that it was the tutorial period when the Akashic Pages were used for a long time.

Some companies tried to hide this usage as much as possible.

After the tutorial, few pieces of Akasha appear, so they are automatically forgotten.

However, Ariel seemed to know something about this Akashic page.

[I really can’t believe it.]


Seong Ji-han’s left arm became stained with darkness, and Ariel suddenly popped out from within.

-oh. It is a sacred summoned beast.

-Uh… Does it look a little different than when I saw it in the last game?

-Eyes become prettier. It’s a little more lively.

-I like the black eyes better last time. Because it’s like a ghost… haha

-Are you a pervert? ㄷㄷㄷ

Ariel is clearly different before and after recognizing Seong Ji-han as her master.

She had a more colorful expression than before.

“The lowest species.”

“… … “Are you talking about me?”

They speak fluently like native Koreans and say they are the lowest race.

Lee Ha-yeon pointed her finger at herself with an expression of uncertainty.

“huh. you.”

“… … “Why am I at the lowest level?”

“Because the species is of the lowest level.”

“Then why are we at the lowest level…” … .”

“Because I’m weak.”

– Hahahahahaha sudden acceleration.

-No, it’s a sacred summon…

-Isn’t even Seongjihanbogo said to be the lowest level? LOL

“The owner is different. “The master surpasses the servant and is of mid-level rank.”

The translucent guild channel chat window floating in front of Lee Ha-yeon.

Ariel quickly read the chat and asked if she could read Korean.

“Last time, they said it was low class. “Is it intermediate level?”

“huh. “The reward is still too much.”

“What is a dark elf?”

“Dark elf? I am a shadow elf. Shadow elves… … “I guess it’s upper-intermediate level.”

Ariel then reached out for her smartphone.


As the darkness spread, the smartphone ‘Space 23’ that Lee Ha-yeon was holding slipped away.

“There is another reason why we are the lowest race. “Why on earth did they use three Akashic pages for something like this?”

“This is to make the display more flexible. “How smoothly does it fold compared to existing foldable phones?”

“under… … “Is it because you can barely fold and unfold this?”

Ariel looked at the smartphone and Lee Ha-yeon alternately with pitiful eyes.

“I don’t even know the true value of the Akashic Pages… … Tsk.”


-Does this summon know something?

-Are there other uses for the Akashic pages?

-Do you give wisdom to the lowest species?

Ariel looked at the chat window, smiled and said.

“okay. The Akashic Pages… … ——.”


-Why is it beeping?

Not just viewers.

It was a sound that everyone could hear, including Seong Ji-han and Lee Ha-yeon.

This was similar to dealing with profanity and other profanity on broadcast.

“As expected, there is a ban on tutorials. “I can’t tell you even if I want to.”


Ariel then turns into black smoke again and is sucked into Seong Ji-han’s arms.

Before completely disappearing, she handed the smartphone she was holding into Seong Ji-han’s left hand and disappeared.

-ah. what.

-Are you kidding?

-I feel like I’m about to poop and then get cut off.

-Why are you playing with the lowest species lol?

Viewers criticized Ariel for disappearing, leaving only curiosity aroused.

It was a message that would not reach Ariel, who had already disappeared.

“under. under… … then. Space 23 advertisement, in which the lowest species invested three Akashic pages each without knowing anything… … Shall we go take a picture? “Owner?”

Lee Ha-yeon was smiling brightly, but saying something that couldn’t possibly make her smile.

-Gilma is angry haha.

-The dark elf suddenly jumped out, dealt extreme damage, and disappeared lol -It’s a shadow elf. You’re from a mid-to-high-level race~-the lowest level… haha;; lol;; sorry!!

Without knowing the true value of the Akashic Pages, I was treated like a fool who spent three pages just to fold my phone, so I deserved it.

“Let’s go.”

When Seong Ji-han gets up from his seat and walks away.

Ariel’s voice was heard from the left arm.

[master. Actually, I made the sound earlier. It’s a small remnant.]

‘… … what?’ Ariel was the one who made that beeping sound?

Seong Ji-han was dumbfounded.

[Isn’t it possible to reveal such advanced information on broadcast?]

When Ariel said that, I immediately understood.

The use of the Akashic pages that she knows is unique information that no one on earth knows.

Revealing this to the public right away was something only a fool would do.

[…] … I will let you know when the broadcast ends.]

Seong Ji-han nodded at Ariel’s words.

Even just to hear stories about the Akashic Pages.

I felt like I had to finish filming the commercial quickly.

* * *

Advertising filming site.

“Cut! Thank you for your effort!”

As soon as the CF cinematographer gave the completion sign.

-What~~~~ Is it over already?


Viewers watching the broadcast expressed their disappointment.

The commercial filming ended much sooner than expected.

-No, why doesn’t NG come out!!!

-What should I do with what I am good at?

-What is it that we can’t do… ㅠㅠㅠ

-I’m not good at it, so I’ll take a long picture… I’m sorry, so when will I see it now? ㅠㅠㅜㅜ

The chat window, which had a higher proportion of female viewers than usual, was full of disappointment.

“and. “Owner, why are you taking such good pictures?”

“It’s thanks to the director’s good guidance.”

“Oh my~~ No. Even though you are a player, you took great pictures.”

Battlenet player.

All the hearts of Guam in the world are focused on

They emerged as stars among stars and were the hottest in the CF industry.

But that and acting skills were different.

Compared to filming regular actors, filming players was very difficult.

‘But Seong Ji-han had it much easier.’

The CF director recalled the filming a little while ago.

Except for a few NG signs at first, Seong Ji-han showed exactly what the director wanted.


-if… … Can you use telekinesis to levitate the cell phone?

-it’s possible.

-Can I unfold and fold it?


Since the CF filming was completed too quickly, Seong Ji-han accepted the additional filming concept that I ordered just in case.

‘I thought he was a temperamental person because he made noise with the Battlenet manager and the Daehan Ilbo… … Just be polite.’

Among the players who have filmed CFs so far, there were many who used informal language as a default and added being rude or eccentric as an option.

Compared to these people, Seong Ji-han was an angel.

“Thank you for your effort. “Director.”

“ah. yes. Thank you for your effort!”

Seong Ji-han thought as he greeted the CF director.

‘It’s easier compared to filming in the United States.’

In his last life, Seong Ji-han enjoyed considerable popularity in the United States.

Although it was not enough to surpass Barron, the face of American First, or Saint Sophia.

Because he showed such outstanding skills as a warrior, he could not have been unpopular.

Based on that popularity, we did a lot of commercial filming.

I was able to get used to this short filming.

“Owner~ The filming ended much faster than I expected. At this rate, I have some time left… … “Can I report on the guild?”

Lee Ha-yeon approached with a smile and glanced at the camera.

“ah. Everyone~ The filming ended earlier than I expected… … Would you like to watch it together?”


-Surely the guild will move to another country?

-what. Are you already doing Korean shit?

-For a short time, I was happy…

When it came to reporting on the guild, the chat window went crazy, as if leaving the country came to mind before anything else.

Lee Ha-yeon saw that and waved her hand.

“Hey, what country are you leaving? So what happens to filming an advertisement for the opposite sex? Right, owner?”

-ah. Is that so? LOL

-okay. Then there is no point in advertising for the opposite sex.

“Well, you don’t know what’s going on in the world. “There are so many people who hate me.”

As Seong Ji-han spoke meaningfully, the chat window went crazy.

-Hyung… … You’re kidding, right?

-Oop, who doesn’t like it ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-What kind of guy! Director of administration? Or Daehan Ilbo?

-Aren’t they finished?

-You didn’t make an official apology.

-No, , , write, , , foot~ How dare some guy attack our Jihan, , !!

-This must not be tolerated… It must be addressed at a first level!!

-No, the elders have been watching this the whole time?

-Grandpas are angry ㄷㄷㄷ;

-This smells like the old Sword King family haha.

A situation where people of all ages and genders are visible in the chat window.

Seong Ji-han looked at that and said with a slight smile.

“everyone. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on going anywhere yet. First of all, a new video will be uploaded right away… … Shall we watch and listen together? “Master?”

“ah. yes. Then, I’ll go to the guild office and start a live broadcast right away. See you later!”

Lee Ha-yeon waved her hand, but the atmosphere in the chat window was extremely unpleasant.

The atmosphere is such that anyone who is Seong Ji-han’s enemy will be destroyed.

Lee Ha-yeon looked at the chat and asked Seong Ji-han.

“Owner… … Are you really planning on moving the country?”

“no. “I have no thoughts yet.”

“Then why… … .”

Seong Ji-han glanced around, then placed his mouth next to Lee Ha-yeon’s ear.

“If we attract aggro like this, won’t a lot of people follow suit in the next video?”


So that was it?

“You don’t have to do that… … .”

“It’s true that there is no official apology.”


As Seong Ji-han smiled at the corner of his mouth, Lee Ha-yeon got a little goosebumps down her spine.

‘… … ‘It was a combination of both.’

After all, he is someone you should never turn into an enemy of.

Thinking like that, she headed to the guild office with Seong Ji-han.

* * *

“everyone. Hello~~ Today, there was an important report related to our waiting guild, so I decided to make another video like this~!”

Lee Ha-yeon started a live broadcast on the guild channel again.

-No, it’s an important report…

-You’re not leaving Korea, are you? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-These are the coordinates of the public petition for the dismissal of the Director of Management. Please everyone agree~ – What? The petition reached 20,000 in 30 minutes after it was posted lol – Is this… the dignity of The First?

We saw the results of Seong Ji-han successfully turning off aggro.

If this continues, the customers and guests will be defeated.

“ah. The owner is not going! The important reporting agenda has nothing to do with that issue. Right, owner?”

“yes. you’re right.”

Lee Ha-yeon hurriedly resolved this and got to the point.

“now. More than that… … Would you like to take a look at the status windows of our three guild members who have revealed their status windows?”

The status windows of Yoon Se-ah, Diego Massid, and Lim Ga-young were released divided into Before and After.

The most notable thing among them was Yoon Se-ah’s status window.

-uh. Yoon Se-ah’s stamina is 13?

-I just left the remaining points +3 at level 5…

-You originally started at 11? So it went up by 2?

-It’s been less than a week since the league started?

-You increased your stamina by 2 in one week? Is this a true story?

After increasing +1 last time, Yoon Se-ah increased her stamina by 1 more for 5 days.

However, she was not the only one who showed remarkable growth.

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