The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 196

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 196>

Yoon Se-ah was not embarrassed by the sudden voice and slowly turned around.

A huge man wearing a hat and black mask was quietly looking down at her with his arms crossed.

Considering that he entered the hospital room without any sign, it was clear that he was a player.

“… … “Why should I die?”

In response to Yoon Se-ah’s question, he extended his hand to her.

In his hand was a yellow amulet.

“You are a resolute child. Blame your gift.”

“… … what? “My gift?”

“You say you can’t go to gold.”

“What is that… … What are you talking about?”

“There is such a thing.”


“Kang Sihwa.”

When he attached the amulet to Yoon Se-ah’s forehead, her body stiffened.

Her pupils lose their power and her life functions stop.

“Get up. “My servant.”

And with Yoon Se-ah’s body in that state, she jumped up from the bed and slowly walked towards the window.


So Yoon Se-ah opened the window and fell out.

“It was a success.”

The masked man erased his traces once again and clicked his tongue.

“Oh my gosh, even if you push me like that, I can’t get the gold, so it’s murder…” … .”

The man disappeared after saying just one word.

And not long after.

“Sea. uh… … “Where did Se-ah go?”

Seong Ji-han, who ended the call outside, was last seen looking around the hospital room with a puzzled expression.

The fantasy is over.

“uh… … .”

Including the sacred group, Kristoff and Sophia.

When the fantasy ended, everyone looked at Yoon Se-ah in surprise.

Especially the most absurd thing.

“what is this. “Why am I dying?”

It was Yoon Se-ah who died there.

“Why were you at the hospital in the first place? uncle… … “Why are you taking out a loan?”

“… … Even though I was blind, I saw this vision. A man who uses strong magic… … What is he doing? “We need to investigate and eliminate it immediately.”

No matter how much it was a fantasy, Yoon Se-jin was shocked because she saw her daughter being murdered.

When he clenched his fists and his body was trembling.

As Yoon Se-ah thought carefully, she remembered a hint from the killer’s words.

A girl who doesn’t have gold.

There’s a gift there.

Isn’t this the story of China’s Jin Yu-hwa, who was eliminated by Seong Ji-han last time?

“ah! Uncle, but what that murderer said… … !”

[Up to there. It is true that it is chronic, but it is not a topic that should be brought up here.]

“… … “What is it?”

Seong Ji-han hurriedly sent a warning message, blocking Yoon Se-ah from talking about Daegi Man-seong.

‘This vision, it seems like I’m replaying something from my last life…’ … .’

Seong Ji-han bit his lip when he saw a scene related to Yoon Se-ah’s death that he did not know about.

If only I had known in her last life that she had been murdered, not committed suicide.

He must have killed Jin Yu-hwa in his last life.

I almost regretted whether I had given him too comfortable a death this time.

‘But how does my sister know this? No, my sister… … Is that true?’

When Seong Ji-han saw a vision about his last life, his doubts only grew.

“… … There are still more giant dungeon portals left, so let’s check them all out. Christoph. “Can you do it right away?”

“yes! it’s possible. I also received an Akashic page, so I have to work hard!”

“Then we will leave immediately.”

That’s how we arrived at the third dungeon portal.

Seong Ji-han and the Sword King, who became even more anxious, quickly calmed down the inside of the dungeon.

“Here we go!”

As Kristoff immediately found the dungeon core, the other members of the investigation team became spectators and just watched from behind.

“and… … “It’s really fast.”

“Was the giant dungeon this easy?”

“The world’s best warriors mixed with an S-class searcher are just pushing them away like a bulldozer.”

“What is this that takes the longest time to travel?”

“Aren’t we so useless?”

The investigation team looked at Seong Ji-han’s dungeon domination with a mixture of admiration and disappointment.

“But why are you leaving in such a hurry?”

“I wonder if there’s anything I need to know about dungeon hacking.”

“Don’t you want to finish the North Korean exploration quickly and return to the Sword King?”

“Aha, now the league will start again. “If you have good results, they will bring you back quickly.”

“I’m going to the Korean Champions League, hey.”

Since they did not know about the family history, the investigation team decided that the reason why Seong Ji-han and his party were speeding up like this was because of the national war.

Seong Ji-han and his party discovered the third dungeon core while separated from the investigation team.

“Come on, count. Let’s begin.”

“Yes, Void Arrow.”


When the Void Arrow appears, purple energy explodes.

And the group encountered another illusion.

* * *

Inside a dungeon portal filled with light purple fog.

Jeez. Jeez.

Sword King Yoon Se-jin was aimlessly coming inside with his two heads stuck on the ends of his twin swords.

Although it was difficult to clearly identify the owner of the neck due to advanced decay.

‘Shizuru and… … Is it Akari?’

Seong Ji-han was able to roughly identify the two.

‘Is this what happened in my last life when my brother-in-law went missing…? … .’

Even in his last life, Yoon Se-jin was the strongest warrior and continued to grow.

The high elf used to beat him with his fists, but when he said he had grown up, he picked up a wooden sword.

So, after getting hit in the hood with the World Tree’s wooden sword, I fell into a panic and left the game.

The current fantasy seemed to have occurred after that day.

“live… … “There it was.”

The Sword King was wearing the Aegis ring around his neck like now.

I looked at something in the purple smoke.

Although I couldn’t even see the shape in the dark shadow rising from the smoke.

“Jiya… … .”

When Yoon Se-jin saw that, she was convinced that it was Sung Ji-ah.

[Why did you come?]

“Why did you come! Now that I know you’re alive, I have to get you out of here… … !”

[okay? Then come here.]

Saaaaaa… … .

The black shadow grows larger, and an ominous energy overflows no matter who sees it.

No matter how I looked at it, it looked like I shouldn’t have gone in.

“… … okay.”

Sejin Yoon bit her lip and entered.


Tuk. Tuk.

The two heads caught in the twin swords fell, and Akari’s disappeared in flames.

Shizuru’s began to turn black.

[I am… … In this, I saw it all. Sejin Yoon.]

“I saw it… … .”

[okay. You abandoned your daughter and went to Japan. And, Se-Ah was murdered… … Even my younger brother became the monster’s eternal servant… … .]

“… … .”

[I am already dead… … It was okay to meet a new girl. I met a new love and didn’t mind leaving the country. but… … What about your daughter? Was Se-ah just my daughter? Your daughter… … Wasn’t it?]

Seong Ji-ah quietly recites to Yoon Se-jin in the dark.

At her words, Yoon Se-jin knelt on the ground.

“… … sorry. My sin is too great. So I tried to free you and kill you… … .”

[die? Whose will it be? That’s a luxury. You must suffer more.]

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

Like Shizuru’s neck.

Yoon Se-jin’s body also began to completely turn into darkness.

[The Void Witch commands. Become Asura, the apostle of the end. Sejin Yoon.]

Plop. Plop.

As Yoon Se-jin’s body becomes lumpy, a monster’s arm protrudes from within it.

Not human in an instant.

Yoon Se-jin turned into a monster with three heads and six arms.

He looked at himself calmly, then lowered his head.

[Go to China and avenge your daughter. That’s the only thing you have to do.]

“… … okay. “If that’s what you want.”

[I don’t even want to talk to you. Go crazy. Go crazy and become a monster.]

“… … Big, big… … !”

Seong Ji-ah, who burns her hatred to the point of stealing Yoon Se-jin’s reason.

Lastly, Yoon Se-jin, who has become a complete monster.

The fantasy is over.

* * *

‘My brother-in-law… … Was it Ashura?’

The last days of mankind.

A different apostle of the apocalypse summoned from 20 countries.

Among them, the one summoned from China was Asura, a three-headed, six-legged giant monster.

‘With the Heavenly Demon Wang Rin retreating, China barely caught Asura.’

Just like the Succubus Queen made LA disappear in the United States.

Asura also devastated several large cities in China.

Among the 20 countries where the apostle of the apocalypse descended, the 10 countries that survived.

China suffered the greatest loss of life than the United States, which nuked LA.

‘The witch of the void… … Could that being be the apostle of the apocalypse? But that’s my sister… … .’

A Void Witch whose authority is greater than expected.

That’s my missing sister.

Seong Ji-han frowned and thought.

‘There, the younger brother who became the monster’s eternal slave… … I think this refers to me.’

If it’s a monster, is it a martial god?

If it is an eternal servant, it reminds me of the story about the servant that Dongbangsak always talks about every time we meet.

‘Did I almost become a squire in my last life? … me?’

However, when Yoon Se-jin became Asura, Seong Ji-han only received the full support of the wandering warrior.

It was a situation where even the ‘species’ of the seed had not been released.

But what made Seong Ji-ah make that decision?

‘sister… … ‘Do you have any precognitive abilities?’

Just like that, around the time Seong Ji-han was reasoning about Seong Ji-ah.

“… … “It’s still cheap.”


Yoon Se-jin sat down in his seat and lowered his head helplessly.

“What if, I don’t even want to imagine. If something happened to Se-Ah… … It’s okay to be treated like this… … .”

“… … .”

“I guess I was grateful that it gave me the strength to take revenge. To Jia… … .”

And then to the Sword King, who looked gloomy for a while.


“Uh-huh! Wow. “What can you say in front of a living person?”

Yoon Se-ah slapped herself on the back.

“ah. Three, three… … .”

“I’m alive and well. dad! “Now, it’s not a bad ending situation like that!”

“… … “That’s right.”

“Let’s work harder and get mom out quickly. Anyway! What kind of void witch are you? “They say your uncle has become a slave to a monster.”

“Jihan, whose servant is this?”


There is no need to talk about the god of war.

Seong Ji-han smiled and looked back at the audience.

“Everyone has stamina left, right?”

“Yes, Jihan, aren’t you having a hard time?”

“it’s okay. “Then, let’s go straight to the last dungeon.”

In the next dungeon, will you at least reveal how you became a servant?

With that in mind, Seong Ji-han led the party to the fourth dungeon.

* * *


Star of War, Tuseong.

Kurrrrrr… … .

“Emergency, emergency!”

The ground shook, and a person wearing full body iron armor jumped out.

Through the helmet that covered his face, with his long blonde hair.

The bright tone of voice was that of a woman.

“huh? what… … “Why did you wake up?”

“The fourth happens first, not the third. “It’s fascinating.”

Longinus and Dongbangsak were preparing to go down to earth.

I looked at the woman who suddenly woke up in wonder.

“glass… … “Didn’t you decide to wake up only when the end of your world came?”

“That’s the enemy’s name. Nostradamus is the latest.”

“That name is too long.”

“Then just call me Pythia. I don’t want to hear it. “Like your name, Kang Sang.”

Dongbangsak stroked his beard and smiled bitterly.

The fourth apostle with the power of prophecy.

Is the name ‘Joan of Arc’ something she doesn’t like to hear?

“… … okay. Pythia, why are you awake?”

“I saw a terrible prophecy!”


“The girl who decided to become the Void Witch instead of me has been released!”

“Why is that terrible?”

“Then I have to take charge of the apocalypse in my place. “Then I won’t be able to play the role of navigation for this planet for a while.”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Longinus shook his head excitedly as he watched Pythia making a fuss by herself.

Among the squires of the God of War, he is a person with prophetic abilities who holds a unique position.

At the time, I didn’t understand most of what she was saying.

“More than that… … Oh yeah. Great. You said last time that you would give me a prophecy, right? “Please take a look at him.”


Longinus took out his cell phone and displayed Seong Ji-han’s image.

“What do you think the future will be like? After all, are you going to break up badly with your owner?”

Although he thought that he was destined to be cruelly trampled by the wandering warrior god, he showed his sincerity.

“… … This guy doesn’t understand prophecy? what is this?”

Pythia looked at Seong Ji-han intently with a serious voice.

“This kind of human case… … “Is there only the owner?”

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