The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 193

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 193>

When I heard the elf’s proposal.

Seong Ji-han decided that it would be impossible to persuade the director.

Even he, who had memories from his last life, was slightly attracted to it when he first heard the story of 1,000 trillion GP.

In today’s human society, which is experiencing confusion due to rapid changes in GP prices.

It was so unreasonable to refuse that offer.

‘Still, reducing the enemy’s power is more important than GP.’

GP’s exchange ratio will be able to maintain a good exchange rate if humanity cruises through the league.

Rather than that, the most urgent priority was to reduce the power of the World Tree Alliance, one of the most powerful enemies in the league.

Especially within the Space League, matches against enemy races.

Because there were many clashes outside of official matches like now.

If it was possible to eliminate the enemy’s strength, especially the core strength of the national team, it was best to choose that.

So Seong Ji-han secretly infiltrated Ariel into Director Davis’s inner circle.

‘Ariel did a good job.’

I was able to get the desired result.

‘By the way, just like last time, they are trying to install the golden tree somehow… … .’

A golden tree that was installed on Earth in my last life as well.

At that time, it was a tree that the elves offered to plant on Earth in exchange for a 5% reduction in the death penalty.

‘It was not revealed until the very end what the golden tree does, but… … .’

If the other party were to reduce the punishment, it would not be a favorable item for humanity.

This time, they are saying they will install it and preserve the GP ratio.

The elves also had unusually fine hair.

‘But I can’t leave it like that as long as I’m here.’


The scene changes to where the High Priest is indignant and causing a commotion at the director’s table.

On the desolate wasteland, 400 elves stood with expressionless faces.

“uh… … .”

“Is that a death row?”

“Ah, it looks like the penalty is really being enforced.”

“Director, what did you do? To be honest, I feel refreshed inside… … .”

Even before entering the game, the players were jokingly saying how they could fight such a beautiful elf.

After the game, that perception completely changed.

Because they were actually their enemies who tried to kill them.

It didn’t matter what I was wearing.

“If it wasn’t for Seong Ji-han, we might have been standing there… … .”

“therefore. “It’s scary to even think about it.”

“Thanks to you, I survived.”

“That’s right. Come visit New York sometime. “I’ll take a shot.”

Foreign players approach Seong Ji-han and give him a thumbs up.

Compared to when they gave a cold look and asked why Seong Ji-han was here until the 4th game.

The reaction I saw was like the difference between heaven and earth.

“Of course.”

Seong Ji-han roughly accepted this and watched the execution.

400 elves with different appearances.


[The execution is carried out.]

When this message appears.

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

The 400 elves, who had various appearances, all began to change into one appearance.

“uh… … .”

“That look… … “Isn’t it the same as when the minister changed?”

“Wasn’t that high elf like that too?”

“castle! The elf that appeared in the castle game also had that face.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

A blonde elf with unrivaled beauty.

There were 400 of them standing side by side, looking exactly the same.

=What is this… … .

=The appearance of the elves suddenly changed. Even if they were twins, I don’t think they would be this identical… … !

=That’s right. It looks like it was made in the same factory!

=Ah. Among those elves, there is also a green-haired elf who performed well in game 4.

=The elf who defeated the Sword King with his bare hands? It was quite threatening… … Disappearing like this is a good thing for humanity!

A high elf who failed to avoid a 20% chance and ended up on the execution ground.

The high elf was smiling empty-handed, unlike the others who had expressionless expressions.

“I didn’t know I would die here.”

Kurrrrrr… … !

As the wasteland split apart and flames rose within.

One by one, the elves began to burn.

A 400-year-old elf whose expression did not change even while being immersed in fire.

-Wow, there is no change in expression at all… … It looks like some kind of robot, man.

-You’re actually going to die, right? It’s burning, but doesn’t it hurt?

-therefore. Ugh. Are they regenerating their bodies?

-Even on popular broadcasts, that face elf showed incredible regenerative power, and now it’s coming out. Doesn’t he deserve the death penalty?

They were elves who resisted flames with their unique regenerative power.

Grrrr… … !

When the color of the flames that consumed the body turned dark red, from then on, they could not regenerate and began to disappear one by one into ash.

And then all the elves disappear and the last survivor.

Before dying, the green-haired high elf looked into space and said one thing.

“Humanity. Enjoy your short victory. The sisters will avenge me… … .”


The high elf then stretched out his fist and smashed his own head.

Dark red flames surround her headless body.

[Special penalty execution has ended.]

The elf execution ceremony ended with the death of the high elf.

* * *

“… … “I will never forget what happened today.”

The high priest, who was watching the execution ceremony with bloodshot eyes, gritted his teeth and glared at Director Davis.

Meanwhile, after the execution ceremony was over, Director Davis’ body began to move back to normal.

‘No, damn it. Why did my hands move randomly all of a sudden? … .’

Rather than the enemy coach losing his temper, I was more worried about the repercussions of returning home.

2000 trillion GP.

Because they gave up that huge reward and executed the death penalty.

Is that why?

When the high priest glared at him, he felt like it was because of them that things had happened, so he got angry.

“Who decided on that penalty in the first place?” … If you’re dissatisfied, shouldn’t you win? Losers, just keep your mouth shut. “I’m already annoyed because my hands move randomly. Where is my temper coming from?”

“her… … !”


When the high priest hit the director’s table with a bloody face, the desk was shattered, leaving a hand print on it.

Perhaps because the space on the human side of the table was separated, no impact occurred.

“Well, well. What will you do if you break the desk? Do you think I’d be scared? The dead 20% will be responsible. The director is just bragging about his power. “Tsk, tsk.”

When safety was guaranteed, Director Davis was relieved and was about to speak for a while.

[The opening series MVP will be selected.]

[Humanity’s player, ‘Seong Ji-han’, was selected.]

The end point of the game.

In the system, there was a scene where Seong Ji-han was selected as the series MVP.

“Oh, as expected!”

When Seong Ji-han, the savior who saved his life, appears, Director Davis immediately gives a thumbs up.

However, the high priest across from him was looking at the series MVP window with a serious expression.

“What, why do you look…” … .”

It was clear who was selected as series MVP.

He must be the player who destroyed 5 games.

Through this MVP window, the High Priest can accurately identify the player who ruined the World Tree Alliance’s manual.

I was thinking of inflicting eternal pain on him.


Seong Ji-han, who was in a hideout state, was not fully visible even in the series MVP window.

‘I was worried because my image was blurry during the game… … !’

Seong Ji-han, who destroyed the game in game 5.

Unlike when watching from the human side.

From the elf’s perspective, his appearance did not appear properly.

The entire body, including the face, was blurred, making it difficult to pinpoint who the other person was.

But it appears like this in the series MVP window… … .

“no way… … Hideout? What do you mean, an excellent member?”

An excellent membership certificate that only a very small number of players have.

A human player has that.

‘… … I really need to find out who it is.’

That player.

If left unattended, it could become a variable that will ruin this space league.

‘The variable is… … ‘We need to get rid of it quickly.’

The elf high priest looked at Seong Ji-han’s blurry appearance with murderous eyes.

* * *

After the opening match ended.

“Come on, everyone!”

“The main character of today’s victory. Series MVP! “We will be interviewing Seong Ji-han, who showed off his thrilling flips!”

The American commentator in charge of broadcasting on Channel 0 was summoned to the player’s waiting room and met Seong Ji-han.

“First, please say hello to the viewers!”

“Nice to meet you. “This is player Seong Ji-han.”

“You did a great job today! “20% of the national team’s players were in danger of being executed, but one player single-handedly turned the situation around!”

“yes. “It’s all thanks to me that I won the game.”

Instead of giving a humble answer, such as saying that your teammate was of great help, which is common in such cases.

Seong Ji-han nods as if it were obvious.

The players watching this near the waiting room all whistled and cheered enthusiastically.

“That’s right!”

“I survived because of the sacred place!”

“I almost went to the execution ground!”

“I’m telling you now, I peed when I saw that penalty!”

The waiting room became a party atmosphere with everyone joining together.

The camera captured the sincere joy of the world’s top players.

-What is urine? Haha.

-I almost got dragged to the execution ground, but that wasn’t even possible haha.

-You saved 400 people, Seong Ji-han.

-It’s good that you answered with confidence, hey.

“Hey, as expected…” … ! I feel confident! “As expected, he’s a great player!”

“Actually, at today’s game, a lot of talk was made after seeing that he was on the roster. Since the requirement to participate in the game is to be a Diamond Leaguer or higher, many people pointed out why he was given a spot on the list.”

“however! At a moment when I really needed it, a spot to compete came up. In the world, there is even talk about the holy athlete being the prophet Aninyan!”

Commentary Christoph then winked at Seong Ji-han with a flushed face.

In response to Seong Ji-han’s rant, he bet $10,000 on Seong Ji-han MVP.

I hit a huge jackpot, so I had a lot of luck.

“Oh, I have a dream. I guess it’s because it worked out well a few times. “This really felt like a precognitive dream.”

“Precognitive dream… … “This?”


When asked how he knew, Seong Ji-han decided that from now on he would base his answers on precognitive dreams.

He shrugged his shoulders with a natural look on his face.

“This time, I had a dream that we lost badly in five games and several players died. So, I deliberately, prepared to be criticized, asked my brother-in-law to come out.”

“iced coffee… … ! It’s a precognitive dream… … .”

“Are the amazing moves shown by Seong Ji-han also related to that dream?”

“Yes, it was helpful.”

If someone else had done this, people would have reacted by saying something ridiculous.

Because Seong Ji-han had shown amazing performances so far, many people seemed to believe it.

– Seong Ji-han seems to really have precognitive dreams. They were all correct lol – somehow it was ridiculously big.

-Wow, then I know all the lotto numbers.

-Hey, how much sacred wealth is there and is the lottery a problem? haha.

-Not all Battlenet bets are successful, right?

-From now on, I will definitely bet on Seong Ji-han… … I’m serious… … .

“This is it, I can’t stand on the other side of a player who is holy!”

“yes. So, from now on, please follow everything I say. “It all leads to good results.”

“haha! of course!”

The interview ended with a friendly conversation with Seong Ji-han.

However, when it was Director Davis’ turn to be interviewed next, the atmosphere was serious.

“Director, what happened?”

“When we agreed to 2,000 trillion won, I couldn’t help but admire the director’s negotiation skills. “Suddenly, an elf execution ceremony was carried out.”

“No, that’s… … My hand… … “Suddenly, he started acting as if he was being controlled!”

“What kind of nonsense is that?”

“No matter how much I suffered from the elves, I ended up giving up a huge benefit… … .”

-What kind of excuse is this? Judge, a cat typed it. What is the level? LOL – 2000 trillion GP is a waste… … .

-If you find out, didn’t the manager buy the GP because he was begging for it? I’m afraid the value will plummet once the 2 trillion GP comes in. Haha – ㄹㅇ It’s suspicious? Shouldn’t I clean up my account?

-Is that really all you have?

-Director, I love you ^-^ I spent all my money on GP, ​​but I almost lost my money. Sigh~ Coach Davis was in an uproar over why he didn’t accept Elf’s offer.

Seong Ji-han secretly retrieved Ariel and left the waiting room.

‘It’s nice that you eat instead of swearing.’

And just like that, the opening match ended.

[Once the game is over, your ranking in the Space League will increase.]

[Tied for first place. Dungeon portals disappear en masse.]

As the league rankings rise, society is once again facing change.

“Brother-in-law… … “Can you help me?”

The Sword King, who was planning to explore the North Korean dungeon again, asked Seong Ji-han for help.

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