The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 188

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 188>

January 1, 2021.

[NO.4212 Humanity’s tutorial ends.]

[Humanity will now belong to the Space League – Bronze League.]

10 years have passed since was launched.

Humanity finished the long tutorial and faced the main game.

[In this game, the changes have been made as follows.]

Like long patch notes when a game is updated on a large scale.

The system message explained the changes at endless length.

-When are you going to read all of this?;;

-Why has so much changed?

-Let’s wait. Someone will sort it out hahaha

At first, people were tired of the huge amount of uploads.

Soon, experts came forward and organized the unfriendly patch notes.

In-game changes were the largest, accounting for 70% of the content, while world changes accounted for 30%.

The latter was the item that the general public was interested in and felt.

[Dungeon portals will be created more frequently in the future.]

[Depending on the ranking of the Space League, the range of countries where dungeon portals are created increases.]

[Maintain your ranking in the league to avoid falling to the bottom!]

Currently, dungeon portals are only created in the bottom 10% of countries in the rankings.

That is, unless it is a case like North Korea where they boycotted participation in and then were hit with a penalty and ruined.

Since dungeon portals did not appear throughout the territory, the country was somehow maintained.

However, starting from this game, the frequency of dungeon portal creation is determined by your ranking in the Space League.

I definitely felt a sense of crisis that the world had changed.


[GP is no longer permanently linked to the dollar. The exchange rate fluctuates depending on your ranking in the Space League. If your ranking in the Space League falls to the relegation zone, you will incur a large penalty on your exchange rate.]

Let’s even change the price, which has been fixed at 1 dollar per 1 GP until now.

There were various reactions from people surrounding GP.

-Wow, GP, I got it lol. I had a bad feeling about the end of the tutorial, so I bought it all… … !

-Where are all the idiots who say that after the tutorial, GP will be a piece of paper?? Hahaha, I exchanged all my GP money after listening to their story… … I want to go back to yesterday ㅠㅠㅠㅠ- How much is GP now?

-$1.4 lol As soon as the tutorial was over, it skyrocketed by 40%.

-No, anyway, why is it going up like this?

-Look at the patch notes. Now is the time when players die without GP.

The factor that caused the price of GP to skyrocket was the change in the fixed exchange rate system.

Changes within the game also played a role.

[GP is deducted when you die in a game.]

[If you do not have GP, you will die.] where if a player dies without the appropriate amount of GP, they now die for real, not in the game.

Due to this huge penalty, players were trying to buy more GP in advance, so the price was rising steadily.

GP was $1.4 when the change was made.

In less than an hour or two, it had already surpassed $2.

-Wow, it was no joke from day one… … ?

-I think we really need to win the opening game. This will stabilize the GP price and prevent dungeon portals from appearing.

-So who is your opponent?

-20 teams in the Space League, everyone but us?? I heard it’s hot? Like during rehearsal.

When Seong Ji-han played a rehearsal game, ?? appeared for enemy races that were not encountered.

The enemies we were assigned to in the Space League-Bronze League were no longer visible.

The human national team started the opening match without any information.

[The opening match will begin in 3 hours.]

Three hours before the opening game, I was having a hard time.

* * *

‘My headache hurts…’ … .’

Davis, the district team coach, sighed.

He is currently the director at American First.

He was appointed to American First in 2018 and was a mastermind who led the team to victory in the World Champions League for three consecutive years from then until this year.

It was nice to be recognized for these achievements and to be appointed as the district team coach.

‘I didn’t know there would be this much work… … .’

There was a lot to prepare for the opening match of in this game.


‘Van and select cards. I never thought something like this would be added… … .’

Bans and select cards added to this game.

The ban card had the function of preventing influential players from the opposing team from participating in the game.

Select cards had the effect of increasing the probability of a designated map appearing in each game.

Depending on how you use these two cards strategically, you can overcome your opponent even with disadvantageous power.

Or, even with advantageous power, there could be a situation where you lose.

‘There are various options within the card.’

Davis urgently summoned all of the alliance’s strategic analysts.

There was an urgent discussion on how to use this card during the opening match.

“There is too little information about the other party.”

“Isn’t this the most versatile ban card?”

The ban card thus drawn had the option of banning three players from the 1st to 10th ranked players of the opposing race at random.

Because I don’t know anything about the enemy.

Rather than selecting one person with a specific rank, it was decided to safely cut three people and start.

And in the select card where you can choose a map.

All of the game maps that have been played in the tutorial so far are listed.

“I think it would be better to just play the game we’ve been playing so far.”

“As many as 2,000 players have been summoned, but there has never been a large-scale battle.”

“Wouldn’t a map like Southgate, which we played recently, be the most effective?”

“Looking at the rehearsal game, there were a lot of flying races… … “Is the siege map meaningful?”

“If you think about it that way, there aren’t many maps worth playing. Southgate is probably better than the train map.”

“okay. Let’s prioritize Southgate. “Wouldn’t specifying it anyway only increase the probability?”

“That’s true.”

The district team concluded that they would preferentially use the select card on the Southgate map.

The national team was doing everything it could.

“no… … “Why is Seong Ji-han not on the reserve list but on the main list?”

Coach Davis looked at the list of players and frowned when he saw Seong Ji-han included.

I knew Seong Ji-han’s skills were outstanding.

Only DIA and above could participate in the Space League matches.

Even if we put it on this list, it would be meaningless.

“Seong Ji-han is platinum! “I’ll put you on the reserve list!”

“Oh, that’s… … .”

In response to the director’s scolding, an official from the Alliance spoke with an embarrassed expression.

“During the rehearsal game, the federation promised to put me on the roster no matter what happens.”

“He cleared the rehearsal alone anyway, right? Is there a need for the federation to honor that promise?”

“Still, except for the People’s Association, everyone benefited from the list selected by the federation… … “The King of Swords also insists that Seong Ji-han be put in his place.”

“what? “The Sword King?”

Davis was dumbfounded.

No, if I could use a player like him, I would definitely want to send him to the forefront.

In the first place, the qualification for participation is to be DIA, so why on earth are you putting your name on the participation list like this?

“Well, at least one digit out of 2000… … How could it not be okay?”

“her… … ! What if victory or defeat is decided by that one spot? … !”

“But the Sword King’s attitude is so stubborn… … “It seems the federation has decided to just keep its promise rather than escalate the problem.”

“Player Seong Ji-han, I didn’t see it that way… … I understand. “But next time it won’t be like this.”

There is nothing we can do since the federation has already made this decision.

Coach Davis expressed his disappointment in Seong Ji-han, who even took advantage of his brother-in-law to somehow get on the list.

‘I have no choice but to give up one seat.’

I’m hoping that it won’t be the only map where 2,000 people are mobilized.

Davis, along with the coaching staff, confirmed preparations for the opening game.

* * *

=Everyone. The day has finally arrived… … !

=The opening match of the Space League begins now!

The game broadcast on channel 0 was receiving more attention than ever before.

As entered the game, the importance of the Space League became more prominent.

=With the end of the tutorial, many systems have been added.

=What you should especially see in this game is the ban and select system!

The commentator talked about the newly added system and briefly briefed on the decision of the human team.

As light flashed on the screen and a message appeared, I raised my voice.

[The opposing race for the Space League match will be determined.]

[The opponent is ‘World Tree Elf – 71’.]

=Oh… … !

The opposing team that was listed as =?? has finally appeared… … !

=World Tree Elf 71… … ?

=Compared to our species name ending in human, their spelling is a bit unique!

World Tree Elf – 71.

Even the races that appeared in the rehearsal game were never marked in that way.

The opponent for this opening match had an unusual name.


The screen blinks, and the World Tree elf slowly appears.

The commentators could not help but express their admiration.

=Oh… … It’s beautiful!

=It’s the elf image we know so well!

=That’s right. Wasn’t an elf summoned to the Colosseum before? Very similar to them!

Like the beautiful elf that was once summoned from the audience at the Colosseum.

This time, the elves who faced each other, both men and women, possessed extreme beauty.

-and… … It’s great for the eyes.

-Every single one of them says, “Go away, supermodel?”

-Now, don’t go and use elf modifiers… … A real elf has appeared!

At first, people were impressed just by the appearance.

=Ah… … ! However, if the opponent is an elf, it won’t be easy. Data about the elves were not only found in the audience seats at the Colosseum!

=Is there any other information about elves? What on earth is that, Kristoff?

=Yes! It was played once on Seong Ji-han’s channel. Would you like to see the data screen?

On channel 0, the battle tube screen where Seong Ji-han fought against an elf when obtaining the leaves of the World Tree was played.

Viewers got over the illusion of beauty and began to worry about real things.

-Uh, but the elves… … Is your regenerative power crazy? Cockroaches go away.

-Can we catch that…? … .

-We need to win the opening game, but I’m a little worried ㅠㅠ

I caught it because it was Seong Ji-han.

Could the other players on the national team be able to destroy the elf like that?

People were worried.

The importance of race is as much as I watched it in advance on the battlefield of chaos.

The elves, who possess super-regenerative powers, were perceived as very dangerous opponents.


=1 game, about to start.

=Starting from the Space League, the head coach of each national team comes out and uses an option card, and the game progresses.

=Davis, director of mankind.

=Director of the World Tree Elves… … There appears to be a character who is translated as a high priest.

The screen changed, showing a pure white table sticking out of the darkness.

The people standing at both ends of the large table are Davis, the director of humanity.

A beautiful elf supervisor wearing pure white robes.

“nice to meet you. “Humankind.”

The woman smiled and spoke in a pure voice.

-The director’s sister is also awesome… … .

-Elves are just the best, just… … .

-Just by smiling, she completes the world of beauty, really haha. Her looks are such a fraud.

-How do we fight a race like that?

Viewers who were taken aback by director Elf’s greeting were busy praising the show at the time.

[Choose a ban and select card for 1 game and place it on the table.]

“Here it is.”

Following the guidance of the system, I regained my composure when it was time for Humanity Director Davis to place the pre-determined cards on the table.

-What card will the elf pull out?

-They probably don’t have any information either.

-Oh, please try a familiar map… … !

In a best-of-five matchup like this, the first game is of course the most important.

When everyone’s attention is focused on the card that the elf director will pull out.

The smile on the High Priestess’s lips deepened and she made an unexpected choice.

“We will not use cards.”

* * *

Meanwhile, humanity’s player waiting room where 2,000 players have been summoned.

“what… … .”

“Why do you make that choice?”

When the human players were puzzled by the Elf coach’s choices.

‘It has begun.’

Seong Ji-han is not eligible to participate.

I stared at the smiling high priest with sunken eyes.

‘Laugh hard now. Today’s game… … ‘It’s not going to work out the way you think.’

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