The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 183

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 183>

The seal stone of chaos cracked, revealing fragments of a fallen star.

It looked like a lumpy, hard piece of metal.

It looks too ordinary to be called a star fragment.

Seong Ji-han had doubts as to whether this was really a fragment of a fallen star.

[Epic quest cleared.]

[Rewards will be given.]

[Obtain 1000000 achievement points.]

[The limit level is expanded by 50.]

‘That’s right.’ When the quest clear notification appeared, I felt relieved.

‘It took a long time to form a team, but once I came down, I found it easy.’

The process of going to the bottom of the Chaos Crack and breaking the seal stone.

Since it wasn’t a very long process, Seong Ji-han thought he cleared it quite easily.

In reality, there was no player other than him who could clear it.

The energy of death emanating from the Chaos Crack was so powerful that no player could survive for long within it.

‘But I remember there was definitely another reward… … .’

Level limit +50 to achievement points.

This alone is somewhat disappointing.

When Seong Ji-han was appreciating his appetite and wondering why no additional compensation was provided.

[This is a fragment of a star that was demoted from the Bronze League.]

[NO.4212 The synchronization rate between ‘humanity’ and the extinct species is over 50%. You can absorb fragments of a fallen star.]

[Would you like to absorb the fragments of the fallen star?]

*Caution* There may be unexpected side effects.

A star that was eliminated from Bronze and has a synchronization rate of over 50% with humanity.

‘Are they also the lowest species?’

Seong Ji-han thought so and clicked yes.

Since I was disappointed with the income I had earned so far, I decided to accept the side effects.


Shoooooo… … !

The star fragment, which was a small piece of metal, was instantly sucked into Seong Ji-han’s body.

[here is… … !]


[This body is similar to our species… … !]

The strong voice of the vengeful spirit began to sound like an auditory hallucination.

Unlike those who cried and fused into chimeras.

Each and every one of them reveals a strong presence.

[Let’s take this body!]

[okay… … I can’t be trapped in that cold prison forever!]

[Hehehe, hehehe… … me. I’ll write it one year first!]

[Where! I am first!]

The foreign energy that entered Seong Ji-han’s body.

It quickly spread in four directions, trying to take control of him.

A vengeful spirit possession so strong that a normal player would be struck by it in an instant.


‘… … ‘Are they crazy?’

For Seong Ji-han, who gained martial spirit and was the first to be able to completely control his body.

It was a completely ineffective attempt.

He was able to naturally control the energy that emanated from the seed of life given to him by the elves.

The struggles of the vengeful spirit could easily be destroyed.

[Now, wait a minute… … .]

[Why isn’t it moving… … .]

[Ha, no, no. hey! wait for a sec. Hey, just kidding. lol. Using your body… … Thank you for saving me!]

[Yes, yes! I won’t eat you. Give me another body instead! We’ll give you the information! How our star perished… … ! I will show you the end of the world!]


Haven’t you already seen the end of the world?

I couldn’t release these dangerous guys to other humans just to get that kind of information.

Seong Ji-han ground away the foreign energy inside.

[how… … How did you survive there? … !]

[I will become a constellation… … !!]

A group of vengeful spirits disappeared after leaving their last will.

Seong Ji-han easily suppressed the rebellion and looked at the broken Seal Stone of Chaos with dissatisfied eyes.

‘Even if I absorb this, there is no gain.’

It’s a chaotic battlefield map. It’s better to just destroy it quickly.

When he makes that judgment.

[The star’s ability, martial spirit, is strengthened by obtaining fragments of a fallen star.]

[Musoul’s growth speed increases.]

[Indirectly experience the feelings of a ‘constellation candidate’ from an extinct race until the very end.]

[You can invest 10 ability points into Martial Spirit.]

“What… … .”

Seong Ji-han opened his eyes wide.

Things like a million achievement points or level limit increases are insignificant.

What could be called a real reward was given.

* * *

December 15th.

The atmosphere of the rehearsal expedition, which had launched with great vigor, was gradually subsiding.

-Oh, failed again?

-Jihan oppa, stop holding on to my ankles, really ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-no… … If heaven and earth turn upside down, every day will end.

-Didn’t you add a wizard who can use flying magic and prepare items?

-Warriors keep failing because they are not used to it ㅡㅡ

-With the addition of a wizard, the defense weakens… … .

On the first day, I thought I would clear the game within a week because I felt like I had almost finished it.

Somehow, even though the game continued for two weeks, there was no sign of clearing it.

Of course, the biggest problem is what to do when heaven and earth turn upside down.

I had to use fly magic or direct my shield binding to the ground to prepare for the impact of falling.

There were many casualties because the hands and feet were not properly aligned.

The flying race was aiming for this exact moment and launched a surprise attack.

After more than half of the main force is destroyed here.

In the end, the main team could not hold on before reaching 10,000 points.

Numerous methods were devised to solve this problem, and among them, there was an opinion that Seong Ji-han should open his hands to overthrow heaven and earth.

-If I save the main unit, my strength will run out. I also can’t use my power unlimitedly.

Seong Ji-han expressed his disapproval, saying that it would be difficult to do that.

In fact, the work he is doing now alone serves 500 people.

Even if you are a bus passenger, it is too much to ask for anything more to be done here.

Therefore, the Alliance could not ask Seong Ji-han any more and was busy only finding the cause.

-I analyzed it and found that Asian players fell to their deaths first. There is a need to adjust the ratio of players by region. Focusing on areas with better control.

-There’s a lot of talk about the topic of Asians riding on sacred buses, you sheep. LOL -But Chinese warriors die rather easily… … .

-It’s racism!

-Distant racism. I am also Asian;

The People’s Assembly’s clever trolling.

So far, their actions have only been met with the perception that ‘they die rather quickly’, and they have not been caught.


The higher-ups of the People’s Assembly, which actually committed the incident, were contemplating how to deal with this problem.

“The movement of global public opinion is unusual. If it becomes known that we ruined the game, the backlash won’t be a joke… … .”

A chaotic battlefield broadcast live around the world for 15 days.

During these two weeks, Seong Ji-han was in the spotlight alone.

The strongest player in charge of humanity’s expedition corps.

No matter how overwhelmingly you show inaction and wipe out the enemy race by yourself.

In the end, he is an unlucky warrior who fails the game every time due to the death of an untrustworthy ally.

-… … ha.

For the past week, every time a message to leave appears after 15 minutes because there are less than 10% of the expedition team left.

The short sigh he let out while looking into space with eyes filled with sorrow was becoming a hot topic.

-ㅠㅠㅠㅠ You sighed again ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Sorry Castle… … .

-But something… … It’s something different to see something like that while wiping out enemies as usual haha… … .

-That’s the basic Wakku scam haha.

Because it keeps showing pictures of humanity’s last warrior, who survived until the end.

It is a sacred channel with a huge number of fans from all over the world, regardless of age or gender.

His channel, which he thought would be difficult to grow any more because he already had a lot of subscribers, was growing rapidly again this time.

“If what we did in this situation is discovered, there is a risk of strong criticism from around the world.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to stop suicide right now?” … .”

“I can’t sleep these days because I’m afraid this incident will be discovered.”

The moderate faction of the People’s Assembly proposed the idea of ​​covering it up at this point.

“Uh huh, should I give in to that criticism?”

“Did we make such unreasonable demands on the waiting guild in the first place? “Didn’t they make an outrageous slander accusing Wang Sicong of sexual harassment?”

“Wang Sicong was wrong! What he did at home, he did abroad… … !”

“That’s right! Be careful what you say! Are you planning on falling for their lies and insulting people from the same country?”

The hardliners who made up the mainstream of the People’s Assembly had a stubborn attitude.

“Let’s send someone to the waiting guild again! “If you let Wang Rin join us, we will definitely support you so that you don’t die.”

“… … Do you want to change it? “Are we going to confess to them that we are the culprits?”

“Who told you to say that! Why not just indirectly say that support will be different from what it is now? They said they would also provide more support for fly magic scrolls. “Let’s just pay attention.”

“is it so. Anyway, without the power of the People’s Assembly, they won’t be able to clear the mission. It’s mutual aid. Would it be okay to be dragged around by a guild from a small country in the East?”

“Well… … .”

The moderates could not oppose the opinions of the majority of the hardliners.

They just.

“Then we will send a negotiator. “Because something like last time shouldn’t happen.”

“Hum hum… … Mr. Wang Sicong said he wanted to terminate the alliance… … .”

“No, are you trying to cause trouble again?!”

“Okay, I understand. “Do it there!”

The negotiation team that was dispatched to the waiting guild was like that.

Unlike Wang Sichong last time, he was somewhat polite.

“therefore… … “If you accept Wang Rin, you will provide large-scale support to the expedition team?”

“Yes, it is. “I will also include an apology for what happened in the past.”

“Hmm… … .”

Lee Ha-yeon heard a rather attractive proposal from a female executive of the People’s Assembly.

[Owner, how should I answer?]

This was reported to Seong Ji-han.

Lee Ha-yeon did not think that the People’s Association was trolling because the moderates did not give any indication that we had attempted suicide.

[The proposal itself is fine… … .]

I was attracted to the conditions they presented themselves.


‘You can’t let it go like that.’

Seong Ji-han had no intention of listening to whatever conditions they proposed.

‘Now, let’s put an end to it.’

A total of 6 star fragments have been recovered so far.

Although the level limit has not increased further here.

Because you can add additional points to the most important martial arts skill.

The martial spirit ability had already reached 200.

‘The experience of an alien race was quite refreshing.’

The mentality of a candidate for the constellation of an extinct race.

In fact, experiencing their enlightenment indirectly was too brief.

After eliminating the vengeful spirit, it lasts for about a minute.

I could only briefly feel the experience of using their most powerful power.

Among them, there is only one warrior who uses strength like Seong Ji-han.

Because it was focused on mages, supports, and archers, there were a lot of parts that didn’t make sense.


‘The feeling of controlling the body of another species broadened my horizons quite a bit.’

A race with three arms.

A race that looks at the world with four eyes.

A race with wings.

The experiences these people went through were completely different from the experiences that humanity can experience.

Their thoughts passed by Seong Ji-han for a moment.

Rather, it was the feeling of doing my best as a different race.

He pioneered the path for martial arts to grow.

So, I used all the additional points I had saved, and the ability level I raised again was 200.

[You can no longer strengthen star abilities through ‘Fragments of a Fallen Star.’]

After Seong Ji-han checked this message yesterday.

Now I have decided to end the game on a chaotic battlefield.

And, before betting to end the game.

He planned to show bitterness to the People’s Association for making such an outrageous attempt on him.

“Battle Market.”

He opened the Battle Market and bought the item he had in mind.

[First-person perspective sharing ticket]

This is an item that allows you to share the user’s perspective and senses through video and broadcast it to Battle Tube.

This is a one-time item, and the time limit per ticket is 30 minutes.

A ticket to share everything you see and hear.

In order to completely capture the voices of the People’s Association talking amongst themselves.

The existing relay system alone was insufficient.

I had to fully capture Seong Ji-han’s five senses.

‘Thank you, People’s Association.’ Thanks to that, I didn’t finish the game too quickly.

Because I was able to suck all the ability points from the fragments of the fallen star.

So I guess I should repay you.

Seong Ji-han smiled while looking at the ticket.

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