The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 152

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 152>

-Jihan, why aren’t you broadcasting these days?

-Ah, of course, it was after I entered Sofia… I felt uneasy ㅠㅠ-You’re not really going to America, right?

It’s been three days since Sophia came to Korea.

Seong Ji-han’s channel has never broadcasted a single broadcast.

In addition, the media was heating up the story of Seong Ji-han’s American offer every day, and interviews with American First Guild officials also appeared one after another.

[All positions are possible, and the value of Seong Ji-han, who dominates the game by himself, is absolute. The more we analyze the data from the China game, the more it has been proven that this player is already one of the top five players in the world.]

[What’s even more surprising is that he is gold. There’s still a lot of room left to grow! I would like you to come to America. Because I don’t want to meet you as an enemy in the Champions League!]

-Ah, why is there such a fuss? I’m not going to the sacred place!!!!!

-Isn’t this already a fait accompli? I also heard talk about giving 10% of the shares to the guild master?

-Can you give me some shares? 10 percent?? Are you crazy?

-Hey, isn’t that already the case? Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss lol

-I guess you’re already on the plane?

As rumors spread that Seong Ji-han had been offered a 10 percent stake in American First, people’s anxiety grew even more.


“Ugh. “I almost didn’t get first place today because of the sponsorship message.”

Chii Iik-

Yoon Se-ah came out of the connector room and shook her head excitedly.


“Uncle, they keep asking me if I’m really going. Even though I answered that I didn’t know, I was so persistent… … .”

“I didn’t log into the game, so it went to you.”

“I heard that Gayoung is no joke? Since she’s in the same guild, she’s receiving a lot of sponsorship bombs, asking if you know anything. But uncle… … “How long are you going to be offline?”

Yoon Se-ah, who knows Seong Ji-han’s plan at a glance.

She thought that the fact that Seong Ji-han wasn’t online was just a show about transfer negotiations.


“me? There’s no need to do it? “I’m level 100.”

“Eh? already?”

“huh. “The Chinese kids helped me level up a lot.”

To be exact, it was the effect of the China match that lasted until the 5th game.

Since the opponents were all diamonds, especially at the highest level, their level rose even higher than in the Russian match.

Even after the China war, I was able to make up for the remaining levels by running a few times.

I was able to achieve level 100 earlier than expected.

“Se-ah, what about you?”

“I’m level 47.”

“It will be possible to get promoted within this month.”

“huh. “After becoming a Void Archer, I have been ranked first.”

Seong Ji-han recalled the description of Yoon Se-ah’s job change, ‘Void Archer.’

A Void Archer who wields the power of the void.

When I changed jobs, all I got was one skill called ‘Void Arrow’.

That one skill was an incredible morale skill.

“Void Arrow, do you want to try using it on me again?”

“uncle. I also grew up. “It must be dangerous?”

Seeing the level 47 spirit, Seong Ji-han chuckled.

“I hope it’s dangerous.”

“Ugh. It’s leisurely… … ! good. “Shooting?”

Yoon Se-ah immediately took out a bow from her inventory and put her hand on the string without an arrow in her hand.

“Void Arrow.”


Then, for a moment, purple light shimmered on the bowstring.

Yoon Se-ah pulled the empty protest to its full potential.


To a third party, the sight appears to have been just a test of the bowstring.

Seong Ji-han, who became one of the targets, had a small smile on his lips.

‘I’ve improved further.’


A purple halo of light appeared in front of Seong Ji-han’s chest.

It was a characteristic of the Void Arrow that it was briefly visible as it was created, and its trajectory was not visible at all until it flew.


Of course, when Seong Ji-han’s power was revealed, he exploded helplessly.

Yoon Se-ah nodded as she watched the purple group disappear.

“As expected, I will never be able to penetrate my uncle’s territory.”

“Can’t we just make it happen inside the other person’s body? “If the Void Arrow appears inside your body, you die instantly.”

“Of course I tried it… … It didn’t work out like that. “Maybe it’s because the concept is to shoot it after passing through the other side of the world, but it can’t be put into the body.”

“Break through the shield or something?”

“huh. If you have reinforced skin like Stoneskin or armor, it will be blocked. Still, it works well as long as it explodes nearby. “There is a debuff called Void Encroachment.”

Void Arrow, which fires arrows into the other side of the world and closes the distance without being disturbed by enemies.

After acquiring this skill, Yoon Se-ah never missed first place in any game.

In the first place, the basic ability was good due to high durability, and the skill was simple but had a deceptive effect, so it was impossible to match the same level vs. Silver.

“hmm. “Is there anything wrong with your body?”

“huh. “Specifically?”

“I’m glad.”

“But my uncle is level 100, but he doesn’t evolve his class?”

“I put it off.”

“Hey, is there a third-rate warrior fighting against China alone?”

As we reached level 100, the time for the second evolution came.

I postponed the evolution out of concern, but it definitely seemed better to evolve as Se-Ah said.

When Seong Ji-han opened the status window and touched the class, four classes capable of secondary evolution appeared.



[Seed of the God of War]

[Saryu Samurai]

‘Warlord and Museong were the 3rd evolution professions, and they are now out.’ In my last life, during the 3rd evolution, I was wondering which one to choose between the two, and chose voiceless.

Jihan Seong passed the two classes above and looked at the two jobs below.

[Class – Seed of War God]

-The 6th seed of the Wandering War God.

-Instead of returning the star ability ‘Musoul’ to its original owner, you gain eternal life as a servant of the Martial God.

– This is a specially opened class by Cosmic Heavenly Demon Dongbangsak, and can only be selected in the 2nd evolution.

‘Dongbangsak, to the extent of being involved in class evolution…’ … .’ Seong Ji-han’s expression hardened after reading the last part of the class description.

I knew he wasn’t an ordinary person, but I didn’t know they could give him a special class like this.

Isn’t this power almost like a constellation?

‘Throw this away.’

Seong Ji-han rejected Dong Bang-sak’s offer and looked at the fourth Saryu warrior class.

[class ? Saryu warrior]

-A Saryu warrior who regressed from a third-rate warrior.

-Instead of realizing his own limitations and growing, he is a martial artist who only holds high ideals, saying there are no limits to martial arts.

-Rather than moving forward through physical training, we are busy reciting the Tao of Heaven and Earth in a proper manner, but such fantasies sometimes get in the way of martial arts.

* Evolution bonus

-Strength, agility, and stamina stat growth rate -10%.

-Experience bonus increased by 10 percent.

-Increased probability of inspiration occurring in martial arts research.

‘Saryu Musara… … .’ The evolution bonus is so poor that it can’t be considered a secondary evolution class.

In particular, when compared to the strongest classes in the 3rd evolution such as Warlord and Museong, or to the Martial God’s seed, which guarantees eternal life even if it becomes a subordinate of the Martial God, Saryu Musa looked even worse.


‘The probability of inspiration increasing. ‘I’m curious.’

In the current situation where martial arts can only be improved by modifying martial arts to fit one’s own needs, the -10% growth rate of strength, agility, and stamina was not much of a penalty.

Rather, if there was a way to develop martial arts, it was time to try Saryu Samurai’s fantasy.

Seong Ji-han chose to evolve into Saryu Samurai.

[The class ‘Third-Rate Samurai’ has undergone the second evolution to ‘Samurai Samurai’.]

[With the effect of All for One, class efficiency increases fourfold.]

[Class – Saryu Samurai +3]

-A Saryu warrior who regressed from a third-rate warrior.

* Evolution bonus

-Strength, Dexterity, Stamina growth rate -40%

-Experience bonus increased by 40 percent

-Increased probability of inspiration occurring in martial arts research.

-Additionally increases the probability of inspiration occurring in SS level or higher skills.

As the effect of All for One was added, the negative growth rate actually quadrupled, but an additional increase in inspiration occurred at the SS level.

‘Strength, agility, and stamina are not in the stat window anyway, so it doesn’t matter.’ Seong Ji-han laughed, thinking it was a useful class evolution.

Seeing her uncle’s face like that, Yoon Se-ah asked.

“What class did you transfer to and are you smiling like that?”

“Saryu warrior.”

“… … huh? Saryu? “Can you include something like that in the secondary evolution selection?”

“uh. “Did you like it?”

Yoon Se-ah made a strange expression.

‘It’s something my uncle does, so it’s probably because he has his own thoughts… … .’

Anyway, Saryu Samurai… … .

Aren’t you going to become Oryu Samurai during the 3rd evolution?


At that time, Seong Ji-han’s cell phone vibrated.

[Owner. Now the government’s negotiating team with full authority has arrived. I will proceed with the basic negotiations according to what I heard from the owner.]

It was a text from guild master Lee Ha-yeon.

“A government official has arrived. “I’m going down to the guild, do you want to go too?”

“huh. “Sophia is playing there too, right?”

A connector room created inside the waiting guild.

Sophia stayed in Korea for a few more days, pretending to negotiate, and was accessing

Therefore, Korean people showed concern to Sophia Broadcasting and asked about the negotiation process when Sophia did not return home as quickly as last time and stayed for a long time.

“uh… … uncle. Sophia keeps telling me to expect good news. “Are we going to America?”

“no. “I just said I was doing well in negotiations and was just trying to get lucky.”

Seong Ji-han checked Sophia’s broadcast played by Yoon Se-ah.

-Koreans! No matter what happens in the future, please continue to support our Jihan!

Sophia, who kept speaking meaningfully, was 200% carrying out Seong Ji-han’s request.

“eww… … Should I tell you to restrain yourself?”

“are you okay. “Now I just have to talk to the negotiation team and that’s it.”

On the contrary, since Sophia talked as if it would happen like that, the government’s negotiation team must have arrived quickly.

Seong Ji-han smiled and walked towards the elevator.

* * *

“… … Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“yes. “The owner told me not to be too greedy.”

The representative of the government’s negotiation team to retain Seong Ji-han blinked.

‘… … ‘Isn’t this really nothing much?’

What Seong Ji-han asked for was really not that big.

The request was to return the Sword Palace to Yoon Se-ah and to reasonably adjust the tax rate that the waiting guild would pay to the government.

“We have prepared tax exemption measures as standard, but… … .”

“I wish so too, but the owner says he has to pay taxes.”

“Huh… … .”

‘Of course, I went in with the tax exemption as standard… … .’ To this extent, the first round of negotiations prepared by the government was much more valuable.

Not only is there tax exemption, but a huge amount of government-led support is provided to waiting guilds.

An attempt was made to give large sums of money to individuals who showed great devotion by establishing new rewards for various items.

Even so, it was nowhere near the 10% stake in American First… … .

‘I was ready to kneel and sob!’

Since the conditions could not be met like those in the United States, they were ready to appeal to patriotism and sue to remain.

The entire negotiation team had gone through a rigorous acting session with tears in their eyes under the demonstration of an experienced assistant the day before, but I never thought that what they were proposing would be this much.

If this was going to happen, I should have come a long time ago.

“We are very grateful… … Are you really okay with these conditions?”

“Iknow, right. I’m sad too, but I can’t help it. The owner’s intention is firm. but… … .”

“but… … ?”

“The owner said there was one more condition.”

“Well, please tell me anything!”

“that is… … You said you would tell me directly. ah. “You came down now.”


The door to the conference room opened, and Seong Ji-han and Yoon Se-ah entered the conference room.


When Seong Ji-han greeted the negotiation team, everyone jumped up and bent their waists 90 degrees.

‘Shall I kneel now?’

‘Can I cry?’

‘No, just wait!’

When the negotiation team is sending signals to each other with their eyes.

Seong Ji-han spoke about the conditions he really wanted following the return of the Sword Palace.

“I heard that the top 10 guilds in our country are receiving additional guild buffs from the government.”

“yes… … you’re right.”

In response to Seong Ji-han’s question, the representative of the negotiation team nodded.

Additional effects of guild buffs organized by the country.

China concentrated this on one People’s Association, and the United States selected one captain’s guild from each state and gave them a buff.

Additional buffs whose effects can be adjusted according to the central government’s policies.

In Korea, all guilds belonging to the top 10 guilds shared additional guild buffs equally.

‘This can’t be… … .’

When the representative of the negotiating team heard that national buffs were mentioned, he felt uneasy.

I’d rather ask for money, no way… … ?

And that uneasy premonition soon became reality.

“Of those additional guild buffs, two… … “Please drive the increase in personnel expansion growth rate to us.”

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