The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 150

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 150>

“what. Fuck… … .”

Even though he was Seong Ji-han who rarely swore normally.

When I saw the game loss message, I cursed without realizing it.

It was that absurd.

We broke through the Hundred Eight Arhats in 15 minutes, but why has the main camp already been swept away?

=Ah. Holy player… … !

= Poetry… … The sound of bread. It’s likely to come out!

Although the commentators appropriately moderated Seong Ji-han’s profanity.

The public was already on fire.

-Wow, this is a truly eye-watering game haha.

-It’s so brave of you to just say one word haha ​​angel, angel.

-It was only worth seeing Seong Ji-han break through Na Han-jin… The rest ended in a one-sided defeat ㅡㅡ-What is the national team doing? No, I just have to endure it, but is it that hard?

The 5th game ended in a close battle with China.

I wondered if we could possibly catch China, the world’s second largest country… … .

-No matter how much you carry by the collar, the team can’t be like this hahaha – I suddenly understand why the Sword King went to Japanㅇㅇ

-If I were Seong Ji-han, I would have already immigrated to the United States~^^7

-ㄹㅇ I think I’ll contact Gates as soon as I leave the center today.

After 5 games like that.

The MVP of this game came to mind.

=MVP of 5 games… … This is Zhuge Heon.

=The MVP of games 1 and 4 is Seong Ji-han, and the MVP of games 2 and 5 is Jegal Heon.

In the 3rd game train map, Chinese supporter Zhou Lingling received the MVP, and Seong Ji-han and Zhuge Heon tied for the most MVP awards in today’s game.

=Then, who will be the ‘player of the day’?

=Normally, today’s player would come from the winning team… … .

=I’m a little excited. What Seong Ji-han showed today was amazing!

However, contrary to the expectations of Korean commentators.

Jegalheon, the winning team’s MVP, was selected for ‘Player of the Day’.

=Ah… … I feel so sorry. Today, Seong Ji-han led the team by himself.

=I think the fact that Jegal Heon ultimately led the team to victory led to a big bonus point.

=He did a great job in 5 games. Zhuge Xian, the great wizard of China. What a fearsome player!

Seong Ji-han, who returned to the Korean Center in-game, went to the strategy analysis room and watched the replay of Game 5.

=Ah. Zhuge Heon! I’m picking Lee? again!

=I drew the same trigram three times in a row… … Does this make sense probabilistically?

=After calculating, the probability of the same trigram appearing 3 times in a row is less than 0.2%!

Zhuge Heon drew the fire trigram, Li?, three times in a row.

As soon as the game started, I launched a meteorite, and successfully stacked the Bagua once every 7 minutes, firing a total of three burning meteorites.

Each time, Korea’s main base was destroyed.

=Ah. Warriors of the Republic of Korea fight to stop the meteorite… … .

=Everyone is killed! I can’t stop it! You are being punished one-sidedly!

The Korean national team was destroyed after being hit by a meteorite from such a long distance.

If Zhuge Heon hadn’t picked Li three times in a row, he would have survived one or two more meteorite falls.

He could not be defeated by the Archmage, who overcame a 0.2% chance and overlaid the Bagua with a fortune worthy of a meteorite falling.

“You have no shame. sorry. Jihan… … .”

Coach Noh Young-jun apologized to Seong Ji-han, who was watching the replay with a stiff expression on his face.

“I thought I could last 20 minutes like you said. “I didn’t know it would end with three meteorites.”

“Who would have predicted that we would pick three Lees?”

That guy indeed.

During the space league, he was always getting hit, but during the national team games, he was much better.

Seong Ji-han thought as he looked at Zhuge Heon, who was selected as Player of the Day.

‘If we only had one player like that, we would have won.’

I tried my best on my own, but I tried my best.

One person could not completely turn the game over until Game 5.

Clearly, in order to raise Korea’s rankings, more players were needed to support them.

‘Should I wait for Se-Ah to grow up?’

Considering the power shown by Jin Yu-hwa, who had great chronicity in her last life, Yoon Se-ah was also able to grow into a powerful player.

This time, we also got a new evolution class called Void Archer, so it’s something to look forward to.

‘Anyway, it will be difficult to participate in the Champions League this season.’

Second half season of 2020.

The Korean national team had already been losing since the season opened, so even if they continued to win the next game, it would be difficult to place in the second place in the league, which would qualify for the Champions League.

If we had scheduled today’s game, we could have considered the number of possibilities, but since we lost against China today, all possibilities for this season have disappeared.

at that time.

“A saintly player.”

Ha Yeon-ju, the leader of the archers, approached with a stern face.

“today… … really sorry. “You single-handedly led the game to this point.”

“It can’t be helped. “Gung Soo-jin and Hwang Rong really don’t get along very well.”

“No matter how good the yellow dragon is at blocking arrows, there is still no excuse for not being able to get this many kills. Last time, the spirit spirit wasn’t this strong… … “I became acutely aware of my shortcomings.”

A master spirit with an SSS level gift, ‘Summon the Yellow Dragon’.

Until recently, it was undervalued as not worthy of the SSS level due to its lack of skill in controlling the Yellow Dragon.

The Hwangryong control shown today was very timely, blocking most of Ha Yeon-joo’s sniping.

“I. So… … “Is there any room in the waiting guild?”

“yes. “All the Chinese players are leaving this time, so there are still seats available.”

“if… … Can I join? “I want to grow more.”

Is it because I felt so helpless in this game?

Ha Yeon-joo, who is at the highest level among Korean players, expressed her strong will to grow further.

‘At least Ha Yeon-joo, who played the human role, is like this… … .’

Seong Ji-han looked around for a moment.

There were very few players left in the Center’s power analysis room.

‘Are you not even thinking about reviewing and analyzing today’s game?’

Among the 10 or so players left there, none of them were warrior players who were at the lowest level.

‘The kids who are the weakest don’t even try… … ‘I should only support players who are willing to play.’

I wonder if it’s okay to push this game.

Rather than raising an unmotivated warrior, Seong Ji-han decided to push Ha Yeon-joo, who was willing to grow.

“All right. Then I’ll leave you one spot. “I will tell this to the guild master.”

“yes. I also contacted the LK guild. “I’ll pay the rent there.”

Let Seong Ji-han and Ha Yeon-ju have a conversation like that.

Several players in the power analysis room hesitantly approached.

“Well, player Seong Ji-han… … “Can I possibly join the guild?”

These players were motivated by the loss in today’s game.

If there was anything that was saved from today’s defeat, it was these people.

“yes. it’s possible.”

Seong Ji-han smiled slightly when he saw the determination in their eyes.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Chinese side was not in a bright mood despite winning.

“Lee Ryong. “How was the Hundred Eight Arhats breached so quickly?”

Zhuge Heon, who was selected as Player of the Day, glared at Lee Long with cold eyes.

If it weren’t for the luck of picking Lee? three times in a row, the direction of the fifth game might have been reversed.

“… … Ugh. “That bastard is a monster.”

Lee Ryong, who was sitting in a chair with his head down, trembled.

A red thunderbolt pierced my chest.

He, who was virtually invincible within the Hundred Eight Arhats, was completely incapacitated by Seong Ji-han’s single attack.

Although there was no pain sensation, the eerie sensation of being pierced still seemed to remain in the body.

“Next game… … How do I deal with it? Me, I’m not confident. That bastard will become more than the King of Swords… … .”

Looking at Lee Long, who was lamenting with a face of despair, Zhuge Heon pressed his throbbing temples.

Shinseung Lee Ryong.

Ranked 2nd in the world, China’s warrior leader is woefully inadequate.

‘Wanglin needs to grow up quickly.’

Wang Rin, who possesses an SSS level gift and the Heavenly Demon Body.

As Gold, he had to grow up as soon as possible and replace Lee Ryong.

‘I guess I’ll have to ask Wang Rin to be put back in the standby guild.’

Zhuge Xian, who had a significant say in the guild and People’s Assembly directly under the Chinese government, thought so.

Although he knew that the People’s Association withdrew the players to find out Seong Ji-han’s martial arts skills.

‘I guess I can give more money. If I were to give you two or three times as much, would you be upset if you didn’t take it?’

He was optimistic about the situation, saying that he would be able to re-enroll if he had enough money.


At the Gates Building in the United States.

“C… … bal? “What does this mean?”

“You can think of it as ‘What the fuck.’”

“It’s worth saying that.”

Robert Gates watched the game from beginning to end, accompanied by a Korean interpreter.

Although all in-game languages ​​were unified and translated into English, there were times when the stories spoken at the end of the game and some of the players’ small talk were in their native language, so an interpreter was prepared in advance.

“Seongjihan… … He really is a crazy player. All class, gold, but with such power. After all, I should have recruited you last time.”

If I had known this would happen, I would have offered 1 trillion won.

Robert Gates regretted only calling in 300 billion in the past.

At that time, the door opened and the secretary came in.

“Sophia is said to be leaving for Korea again.”


“I think it’s probably because the dating rumor between the famous player broke out. Since the national team game is over, I decided to go… … .”


Robert frowned.

At first, I thought that Sophia was just a fan of an excellent warrior… … .

‘It’s more serious than I thought.’

At this rate, I was worried that if I made a mistake, I would become rooted in the waiting guild.

In order to prevent such a thing from happening, Seong Ji-han had to be brought to the United States.

‘And seeing the level of the Korean national team today, he might have changed his mind.’

The Korean national team was holding Seong Ji-han back.

No matter how high a player is, he cannot become a champion without the support of his team.

Seong Ji-han will also have many feelings after playing today’s game.

Robert Gates once again decided to invest in that player.

“Give Sophia a private plane. And when you meet Seong Ji-han, ask him to tell you this story.”

“What story are you talking about?”

“If he becomes a naturalized citizen of the United States and joins American First… … “I will give him the position of guild master.”

“Uh, the guild master?”

“okay. “They say they will also transfer at least 10% of their shares in the guild.”

“… … “Ten percent, you mean?”


The world’s best guild, American First.

The stake here had an astronomical value.

You’re giving 10% of this to one player?

Was Seong Jihan worth that much?

“10% plus guild master… … “Do you really want to say that?”

The secretary asked again just in case.

Robert Gates nodded as if it was obvious.

“Even this is cheap compared to the player’s value.”

The mistake of last time must not be made again.

In order to attract Seong Ji-han to the United States, Robert made a full bet at this point when Korea was defeated.

* * *

Inside the limousine leaving Battlenet Center and returning to the Sword Palace.

This time, Yoon Se-ah, who stayed at the Battlenet Center with Seong Ji-han, checked her cell phone and smiled.

“uncle. “Sofia is coming in two days.”

“… … why?”

“After the dating rumor broke out, he wanted to come right away. I told him to come after the national game. “They contacted me saying they would come as soon as it was over.”

“Does she have nothing to do?”

“Uncle is number one. “Sofia is.”

Meanwhile, she was chatting with Sofia, and her mouth fell open.

“Wow uncle… … But Mr. Robert is offering his uncle the American First Guild Master?”

“AF Guild Master? “That’s what the world’s No. 1 player is doing right now.”

“therefore! So you’re saying I misunderstood Bugilma and used it, but that’s not right? Let’s meet Gilma! Wow there… … .”

Looking at Yoon Se-ah who was excited and trying to continue speaking, Seong Ji-han put his finger to his mouth.

A gesture to be quiet.

As Seong Ji-han directed his gaze towards the front of the limousine, Yoon Se-ah quickly shut her mouth.

“Let’s go home and talk.”

“Yep. sorry. “I was so excited.”

“no. are you okay.”

Since the driver is a member of the Association, I had to assume that the story that came out here would also be included in the Association.

In particular, the story of this American offer is a direct report.

‘hmm. Rather, I might try taking advantage of this situation.’

Seong Ji-han decided to turn the situation around to his advantage.

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