The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 137

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 137>

There has been no shortage of news related to the national team over the past few days.

Even though they seemed enthusiastic about Seong Ji-han’s joining and the outstanding performance he showed during practice.

Due to the Ha Yu-ri assault incident that occurred that night, the national team began to face public criticism as if it had never happened before.

-Yoon Jeong-hyeon, you crazy bastard!! Why are you throwing our glass??

-Are you crazy? What kind of welcome party are you inviting celebrities to?

At first, because it was a welcoming party for Seong Ji-han, there was public opinion that criticized Seong Ji-han, thinking he was involved in the incident.

-No, I didn’t go to the sacred place. Those bastards opened the automatic door arbitrarily haha.

-When I saw interviews with celebrities, they said they would come to the sacred place soon and drank a lot of alcohol. Meanwhile, Seong Ji-han was playing games on lol

-Those automatic door bastards… they even have poor personality…

Since many people were watching him play at that time, Seong Ji-han’s public criticism faded away in an instant.

And when coach Noh Young-jun kicked out all the first-team warriors because of this incident, public opinion was split in half.

-Good for you automatic door bastards. How long are you going to keep people like that around? LOL -No, but cutting off all the first team members crossed the line? You just have to kick out the bastard who caused the accident – if Ha Yeon-joo doesn’t cut everything, he went on a rampage saying he will go out with archer Jin?

-Oh, then there’s nothing we can do about it. The archers are human at least.

-But what do you do against Russia without Warriors?

-Just lose like usual haha.

-The national team game is not just a sport. It’s a serious matter that may create a dungeon. But excluding the entire first team because of a simple player mistake… isn’t the manager crazy? We need to bring players back immediately!

└Are you Jeonghyeon?

“Fuck you. “That bastard, Yoon Jeong-hyeon, is in the detention center.”

Kim Dong-woo, who was kicked out of the national team, swore rather than commented.

Jeonghyun Yoon What happened because of that bastard?

“Ha Yeon-ju, she’s really ridiculous. Even if we kick out Yoon Jeong-hyeon, what did we do wrong?”

“He cares for his younger brother dearly. They say that the reason why Ha Yu-ri became a top star so quickly was because Ha Yeon-joo pushed her so much from when she was unknown.”

Lee Yoon-gi, who came to Kim Dong-woo’s house, set the drinking table and sat on the sofa.

“Then why not just cut off those who went to the second round? Oh, I heard Seong Ji-han told you to cut the entire first team? “That bastard is the worst bastard.”

Kim Dong-woo looked at Seong Ji-han’s face on TV and swore.

Still, I prepared a grand welcome party.

How can you tell them to cut us too?

I thought we would get along well as brothers and sisters, but I felt like I was stabbed in the back.

“That’s right. “It’s a group 2 cancer in dogs, so let’s try it without a cage.”

“When do the women come?”

“It will come soon. “I drink while watching the Russian game.”

They were the Korean national team just a few days ago, and now they hoped for Korea’s defeat more than anyone else.

Let us painfully realize where our empty space is.

at that time.

Beep beep-

“oh. “You’re here.”

Four women entered Kim Dong-woo’s house.

“brother! I heard the representative team was fired? “Is it okay to drink like this?”

“Noisy. “I guess I’ll try some Yangju.”

“The temperament is… … Wow, Seongjihan is cool!”

When a woman let out an exclamation while watching Seong Ji-han being interviewed on TV about preparations for the Russian war, Kim Dong-woo frowned.

“If you’re going to praise that bastard, go back out. Fuck… … .”


“He said to kick us all out.”

“Foot… … really? No, how are you going to fight without your brothers?”

“therefore… … You crazy bastard. So, I’m going to watch what’s going on.”

“Huh~ But in the interview, you said you were very confident?”

“Jihan oppa is naturally very confident.”

“When did you say you saw him, oppa?”

Kim Dong-woo, who tried to ignore the women giggling among themselves, watched Seong Ji-han’s interview on TV.

=Sung Ji-han, something unpleasant happened to the national team this time. The representative lineup has changed considerably, how does it add up? Will it fit well?

-yes. It fits well. And the result will be the same.

=It’s the same… … ?

-yes. Winning 3-0 is the same.

=Huh… … !

Seong Ji-han’s expression doesn’t change at all and he is confident that he will win 3-0.

Kim Dong-woo felt sick to his stomach when he saw that.

‘What is 3-0? ‘You have to be beaten 0:3 to come to your senses.’

All the first team warriors are missing, will that work?

He quickly waited for the game to start and gulped down his drink.

* ? * ? *

The Russian national team was in a festive mood due to the scandal that occurred in the Korean national team.

“They cut all the first-team warriors? “I had an accident before the game.”

“I don’t understand the topic of last place. “Can’t we just cut off the kid who got into an accident?”

“We can’t win anyway, so aren’t you trying to at least discipline us?”

Russia’s warriors were in high spirits as if they had already mastered the game.

“Don’t let your guard down. “Isn’t there Seong Ji-han?”

Russia’s warrior leader, Vladimir Gorshkov, warned such warriors.

“Vladimir. What can one guy do? “It’s just gold.”

“you’re right. “They lied in the interview that they could win 3-0, but this time they will show it.”

They thought they had already won the game.

[The Northeast Asia League match begins.]

[Game 1 is Southgate.]

When the game started.

“Divine Blessing.”

“Absolute Shield.”

The Warriors, who received the supporter’s buff, formed a formation.

Unlike the Korean national team, which had a devil-may-care team, the Russian warriors gathered in a triangle shape.

At the forefront of this formation, called the triangle, stood Vladimir.

=’Berserker’ Vladimir is the leader.

Vladimir possesses the SS-class gift ‘Berserker’.

Berserk was a simple gift that significantly increased stats for a certain period of time when used. In particular, attack power was strengthened intensively.

=He ranks 6th in the Warrior rankings and is considered to be even better in terms of offensive power.

=The buff of the triangle formation is concentrated on the vanguard, so it will show considerable destructive power… … .

A triangle, one of the warrior formations.

This formation, also called a wedge formation, concentrated the formation buff on the vanguard at the front.

Russia’s goal was to further strengthen Vladimir, who possesses berserk fire, and break down the opponent’s formation with explosive attack power.

“let’s go! “For our country!”


Led by Vladimir, who was holding a huge axe, all the Russian warriors began to charge.

“Aim for Elijah first!”

Yeonju Ha, the leader of the Korean national team’s archers on the wall, designated the weakest target among the warriors and ordered concentrated fire.

Russia’s other position players also did not sit idle and worked hard to provide firepower.

pop! pop!

Korea pouring down firepower from the castle wall a dozen meters above, and Russia responding from below.

Magic exploded from all directions, and the debuff magic and defensive magic used by the supporters clashed dizzyingly.

A fierce battle of firepower between long-distance positions.

“Tsk… … !”

“I go first!”

The atmosphere at the beginning of the play was Korea’s dominance.

The firepower of the Korean team was stronger than that of Russia, and several of the Russian warriors were defeated despite the enemy’s interference.

But Ha Yeon-joo’s expression was dark.

‘Is it only three…? … .’

We had to defeat as many enemy warriors as possible before breaking into the castle gates, but the speed of the Russians’ charge, who had formed a triangular formation, was beyond imagination.

Despite concentrated sniping, only the three weakest warriors in Russia were defeated.

‘If you penetrate deep inside the castle gate, there will be no more way to snipe… … !’

Southgate map.

There are generally two ways to win this map.

The first method is to decide on a power battle in a long distance position.

The attacking warriors focus on protecting their own ranged dealers rather than entering the castle gate.

They exchange long-range attacks with each other, and the number of player deaths is tallied.

When this type of battle occurs, the main character of the game becomes the long-distance dealer.

This was a situation that occurred when the level of warriors between the two camps was similar.


‘russia. I think that if warriors fight together, they will definitely win… … .’

The second winning formula is to break through the warriors guarding the castle gate.

This was a fairly risky tactic.

The number of warriors is the same on both sides, and warriors blocking the gates can receive support on the walls.

Of course, the attackers also received fire support from the rear, but it was bound to be weak compared to firing directly from the top of the castle wall.

If the warriors guarding the castle gate held out just a little longer, the warriors on the offensive line were likely to collapse.

Therefore, unless there was a significant difference in the level of the warriors, everyone preferred the first method of victory.

The reason Russia is rushing in like that is because they view the Korean national team’s Warriors as below standard.

And Ha Yeon-ju actually thought so too.

‘No matter how amazing Seong Ji-han showed during practice… … It’s different in practice. If you fight against each other, it will break through. We have to take down at least one more before it breaks through!’

“The next target is Sergei! Aim for the blue armor!”


A volley of shots poured in, starting with Ha Yeon-ju’s first shot.

Focused shooting is the exclusive patent of the Korean national team.

The archers’ line, which could reliably kill each and every enemy, was definitely the biggest advantage that Korea, the weakest team, had.

Sigh! Sigh!

As a result, two more fell before the Russian warriors completely reached the gates.

“Leader. Five people are dead!”

“The efficiency of the triangle has dropped to 180 percent!”

“It’s okay, this is enough! Five against Korea is cheap!”

Vladimir, a middle-aged warrior, grinned.

His red face and bulging muscles showed that he had already gone berserk.

“Blood Rage!”

Holding a shield, he threw himself towards the enemy lines gathered together and struck down a large ax stained with blood.


Then, with a single blow, the line of the Korean national team that had formed the formation exploded.

“You’re weak!”

Are you saying that the national team can’t withstand even a single blow?

Weak, weak.

On a topic like this, why are the first-team Warriors expelled because of such an incident?

Vladimir sneered and slashed his ax horizontally.


In another blow, the bodies of the enemy warriors were cut off like pieces of wood, and five people were killed in an instant.

The numbers are now equal.

“Khahahaha! “This is so easy!”

“Where is the sacred place?”

The warriors who followed Vladimir slaughtered the Korean national team with cruel smiles on their faces.

“It’s so easy for a turtle to break through… … “Why did these bastards come out?”

They are all united in defense, but is it really possible for them to be breached this easily?

However, when Vladimir heard the word ‘pretty girl’, he twitched his eyebrows.

‘Pretty cute… … ?’

Is this a turtle?

Although they formed a defensive line by pressing their shields against each other, the personnel arrangement was strange.

In order to form a proper turtle formation, you have to arrange the numbers in the squares, right?

Strangely, there were many warriors in the first line.

After that, the number of warriors gradually decreases.

It’s like… … .

‘… … Isn’t it a triangle?’

Inverted triangle.

If Vladimir is the top vertex of the triangle.

Korea’s first team, which is currently being slaughtered, is the straight line at the bottom.

Then the top of Korea.

The person who receives all the buffs of this strange formation is… … .

“You’re here.”

As the Korean national team disintegrated, Seong Ji-han began to appear.

He was grinning as he received the triangle’s buff in the last row.

* ? * ? *

The Korean national team was reorganized into a second team.

As the first team was originally weak, their level was poor.

-Gwigapjin’s efficiency… … It’s not even 150 percent.

-I think the difference between groups 1 and 2 is inevitable.

No matter how much Seong Ji-han greatly improved the efficiency of Gwi Gap-jin, there was an unbridgeable gap with the first team because the remaining 29 people could not support it.

-Everyone there is below level 225.

-If things continue like this, I don’t know if I can withstand Vladimir’s blow.

Vladimir is known to have the strongest attack power among other warriors, excluding players of a completely different level like the Sword King.

If he uses berserk to strike down his axe, how long will those low-level second-tier warriors be able to hold out?

The coaching staff felt gloomy as there was no answer.

at that time.

-How about trying this?

Seong Ji-han observed these results and suggested giving up Gwi Gap-jin.

Instead, what he came up with as an alternative was a triangle.

It was a charging formation that strengthened the vanguard players, and was not at all suitable for the current situation where the enemy had to be defended.

But now that the level difference is so great, it might have been better to give in to Seong Ji-han.

-Would you rather stand in front and block it?

-no. I’ll be at the back.

-Last… … Then, if all the warriors in front are defeated, the buff effect will disappear.

-no. I think I could be effective on my own.

Indeed, even as the formation collapsed and massacres occurred.

Although the efficiency of the triangle was low, it was producing a buff effect of up to 110%.


-I will take advantage of the enemy’s formation spread and aim for a blow.

-With one blow… … Will it work?

-Let’s take a look.

As the Korean national team disintegrated, the Russian Warriors began to rush to score kill points, perhaps thinking the game was already over.

Accordingly, the formation collapsed in an instant.

Seeing this, Seong Ji-han raised his spear.

“Let’s begin.”

At the same time, a strong energy began to radiate from Seong Ji-han.

‘What is this power…? … !’

Vladimir was momentarily startled by the unusual momentum.

“stupid… … ! “What are you going to do alone?”

As if denying his surprise, he fired like a cannonball towards Seong Ji-han.

The distance narrowed in an instant.

“Blood Rage!”

Vladimir’s blood-red ax blazed up with such intense blood that it seemed as if it would split Seongjihan in an instant.

Seong Ji-han leisurely unfolded the third divine power that he had not been able to use before.

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