The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 126

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 126>

“ah. This guy isn’t coming. “I guess I was scared.”

Outside the Administration testing site.

One of the national team warriors who was smoking a cigarette spat on the floor.

“Ah, I tried to give you a real education, but it turned out to be a shame.”

“Jiho, just a little while ago, you were like, ‘What do I do if I lose?’ “It was like this, right?”

“ah. older brother! “That’s just something I tried. How can I lose to a bastard who doesn’t come because he’s scared?”

“under… … But that guy is also the truth. “What are you going to do if you call everyone and give them a patu on the same day?”

There were still about ten minutes left until the test started, but the players were already thinking that Seong Ji-han would not come.

‘under… … thank god.’

Koo Ji-ho, the player who had been spat on a moment ago, sighed in relief.

Among the national warriors, he was the lowest level, so he was mentioned as Seong Ji-han’s first opponent.

Just a moment ago, while watching the sacred highlights, I was half aware of defeat.

‘I liked the idea of ​​a live broadcast based on Dongwoo’s idea, but the level of interest was so crazy that I thought it was a failure… … .’

A test for Gold Leaguers to challenge for the Diary Leaguer national team?

This was an unprecedented event in the world.

Several foreign reporters were already waiting inside the test site, and millions of people were already anxiously waiting to watch the game live broadcast on the Internet.

This number can be made only when there is a significant influx of not only Koreans but also overseas viewers.

He was nervous that he would become the first victim to be defeated by Gold in front of the whole world, but when Seong Ji-han did not come, Gu Ji-ho could not hide the smile on his face.

“under! Anyway, it’s a sacred place… … If you come, cut it in one shot!!! “I would have done it.”

Gu Ji-ho’s proud face looked truly happy.

at that time.

“hey. But what is that?”

“What’s flying?”

The players standing across from Gu Ji-ho stretched their fingers toward the sky.

“huh… … ?”

Gu Ji-ho turned around blankly and looked at the sky.

In the distance, something flying a pure white trail was approaching.

This way too, at breakneck speed!

If you are hit directly, no one nearby will be able to survive.

“What the fuck!”

“hey! Avoid, avoid!”

But no one thought of avoiding it.

Is this what happens when you see an oncoming truck in front of you?

The players, who were in a daze, could only freeze and look at something falling.

at that time.

‘Something’ that flew as close as they could came to a sudden halt in the air.

Then, the players who were able to identify themselves dropped the cigarettes they were holding.

“uh… … Seong Ji-han?”

The thing that was flying from the sky was none other than Seong Ji-han.

The minds of the players who witnessed this situation went blank in a different way.

‘It came from the Sword Palace… … ?’

‘Wasn’t he a warrior? Is it possible for gold to fly like that?’

Do I have to fight a guy like that?

When the national team fighters were frozen with ambiguous gestures.


After landing steadily on the ground, he bowed lightly and said.

“I guess it’s not too late. “Then, let’s go.”

It was Seong Ji-han who caught a glimpse of his first opponent, Koo Ji-ho, and entered the management bureau.

Gu Ji-ho had goosebumps running down his spine.

‘what… … ‘Is that a person?’

Suddenly I didn’t want to go into the testing room.

Because it was obvious what the ending would be.

“Jiho. What are you doing? “He’s not coming.”

However, as Seong Ji-han’s first opponent, it was impossible not to go.

“I’ll go. brother… … .”

He entered the testing room with a heavy heart, as if he was being dragged to a slaughterhouse.



=Ah… … .

=Goo Ji-ho. Ha, it goes away in one hit!

The ominous premonition soon became reality.

* * *

A national team test that caught the world’s attention.

Many experts predicted that Seong Ji-han would not lose to some extent.

-Considering the amazing performances he has shown so far, he could probably beat some of the current Korean national team warriors.

-But it won’t work for players above level 225.

-That’s natural. Because level 225 players are on a different level. I don’t know if the sacred player has grown more.

-you’re right. In fact, I think he’ll probably beat a level 225 player or two even if he goes Platinum. But now it’s gold, right?

-I assure you. Gold clearly has its limitations.

No matter how good your skills are, there is a limit to the ‘fundamental’ level.

You will eventually lose to anyone level 225 or higher.

The opinions of these experts were correct, and most people agreed with them.

And then the Test match began.

= Now. The game begins!

=This map is a survival map and a battle map created by remodeling the Colosseum from the management bureau.

=Player Seong Ji-han does not use a connector, so the management bureau says it is done through game invitations.

=He is a very unique player. The Battlenet connector isn’t even used.

=Yes. Fans say it’s because it doesn’t matter since it doesn’t fit anyway… … .

=Haha! How can a player not get hit even once? A warrior who will take charge of the battle lines! Wouldn’t that kind of mindset be irresponsible?

=I think you can check now whether that statement is false! The game begins!


The first opponent in today’s game was Koo Ji-ho, who said he would give him a true education.

“i look forward to.”

“Ah yes. me too… … .”

The two bowed their heads face to face.

After saying hello, Seong Ji-han immediately rushed towards Gu Ji-ho.

And stretched out his fist.


Gu Ji-ho, who was not fully prepared for defense, had many gaps, but Seong Ji-han dared to strike towards the shield.


Gu Ji-ho, who was holding an SS-class shield, could not withstand that single blow and flew through the air with his shield intact.

A player whose true education was completed in just one blow.

=Uh… … ?

=In other words, it is an instant death decision. The game is over… … !

=It’s already over?

While the commentators were puzzled, viewers started chatting excitedly.

-Gujihwahahahahaha is this a true story?

-I thought I would lose, but I didn’t know I would fly like that lol -Why is he playing for the national team? I’m not even level 225.

-That’s because there are no warriors above that level.

-Where are all the Taegeuk Warriors going? ㅡㅡ

-There is a sacred place here haha;

The dominant response was that these results were expected to some extent.

I was just a little surprised that I lost by one shot.

This is because the lower ranks of the national team did not reach level 225, so they were embarrassed to be called national team members.




The one-shot cuts continued mercilessly.

=Gasp… … !

=Lim Jae-jin also flies away with one shot!

=No weapons are used… … Does this make sense?

=With the shield intact, fly far outside the Colosseum map! Judgment… … Instant death in one hit!

He even sent Lim Jae-jin, a tank-type warrior close to level 225, away with one punch.

=Uh… … A holy player! Even though his opponent is Lee Yoon-gi, he still doesn’t raise his weapon!

=Lee Yoon-gi is over level 225? This player is truly the front line of the national team… … A holy player! You have to be careful from now on!

Seong Ji-han did not raise a weapon even against Lee Yun-ki, the ace line of the national team who had surpassed the 225 mark.

“You’re not even carrying a weapon…” … .”

Lee Yoongi gritted his teeth as if his pride had been hurt.

“Give me what I need to hear.”

Seong Ji-han shrugged his shoulders.

In fact, if it was at the level before the three-dan battle was integrated, it would have been right to take up arms against an opponent like Lee Yoon-gi.

And even if I had a weapon, I wouldn’t have been able to cut it with one shot like I do now.


‘No soul. As expected, it’s a different level.’

After gaining martial spirit and using my strength in earnest, it was indeed on a different level from before.

The power that was divided into force and force could be integrated into one and used freely.

‘The soulless realm is nothing compared to the former absolute realm.’

Although the area of ​​martial spirit was only 20cm, its effectiveness was incomparable to the absolute area of ​​the Force.

‘And if you expand this, you can use it up to 40m like the old absolute area.’

They say you can only get one from the star.

It was a completely different ability from the unique stat.

‘In order to continue to have this ability, I will have to fight God of War in the end… … ‘That’s for later.’

I heard that he has no intention of joining until he is fully mature, so that will be in the very distant future.

For now, all I had to do was focus on the task at hand.

‘As befits a martial arts master, he overwhelms.’

Seong Ji-han looked at Lee Yoon-gi, who was glaring at him as if he were going to kill him, and slowly stretched out his fist.

Slow movement.

This was not an actual attack, but was closer to a gesture of provocation.

“This bastard… … “You’re not doing it right!”

Lee Yoon-gi, who exploded after seeing that, tried to rush at Seong Ji-han first.

Before his feet even hit the ground.


“uh… … .”

Lee Yoon-gi’s body flew backwards, and the inside of his body was completely crushed.

No matter how high-grade the shield is.

Even though I had a powerful passive skill, Shield, it was of no use.

Lee Yoon-gi is pronounced dead instantly and disappears.

He is over level 225 and can be said to be a true national ace player.

He was killed instantly by a fist that didn’t even make contact.

=This… … this… … .

=Uh… … .

Even the commentators were speechless and unable to continue speaking in an impossible situation.

“and… … .”

“ah. Fuck… … “What is that?”

The atmosphere of the national team photo shoot, waiting for the next turn, was as cold as ice.

* * *

=Lee Yoon-ki is a strong player who is ranked in the top 7 of the national team in terms of level alone! It’s an ace line in name and reality… … He too is defeated in one hit… … !

=No. this… … Does that make sense?! My fist didn’t even touch it?

=Did they shoot a long wind? But nothing was caught on the broadcasters’ cameras! The camera in the test game is the same as the camera in the game, so it captures most everything!

=This is impossible. This makes no sense. Huh… … what… … How could Lee Yoon-gi… … .

The caster was excited and spitting while watching Lee Yoon-gi helplessly get cut by one punch.

The narrator is denying reality.

-Why is the narrator so biased?

-ㄹㅇ If Seong Ji-han does well, isn’t our country good after all?

-So, why am I so upset that I can’t express my anger?

-If a player like that emerges, we should honor him and say thank you~~ hahaha – Is this the case?

-NBC commentary, right? Can I go to the NBC bulletin board?

Viewers who were listening to the commentary, which did not even seem like commentary, showed irritated reactions in real time.

“I… … .”

The caster nudged the commentator and told him to look at the monitor.

A chat window where enthusiastic reactions from viewers are posted in real time.

When 50% of the chat share was covered with curse words on the commentator, the person who was giving a biased commentary kept his mouth shut.

‘this… … ‘It was a bad idea to let Dongwoo fly.’

No matter how close you are to Kim Dong-woo, if you go against the trend, you will be in big trouble.

He decided to just keep his mouth shut.

And the game continued to be one-sided.


Seong Ji-han’s one-shot game continues.

-Wow, you keep ending it with one punch haha.

-I didn’t even bring my fist because it was annoying, now haha.

-Sung Ji-han! Holy land! Holy land! Holy land! Holy land! Holy land! Holy land! Holy land!

-What did I say? Haha Jihan said he would cut it for 3 seconds, right?

-no… … But it seems stronger than before?

-Your conscience gets stronger there, huh?

-The less conscience we have, the better it is for us haha.

-ㄹㅇ Please fly the Sword King like that too ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

“ah. Fuck. “What a fucking game!”


The second-place warrior, who popped out of the connector, couldn’t hold back his anger and kicked the connector.

“No, what a piece of shit…” … How to get gold! Does that make sense? ah. really. “I can’t eat it anymore.”

The player was so feverish that his face turned red and he even had tears in his eyes.

“ah. really. Isn’t this something the management bureau has messed with the system for? Editing the data or something to make that bastard fly… … .”

“I… … You know. “That is impossible.”

“Aaaah! really!”

When the national team players saw him like that, they all felt a sense of kinship.

Haven’t we all been humiliated by a single cut?

Except for one person.

“I… … Dongwoo Kim. will you do it?”

When an employee of the management bureau asked cautiously:


Kim Dong-woo sighed deeply.

do not want to do it!

The level difference between the 2nd place player who just came out wasn’t that big.

But if you see that you were hit with one blow like that, you would probably end up with the same result.


“… … “I have to do it.”

Even though he is a leader in name and personality, he can’t just focus on himself.

Dongwoo Kim sat inside the connector, carrying a very heavy body.

And Seong Ji-han met him in-game.

‘Still, he’s the national warrior leader, so let’s be polite.’

I could have finished it in one hit, but I still decided to hit him one more time.

bang! bang!

Dongwoo Kim takes two hits and flies into the sky.

=Ah! Still, Kim Dong-woo! One shot survived!

=… … I think I just hit him twice.

The narrator’s somber voice ends.

This day’s test became legendary.

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