The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 124

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 124>

* * *

Inside the training room.

[Would you like to try to unify the Samdanjeon?]

When Seong Ji-han tried to integrate the three stages, a system message automatically came to mind.

It’s definitely because his level has risen.

Like last time, there was no warning message saying ‘the player’s level is too low and it is dangerous’.


As Seong Ji-han said so, he began to break down the boundaries of the three dantian.

‘It will work this time.’

It wasn’t a thought born out of vague confidence.

Unlike the first time, this time, some preliminary work has been done.

It was a confidence that could be had because the boundary between the lower and lower divisions was blurred thanks to the force of using the upper and middle divisions together.

[Attempting to unify the three-stage battle… … .]

Seong Ji-han closed his eyes and began to destroy the wall in earnest.

It was easy to connect the upper and middle halls, which were already half destroyed.

‘It’s already here.’

Fighting. Toad… … .

Since the absolute domain of the force was taken away and the capabilities were concentrated only on the inside, it did not take much time for the upper and middle battles to be completely combined.

The wall of the Danjeon was broken, and the energy shaking in the two Danjeons at the same time was no longer aware of the boundaries.

‘Now the two Danjeons above are no different from one… … But the bottom transition is a problem.’

The connection at the bottom is clearly weak.

Although Force and Force shared the same abilities, the wall in the bottom battle was still quite thick.

‘I need to stimulate it from the inside and the outside at the same time.’

Fighting. Patter.

Inside the bottom hall, use internal energy to break down the wall.

Outside the lower part, it is stimulated with force.

When I forcibly tried to break the vessel containing my energy, I felt tremendous pain in my lower abdomen.

‘It’s similar to being hit by Behemoth’s fire.’

Seong Ji-han, who had played a lot in his previous life, did not stop hitting the dantian without a single hit.

Then sweat began to form on my head and back.

Before I knew it, sweat was pouring down from my entire body, to the point where my top was completely wet.

Sometimes the body is as cold as ice, and at other times it is as hot as fire.

The face turned red and then pale again and again.

The integration of the lower divisions was certainly not easy.

‘still… … .’

Toad duduk-!

As if the constant pounding was worthwhile, cracks began to appear in the wall of the lower part.

Faster than Seong Ji-han expected.

He was not impatient and continued the fusion process calmly.

* * *

After such a long, long day.

“Okay… … all… … .”

All boundaries between the three Danjeon were broken down, and the integration of the Three Danjeon was completed.

Now, rather than gathering energy in the limited space of the Danjeon, Seong Jihan’s whole body itself encompasses the energy of all three Danjeons.

“Whoa… … .”

Seong Ji-han took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

In one breath, I felt energy rising from my entire body.

‘It really was worth the long time spent.’

Seong Ji-han was about to leave the training room with a satisfied expression on his face.

[Attempting to unify the three-stage battle… … .]


I stopped walking when I saw the system message that did not change even though I had already completed the integration of the three steps.

Even though it was fused, why is it still the same?

I opened the status window.

Force and Force.

Both remained unchanged at 100.

‘… … Does this mean this isn’t the end?’

There is no way the system caused an error.

Seong Ji-han thought carefully.

All the walls of the Danjeon have been torn down, but what is missing?

For a moment, Seong Ji-han stood there pondering, and his thoughts wandered to the realm of force.

‘Is integration complete only when the area is completed?’

Seong Ji-han unfolded again the absolute territory he had gathered.

Then, during the Danjeon, the area spread widely throughout the body.

Only the area above the heart and upper body was involved in the flow of the absolute domain.

‘Even absolute areas must be able to be handled by telegraphed Danjeon. Only then is true unity.’

Seong Ji-han, who found the clue, concentrated on communicating the combined Danjeon to the outside world.

Of course, this wasn’t easy.

‘Just by knowing what the problem is, you’ve already solved half the problem.’

If the system message hadn’t said that it was continuously trying to integrate, I would have thought that the three-stage battle had been integrated.

While struggling to find a link between the telegraphed Danjeon and the absolute realm that completely dominates the surrounding space.

‘Let’s even integrate that with Danjeon.’

I decided to develop my dantian, which had been limited to the inside of my body, one more time.

It was decided to break away from the existing method of controlling space through force and broaden the scope of Danjeon.

‘It’s difficult…’ … .’

This was a much more arduous process compared to fusing the three-stage battle.

Although the samdanjeon was located inside the body, this was a method of integrating the danjeon with the external space.

‘If it weren’t for my previous experience, I wouldn’t have even attempted it.’

If I hadn’t had experience handling the absolute realm with the Force, I would have ended up just imagining it.

He compiled his past experiences and pioneered a new path.

Another full day passed like that.

‘… … Is this the limit at this level?’

Seong Ji-han felt that the telegraphed Danjeon had become a little wider.

It literally felt like I was wearing full-body armor called ‘Dantian’, over my entire body.

Of course, compared to the absolute area of ​​the Force, the range has been greatly reduced to about 10cm.

‘This really can be said to be absolute territory.’

The absolute realm ruled by the Force could not have dared to be labeled as ‘absolute’ compared to this.

It was appropriate to say that this Danjeon, which was fused and expanded its area to the outside, dominated the space.


[Integration of Samdanjeon has been completed.]

[Force and Force are integrated and reorganized into new stats… … .]

[Acquire star power, martial spirit.]

Star powers?

Is the rating above Unique a star?

Seong Ji-han looked at the stats that had been reorganized into one, martial spirit.

The value is 100, same as strength or force.

However, since the two were grouped into the category of soulless, the area that could only be controlled by about 10cm a moment ago was doubled in size.

‘This is so overwhelming… … .’

A stat called star ability, martial arts.

This not only doubled the area that was previously controlled, but also served to amplify the power that force and force had been able to handle several times.

An ability that makes even Seong Ji-han, who had overwhelmingly destroyed the league, tremble.

‘At this level, I can fully use the third divine power.’

Seong Ji-han’s thoughts were focused on the unknown divine skill’s third sacred secret.

If you have a martial spirit, you can fully use this martial skill.

‘During this national team test… … Should I write it down?’

To Seong Ji-han, who was looking forward to how he would use his new power.

Suddenly, a system message appeared.

[A star’s ability is an ability that only one being in a star can have.]

[The constellation ‘Wandering Martial God’ already possesses martial soul.]


An ability that only one being on the planet can possess, soullessness.

A wandering martial god has that?

‘then… … Does this mean that the Wandering Martial God is from Earth?’

I heard that the wandering martial god, unlike other constellations that are tied to motherhood, stays in the star he created, ‘Tuseong’, and hunts down constellations.

Looking at the system message that came up just now, it was assumed that Musin belonged to Earth.

‘What happens if this happens?’

Since martial spirit comes first, does that mean it doesn’t have star power?

When he has such doubts.

[‘Wandering Warlord’ summons you.]

Before Seong Ji-han’s eyes, a pitch-black space opened.

His body was instantly sucked into it.

* * *

A desolate land covered in thick darkness.


The space swirled, and Seong Ji-han’s new form came out of it.

He checked his own condition first.

‘Your body is fine.’

Although he was forcibly taken by an irresistible force, his body was fine.

The abilities that were reorganized into martial arts were also the same.

He looked around.

It was dark everywhere, but light of various colors was shining faintly from above.

Let’s look up and there it is.

‘weapon… … .’

A variety of weapons were floating in the dark space.

It seems like it was placed roughly.

Seong Ji-han was able to quickly understand that each and every piece was of an incredible level.

‘Does it have to be that level to be EX level?’

The energy contained in the various weapons was so different that he did not dare to put the Phoenix flag he had recently acquired there.

I can’t believe such a great weapon was left neglected like this.

Seong Ji-han looked at the weapons that formed a cluster of stars and was impressed without even realizing it.

at that time.

“Nice to meet you. Yeonja.”

Step by step. Step by step.

In the darkness, a figure walked.

“you are… … .”

“I am called Dongbangsak.”

An old man with white hair and a kind face wearing a long blue robe said while stroking his beard.

Although the language he spoke was clearly not Korean, Seong Ji-han instinctively understood what he was saying.

‘If it’s Dongbangsak… … .’

Dongbangsak, who lived for 3,000 years.

This name had a special meaning to him.

“You gained strength from my brush.”

Because through Dongbangsak’s brush, Seong Jihan was able to use force on the status window.

“That’s right.”

“That’s why I was selected as a representative to speak with the speaker on behalf of Musin.”

“You represent the god of war… … ?”

“Originally, you should have seen him in person, but… … .”

Dong Bang-suk stroked his beard and looked Seong Ji-han up and down.

“Even though you have no soul, your level is still too low. “At my current level, just making eye contact with a martial god would kill me instantly.”

A wandering warrior.

If you die instantly just by making eye contact, is this some kind of heinous murder?

Seong Ji-han tilted his head and asked.

“Why was I summoned?”

“To give you a choice.”

Dongbangsak turned his back and spoke slowly.

“Are you willing to gain soullessness and be prepared to die without knowing when it will come? Or will you give up completely and receive the reward of martial arts?”

If you gain martial soul, you have to prepare for death?

‘Is it because only one being in the star can have it?’

Seong Ji-han immediately asked Dong Bang-sak, who had a friendly attitude.

“If you gain martial soul, why do you have to die?”

“Because soullessness can only be achieved by one being. Unless you give up martial arts. It may be possible to be compatible with martial arts for a while… … .”

Dongbangsak relaxed his back and stroked his beard again.

“Someday, there will come a time when incompatibility will be impossible. Probably when your level has risen considerably. The system will make you and Musin fight as if it has been waiting for you. When that day comes, you will die.”

It was an assertion that it was impossible to defeat the wandering martial god.

He pointed his finger to the sky.

“If you give up martial arts to avoid such a predestined death… … “The God of War will give you one of those items as a reward.”

“That… … .”

“It is the essence of the constellation. The weapons that are located as constellations in such a cloudy sky belong to quite high-level constellations. These are items from constellations that are at least level 1,000 or higher. Since you are my teacher, please choose something good.”

Dongbangsak was already convinced that Seong Jihan would give up, and he looked carefully at the weapons in the sky and pondered which was better.

“That’s not for humans to use…” … Right. Jinmyeonmok is a blunt weapon of 77 scale, so it cannot draw out all its power. That thing is too small… … .”

Dongbangsak is seriously considering it as if it were a weapon he could use.

Seong Ji-han decided to resolve his concerns.

“Dongbangsak. “You don’t have to choose a weapon.”

“huh? “What do you mean?”

“No soul. “Just to get it.”


At those words, all of Dongbangsak’s actions stopped.

“… … you. “Are you sane?”

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