The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 118

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 118>

The battle between Seong Ji-han and Hojo.

Anyone could see that the pendulum was tilted in favor of Hojo, the great lord of Phoenix.

Of course, Seong Ji-han has shown crazy performances so far, but he is a player who has just reached gold.

On the other hand, Hojo was an enemy who reigned as a powerful mid-boss in ‘One Bridge’, a map also used in Dia League.

Even in the defense map strategy, the standard rule was to just leave Hojo’s opponent to the spleen.

When the clash between the two began.

-Uh… can Jihan win?

-How do you think about winning against Hojo? Haha. But if you hold on a little longer, your spleen will help you.

-ㅇㅇ I saw you suddenly become more favorable towards Seong Ji-han. I don’t think I’ll let you die – I just have to make sure Hojo doesn’t kill me before I come to save him~~^^7 – I think that’ll be difficult lol.

Viewers expected that Spleen would naturally intervene in the battle between the two.

And this.

Even Seong Ji-han, who went to fight against Hojo, had similar thoughts.

‘I’ve already received recognition.’

Originally, Seong Ji-han was planning to take on Hojo in order to gain recognition as a treasurer.

Somehow, I absorbed the cloud thunder well before even fighting, and already received recognition.

So, in fact, there was no need to fight Hojo, but when he saw the phoenix, his eyes turned upside down and he attacked, so the battle broke out.

Seong Ji-han organized his thoughts before fighting Hojo.

‘I’ll deal with it moderately, and then when the spleen comes to help, I’ll attack it together and defeat it.’

There was no way I could just ignore the spleen, which was showing favorably thanks to the phoenix energy.


The situation turned out completely differently than everyone expected.

“this. profit… … This lightning strike… … how… … !”


Hojo quickly moved his long sword to block the thunderbolt coming from the phoenix flag.

However, the main stream of the thunderbolt was blocked, but the current flowing through the great sword extended to Hojo’s hand and burned his hand and arm black.

“why… … Why is it so strong!?”

The skin melts in an instant, and the blood, flesh, and bones within it disintegrate.

Thanks to the super regenerative ability of the giants, the arms and hands that were about to disappear were immediately regenerated.

Hojo seemed not to understand the situation itself.

The bodies of giants are not this weak.

Even though I wasn’t hit directly by that lightning bolt, I can’t believe my arm ended up like this due to the residual current.

“I don’t know.”

Seong Ji-han, as if he was also amazed, tilted his head and pointed the tip of his spear at him.


As the pure white electric current extended towards Hojo again.

“Tsk… … !”

He was busy urgently trying to stop this.

Compared to Hojo, who is poorly defeated, Seong Ji-han’s thunderbolt becomes increasingly stronger.

‘It’s so easy to use Thunder God.’

Maybe it’s because the rare stat Thunderman was added, and the cloud thunder was combined with the phoenix flag.

I was able to freely use the nameless divine skill, the lightning bolt, as if I were using a basic martial skill.

At this point, the search is over.

‘Where should I go on a rampage?’

As if it was just the beginning, Seong Ji-han continued to cast thunderbolts.



Hojo’s great sword danced brilliantly to prevent lightning strikes.

It was not possible to block all the lightning bolts that Seong Ji-han decided to fire.

A lightning bolt hits his entire body.


In the area where it was hit, a pure white flame burned in an instant.

OK. Soon, the burning skin turns into powder and disappears.

The giant’s body was instantly torn apart and fell to the ground.

“This… … I can’t understand it… … .”


Although Hojo demonstrated his super regenerative ability and regained his limbs.

He had already lost half of his will to fight.

If you get hit by just one bolt of lightning, one place will be blown away, so how can you continue the fight?

Seong Ji-han looked at Hojo who was hesitant and unable to attack, and said one thing.

“Are you undead?”

“What… … “What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

“Seeing as how weak it is to lightning, it looks like it’s undead.”

A Heavenly Thunder God’s Wisdom that is superior to the undead.

Add to this the cloud spear clouds and the phoenix’s white flame, which is equally powerful against undead.

The lightning flash that Seong Ji-han spewed out was no different from the ultimate weapon limited to anti-undead weapons.

‘On the outside, it doesn’t look like an undead at all, but… … .’

A giant who looks exactly like Spleen.

I don’t even feel the energy of death that is unique to the undead.

When regenerating, the blood and flesh returned to their original, vibrant state.

Aside from being ridiculously weak to thunderbolts, there was no evidence that they were undead.

Is that why?

Hojo strongly denied Seong Ji-han’s speculation.

“What nonsense is that! “I’m undead!”

“Well, you’ll know when you die.”

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Heavenly Thunder God’s description

thunder body

Sebum… … !

Seong Ji-han’s body gradually becomes transparent, and white lightning blooms on his body.

Raijin, who identifies himself with Raigi.

However, its appearance was a little different from when it was used normally.

‘There is no need to go by the rules.’

There is no need to unite only the energy of Thunder with the Thunder God.

It would be more effective against undead if it completely absorbed and combined the white flame of the Phoenix flag.

Even pure white flames bloom in Seong Ji-han’s body, which has become transparent.

“Hmm… … !”

Hojo trembled slightly.

He instinctively felt that that power was his natural enemy.

Phew! Phew!

As if denying that feeling, he swung the sword roughly towards Seong Ji-han.

A giant’s attack that has disappeared and been regenerated several times, but is still powerful.

Hojo’s great sword quickly touched Seong Jihan’s head.

“Oh my!”

Spleen, who was watching the battle from behind, tried to rush forward, but it was already too late.

It seemed like Seong Ji-han’s head would be split in half by Hojo’s sword at any moment.



The great sword could not go any further than Seong Ji-han’s forehead.

Jijijik… … !


He couldn’t withstand the electric current emitted from him in his Thunder God state at all.

The closer Hojo gets to Seong Ji-han, the more his whole body burns.

“No words… … no… … !”

He was extremely vulnerable to the electric current passing through the Great Path.

A giant whose arm disappears and regenerates repeatedly, and looks as if it will lose its grip at any moment.

at that time.


A thunderbolt of clouds thrown hastily by Spleen from behind struck Hojo.


Although it was a weapon with the same lightning attribute, the secret cloud thunder could not pierce Hojo as easily as Seong Jihan’s.

Rather, the thunderbolt of the cloud was absorbed by Hojo’s armor, and it died down without incident.

“It has to be like this… … “How!”

Hojo, who saw this, shouted as if it was unfair.

No, the thunderbolt thrown by Spleen, the owner of the Cloud Spear, was blocked with armor.

Why am I so helpless against this person?

“amazing. right?”


The phoenix flag pierced Hojo’s body at once.

Unlike the spleen attack a little while ago.

The white spear pierced the giant’s heart without any resistance.

“Why are you weak only towards me?”

Hojo could not answer Seong Ji-han’s question.

Grumbling… … !

When his heart was pierced, his whole body immediately burned and turned into powder and disappeared.

And as if to announce that Hojo is completely dead.

[Cleared the special achievement, ‘Suppress Hojo.’]

[You will receive 10,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[Cleared the special achievement, ‘Suppress Hojo alone.’]

[You will receive 30,000 achievement points as a reward.]

A message of achievement came to mind, and only Hojo’s long sword and armor, which had lost their owner, fell onto the bridge.

“… … .”

And Bi-Jang, who came quickly to help Seong Ji-Han, was speechless when he saw that.

* * *

“Good luck… … “Are you dead?”

Spleen could not possibly understand the current situation.

Hojo, the Great Lord of Bonghwangdae.

Biji, a fellow giant, knew better about his strength.

He is one of the five great generals of the Wind Empire.

It was not something that could be defeated helplessly by Seong Ji-han like that.

-Why did Hojo die so quickly?

-Wasn’t he originally harder than the final boss of this map?

-yep; The damage is high and the regeneration power is also crazy, so the national rule is to just leave it to the spleen.

And viewers watching the popular broadcast were equally dumbfounded.

Hojo, who appears in the defense map ‘One Bridge’, is located as a mid-boss.

Because the pattern was so difficult and the super regeneration ability was crazy, it was more difficult for the player than the final boss.

So Hojo just let him fight with Spleen.

The basic strategy for players was to preserve all of their power until they faced the final boss.


That powerful being.

It was too easily destroyed by Seong Ji-han’s spear.

-Wow… Was Hojo really undead? So you’re weak to divine power?

-No, I guess not? According to previous experiments, it was highly resistant to both holy magic and elemental magic.

-ㅇㅇ You survived the lightning that Spleen threw earlier.

Isn’t Seong Ji-han’s game always like that?

Defeating Hojo this time was a result that was even more incomprehensible than usual.

Why did Seong Ji-han show a perfect compatibility with Hojo only?

“you… … “How did you do it?”

“well. If I were to guess, Hojo seemed to be weak to the phoenix’s fire. “I couldn’t use the power of the Phoenix Qi combined with the cloud thunder.”

“The Great Lord of the Phoenix Dynasty is weak to the power of the Phoenix… … “It’s unique.”

Seong Ji-han, who created a result that even he did not expect, thought of the Phoenix period as a variable.

Baekyeom, heavenly trust, and clouds.

Things that were extremely different from the undead came together and fused together, and the effect was amazing.

It was unnatural for an opponent as strong as Hojo to disappear as if his weakness had been stabbed.

“Secure the Divine Beast!”

Meanwhile, Bonghwangdae lost its leader.

He didn’t say anything about Hojo, but was only focused on targeting the phoenix floating in the sky.


Doo doo doo doo… … !

A cavalry unit charges in orderly formation from the other side of the skybridge.

Hana Spleen saw that and snorted as if it was ridiculous.

“What’s the use of this when there’s no Hojo?”

Step by step. Step by step.

Then, Spleen walks in front of Seong Ji-han.

“You should get some rest.”

He jumped into the Phoenix Tower alone, holding a spear.

If the game proceeds as usual, Spleen should have been exhausted from fighting Hojo.

However, because Hojo was so easily overpowered by Seong Jihan, he was very energetic.

pop! pop!

When the spleen swung the gigantic cloud like a bat, the Lancer unit was instantly disintegrated.

Although the number of Bonghwangdae was hundreds, they were helpless in front of the special terrain of the bridge and the mighty strength of the giant spleen.

‘You fight well.’

As their secret saying goes, their rush was nothing but vain in front of the giant.

Every time a cloud the size of a small telephone pole moves from the secret’s hand.

“Ugh… … !”

Bonghwangdae was unable to withstand the attack and fell off the cliff outside the bridge.

If there was this much difference in power, it would be worth giving up on the attack.

“Secure the Divine Beast!”

All the Black Lancers seemed to have gone out of their minds and just kept charging like moths, calling out for only Shinsu.

“Are these guys crazy?”

bang! bang!

Even if the spleen blows away the lancer without mercy.

The Black Lancers somehow found a gap and approached Seong Ji-han.


It was no use getting closer.

“Are you here?”

Even if they were at their level, they were woefully weak compared to Hojo.


They were all lightly pierced by the phoenix flag, turning into powder and disappearing.


‘These guys are disappearing just like Hojo… … .’

Children who use the name of a phoenix are somehow the most vulnerable to the fire of the phoenix.

I don’t know why it does that.

First of all, I thought it was just experience points and was eliminating all the Black Lancers.

“Now, just a moment!”

One of the lancers who was approaching him blindly.

He seemed to suddenly come to his senses.

He was startled and spoke urgently.

“Oh, this can’t be right…” … Help me! “I’ll tell you everything!”

‘It’s finally arrived.’ 2nd wave, an event that occurs near the end of the Black Lancer’s charge.

‘The Black Lancer who came to his senses’.

This was an essential event that occurred before the final boss battle.

Because his confession revealed the weakness of the final boss of this map.

Using this information, the final battle was to target the boss’ weak points and defend the bridge.

‘this… … ‘I guess I’ll wake up easier than I thought?’

Seong Ji-han waited for him to open his mouth.

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