The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 109

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 109>

* * *

The first reward given was the basic promotion result reward.

[Won the TOP 100 promotion match.]

[You will receive 5 million GP as a reward.]

[Level increases by 5.]

[Obtain the title ‘King of Kings – Silver’.]

Seong Ji-han, who was awarded the ‘King of Kings’ just as he did last time when he won first place in bronze, looked at the title.

[King of Kings – Silver]

-A title given to the winner of the TOP 100 promotion match.

-In the Gold League, all abilities increase by +5, and a 50% increase in experience is applied.]

‘The ability level increase is the same as Bronze.’

Bronze was +5, and Silver was also +5.

There seemed to be no value beyond simply changing the title from Bronze to Silver.

Seong Ji-han immediately changed the title and continued to look at the system messages.

[Cleared the special achievement, ‘Facing the Constellation.’]

[You will receive 100,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[Cleared the special achievement, ‘Inflicting a Strike on the Constellation.’]

[You will receive 200,000 achievement points as a reward.]

The achievement of winning the TOP 100 did not appear again, perhaps because it was already cleared during Bronze.

The points given from constellation-related achievements were enormous.

A title, 300,000 achievement points, and even a phoenix flag.

Although the rewards were enormous for playing just one game.

‘So what is the special reward?’

Seong Ji-han was more interested in the special rewards promised by

[Information will be provided on]

[What happened today happened because we failed to detect the entry of an external force, the constellation of the ‘Dead Star’, during the process of changing the map to a special map.]

[Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to player Jihan Seong, and we have prepared a special reward at the system level.]

Is it finally given?

Seong Ji-han crossed his arms for a moment to check additional messages and wait.

[All stats increase by 5.]

[The level increases by an additional 10.]

[Obtain a special stat, ‘Thunder seal.’]

[The Thunder Strengthens the power of Thunder and has strong resistance to mental pollution. A Seal of Lightning can be given to one player per stat of 20.]

[Players granted the Seal of Lightning have strong resistance to mental contamination and can manipulate the power of lightning.]

Seong Ji-han opened the status window.

Like Geomyoung, he is a brainiac who occupies 2 lines of the status window.

It was assumed that this size was a rare stat.

‘But it’s the same with Geomyoung, it’s a coincidence.’

Among the three Ascension of the Unknown Divine Gong.

The two axes are Amyeongsin and Cheonroesingyeol.

By playing the TOP 100 promotion match twice, I gained two stats that strengthened it.


‘Amyoungshingyeol is related to the World Tree Alliance. It seems that the Heavenly Thunder God’s Wisdom is related to Kill the King… … .’

Two powerful forces that almost destroyed the Earth, the World Tree Alliance and Kill the King.

The World Tree Alliance completely neutralized Earth in the Space League.

Kill the King burst out of the dungeon, used a large army of ghosts, and destroyed the entire world of Earth.

‘In my last life, when I used the two Ascension Infinitesimals, I thought they were just opposite properties.’

Shadow spirit is a dark attribute.

I thought that Thunder God’s Wisdom was just a martial arts attack of the light attribute.

I never thought it would be related to the World Tree Alliance or Kill the King.

‘For now, I’ll have to learn more while gaining strength.’

Still, the most important thing to prioritize is force.

If I reach 100 and combine the three-stage battle, I might be able to use the last Ascension Unlimited.

So Seong Ji-han concluded that he should not give stat points to the two rare stats, Geomyoung and Brainy, but rather increase them as much as possible and organized the rewards.

‘But it adds 5 stats to rare stats. Seeing them handing out rewards like this, if they were caught by the Black Hand there, they would have really been taken away.’

If you died at the hands of Black Hand and it was just a game over, there would be no way in which you would have been rewarded this excessively.

Seong Ji-han realized that this was the most dangerous moment since the situation returned a little while ago.

‘As expected, it’s still not enough.’

Kalain, the dead star constellation whose robes were torn to reveal its true colors, boasted overwhelming majesty.

Even that appearance is not the full power of the Constellation.

Since someone like that was targeting me by calling me the head, I had to have the strength to fight back.

Although it was said that the system does not allow the Dead Star Constellation to access this world.

‘It broke through this time too, so I wonder if it won’t break through next time.’

Rather than having high expectations, Seong Ji-han resolved to become stronger as soon as possible.


“uncle!! How about your arms!!! are you okay?”

“uh. “I’m fine.”

“Ugh. I was really surprised! Why does my arm hurt like this every time I play a TOP 100 match?”

Yoon Se-ah sighed in relief when she saw Seong Ji-han’s healthy right arm.

I looked at the back of his hand and blinked.

“uh. “But what is this?”

On the back of Seong Ji-han’s right hand, a pure white crown was drawn.

The appearance was similar to the crown that had been pierced by a spear on Kill the King’s flag.

And the line drawing the crown was flowing like electricity.

As soon as he saw this, he knew right away that it was a brain person.

‘Something happens to my left hand when I’m bronze, and my right hand when I’m silver.’

Come to think of it, I heard you said that if your Brain Stats reach 20, you can be given the Seal of Lightning.

Seong Ji-han looked at Brain’s abilities in the status window.


Was the initial stat value 10 instead of 5 like other abilities?

During the reward just now, I received +5 effects for all stats and two title effects, so my brain power level was 25.

“Great. “I’ll stamp it on you too.”

“huh? Seal?”

“uh. “This is my first time doing it, but it won’t hurt.”

“… … “Is it real?”

“maybe? But how do you do it?”

As Seong Ji-han tilted his head while looking at the seal, Yoon Se-ah looked at him with anxious eyes.

It doesn’t hurt, right?

[Put the thunder seal on the back of the target’s hand and grant the ‘Seal of Lightning’.]

Seong Ji-han, who saw the system message, grabbed Yoon Se-ah’s hand and immediately stamped it.


“ah… … It hurts!”

Yoon Se-ah’s body trembled from the sudden electric pain.

No, they said it didn’t hurt, but they were lying, right?

“ah. sorry.”

On the back of Yoon Se-ah’s hand, a crown appeared that had the same pattern and appearance as Seong Ji-han, but was slightly smaller in size.

“Ugh… … So what is this?”

“It’s called the seal of lightning. “Anyway, it’s good.”

Let Seong Ji-han tell the story as explained in the system.

Yoon Se-ah forgot the pain and her eyes lit up.

“You can control the power of lightning? this?”

“okay. “I don’t know the details either.”

“huh. “I already realized that from when you told me earlier that it didn’t hurt.”

Then, Yoon Se-ah waved her hand at Seong Ji-han.

“Uncle~ Then, let me practice this. “I have to use it in the promotion match tomorrow!”

With that, Yoon Se-ah left the room.

Seong Ji-han bursts into laughter at his nephew who comes and goes like the wind.

Lastly, I decided to check the phoenix flag given to me by the conqueror’s spirit.


Seong Ji-han opened the inventory and checked the item description.

[Phoenix flag]

-Grade: SSS

-This is the military standard used by the first khan of the Wind Empire, a descendant of the phoenix.

-The city of Phoenix has the heat of being projected.

– As a special effect, when planting a flag on the battlefield, all abilities of nearby party members and allies are increased by 25%.

-As an additional effect, if the user is a guild owner or guild master, all option levels of the guild they belong to are increased by +4.


Seong Ji-han could not believe his eyes.

I actually didn’t have high expectations for this item, but what kind of crazy level is this?

‘The fact that the Phoenix City has the heat it projects, means that it is about SS level when used as a weapon.’

SS class weapon.

This actually wasn’t that surprising of a value.

Of course, even at this level, it was quite difficult to obtain, but among current DIA players, there are quite a few who have SS-level weapons.

But what was truly surprising was the special effects and additional effects that the Phoenix had.

‘Just planting a flag gives you a 25% buff… … .’

If you plant a flag on the battlefield, it cannot be used as a weapon.

Still, having the 25% buff applied to all team members was a huge effect.

If a weapon better than the phoenix flag is created, it would be best to start with the flag planted at all costs during battle.

There… … .

‘Guild option level +4.’

Guild options.

There were a total of three options for the waiting guild: expansion of guild members, increase in abilities, and increase in growth rate.

Here, everyone was focused on increasing growth rates.

Does this mean that the number of guild members will increase or the ability level will increase by +4?

Seong Ji-han hurriedly looked at the options for the standby guild.

Guild personnel expansion (5/10) – LV.5

Ability score increase (all stats +5) – LV.5

Increased growth rate (+150 percent) – LV.15

Buff effect applied only by holding the Phoenix flag.

In particular, the ability score increase has only been applied by +50% in Silver so far, so it has virtually no effect of increasing all stats.

Seong Ji-han, who is now gold, was given an additional +5 to his abilities.

‘That’s why Brainy was 25.’

I thought Brainy’s initial starting ability was 10.

Like other stats, I think it started at 5.

The increase in guild abilities covered that.

‘This level is worth the SSS level. Rather, I think we should go up one grade.’

Seong Ji-han had a deep smile on his face as he watched the Phoenix flag displaying its crazy efficiency.

This TOP 100 match.

There was too much to be gained from’s mistake.

‘I’m looking forward to the next TOP 100.’

This is how rewards were distributed during Bronze and Silver.

What about gold?

With a happy heart, Seong Ji-han went to the penthouse training center where Yoon Se-ah was training.

Tomorrow is the promotion match, so I need to help him use the Seal of Lightning.


“uh? uncle… … Are you here to help? But I heard this is easy?”


Electricity was already blooming from the arrow that Yoon Se-ah was holding.

“No, you already did it?”

“huh. I followed the feeling that came from this seal and it worked quickly. he… … “It was worth the pain.”

Yoon Se-ah smiled brightly and fired the arrow at the target.


The arrow target was crushed by the power of the electric current.

“ah. But I can’t control my strength… … “I need to practice more.”

Only that amount of current was spread, but the power was not controlled?

How long has it been since you obtained the Seal of Lightning and you’re saying something like that?

Seong Ji-han was dumbfounded.

“Sea, you… … Was he a genius?”

“I don’t want to hear that from my uncle.”

“I studied standard memorization. “You can’t classify him as a genius.”

“and. “He says it with his own mouth.”

Yoon Se-ah stroked her arm as if she was getting fat.

“uncle. I’m fine, I’m resting. “You did too much today.”

“It’s impossible. “I just lost an arm.”

“So, rest! “Just sleep!”

Seong Ji-han, who came to remind Yoon Se-ah of her lightning seal, ended up getting kicked out by his nephew.

‘… … Se-Ah. ‘You’re more talented than you think?’

Seong Ji-han smiled as if he was in a good mood.

In my last life, I wish I had told you about Daegi Chungseong’s excellence a long time ago.

I felt regretful that I wasted such talent for no reason.

‘But what should I do to rest?’

When I was told to rest, there was nothing to do.

Seong Ji-han walked to the second training room without realizing it.


next day.

“uncle! I won! lol.”

Yoon Se-ah, who competed in the promotion match in Gangnam Area 3, easily won the championship and smiled brightly in front of Seong Ji-han.

Seeing his genuinely happy face, Seong Ji-han also smiled.

Unlike my last life, I was so happy to see my nephew doing so well.

okay. Let’s just leave it like this.

“ah. however. “The atmospheric chronic characteristics have changed a bit.”


“huh. Look at this… … .”


When Yoon Se-ah showed her gift, saying that Daegi Manseong had been upgraded.

Seong Ji-han’s eyes, which were happy, trembled slightly.

‘… … for a moment.’

When Dae Dae Man-seong, who was in grade F, changed to grade E after playing 50 games, the conditions that came up messed with his head.

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