The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 20

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“I can only shed aura on my body!”

“What kind of nonsense is that… … .”

Todd was embarrassed and trailed off. Isn’t the most representative image of an Auror being a sparkling blade? Isn’t that the trademark of an Auror? Wasn’t it the most basic thing that any Auror user could do?

“Ah, our Mumun is actually like that!”

As I’m dealing with him, my mind keeps getting distracted. Reppenhardt gave a cursory answer and went back to focusing on the battle with the devil.

At that time, Silan, who was performing healing arts on Stephen, shouted at him.

“Mr. Leffen!”

“Why you again?”

“That body is hard, isn’t it?”


It was a strange question to use an expression that would be used for a rock on a human body, but Leffenhardt understood. I saw him break through a wall with his bare body, so it’s not like he could do that.

“It’s a little harder than others. why?”

“I believe it!”

“What do you believe?”

While I was wondering, Silan suddenly prayed.

“Philanense, may your protection rest on the sword dedicated to the goddess!”


And then, a dazzling pink starlight came over Reppenhardt’s whole body. For a moment, he felt embarrassed and cleared his throat.

“Cough, cluck!”


Cilan had just cast the holy striking spell, Holy Striking, on Reppenhardt’s body. What should have been hung on a piece of iron was hung on a human body, so of course it would be normal if the spell didn’t work… …

“What is this… … .”

Reppenhardt looked down at his body in bewilderment. His divine spell was stuck. His steel-like body was truly perceived as a piece of iron.

“… … .”

I had nothing to say. Her once bronze body was now shining a very pretty pink color. It was a sight that broke my fighting spirit just by looking at it.

“Oh, no… … “Is this okay?”

In fact, Grelvist was so dumbfounded that he stopped attacking and looked blankly at Reppenhardt’s face. What other expression could be used for a pink giant with a height of 190 cm? – He was just staring blankly at me.

“haha… … .”

I was devastated. It occurred to her that she had lived so long that all sorts of things had happened to her. But regardless of whether Reppenhardt was dejected or not, Silan, who had succeeded in ordering, was extremely happy.

“good! it’s okay! “I thought it would work!”

He shouted triumphantly.

“That black-faced bastard!” “Kill me right away!”

“It looks pretty, but it kills my temper… … .”

Anyway, now that we have a way, we have to fight. With a gloomy face, Reppenhardt rushed towards Grelvist.

The pink giant runs towards the devil. Every time you punch or kick, the pink starlight sparkles brightly, leaving behind particles of light.

“… … .”

I became even more depressed. It felt like the boxer who had been fighting brilliantly just a moment ago had disappeared and a circus clown had appeared in his place.

‘Ah, Mr. ‘Let’s get it over with quickly.’

Reppenhardt, who had become a saint, attacked without stopping. Holy punches, holy kicks, and holy knees followed, and the devil was beaten mercilessly. No matter what he looks like, his divine power is divine power. The effect itself was definitely good. The demon, which could no longer receive magical power, quickly sank.

Hit the heel on the head of the dying devil! Sprinkling pink glitter, the devil let out his final scream.


And the Grelvist lost its power to reside here, in the material world, and slowly disappeared. Although he was killed, he was freed from the ruins, so for that devil, this must be a kind of salvation.

Reppenhardt breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the demon disappear. Then he quickly turned to Silan and shouted.

“hey! Solve this quickly!”


As the Grelbist disappeared, the magic pooled in the stone chamber also disappeared. Silan performed healing arts on his wounded all at once. Both Lelcia, who fainted, and Stephen, whose bones were shattered, recovered to the point where they could barely move. It was a power that was impossible for any decent priest. Silan’s divine power, which he had worked hard to achieve only with the hope of gaining muscle, was truly formidable. Well, it may be a sad result for you.

Meanwhile, Reppenhardt was stamping his feet, wondering when this damn pink holy light would disappear. He had barely lost his divine power and was looking relieved when Stephen came limping towards him.

“Did you say Leffen?”

Reppenhardt turned his head as if to express his gratitude. Stephen frowned and continued.

“… … He hid his identity well. Did we look that funny?”

What does this mean again? Stevan spoke again to Reppenhardt, who was rolling his eyes.

“I will admit that you are strong. But trampling on a knight’s honor is unforgivable!”

What are you trampling on? I don’t understand it even more. I don’t know what you’re talking about, so I can’t answer. Stevan became angry at Reppenhardt, who was silent.

“Was it fun to laugh at us while we were struggling?”

Are you laughing at me?

Reppenhardt looked at Stephen with a blank face. I swear with all my heart, he never laughed at them. Laughing is also an emotion that is possible only when there is interest. I wasn’t interested at all, so why are you laughing at me?

‘Well, if you think about it, it’s worse than laughing at it.’

After scratching his head, he just turned his back.

“this guy!”

Stephen stabbed with his sword. Leffenhardt turned around without thinking. He was the one who dodged Gerard’s so merciless punch. It was a well-positioned blow, but dodging it was not an easy task.


Stevan, swinging his sword in the air, loses his balance and falls down. Because he suddenly swung, his foot got twisted. It was an outrageous act that could not have occurred under normal circumstances, but Stephen, who was not in his right mind, lost his balance and fell.

Roll around!

‘How are you?

I don’t even get angry when I see him rolling on the floor as he pleases while cutting by himself. Reppenhardt walked away with a bitter smile. And he picked up the sword that had fallen to the ground.

Demon sword Altion. It was left behind by the Grelbeast as it disappeared.

‘How dare this guy avoid me!’

Stephen stands up again with a red face. Just as he was about to attack again, Reppenhardt suddenly blocked his path. He moved so fast that I couldn’t even see how he was moving. The hand holding his sword became stiff as if paralyzed. When I realized the difference in his skills, I couldn’t bear to challenge him again.


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Reppenhardt placed his hand on Stephen’s shoulder and spoke in a soft voice.

“I didn’t laugh at you?”

To be honest, I’m not interested at all? But why do you keep arguing? huh?

And then I press my shoulder. An incredible force comes through my shoulders. Stephen stumbled and groaned.


“So, take this with you. “Didn’t you go through all this trouble to get this?”

“Ah, Altion… … .”

Stephen’s expression became even more humiliating. I wanted to shake it off, saying there was no need for a sword like this. That would be the last bit of pride he had left.

But, that can’t be possible. Stevan accepted Altion with trembling hands.

‘Damn it!’

I got what I had longed for, but all that was left was a feeling of despair.

On the other hand, Sir Edward had completely changed his perception of Leffenhardt. He immediately understood the cocky attitude he had shown so far. If he had Auror abilities, he could become a high-ranking noble no matter where he went, so it was natural for him to look like that. He was a little moved by the way he treated Stephen, but honestly, he didn’t have the heart to argue with such a strong man.

“Even without holding a sword, you know chivalry.”

Otherwise, how could you not feel the slightest desire after seeing such a great sword? He truly is an amazing young man.

“Isn’t that a true strongman who maintains zero greed even in the face of danger?”

Reppenhardt scratched his cheek humbly as he continued to admire Sir Edward.

‘No, not really.’

What kind of wantonness does Reppenhardt, who went up and knocked out Stevan and completely scraped through the dungeon, be so cold-blooded?

The reason he wasn’t interested in Altion was simple. Because he wasn’t very greedy.

The magic sword Altion was indeed an excellent magic sword. So, to what extent… … .

‘It’s as good as the second-class magic weapon I made in the past.’

Yes. In his previous life, he was the strongest archmage, someone who reached the pinnacle of all magic. Of course, enchantment was also at a high level.

While establishing the Antares Empire, I once worked very hard to create magic weapons because I wanted to give good weapons to my precious subordinates. Around the Four Heavenly Kings, each had their own weapon and were not particularly concerned with magic weapons, but ordinary subordinates of different races were different. He made a lot of it and distributed it to people who had made contributions. Well, since it is a mass-produced type, the performance is a bit low.

Of course, its performance was low even by Reppenhardt’s standards, but in other people’s eyes, it was an incredible magical item. The power of the warriors of different races holding the magic sword created by the 10th Circle Archmage was enough to terrify the continent.

And this Alteon was just like the mass-produced product that Reppenhardt made at the time. There is no need to be particularly greedy. If you get your magic back, you can make as many things as you like.

Of course, if you sell it, it will become a piece of property, but… … .

‘It’s easier to throw away something than to be greedy for something like this and live with the marquis for the rest of your life.’

Anyway, there were plenty of better magic swords waiting for him in other ruins. Can’t we be so focused on immediate profits that we miss out on something bigger?

“Anyway, let’s go back soon. “There’s nothing to do here anymore, right?”

Feeling embarrassed, Reppenhardt changed the topic.

“That’s right. “Hehehe.”

Sir Edward chuckled, his eyes still reverential.

☆ ☆ ☆

Once I went up to the first floor, things were comfortable from then on. Stephen and his party collected the belongings of the dead knights, and Reppenhardt also put back on the coat he had cherished so much. So he carefully made his way through the passage and was finally able to escape Palton.

Back at Cattle Village, everyone prepared to return. Meanwhile, Silan was kind enough to share some gold coins he had obtained from the ruins with the people of Cattle Village. For the residents of Cattle, who were anxious on a winter day, it was literally like an apostle of the goddess had descended. Everyone praised the names of Philanense and Silan.

Reppenhardt grinned at the sight of Silan running around busy giving healing spells to some sick villagers.

‘This guy is good at sales.’

At first glance, throwing gold coins into a small mountain valley like this may seem like a waste of money. However, considering the image that the Philanense Church gains as a result, this is no different from pennies.

Rumors spread surprisingly far. When word of kindness spreads everywhere in a small town like this, it is truly great advertising. Since healing arts are practiced in large cities anyway, receiving expensive donations, there is no financial loss.

However, looking at what Cilan was doing, it seemed like he didn’t think that deeply about it, and the villagers really felt sorry for him and were helping him.

‘It’s because his eyes are strange, but he’s a nice guy.’

After arriving at the village, Reppenhardt immediately broke up with the Alteon Knights. Sir Edward invited him to the royal capital to express his gratitude, but he politely declined. He had to meet Siris quickly. And even if that’s not the reason… … .

‘Honestly, that kid, he’s constantly grinding his teeth. Would you like to go and get a treat? ‘I’m lucky if I don’t get stabbed at night.’

Well, if you hit it right, you probably won’t get stuck.

Anyway, the exploration of the Palton ruins ended happily overall.

Marquis Altion was happy to have recovered the magic sword, Todd was even happier to have obtained an ancient relic and met a beautiful boy named Silan, and Silan was happy to meet the big, beautiful(?) muscular man of her dreams. Of course, Leffenhardt was happy as he had made a lot of money as he had intended.

Everyone was happy. Except for one person, Stephen.

“Sir Edward.”

“What’s going on, Confucius?”

Sir Edward approached Stephen, holding the reins. They were now riding on a narrow mountain pass in the Hattan Mountains. Everyone’s expressions were bright. Although he lost three precious companions, he eventually succeeded in recovering the magic sword Altion, a command given by his family. With this, their reputation will resound throughout the royal capital!

So, Sir Edward, who was so excited, did not even notice that the lord he served continued to have a stern expression on his face.

“Please find out more about that young man named Leffen.”

“Well, it’s good to be interested in strong people your age. “I will do my best as soon as I return to my family.”

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