The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 2

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Chapter 1 Ascetic in the mountains


Submerged consciousness slowly rises to the surface. The senses that had been cut off are reawakened. Leffenhardt opened his eyes. My dark vision became brighter and the outlines of objects, albeit blurry, came into view.

The sound of chirping birds faintly tickles my ears. The warm morning sunlight touches my face. The feel of the warm cloth wrapped around my body is vivid. This sound, this warmth, this coziness… … .

‘Am I still alive?’

Repenhardt blinked. He felt something strange. It was a normal feeling, like I had just woken up from a good night’s sleep. But after a while his head cleared and everything became clear. He was dying at the hands of King Thethron. There was no way his whole body would be overflowing with vitality like this.

It was certain. He said he was alive.

‘Oh my God, did we really succeed?’

It was a space-time regression spell that I couldn’t decipher even half of. It was a magic that Reppenhardt himself did not have high expectations for, although he cast it blindly because he was truly at a loss. But looking at this situation, doesn’t it seem like a pretty great success?

“Wow, no matter how genius I am, I never thought I would really succeed… … .”

Repenhardt stood up, saying an ambiguous line that was unclear as to whether he was arrogant or humble. And looked around him. He had to check how far back in time he really was. however… … .

“Where on earth am I?”

Leppenhardt’s expression hardened again as he looked around. For some reason, everything around me felt too unfamiliar.

The only furniture in the large room made of logs was a closet, a desk, and the large bed on which Reppenhardt was lying. Up to this point, it looks like a simple bedroom, but what’s unusual is that although the room is cheap, all the furniture they brought in is of high quality. The wardrobe and desk were luxurious items that only aristocrats would use, and the bed was also luxurious, made of birch wood, covered with high-quality cotton, and even decorated with gold leaf. Even the glass mirror, which was so expensive that only nobles used it, was hanging on one side of the wall.

‘What is this?’

Leffenhardt was taken aback. No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t remember a place like this. If his time-space regression spell was successful, he would have to return to some point in the past. Whether he was a child or a young man, that place had to be in his memory if he ever returned.

I can say without a doubt that I have never lived in such an unbalanced interior.

“Okay… … .”

Leffenhardt frowned. His mind was complicated. In confusion, he got up and walked to the mirror. Anyway, it seems clear that the spell worked… … So the question is, how many years did he go back in time, and how old is he now?

And the moment I stood in front of the mirror.


Repenhardt opened his mouth wide.

“W-what is it, that guy?”

Beyond the mirror, a burly boy with short-cut brown hair was standing shirtless facing him. He must have been about six or six years old? He had a very young face, so many people said he was a boy, but if you look at his physique, he looked like a man who would cry.

He seemed to be at least a head taller than the other person, and his entire body was covered with solid muscles. Muscular forearms with rough hands covered in calluses. The thick biceps and triceps were as hard as stones, so much so that they looked like sparks would burst out when they collided with each other, and the abs had such a square and clear outline that it made you wonder if it was really a human stomach. Even if it were carved from marble, if the six pack was clearly divided to that extent, it would be criticized as being unrealistic. Moreover, even though he was so muscular, he had a balanced body of 8 heads overall, so he didn’t look fat. Is this truly an ideal unmanned body?

Of course, in the eyes of Repenhardt, who pursues the ideal wizard, he was seen as nothing more than a simple, ignorant and lumpy body.

Reppenhardt unconsciously placed his hand on his cheek. The boy reflected in the mirror also put his hand on his cheek.

“under… … haha… … .”

Reppenhardt, who was in a panic, let out a laugh. The boy in the mirror also laughed.

It was definitely true. I had no choice but to admit it.

That muscular boy was himself!

Reppenhardt muttered blankly with a shocked expression on his face.

“Who are you… … you… … .”

☆ ☆ ☆

Reppenhardt repeatedly touched his face in front of the mirror. In the mirror, a simple-looking muscle boy was imitating himself. He let out a sigh.

‘How on earth did this happen…? … .’

As a child, he had black hair and black eyes, and had a cold appearance. And he was also a pretty handsome boy. In his old age, he became a Romance Gray with a stately style, and had a history of captivating the hearts of innocent elf beauties. Whether young or old. I have never had such a foolish face before!

Well, if you actually think about it, the boy in the mirror didn’t have a very ugly face. Not just a handsome guy, but a handsome guy? However, in the eyes of Reppenhardt, who had a high level of beauty in his original body, he was just a servant.

Reppenhardt pondered as he pulled out his hair.

What happened? Did the space-time regression spell fail as expected? So, instead of being your past self, you went into the wrong person’s body? No, then maybe this isn’t the past at all? Could it be that my soul has been swapped with someone from the future?

No matter how hard you try to guess, there is no way to find an answer because there are no clues. While he was whining like that, Repenhardt’s eyes suddenly took on a different color.

‘Now that I think about it, the face seems a bit familiar… … .’

weird. For some reason, it feels like I’ve seen this face somewhere. It’s definitely a face I’m seeing for the first time, and although it’s obviously unfamiliar, there’s something about it that feels strangely familiar.

Those dark brown eyebrows, strong-looking eyes, and stubbornly closed mouth.

Yes, if you get bigger over there, your muscles bulge, and a wiry beard covers your chin… … .

“King Thethron?”

It was then. The door burst open and a loud voice clearly supported his reasoning.

“Tesron, you bastard! The sun rose in the sky! “What are you doing if you don’t come out now?”

The moment he turned his head, Reppenhardt froze on the spot.


The one who shouted was an old man I had never seen before. That is, if the 2.5-meter-tall monster with bursting muscles covering its entire body, making it difficult to tell whether it is a human being or a stone statue painted in flesh, can be called an old man.

The old man approached him with long strides. Reppenhardt was startled by the dark cloud of muscles covering his eyes. He was someone who easily dealt with giant monsters like ogres and minotaurs, but this old man seemed to be on a different level. Although their bodies were large, with a moderate amount of fat and belly fat, they had a certain humanity to them. On the other hand, this old man’s whole body is square and his muscles are clear, so he doesn’t have an inch of unnecessary fat. If those are loose sandstone, does this one look like hard rock? Even the young Tethron, the current Reppenhardt’s body that looked so rugged, was a skinny and haggard boy compared to the old man. This is why relative evaluation is scary.

The old man laughed cheerfully, his dazzling white hair and silver beard flowing.

“Well, let’s start the day happily today, hehehehe!”

Demon King Reppenhardt, the epitome of fear that once stained the continent with blood, became a mouse in front of a cat and asked with a trembling voice.

“Who are you?”

He didn’t know it, but the old man’s identity was Gerard Krom Proteis, the master of the boy Tethron and the king of the time, renowned as the strongest martial artist on the continent.

☆ ☆ ☆

Gerard was preparing for the day like any other day to carry out Tesron. But for some reason, unlike usual, Tesron did not crawl out to the training ground. Enraged, he immediately ran to catch this Buddha disciple. Time is gold, so how can you waste even one minute?

I immediately opened the disciple’s door and went inside, and saw the disciple examining his body in front of the mirror. Gerrard’s mood eased immediately. It was truly satisfying to see him checking his entire body muscles like that in the morning. I was proud to see him working hard to develop a more beautiful body. So he shouted happily.

“Well, let’s start the day happily today, hehehehe!”

But for some reason, the student’s expression was strange. It wasn’t like the usual gnashing of teeth and scary fire in the eyes.

“Who are you?”

“hmm? “Today, for some reason, you look at me as if you don’t know me?”

Gerard tilted his head. The disciple speaks again.

“I’m asking because I really don’t know… … .”

Gerard nodded as if he understood. And he spoke kindly.

“Tesron, Tesron. Haven’t you already used the excuse of memory loss twice? You probably know that it doesn’t work that way, right? Tsutsu.”


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The disciple opens his mouth wide. It seemed like an expression of astonishment. This time, it felt quite realistic that the facial expressions were quite vivid. It seemed like his acting skills improved a lot.

Gerard clicked his tongue. But he didn’t want to blame his student.

Gerrard fully understood that their martial arts training methods, Gym Unbreakable, were harsh. Because when he was in the middle of training under his master, he tried every possible means to escape.

But eventually, once you reach the level, you will feel the effects of this training method and be moved by the master’s profound and thoughtful intentions. Until then, it is the master’s responsibility to lead the disciple to a state of ascension, even if by force!

Gerard immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed the back of his disciple’s neck. Although he was a disciple who had already surpassed the size of an adult, he was still a small boy at 2.5 meters tall. Gerard said cheerfully as he easily held the back of his neck ‘with one hand’ and lifted it up.

“Now, let’s go to the training ground!”

☆ ☆ ☆

Deep in the mountains, halfway up the ridge of a mountain covered with all kinds of broad-leaved trees, there are two log cabins and a large vacant lot. Although it is not well known to people, it is the place where Jim Unbreakable, Mumun, which has produced the strongest martial artists on the continent for generations, is located.

Reppenhardt was hanging in the air with his back grabbed by the old man, Gerard. In that position, he was being carried into the vacant lot.

Leffenhardt struggled, acutely feeling the emotions of a kitten being taken by its mother. But he was of no use. I don’t know what he did, but this muscular old man was easily suppressing all his struggles with just one hand.

Of course, in the meantime, Reppenhardt’s mouth did not rest. He was a wizard, and wizards have a deeply ingrained habit of doing everything with their own hands.

“Hey, look, old man!”

“Hey, old man!”

“If you would just listen to me for a moment… … .”

“Hey! Are you deaf! “When someone speaks, try talking back!”

It was no use. No matter what this muscular old man said, he ignored everything. It was a very natural attitude.

When they arrived at the clearing, Gerrard put Reppenhardt down. And without saying a word, they tied him to a huge wooden stake in the middle of an empty lot.

“to? “Huh?”

Reppenhardt, who was tied to a stake with his arms behind his back, kept blinking in confusion. His posture looked very ominous. Usually, when he executes prisoners, doesn’t he make them look like this? Reppenhardt was about to shout urgently.

“It’s time.”

With one brief word, Gerard put a gag in his mouth.


Gerard smiled warmly as he looked at Reppenhardt, who was filled with fear with his mouth covered. Then he went to the other side of the clearing and brought back a bunch of large bamboo stems.

“Okay then, let’s start training!”

Then he grabs a bamboo stick and spits on both hands. Repenhardt’s fear grew even stronger.


Gerrard hit Reppenhardt hard in the abdomen with a bamboo stick.


“… … !”

It hurt so much that I died. It felt like it hurt several times more because I couldn’t scream. Reppenhardt trembled and looked at the old man in front of him.

‘What the hell is going on!’

I couldn’t understand the situation. And he didn’t even give me time to understand. The beating followed immediately. The bamboo hit my thigh. As expected, it hurt to death. This time I hit him in the side. It hurt so much that I cried. Southern Halaine bamboo is renowned for its combination of the strength of steel and the elasticity of rubber. With that vicious object, Gerrard began beating Reppenhardt’s entire body mercilessly.

Puff puff puff!

“… … Aaaaaaaaaaaap!”

With his gag in his mouth, Reppenhardt kept screaming and screaming. The beatings were truly non-stop and intense, hitting all parts of the body evenly, thoroughly, and harshly. All the thoughts of feeling unfair because it hurt so much or wondering what on earth happened to this situation all flew out of my mind.

‘Si, Siris. I guess I’ll just go on like this… … .’

At that moment, I saw an illusion of Siris beckoning me to come from beyond the blue sky. But Reppenhardt gritted his teeth. It was so vain to think that as soon as she barely got her second life, she was beaten to death. With a sticky attachment to life, he struggled to calm his fading mind.

‘I can’t die! ‘I can never die like this!’

Meanwhile, Gerard was wondering. The way he beat his disciple was a little different. Does it feel a little more chewy than usual? This cannot happen if you are getting hit while doing the unique image training that trains your body as usual.

‘Is it really amnesia?’

It wasn’t that surprising. Originally, Jim Unbreakable’s practice method was so simple, ignorant, and extreme that he often suffered from short-term memory loss. Even when Gerard was receiving training, I experienced memory loss a couple of times.

And as an experienced person, he knew the solution well.

‘If you beat it up, it will all get better.’

The best way to get your memories back is to recreate the experience you had when you lost them. Gerard’s hands became even harsher.

Puk puk puk puk puk puk!

The sound of drums was beating loudly under the clear sky. It was a soulful drum sound that truly touched the heart. It was a natural result since the drum truly contained soul.

‘Say, save people’s lives!’

☆ ☆ ☆

Jim Unbreakable is one with the most unique ideas among all the martial arts on the continent.

Whether you are an ordinary martial artist, a knight, a swordsman, or a martial artist, the basic gist of the training method remains the same. Refining your breathing, training your body, and learning various techniques to increase your overall proficiency as a martial artist. In this process, the methods vary greatly and several schools have emerged, but at least the basic method can be said to be generally similar.

But Jim Unbreakable’s ideology denied that basic principle.

“First, create a perfect body!”

Gerard shouted as he was beaten mercilessly.

“The reason humans take up arms is because they are weak. Because their bodies are weak, they wear armor, and since they have no claws or teeth, they pick up swords, spears, and axes to replace them. “How foolish this is!”

Even as he was hit, Reppenhardt was puzzled. No, why is it foolish for humans to use tools?

Gerrard gave the answer right away.

“It is an escape! It is a petty escape from someone who has not been able to overcome his own weakness! If you are a warrior, you must train your weak points and overcome them!”

Repenhardt was astonished and opened his mouth. In all my 50 years as a wizard, I felt like I had never encountered such a simple and ignorant way of thinking. Fortunately, the gag was on so it wasn’t noticeable. Gerard continued.

“So, first of all, we must create an unbreakable, perfectly indomitable body.”

Even though his hands were constantly swinging his club, Gerard leisurely explained the ideas of Jim Unbreakable. Since the student suffered from amnesia, he believed that repeating a familiar story would help his memory return more quickly.

Jim Unbreakable, like other schools, refused to combine physical training and technical training. The human lifespan is not long, and the level of nothingness that must be reached is high and high, so how long will it take to reach that level by doing this and that?

“It is said that in everything in the world, the person who digs only one well will ultimately succeed.”

So, first, make the body perfect. And Jim Unbreakable’s argument was that if you practice a skill with that perfect body, your body will be at its peak activation, so you can easily acquire any skill and reduce the time it takes to correct bad habits. And the first step in creating that perfect body was to turn it into steel.

“Humans are like iron. “Both iron and humans become stronger and harder the more they are struck.”

‘Why are humans like iron? ‘You’re seriously flawed from the start, you!’

Reppenhardt screamed, but Gerrard wasn’t particularly wrong. In fact, human bones become stronger the more they break, and muscles also become thicker and more durable the more they are damaged. Of course, there are limits to everything. If it were a normal person, he would be sick and lie in a coffin before then. but… … .

“You are the disciple I chose. Believe it. Your body has no limits! “It can be made of steel!”

Gerard shouted excitedly.

Not all humans can become strong through training like this. Just as only high-quality iron can be forged into steel, only a person supported by the material can transform into a body like steel. And this student possessed the perfect material that Gerard himself had only found after searching the entire continent for 30 years. He was truly a beast, with bones and muscles that easily exceeded human limits.

How happy Gerard was to discover this boy!

“Imagine it. You are an unbreakable evil. “No wind can shake you.”

‘Ah, what nonsense… … .’

“Remember the great sea within you. The sea accepts everything but does not change at all. And it flows on its own, showing ferocious power and covering the world. It is within you. Bring out the sea. Thus, obtain a body that does not change!”

‘Bar, sea… … about… … .’

At first, I was shocked and dumbfounded, but as I got hit so hard, I was so out of my wits that I couldn’t even afford to complain. Reppenhardt unconsciously associated Gerrard’s image with his words. I had no choice because doing so would relieve some of the pain.

After about three hours, with the sun rising above the top of his head, Gerrard’s clubbing ended. With a satisfied smile, Gerrard removed the rope and gag that bound Reppenhardt.

“Then rest. “Don’t get me ready.”

As soon as the rope was released, Reppenhardt fell to the floor. In the past, if he fell like this, he would have suffered a nosebleed, but since his body was still alive after being beaten so hard, he didn’t even get a scratch if he just fell to the ground. I didn’t even feel the pain.

Gerard walked toward the log cabin, leaving Leppenhardt alone. Leppenhardt sighed in relief as he looked at the back with blurry eyes.

‘He’s not dead. Even after being hit like that, he didn’t die!’

So Reppenhardt was grateful and grateful to Tethron for killing him.

‘Thank you for being strong. thank you so much! ‘Ugh!’

Reppenhardt had no idea that he would not have ended up like this if he had not had a body like this in the first place.

Gerard went into the house and took out the items he always used from the storage room. It was a huge bathtub made entirely of marble, large enough to immerse an adult in it. And he filled the bathtub with water.

As expected from a king of his time, he had an exciting method of filling water. Ordinary people would have scooped up water in a bucket and carried it to the bathtub, but for this old muscle monster, there was no need for such a cumbersome process. I just carried the whole bathtub to the pond in the back, soaked it, took it out, and it was fine. After lightly lifting the huge bathtub – which was made entirely of marble! – like a wash basin and draining the water, Gerard poured a whole drum of liquid into it and added all kinds of herbs.

And then he returned to Leffenhardt. Reppenhardt, who was watching Gerard’s actions closely, asked a question filled with fear.

“W-what is it?”

“Well. “Once you hit the metal, it needs to cool down.”

Gerard responded indifferently, holding the back of Reppenhardt’s neck and lifting it. It was again the same old ‘method of a mother cat carrying her cubs’. It seemed like this damn old man only knew how to lift people. Well, I think it would be a horror in its own way if a muscular old man carried his muscular student like he was holding a princess.

“Okay then… … .”

Gerard used Auror while holding the back of his student’s neck. The golden aura surged and soon seeped into Reppenhardt’s tattered body.

“Uh, huh?”

Reppenhardt groaned at the strange feeling. But even in his pain, he felt his body moving at an incredible speed. He knew better because he had seen similar effects with previous magic. The feeling of the body being activated, the regenerative power of the whole body being amplified, and misaligned bones, stretched ligaments, and swollen muscles returning to their original positions.

To put it simply, Gerard was currently healing and massaging his student’s entire body as an Auror. Jim Unbreakable’s unique Auror boasts of being the strongest on the continent in terms of how to use the body, and thus has this effect.

After taking care of Reppenhardt’s body with his aura for a while, Gerard stripped off his disciple’s entire body and placed a large tube in his mouth. Of course, he still doesn’t care about his student’s wishes at all. Reppenhardt was no longer in the mood to rebel, so he obediently bit down on the barrel. Well, I roughly guessed it when I poured water into the bathtub.

‘No, I can just take it off, but why bother…? … .’

But if you think about it, he’s been beaten to the point where he can’t even lift a finger, and he doesn’t even have the energy to take off his clothes. This does not mean that Gerard is doing this because he has a hobby of taking off the clothes of his young boy students.

“Okay then, I’ll see you in an hour.”

Gerrard put Reppenhardt headfirst into the bathtub and closed the lid. There was a hole in the lid the size of a pipe, so I was able to breathe somehow. Floating in the water, he looked blankly into the water.

I didn’t realize it at first, but upon closer inspection, I realized that the contents were no joke.

‘Oh my god, the healing potion, Gerel candles, Petals petals…’ … .’

Healing potions can be purchased from any wizard guild for ten silver coins per bottle the size of your fist. Filling a bathtub with that? Of course, it was a lot of water, but considering the amount of healing potion that went into it, it was truly a huge amount. Among her old stories, there is a story about a queen who bathed in milk to beautify her skin, and when the queen saw this, it seemed like she could boast of her frugality to all of her people.

Moreover, the herbs used are also expensive products. Anyway, all the expensive herbs said to be good for recovery were included. As I immerse myself in the water, I feel my wounds healing and my body recovering at an amazing speed. At the same time, I was also keenly aware of how much stronger I had become.

‘It wasn’t a completely unfounded training method… … .’

After training the muscles and bones of the whole body to the point of not dying, the whole body is quickly healed with the power of the Auror and healing mineral water. By doing this, the body regenerates and becomes stronger before bone disease occurs.

‘Well, by doing this, the boy Thesron’s body must have endured until now. In fact, at this level, even a troll would be beaten to death.’

It was worth acknowledging that there were certainly reasonable aspects to it. Of course, I never want to admit it emotionally. No, why on earth do you have to go through this to become stronger? Others can become stronger just by acting normally.

‘Perhaps Tesron has been repeating this practice for several years now?’

I immediately understood the power of Thesron, who was able to withstand his magic so well.

“Whoa… … .”

A deep sigh flowed from beyond the barrel. As the healing mineral water caresses her entire body, her pain gradually becomes lighter. Now I’ve finally come to my senses and have the time to understand the situation.

Floating in the mineral water, Reppenhardt was calmly lost in thought.

‘First of all, it is clear that this is the past… … .’

Considering Tesron’s age, it seems to date back about 30 years. There was also a hypothesis as to why he was reincarnated in Tesron’s body. At the very moment when the space-time return spell was activated, Tethron’s attack pierced through the magic, causing a surge of magical power. I guess it’s the aftermath.

‘Let’s just stay still. So what happened to me at this time?’

Repenhardt’s brow furrowed deeply.

So, is there a young Leffenhardt in this timeline? Can two identical souls exist in one space and time? According to the common sense of magic, it is impossible.

However, according to magical common sense, it is impossible to distort space and time. By the time Reppenhardt had already gone back in time, even common sense had become unreliable.

‘then… … .’

The brain of the wizard who had looked at the ultimate in the past spun rapidly.

‘I guess I can come up with two hypotheses.’

The first is that this body, which holds the soul of the future Leffenhardt, and the present boy Leffenhardt coexist. And the second… … .

‘Maybe the soul of King Thethron has entered my body right now?’

Leffenhardt was worried. Even at the peak of his magic, he couldn’t say for sure which was more likely. Anyway, both of these things are outside the common sense of magic he has learned.

‘The question is what impact this will have now.’

First, I thought about the case where there is another version of myself.

No one knows what will happen when two identical souls come into contact with each other. The identity of the soul is an immutable law that makes up the world, and in unlucky cases, there is a possibility that one of the two souls will disappear. As a wizard, Reppenhardt knew that he had to keep even the worst case scenario in mind.

However, it will be at least 10 years before the boy Reppenhardt becomes an official wizard. Looking back on the past, the person he is now was at a time when he was just studying and dying in the magic tower of Delphia.

‘At least for the time being… … I don’t think it will affect each other.’

And in the second case. What if Thethron now took over Leffenhardt’s body?

If Tesron had also been reincarnated, he would have memories of the past, and there was a high possibility that he could infer Reppenhardt’s situation from his own situation. If so, he will target himself with a fairly high probability.

‘Well, isn’t this a big problem right now?’

Tethron’s strength comes from his body, but now his body is taken over by Reppenhardt. No matter how much Tethron remembers his former state, he will not be able to return to the throne right away since the body he is based on belongs to the weak young boy Reppenhardt.

‘It will take at least a few years. No, if you see me training here, it may be impossible for the rest of my life.’

Jim Unbreakable’s training method absolutely requires the help of a teacher. This is not a method that can be performed alone.

‘No, if you are at the level of Tesron, you might be able to find a way to practice on your own even in that state.’

As I think about it, my head becomes complicated. Either way, I think we need to confirm before we can come up with a proper way to deal with it.

‘anyway… … for now… … Running away from this hell… … It’s urgent… … .’

Reppenhardt’s thoughts began to fade. As he continued to think, his body became very tired. He fell into a deep sleep without realizing it.


Exactly one hour later, Gerrard took Reppenhardt out of the bathhouse. Then he threw some dry clothes and shouted.

“Disciple! Let’s eat!”

Even after his physical body was healed, Reppenhardt was feeling a crazy hunger. So he smiled, put on his clothes and ran to Gerrard. Running away was running away, and I had to put something in my stomach right now or I wouldn’t be able to survive.

And when Reppenhardt entered the room, he was surprised again, even though he expected there would be no more surprises.

‘rice? this?’

Gerard’s cooking was generous. It was truly a man’s cooking.

All you had to do was cut a pig into small pieces, put it in a pot, roughly pour various vegetables and grains into the pot, and then boil it. Gerard said while throwing a ladle.

“Take the spoon.”

Reppenhardt was seriously conflicted as he looked at the merciless combination of liquid and ingredients in the pot that was handed out to him to eat, and the object that was questionable as to whether it was stew or not. Should I really eat this?

‘Or rather, is this just one serving?’

It wasn’t like Gerard and I were eating the contents of this huge pot together. Gerard had already set a separate table in front of him. It was a normal diet consisting of bread, soup, meat, and vegetables. The amount was only enough for 3 or 4 ordinary adults. Well, it is true that that was a huge amount, but it was still at the level of common sense. Looking at Gerrard’s size, no one would say anything about him eating that much.

In comparison, the pot placed in front of Reppenhardt was of a different order of magnitude. At this level, during the Antares Empire, it seemed like it would be enough to feed one platoon of orcs under his command. Do I really have to eat all of this? If you leave it, won’t you get beat up again like before?

‘Well, let’s eat first though…’ … .’

Although he was shocked, Reppenhardt lifted the ladle (!) without saying a word. But after eating it, it was amazingly delicious. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Gerrard’s skills are good. If the market were to multiply the word “side dish” a few hundred times, it would be possible to explain the current situation.

This was followed by Gerard’s kind explanation for his student with amnesia.

“Your body has been strained to its limit. So, we need to supplement that much.”

Leffenhardt ate his stew frantically. At first, I wondered how he would eat this by himself, but once he put the spoon to it, he kept eating it no matter how many times he ate it. He was dumbfounded by his situation, endlessly scooping up his food.

‘No, does this make sense? What is the law of mass constancy?’

Sensing that the wizard’s common sense was breaking, Reppenhardt emptied the cauldron. It literally felt like digestion was happening at the same time as eating.

Then Gerard took the pot away and spoke kindly to me.

“Okay then, let’s go for a light run to help digest the food.”

And then the afternoon training began.

The afternoon training seemed quite normal even for the wizard Reppenhardt.

First, you walk around the mountain for about an hour with a heavy iron ball attached to your entire body. This was followed by physical training that was ambiguous as to whether it was ordinary or not, such as push-ups with fingers, sit-ups with dumbbells, and sitting and standing while carrying a rock. Although the intensity was ignorant, it was still an understandable practice, so this time Reppenhardt also quietly followed what he was told.

Of course, I felt like I was going to lose my mind several times during that time. However, even though my arms and legs were shaking, my energy immediately rose with Gerrard’s words.

“hmm? Is it difficult, disciple? Should I just continue my morning training?”


It was a hundred times better to lift a rock than to be beaten to death. Reppenhardt’s motivation soared.

☆ ☆ ☆

The sun sets, and the tiring day is finally over. After picking up the exhausted Reppenhardt and throwing him into the room, Gerrard said good night with a happy face.

“Thank you for your hard work today, disciple. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Oh, good night… … Master… … .”

“Are you coming, are you coming… … .”

Reppenhardt looked blankly at Gerrard, who closed the door with a happy face. It was a very warm expression. His eyes were full of affection for his student.

‘If you look at that, he’s definitely not a bad person… … .’

But no matter how good a person is, what can he do? The thoughts stuck in my head are nothing short of vicious!

‘Run away now! ‘I’m running away at all costs tonight!’

For now, Reppenhardt calmly lay down on the bed. And I just waited for the light in Gerard’s room to turn off. His exhausted body desperately demanded sleep, but he endured it again and again with his formidable mental strength. He was a wizard, a race whose mental strength was unrivaled.

The light in Gerard’s room quickly went out. But Reppenhardt did not move right away.

‘You can’t move carelessly before you fall into a deep sleep.’

After trying to keep his eyelids closed for about an hour, he finally moved. He carefully opened the window with his tiptoes and carefully walked through the yard until he could not see the building at all. It was unknown how excellent Gerrard’s senses were, so he could never make a rash move.

And finally, at the point where we got over a hill.

‘Let’s run!’

Reppenhardt ran furiously toward the foot of the mountain. Thanks to his well-trained body, once he started running despite being overworked, his speed quickly increased. He ran frantically down the mountain path at a speed that would make any mountain animal cry.

Even if that seemingly ignorant practice was actually reasonable, it had no meaning to him. He has no intention of becoming an unmanned person anyway. The most powerful magic of the time is contained in his head. He has to become the ultimate mage of the 10th circle once again and rebuild the Antares Empire. Is this the time for him to build up his muscles?

How long did he run? A light of joy that could not be hidden appeared on Reppenhardt’s face as he ran frantically.

‘ah! Freedom! ‘I’m finally out!’

Just when the feeling of relief was finally overwhelming!

“Disciple, where are you going?”

In front of the road, a large old man was sitting on a rock, smiling.


Such a monstrous old man! When on earth did you get here before? Gerard smiled as he looked at Reppenhardt, who was screaming internally.

“He didn’t run away for a month or two, but he ended up going. Is this the ninth time? “If I run away just one more time, I can fill two seats.”

He seemed not at all surprised when his student ran away. From the beginning, it seemed like Tethron also ran away often. Reppenhardt’s shoulders slumped.

“after… … .”

I guess it won’t work. It can’t go on like this. Reppenhardt pondered for a moment and then raised his head.

“Look, old man. “I have something serious to say.”

Gerard responded calmly.

“Try it.”

“I am not actually a boy named Thesron. My name is Leppenhardt. “He is anything but a wizard.”

Then Reppenhardt told his story seriously. About how he came to be in this boy’s body.

This is a story that should never be revealed. But Reppenhardt, who had already tasted hell, couldn’t think much of it. All he could think about now was getting out of here.

“… … This is what happened. So I can’t be your disciple… … .”

After finishing the story, Reppenhardt swallowed his saliva while looking at Gerrard. Would the old man really believe this story? And if he believes it, how will the old man accept the existence of an evil wizard who stole his disciple’s soul?

But surprisingly, Tesron was not surprised at all this time. He just narrowed his eyes and chuckled.

“Oh, is that the setting this time?”


“Before, they said I was an alien from some other world. So he entered that body. “I heard I met a dragon and a god.”


“And what was it before that? He was a master who was active in the legendary Eastern Continent, but he also said he was reincarnated here, I guess?”

Then, in one step, he went behind Reppenhardt and suddenly grabbed him by the back of his neck and lifted him up. Even though the 2.5 meter tall figure was moving, I couldn’t even see it. It was truly a fearsome movement worthy of a powerful king of the time.

“But this time the setting is a bit more detailed. It has increased a lot. “It would be nice to be a minstrel as a hobby, disciple.”

Left in the air, Reppenhardt was frustrated. Even this is useless! Gerard was constantly choking. It seemed that Tethron had already gritted his teeth and told many similar lies.

“Now, let’s go back and sleep. “You need to sleep well so you can survive tomorrow’s training!”

The expression on the old man’s face as he walked away with his student in a pompous manner did not show the slightest suspicion that Reppenhardt might not be the real Tethron. And actually, it was a story that didn’t really matter to Gerrard. In the first place, all he wanted was a strong body that could withstand Jim Unbreakable’s training methods. It doesn’t really matter what the contents are!

‘Holy shit!’

Realizing that fact, Leffenhardt despaired. I couldn’t see any way out of this hell. The whole world was dark. Of course it’s the middle of the night.

Leppenhardt changed his mind as he returned to hell, hanging languidly. Although it was only a one-day meeting, I was able to truly realize it. No words make sense to this old man named Gerard. That words don’t accomplish anything.

As he quietly returned to the log cabin, Reppenhardt gritted his teeth and promised again and again.

‘I failed today, but I will definitely escape tomorrow!’

Yes, today’s jailbreak(?) failed. I’ll admit it. But don’t think you’ll be stuck here forever. Even though he was thrown to bed, Reppenhardt did not give up his escape. Even in his past life, he was a man who never gave up. He didn’t know how to give up so much that he was called the devil. But I can’t just give up like this!

And the next day. The morning of hell has dawned again.


The boy’s scream echoed mournfully above the clear mountain sky again today.

☆ ☆ ☆

Leffenhardt’s daily routine was simple.

When I wake up in the morning, I first eat rice. On the first day of his reincarnation, Gerard starved himself and started training as a punishment because Reppenhardt’s attitude was very strange, but once Reppenhardt became obedient, he took care of his disciple’s body faithfully.

Originally, in Jim Unbreakable’s training method, eating was also an important part of the training. High in protein, high in calories, and rich in various nutrients, the meals here were nutritionally perfect. The problem is that no consideration was given to taste.

After eating breakfast, where I can’t tell whether it’s rice, pork porridge, or the water that a cow spit out while chewing its cud, I start getting hit right away. It’s literally like death. And then, after putting the healing potion and herbal cocktail in the bathtub like he was dead, he eats lunch like crazy again. This is the end of the morning training.

And in the afternoon, intense muscle training is followed by a leisurely dinner. The evening training time was the same as the morning. His daily routine was to beat himself to death, take a bath, and then collapse at night.

Beating to death, eating to death, holding to death and sleeping as if dead.

It was a time of unimaginable hardship for Repenhardt, who lived as a wizard. Naturally, Repenhardt tried to escape whenever he had the chance. He would rather be called the Demon King. He couldn’t continue to live in this harsh hell.

But it was no use at all. That guy, Master, would find out about Reppenhardt no matter what he did and block his escape. And this is what they said.

“Disciple, this is something I also did when I was training under Master. I’ve done it all before, so why don’t I know how you feel? But if you endure just a little longer, everything will be rewarded.”

In fact, Jim Unbreakable had the know-how on ‘preemptive blocking when a disciple attempts to escape’ accumulated over 130 years. Since he is a great martial arts master among his past students, none of whom have cheated or run away, he has tried something different at least once. 130 years worth of know-how was steadily reflected in the disciple education method manual, so whatever Reppenhardt did was bound to be blocked.

Two months later.

Reppenhardt, a man who was called the devil because he did not know how to give up, eventually gave up the idea of ​​running away. Gerrard’s surveillance network was persistent enough to make him abandon the beliefs he had built up throughout his life. Moreover, even if he was lucky enough to run away, it was obvious that if he was that human, he would chase him to the end of the continent. Anyway, I’m going to get caught and go back… … .

‘It would be better to get official permission before descending.’

Fortunately, he remembered what state Tethron had reached in the future. He also confirmed that the future Tethron is definitely alive. In other words, this body can definitely endure this absurd training method and survive. It’s not just about surviving, it’s about reaching the highest level of martial arts and becoming the strongest martial artist of the time.

If you think about it, it was definitely not a loss-making business. I know that I will definitely reach a certain level in the future, but isn’t there something that I can’t bear to suffer this much? Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on becoming a wizard… … .

‘Wouldn’t it be better to have a healthy, muscular wizard rather than a sick one?’

After changing his mind, Leffenhardt decided to take Gerrard’s teachings seriously. Well, actually, he was serious and wasn’t even asleep. All I can do is close my eyes, grit my teeth, and beat myself to death.

‘Besides, that old man isn’t actually a bad person.’

Another reason why Leffenhardt changed his mind was because of Gerrard’s attitude towards him.

Gerard truly and truly cared for and loved his student. He was truly educating Reppenhardt with all his heart. Although he was ignorant of his training methods, his eyes were always full of affection and concern for his students.

That devoted affection was the first time Leffenhardt had ever received it.

If you are a wizard, you will teach your apprentice a trick of magic and be extremely condescending. In order to learn the most basic 1st circle spells, a wizard must live like a slave and only take care of their teacher for at least 3 years.

In contrast, Gerard even listens to his student’s help. You cook your own food (I don’t know if you can describe it as cooking), you clean your own food (Gerard’s opinion was that if you still have the energy to clean, you’d rather get hit with one more stick and lift one more rock), and there’s no tuition fee. . It seems like it would cost an astronomical amount of money just to pay for the food and the bath water, and he is generously using his personal funds to educate Reppenhardt.

It was so strange that I even asked Gerard outright. What on earth did you expect from me that you would do this to yourself?

Gerard answered with an expression as if asking such a ridiculous question.

“Masters are parents. “Then isn’t it natural for him to do everything for his disciple who is like his child?”

This was unthinkable for a wizard who was in a relationship between a master and an apprentice. For Reppenhardt, who grew up as an orphan without his parents and spent his childhood under a wizard, this affection was both burdensome and strangely good at the same time. So later, even when he tried to run away, he remembered Gerard’s eyes and expression and gave up on his own.

Well, actually, Gerrard had a reason too. He finally found his successor after 30 years. This guy, Unbreakable, was so ignorant of training methods that in the early days of Mumun, the number of students beaten to death exceeded double digits. So, it was natural for him to cherish the disciple he had barely obtained. It was Leppenhardt’s sadness that the pampering was excessive violence, but Gerard was seriously loving his student anyway. There was no doubt about that.

Two years passed in this ‘hell overflowing with love’.

☆ ☆ ☆

Even today, Reppenhardt was tied to a stake and beaten. He slowly shed his boyish appearance, and his body was also on a completely different level than it was two years ago. Now, even though he was hit like a bamboo, he felt cool. He didn’t even need to be gagged anymore. His jaw strength had been trained to the point where he could chew through any gag.

Of course, that did not mean that the current beating training was not painful. Because now Gerard was beating his student with a steel mace instead of a bamboo.

“Ugh, ugh! Ugh!”

Clenching his teeth, Reppenhardt worked hard to conjure up an image. An image of the ocean that strengthens the body, and a unique breathing method. If you practice this constantly while getting hit, the pain will at least be reduced.

It was a time when I was constantly being beaten like that.

Suddenly, a strange feeling that I had never experienced before arose throughout my body.


A strong energy surges from my lower abdomen and immediately flows through my extremities. The energy fills my whole body and I feel incredible strength. Leffenhardt twisted his body without realizing it.


The thick chains that were binding him (the ropes were already no longer able to withstand Reppenhardt’s ignorant strength) were shattered, and both arms were free. Reppenhardt looked at his arms with a blank expression on his face. A faint golden aura hovered over his strong muscles.

“What the hell is this?”


Gerard laughed cheerfully. And he did not hide his joy as he patted Reppenhardt on the shoulder.

“Congratulations, disciple. “You have finally awakened your Auror.”

Life energy, aura.

A warrior who has reached this level can feel the energy of the world, absorb that power into his body, and turn it into his own power. A body strengthened with this power, otherwise known as aura, has superhuman strength that can break rocks and jump over castle walls. Additionally, depending on the use of the aura, it is possible to display magic-like power, such as regenerating the body or shooting the aura itself to inflict a long-distance attack.

The continent is large and there are countless martial arts people with a will to do nothing, but among them, only one in ten thousand can reach the level of controlling Aurors.

Even with the most basic use of auras, such as simply using auras to strengthen one’s body, one could be treated as a knight commander in a fairly small country. That’s how precious and powerful an Auror user is.

‘My God, is this the Aura energy I’ve only heard about?’

Leffenhardt himself couldn’t believe it and looked at his entire body over and over again. He heard that even the Sword Saint Cyrus only awakened his Auror in his late 20s. It was said to be unprecedented progress on the continent and was praised as a genius. But Leffenhardt, who is not yet 20 years old, awakens an Auror?

But Gerrard seemed to take it for granted.

“Why are you so surprised? This is natural for our Jim Unbreakable training method. “I was already thinking that the time had come.”

Well, if the effect wasn’t this good, there would be no reason to use such an ignorant training method. While he was nodding his head in understanding, Gerard suddenly struck Reppenhardt in the abdomen with the steel mace he was holding.


Reppenhardt just watched blankly as a destructive force that could crush a rock pounded his abs. I’m sure something came and hit me… … .

Gerard grinned.

“How do you feel? “It doesn’t hurt this much anymore, right?”

“Yes, Master… … .”

Repenhardt responded in a dazed voice.

‘Wow, the hard work has been worth it.’

The hardships I had endured so far flashed through my mind like a flash of light. I even thought that it would be worth going through that terrible hell if I could get this kind of reward. He said that he would be grateful to his master later when he reached a certain level, but it really seemed like Gerard wasn’t just saying empty words.

Gerard shrugged his shoulders proudly.

“By hitting the whole body, you train your body and at the same time continue to stimulate your survival instinct. A strong will to live increases one’s vitality, and this increased power is eventually expressed as an auror. Although the process is painful, there is no more efficient way to awaken Aurors on the continent than this! How do you feel, disciple? Do you now understand the excellence of this cultivation method?”

Gerard threw the steel mace to the floor. There was no need for this anymore.

“It’s almost time to end my batting training.”

The painful days are finally over! Leffenhardt smiled with joy. I was happy that I had awakened my Auror, but I was even happier that I wouldn’t have to get beaten again.

Gerard grinned.

“Now let’s move on to the next step. “I need to practice my skills.”

Ah, now I guess I’ll learn some normal martial arts. If so, you will be able to come down soon, right? During these two years, he did nothing but build muscle and get fit. He never learned to punch or kick properly.

Repenhardt asked, burning with enthusiasm.

“What is technical training, Master?”

Gerard grinned and raised his fist.

“Free sparring with me.”

“… … .”

Reppenhardt, speechless, looked up at his master’s fist. The two fists, reminiscent of dwarven steel hammers, were brimming with dazzling golden aura. It was very shiny, and its color seemed different from Repenhardt’s faint aura.

‘How much will it hurt if I get hit with that?’

Leffenhardt was soon able to feel the answer for himself.


Reppenhardt was frustrated as he felt Gerrard’s ‘hawk of love’ frantically digging into his vital areas.

‘Hell full of love’ was not over. It was just the beginning.


Deep rugged terrain in the Rakid Mountains, southern Basil’s Kingdom.

A waterfall falls down a huge, as if carved cliff, and Yongso Lake is created underneath, making a loud sound of water. In a vacant lot next to the water where noise and spray mingled, a sturdy young man was punching the air.


With a simple cheer, the fist tears through the air. Then comes the repeated hits. The consecutive strikes were so fast that an afterimage remained, and the movements were also perfect. If he had been his opponent, he would have been frustrated to see the young man’s fists occupying every corner of him.

Next, basic movements such as kicking, round kicking, and jiregi continued. The young man’s limbs teased the air as he continued to take steps. The movements became increasingly complex. All the exquisite techniques that any martial artist would admire were incorporated into the mysterious movements of raising, reaping, kicking, and sweeping down.

Fists and kicks split the air, and the wind pressure alone creates a whirlwind. The sound of the loud wind fills the vacant lot.


The young man who had invested so much time in shadow training (a practice practiced by imagining an imaginary enemy in the air) eventually stopped moving. He stood in place, clenched his fists and turned his head towards the cliff. A dazzling golden aura began to flow from his fist.



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