The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 17

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Chapter 16 Soul Brothers


Karuga, the one blessed with a fighting spirit.

This is a unique orc expression referring to a warrior who has awakened Auror.

Spirit Weapon: Orcs who have reached the level of drawing out the soul of a weapon receive the title of warrior. And among those warriors, the one who was outstandingly superior and had awakened Aura was called the warrior Karuga and reigned over the warriors.

In ancient times, there was a title called Taikaruga, a great warrior who was recognized by all warriors and ruled over the entire Orc tribe, but in today’s era, when most of each tribe barely maintains its existence in remote areas, it is nothing more than a legend. In other words, the title of fighter is an expression that refers to the greatest warrior among the Orcs of the current era.

Stala Langar Beta.

She was one of only two people in the Blue Bear tribe to hold the title of fighter. She was the strongest warrior who was respected and admired by all orcs.

She calls humans fighters now? The orc warriors all looked at Russ with awe and began to murmur.


“Karuga Klta Chaser!”

Although he couldn’t understand the Orc language, Russ could tell just by the atmosphere that the Orcs were showing him a great deal of respect. Russ smiled bitterly. He knows he’s not exactly a humble person, but… … .

‘No, if you’re as surprised as I am, what are you going to do when you see your brother later?’

Stella raises her hood and walks out into the clearing. Looking at her exposed face, Russ was taken aback for a moment.

‘Uh, was it a woman?’

Because the intimidation was so great, it was a bit of a shock to Russ, who naturally thought that Stella was a man. Although he traveled with Siris and Tila and acknowledged their skills, since he was a knight, he inevitably felt that women were weak beings that needed to be protected.

‘Should I swing my sword at a woman?’

It was when Russ, embarrassed, reluctantly drew his sword. Stala came close to her and threw off her cloak!


Stella’s whole body was clearly revealed under the sunlight of the wilderness. And Russ was momentarily confused.

‘… … female?’

Something was strange.

no. Obviously, she is a girl… … Those sturdy biceps, triceps, and quads really give people the creeps. No, it’s normal for her to lose all of her body fat since she was born, but how can that orc woman have such voluptuous breasts even though she has clear six-pack abs on her stomach? Other orcs also glanced at it, wondering if it was a characteristic of the orc race, but judging from the occasional bulging abdomen seen among the warriors, it appears that this is not necessarily the case.

Starla took out her favorite bottle towards Russ, who was shocked.

Her weapons were two daggers about 40 centimeters long. Most Orcs have a custom that says, ‘The bigger the weapon, the more beautiful it is!’, but she was unique in that she used a single weapon.

After taking a stance holding two daggers, Stella shouted in the common language.

“Mother of the Blue Bear Clan, Fighter Stella! “I fight with you!”

☆ ☆ ☆


With a roar, Russ’ long sword was covered in blue light. The purest light of destruction, the Blade Auror, appeared in its splendid form over the wilderness.

Stella’s dual daggers also emitted blade aura. A blue-purple aura surrounds the blade of the dagger and glows dazzlingly.

Buzz buzz buzz!

Speculation began to bloom and heat the air between Russ and Stella. A current of speculation tears through the air, creating a faint noise. Russ’ eyes softened. She just holds her stance and glares at each other… … .


The energy felt from Stella was nothing short of amazing. A terrifying force flows silently and entangles his entire body. As if you were submerged in cold ice water, your entire body continues to sound a danger alarm. Since the other person was a woman, the thought of Orkney no longer lingered in my mind.

The orc woman in front of me was the first powerful woman I had seen since Reppenhardt! The energy is even stronger than that of the Dwarf Auror users in Grand Forge!

‘We can’t lose momentum any further!’

The tip of Russ’ sword shakes slightly. Stella’s two daggers vibrate slightly.


With great enthusiasm, Russ took the lead. He swung his sword for a long distance, covering a distance of 4 meters. The blue aura stretched like a whip and struck Stella’s legs.


Stella burst out laughing and kicked the ground.


A loud bang sounded and dust rose up like an explosion from the Bachchan area. Stella kicked the ground with her incredible leg strength and flew right in front of Russ.

Two daggers imbued with a blue-purple aura dazzle Russ’s vision. Drawing a complicated trajectory, Stella instantly stabbed Russ’ vital points throughout his body. Instead of counterattacking her, Russ twisted her body to avoid her fatal wound and instead plunged his sword into Starla’s chest. Rather than trying to block out those numerous attacks one by one, it would be better to strike them with a sharp blow and force them to retreat. Is offense the best defense?

“oh? “You are clever!”

Ignoring an incoming attack and counterattacking is difficult to do unless you are a very experienced warrior. In admiration, Stella quickly withdrew the attack and crossed his daggers to protect his chest. A blue blade aura and two blue-purple auras intersected in the air, creating powerful ripples.


The ripples caused by the thundering sound spread in all directions, digging into the ground and heating up the air. The blades clashed one after another, sending out waves of waves. The remnants of intense destruction began to diligently plow the bare wilderness.



Stella and Russ fought fiercely, exchanging dozens of sword strikes. In terms of skill and auror power, Starla was clearly superior. But she was a Russ whose talent had no rival under heaven. Russ made up for his lack of experience and skills with only his instincts, and surprisingly achieved the feat of equaling Stella’s level.

The admiration on the face of the opponent, Stella, grew deeper and deeper.

‘It’s really amazing. ‘How can they make an attack like that over there?’

Russ’ sword was difficult to deal with. I turned my back, but suddenly a sword flew from the left, and it was clearly a slash, but I could feel it in my side.

It was the ‘Russ characteristic free attack’. Free sword strikes that did not follow the theory of martial arts continued to hit her outside of her expected range, and although she maintained her victory, she was unable to deliver the final blow.

Anyway, it was an exciting fight. This is the first time since I received the blessing of fighting spirit that I have met someone who touches me this much. Starla, in her excitement, opened her mouth and spewed out her praises to her Russ.

“What talent you have, young man! “But you still lack experience!”

It wasn’t until I was talking that it occurred to me that the other person didn’t know Orcish. Stella dodged the attack and shouted again in the common language.

“You’re great! But I’m old!”

Having said that, something didn’t seem right. Stella sighed inwardly.

‘Ugh, I didn’t mean to say that.’

Can not help it. No matter how wise Stella is, an orc is an orc. No matter how much the wise man’s language fills his mind, the orc’s tongue and vocal cords can only produce a simple common language.

“What are you talking about?”

As expected, Russ is just confused. With her wry smile, Stalla continued her words.

“It’s a compliment!”

“… … ?”

“done! “Let’s just fight!”


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Stella’s dagger danced splendidly. Russ’s long sword also moves in a smooth trajectory accordingly. A splendid dance of swords and swords holding hands, and the two harmonized to the fullest as they danced their swords in the dance hall of this wilderness.

How crazy was the fight? Both of them began to feel that things couldn’t go on like this. Although they exchanged sword strikes countless times, they were unable to actually hurt each other. The only wilderness was plowed with excitement like a barley field in spring.

‘I guess I’ll have to get some money to use it, right?’

Suddenly, Stella threw the daggers in both hands into the air. And she screamed.

“Setea! Landat!”

Calling out her lover’s name, she awakened Dagger’s spirit. The blue-purple aura turned pure purple and stood tall in the air above her.

In that state, Stella opened her palms and took the form of a capital.


The Auror’s blade rose from both hands and stretched out. She grinned viciously, baring her teeth.

“Let’s go, my sister!”

Purple daggers flew through the air like arrows to the left and right of Russ.

☆ ☆ ☆

Two daggers filled with an eerie energy flew from left and right. You can feel its destructive energy without having to see it with your eyes. Russ adjusted her grip on her sword and her expression hardened.

‘That’s what you said.’

Although this was a method I had already seen through Siris and Tila, I was still embarrassed when I encountered it in person.

Since becoming an Auror user, he has been able to figure out most things just by looking at them. I can’t imitate the dwarves’ method, Earth Resonance, because my body is different, but the method itself has been figured out for a long time.

But I have no idea how that method works!

‘Well… … .’

Russ made a bitter expression. In fact, floating a sword in the air and moving it freely is not that difficult for an Auror user. It’s a matter of putting an aura on the sword and then moving it with willpower.

The problem was that even then, there was no use for it. If you’re so preoccupied with controlling a sword floating in the air, will the only thing you get hit with is a stab? If you need a long-range attack, just fire an aura. There is absolutely no need to throw a knife.

But that wasn’t the method. Russ, an Auror user, knew for sure. There was no energy connected between Stella and the dagger right now.

Stella is not controlling it. The daggers are really flying around by themselves. Of course, there will be nothing to get distracted by.

‘As expected, as you said, it has nothing to do with Aurors?’

Russ widened his eyes as he expanded his Auror domain and grasped the movements of the daggers. Reppenhardt’s explanation from before came to mind.

-The Orcs’ vision, Spirit Weapon, is said to be a method of communicating with the sword and awakening its spirit. Well, that’s what they believe, although the actual research I did was a bit different.

While Tila was fighting, Reppenhardt took the time to tell Russ as much as he knew about the orcs’ vision. We can’t make the mistake we made at Siris again. The situation was urgent, so I sent Tilaya away, but Russ, who was next, had quite a bit of time.

Contrary to the beliefs of the Orcs, weapons that are merely tools cannot really have souls. However, when the Orc warriors activate the Spirit Weapon, the weapon moves on its own as if it were alive. There is no way that Reppenhardt, a wizard, would not have studied this irrational phenomenon. When he was the emperor of the Antares Empire, he studied Tashid and other orc warriors and had a great understanding of their vision.

-It’s not exactly the soul of the sword, but the orc warrior’s own thoughts reside in the weapon he has used for a long time. By projecting your consciousness for a long period of time, you leave a residual thought, and that thought power turns the weapon into a kind of counterintelligence body. If we compare it to magic, should we call it artificial intelligence? Well, compared to that of a wizard, it is quite simple.

When a rational being is accompanied by strong emotions or consciousness, it leaves a trace in the flow of the world. That is residual thought.

-Orcs are famous for being simple among the races in the world, and the more simple they are, the more intense their thoughts are. Their act of pampering their weapons soon became an act of putting residual thoughts into the weapons, and the result was the Spirit Weapon. By applying that ability, it is possible to project one’s thoughts and tame animals. That’s why orcs can tame fierce beasts like direwolves.

The true racial trait of the Orcs is not simply making their weapons fly. It is the ability to allow one’s thoughts embedded in other objects to directly affect reality.

After research, Reppenhardt realized the true power of the orcs and was thrilled. In other words, it meant that Orcs could move objects or mind control others with just their thoughts, as long as they properly understood what they were doing.

So, during the time of the Antares Empire, Reppenhardt once gathered his orcs and taught them his theories and trained them to consciously activate their power of thought. If done well, I expect that great weapons will be given to the Orcs.

But the result was a huge failure.

The orcs’ thoughts clearly had physical power, but their power was too minimal. Only by concentrating one’s mind correctly for a long period of time was it possible for that power of thought to have an impact on the present world.

In other words, only when you concentrate your thinking power until it takes the form of residual thoughts will physical results come out. And unless it is an affection bordering on obsession or something truly precious, no residual thoughts remain. After realizing this, I was disappointed and eventually had to give up on the experiment.

In any case, it was impossible to tell Russ about his past life, so Leppenhardt left that part out and only explained the practical parts.

-The stronger the power of thought in a weapon, the more the weapon moves as if it has real life. If you become an Auror user, you can almost think of him as an alter ego. The more information you have contained in your residual thoughts, the more your skills and experience remain.

Russ clicked his tongue as he felt the movement of the flying dagger.

‘Indeed, the level of movement is different from the Orcs from before.’

The two daggers imbued with aura were dancing in the air, cleverly aiming for Russ’s weak spot. Each of her attacks was incredibly accurate and delicate. Even though it was the same dual sword, it was a world away from the one Zalkato showed. It really felt like there were two more invisible Stellas joining forces.

‘Ah, that’s really tricky.’

Grinding his teeth, Russ continued to dodge attacks. He didn’t have the strength to fight back. Stella, who threw the dagger, also did not stand still. His hands were filled with aura and he continued to swing his powerful sword, which alone caused the ground to crack and the atmosphere to tremble.


The dagger and Stella simultaneously stretched out three long blade auras. At an angle that was impossible to avoid, Russ instead of defending himself this time, instead stabbed his sword in for a long time.


As before, instead of blocking each attack, the method was to force the opponent to retreat by striking them with a sword. As expected, Stala also withdrew his attack and crossed the capital, taking up a defensive posture and increasing the distance. But the result was different from before.

Stella stepped back, but her daggers, Setea and Landat, did not.


A flash of light flashed past Russ’ shoulder, accompanied by an eerie noise. Russ let out a moan and stretched out her right arm.

Pop! Fight!

Red blood was flowing down his right arm. He turned his body as much as possible and was able to avoid Setea’s attack to the left, but he also did not have time to dodge Landat’s auror, the right dagger. Fortunately, it wasn’t cut, but his arm couldn’t move because the tendon was damaged.

“Ugh… … .”

Starla let out a loud cry as she saw Russ suppressing the pain while holding the sword with only his left hand.

“It’s my victory!”

Russ’ eyes wavered.

It has been a long time since I acknowledged that my opponent’s skills are superior to my own. Experience, skill, and the power of Auror. In all respects, Russ is not yet a match for Stella. However, it was still disappointing to admit his defeat like this.

He hasn’t shown everything yet!

Suddenly Russ raised his eyes and shouted.

“Not yet!”


The ground beneath Russ’ feet exploded. The force of his body being thrown was so strong that the ground caved in. Russ rushed forward and raised the long sword held in his left hand above his head. He closed the distance in one go and jumped on top of Stala’s head, gritting his teeth.

‘I’m not yet proficient enough to use it in actual combat… … .’

A sudden realization came to me at Grand Forge, and I did my best to sort it out by cutting myself off from the outside world for a week. And thanks to that, I was able to get one small thing.

The fact that the opponent was an orc had no meaning anymore. Stella was clearly a great swordsman he could respect. He wanted to show something to that prosecutor.

Russ cried out inwardly as he slashed his sword.

‘Please succeed!’

A loud shout broke out.

“Phantom Divide!”

The flower of the blade was in full bloom. Dozens of slashes filled Stella’s field of vision and began to fly in with terrifying force.

☆ ☆ ☆

A storm of blades fills the field of vision. Blue auras pour in from all directions in dozens of slashes.

But Stella was puzzled.


It may seem like an incredibly flashy technique, but in the end it just involves a lot of cutting. Only ordinary warriors would be able to use such dizzying illusions, but she was an Auror. It is possible to clearly identify which of those countless slashes is the real one.

‘There are only three things I can feel. The rest is a trick.’

If you attack an Auror like that, the result will be nothing but flying limbs and rolling around on the floor. Since the other person is also an Auror user, there is no way he wouldn’t know that fact, right?

It seemed like he was attempting a final attack that disregarded life and death by exploding his last strength. If a human had seen it, they would have condemned it as a foolish act of suicide, but… … .

“Young bachelors can get away with it!”

The orc, Stella, actually liked it.

‘Well, does a guy who has ever held a sword have to worry about one or two arms and legs to use it?’

Satisfied, Stella rushed forward and jumped into the storm of blades. Ignoring most of her slashes as mere tricks, she parried the real attack with her Auror-infused capital. Her daggers also blocked the remaining two sword strikes in the air.


Auror and Auror collided and an explosion rang out. After blocking all of Russ’ attacks, Stella stretched out a long blade auror with her remaining hand. His target was the thigh, an area that would not kill the opponent but could definitely injure him and decide the winner.

The car was about to swing the Auror’s capital.


There was a flash of light, and for a moment I felt a sharp pain in my side. Before she knew it, Russ’s long sword, which was obviously blocked by her own capital, was located to her left and cut her down.


With a groan, Stella quickly stepped back. And he lifted his head in surprise. I’m sure I didn’t feel any presence in this direction?

“No, what is this?”

“Oh, if you apply Aura, you can do things like that.”

Reppenhardt, who was watching, muttered with a slightly surprised expression. As a fellow Auror user, he was able to immediately figure out what Russ was doing.

The same was true for Stella. She nodded, pulling out her Aura to stop the bleeding in her side.

“Is it a technology that separates presence and reality?”

Now, Russ mixed the auror and the real sword, disguised himself as an auror, hid his true identity, and delivered a slash.

Stella was truly impressed by the exquisite Auror operation method. Something like that wasn’t something that could be done with effort. This is a technique that can only be achieved if you are born with good sense. In fact, it was a method that even Repenhardt and Stallard could not imitate, even if they recognized it.

But Russ actually didn’t look very happy. He was holding a sword and making a nervous expression.

“Tch, is it a failure…? … .”

The orcs who were watching looked puzzled. I don’t know what constitutes failure after giving it a good meal. But Stella had an expression of understanding.

“It was a pretty useful attack, but it won’t work twice.”

With just one look, Stella was able to recognize the weakness of Russ’s method. Although he couldn’t copy the technique, it wasn’t that difficult to destroy it. It’s a matter of just ignoring the presence and focusing your senses on the physical vibration of the air that separates the substance.

In other words, as long as Russ’s latest attack fails to inflict fatal wounds on Stella, that method is no longer useful. I also understand why Russ called it a failure.

“Now then, let me teach the young man a lesson!”

Taking a stance, Stella threw herself in triumph. Then, she linked up with her dagger and unleashed her blade aura. Russ also took up his sword again and began a counterattack.

“Phantom Divide!”

Once again, countless slashes fall like rain. However, this time, Stalra and the two daggers imbued with her thoughts ignored the presence, recognized the vibrations in the air, and launched a counterattack. The dazzling Blade Auror slashes through her illusions one after another and sharply stabs her sword towards Russ’s true form!


At that moment, Russ burst into spirit and slashed his sword diagonally. An illusion of a sword was aiming for her thigh, but she ignored it. It’s just a sign.

Stella smiled in remorse as she recognized the real slash aimed at her neck. This is definitely real! The air flow proves it!


It was the moment when he was about to confidently block the sword with his capital while shouting. Suddenly, Russ’ long sword moved just one meter down and cut into her thigh!


Stella frowned and stepped back. Russ clicked her tongue. She was too shallow. Since she only cut off her skin at most, she would have little effect on her fighting power.

However, Stella looked more shocked than the injuries she suffered.

I got cut again.

This time, too, I was cut at the sight.

no. To be precise, the physical and phantom attacks suddenly changed positions as if they had moved in space. Russ muttered in joy, even though he was out of breath as if he was going to collapse at any moment.

“Seo, it worked!”

The orcs’ expressions became even more strange. She said earlier that she failed after properly stabbing, but this time, she just grazed and succeeded, and she likes it.

‘Why on earth is it like that?’

On the other hand, Stala, who had the insight to recognize Russ’s methods, was stuttering with a shocked expression on his face.

“Awesome… … do… … “What is this?”

“Hey… … .”

Repenhardt exclaimed in admiration as he looked at Russ and Stella in turn.

What Russ did just now was completely unrecognizable to him. That was completely different from the martial arts he had practiced and learned, so even though Reppenhardt was a stronger Auror than Russ, it was not a recognizable technique.

However, I could guess what he had done.

Contrary to Stella’s illusion, Russ did not call it a failure because he could not inflict fatal wounds on his opponent. Indeed, the first Phantom Divide ‘failed’ to cast the skill. The utility of separating appearance and substance is merely a by-product of failed technology.

The successful Phantom Divide was not simply a technology of that level.

‘Have you already got a feel for the empty sword? A true genius is a genius.’

What Russ did now could be said to be the beginning of the season of the sword saint Cyrus, who had tormented Tashid so much in his past life, the sword of empty space.

The strongest swordsman, Sword Saint Cyrus, who broke away from all martial arts on the continent and created his own swordsmanship.

He was able to move through his black space. Of course, it was a technique that was only possible in a narrow range of only a few meters around the user, but even so, the feat was enough to astonish all warriors and magicians.

The three major elements that are impossible with any modern magic.

Time, matter, and space.

He honed his Auror skills to the limit and eventually succeeded in breaking the laws of the world with a single sword.

How that was possible, not even the Archmage Reppenhardt or even Cyrus himself knew. It was just a sensory aspect and not a technology that could be implemented theoretically. Thanks to this, many of Cyrus’ disciples gave up without even being able to master the empty sword, let alone practice it.

‘It feels really strange to see that again.’

Leffenhardt looked bitter and scratched his cheek. He had already seen how much Tashid had suffered because of that empty sword in his previous life. The blade jumps through space and cuts, but there is no way to avoid or block it. If it weren’t for the strong body of an orc, he would have died several times.

‘Nevertheless, that guy Tashid was eventually stopped.’

Tashid’s response to that tactic was truly Orc-like.

‘I just guessed it with persimmon, I guess?’

Since the empty sword itself appears suddenly, there is absolutely no way to predict it. However, Cyrus, who swings the sword, is clearly human.

What Tashid did was not a sword, but a way to anticipate and block the thoughts of Cyrus wielding it. To put it nicely, it’s a prediction, but the truth is, ‘I have an instinctive sense of how my opponent will react because I deal with him so often.’

Anyway, looking at what he’s doing now, it seems like Russ already had a clue about the path he should take at such a young age.

‘After being stuck in Grand Forge for a few days, it looks like they finally got it out.’

Touching his chin, Reppenhardt lost his thoughts. Now that Russ has shown himself like that, Stala will now do his best. Reppenhardt looked at the two people in the clearing. A tense atmosphere was slowly rising above the wilderness sky.

Stella was looking at Russ with a frown. It was clearly felt that the opponent’s physical strength and the amount of aurors had dropped significantly. As expected, it seemed like he had used up a lot of his strength with that technique just now. She looks even more exhausted than when she hit her right arm.

‘I guess I’ll have to see the end soon.’

Unfortunately, Stella decided that she couldn’t wait any longer. Anyway, Russ has more than proven his worth. And Stella had to deal with one more person besides Russ.

‘That big man is also blessed with a fighting spirit… … .’

Starla bit her lip as she looked at Reppenhardt, who was casting bright eyes in this direction.

The only ones who can deal with Auror users are Auror users. Among the Orc warriors here, the only Auror user was Starla herself, and she needed to save up her strength to fight Russ and then face Repenhardt.

Stella stretched out her hand. Two daggers flew into her grasp in the air and were caught. Russ gave her a puzzled look. Now you’re suddenly taking away Spirit Weapon?

Stella grinned, showing off her molars.

“It was fun! Now let’s see the end!”

Russ also raised his moving left hand and took a stance again. In his current state, it was impossible to attack first. All he can do with his remaining stamina is to counter his opponent’s attacks.

‘Can I activate Phantom Divide one more time?’

My physical strength was at its limit, and besides, this Phantom Divide was not a technique with a very high success rate. Even though I practiced so much, I still didn’t know if I would succeed once out of ten. In fact, the fact that I succeeded just once out of two can be said to be a blessing from the Goddess of Luck.

‘Hey, if you lose, you lose.’

Russ relaxed. He showed everything he had anyway. And in return, he also drew the admiration of the Orc fighter, Stella. I’ve done enough, so there’s nothing to be greedy about.

With his sword pointed, Russ raised his last fighting spirit. No matter how prepared he is to lose, he has no intention of losing on purpose. Just swing your sword to the best of your ability!

Staltar also raised speculation. The energy is so strong that the air above her shoulders is distorted like a haze. The two Auror users looked at each other and looked for an opportunity to strike the final blow.


As expected, it was Stella who attacked first. She lunged like a bird as Stala stretched out her arms behind her, holding her dagger. Russ raised her sword above her head to counter her.

Suddenly, Stella stretched out her hands and shouted.

“My twelve sisters!”

Ten more daggers protruded from Stella’s arms! The two daggers he was holding beforehand totaled twelve, and all of them were shot like arrows at once.


Russ was startled by the twelve roars that tore through the wind.

“W-what is it?”

My mouth opened wide. Even Russ, who was rarely surprised, couldn’t control his expression this time.

Twelve daggers were flying with an eerie force, all of them fluttering with purple aura clearly on their blades. It is so fast and precise that even the flight trajectory is difficult to discern.

With the twelve lights of destruction approaching before his eyes, Russ gave up on countering. His instincts, which were better than anyone else’s, were showing him a certain future.

There is no solution.

There is no solution to this at all.

Russ quickly put down his sword and raised his hands.

“My defeat!”


The sky in the wilderness was turning red. The sun is already setting after a series of desperate battles. Stella proudly declared with her back to the setting sun.

“The ritual of fighting, the third duel is the victory of the Blue Bear tribe!”

And immediately shouted at Russ.

“Human fighter! “Although I won, your defeat did not obscure your strength, so I will recognize you as a true warrior and fighter!”



The orc warriors let out excited shouts. Among the cheers were cheers not only for Stella but also for Russ. That stranger had proven himself by competing against a warrior from the Blue Bear tribe as much as me. If such a person is not called a warrior, then who can call himself a warrior?

“Cyrus Karuga!”

“Karuga Cyrus!”

The orcs shook their fists as they cheered Russ’ name. Although she was defeated, Russ seemed to have no regrets and returned to her group with a relieved look on her face. Silan quickly began to heal his shoulder with divine power.

Reppenhardt asked Russ, who was catching his breath.

“Good job, Russ. But when did you learn that? Also, Grand Forge?”

“Yes, that’s right. what.”

“Did you say that technique was Phantom Divide? Show it to me next time you meet me. “Try it.”

“It’s not that useful against you. What is a guy who has no concept of avoiding in the first place… … .”

With a wry smile, Russ shook his head. For Starla or other Auror users, this Phantom Divide, which transcends space, would be a terrifying skill, but it is not of much use to Reppenhardt. If you just cover your body with a spiral guard, it doesn’t really matter where something comes from.

Phantom Divide was a technology that required as many auras to implement as its miraculous effects. Once you lose all your strength in crossing the space, you won’t have any strength left to break through Reppenhardt’s spiral guard.

“In that sense, I don’t think that will be a big problem for you.”

Russ looked back at Stella and smiled. Starla’s method of freely wielding her twelve daggers was truly an object of fear to Russ.

But what about Leffenhardt? Just fill it with your body and that’s it. No matter how much the weapon moves on its own, the aura within it clearly belongs to Starla, and there is no way that the aura divided into twelve would have any power left to pierce the spiral guard.

Leffenhardt shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, you’ll have to wait and see, but… … .”

He relaxed his body by bending his neck from side to side.

“Okay, then it’s my turn.”

☆ ☆ ☆

Reppenhardt took off his outer clothes and walked out into the clearing. He took off his clothes before going out in case his clothes got damaged during the battle. For a man who once reigned as the emperor of a country, this is truly a humble appearance. However, the current Leffenhardt was unaware of this, perhaps because he lived without much during the Jim Unbreakable era.

As he takes off his jacket, his steel body is clearly revealed. The expressions of the orcs who were about to cheer at Reppenhardt, who was walking out, momentarily hardened.

“omg… … .”

“Uhm… … .”

They are orcs who revere warriors.

They are orcs who praise strength.

To those orcs, Reppenhardt’s body was so beautiful that it was truly ecstatic. That body has been trained to the point of being terrifying! And that’s by the standards of Orcs, who aren’t even human!


Starla widened her eyes for a moment as if she didn’t know it would be like this. And after a while, he gave praise full of sincerity.

“My body is killing me?”

“Uhm… … .”

Reppenhardt blushed at the truly orc-like praise. Starla chuckled as she watched her people’s reactions.

“You don’t have to be conscious. Even now, everyone seems to be in a daze.”

Clearly, the orc warriors were reacting to the fact that Repenhardt was bare-chested, which was enough for him to be recognized as a warrior. If you have a body like that, there is no way you are a warrior. Indeed, it can be said that they are people who are perfectly suited to the description of naive macho.

“Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t not perform the prescribed ritual.”

Reppenhardt also took a fighting stance towards Starla, who muttered and took out a dagger.

He shouted as if making a declaration.

“My name is Leffenhard Wald Antares! “I will participate in the ritual of Hotu!”

Stalala also adjusted her dagger and introduced herself as expected.

“Stala, warrior of the Blue Bear tribe, I will fight with you. Originally, the ritual of fighting was to send out one person at a time. But I can’t help it because I’m the only one who can stand against you, the fighter. “Forgive.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

After waving his hand, Reppenhardt burst into spirit.


The golden aura rose like flames and enveloped his entire body. Starla also roared and raised her blue-purple aura.


It was the moment when the two Auror holders were about to ignite their fighting spirit towards each other. Suddenly a deep voice interrupted them.

“Hey, wife! “Can I take charge of that friend?”

Surprised for a moment, Reppenhardt turned his head.


The reason I was surprised was simple. The voice did not come from the orc warriors. It came from right behind where his companions were standing.

Siris, Tila, and Russ also turned their backs in surprise and looked back. There stood an orc carrying an absurdly large greatsword on his back. Like Stala when she first appears, she covers her entire body with a cloak and only her eyes are visible, but her eyes alone are strong enough to give you goosebumps.

“Who, who?”

“When are you here?”

Everyone opened their mouths in shock. Not only Siris, who had the sensitivity of an elf, but even Russ, an Auror user, did not notice the presence of people until someone came up behind them.

An orc wearing a cloak brushes his molars as he passes by Reppenhardt and his group and approaches the clearing. Stala looked at him and tilted his head.

“what? husband?”

Starla relaxed her posture as she watched the orc man trotting along. she asked, putting her dagger in her arms.

“When did you arrive, husband?”

“I came here earlier, wife. “I was watching because it looked fun.”

All of Repenhardt’s group looked at the orc man wearing the cloak with a nervous expression. He didn’t notice anything at all, so where on earth was he looking?

The orc man glanced at Siris and waved his hand. Then she pointed behind her with her finger and spoke the common language.

“You guys, I’m not surprised. “I was on that rock.”

What he pointed to was a large rock located about 200 to 300 meters away in the wilderness stretching behind the group. Only then did Reppenhardt look convinced. If he was hiding that far away, he might not have been noticed. Moreover, with the eyesight of an Auror user, the distance of about 200 to 300 meters is not that far, so there would have been no problem at all in seeing.

Of course, even if that were the case, it would be shameful for a warrior not to notice while he was right behind his back. If that orc man had been hostile, wouldn’t he have fallen to the ground without knowing what was happening? Russ and Siris were still casting a wary gaze towards the orc man, her complexion hard.

The orc man came and stood next to Stella. And she lifted her hood. An orc-like face with dark red skin was revealed. His hair was full of white hair and his wrinkled face made him look quite old.

Starla looked at him and asked with a puzzled look.

“But how come you’re already here? “What about the king of snakes?”

King of snakes.

This powerful monster, also called Elder Drake by humans, was one of the natural enemies that had plagued the Blue Bear tribe for a long time. It was only ten days ago that her husband left the tribe alone to hunt this ferocious beast with a body twice as large as that of ordinary drakes and hard scales that are hard to cut even with blade aurors, and Starlar guessed that he had already returned. I couldn’t do it.

The orc man shrugged his shoulders and responded triumphantly.

“I’m already on my way to catch him, cut him into pieces, hand him over, and then come back.”

“already? After all, he is my husband. “I’m going to feast on it for a while.”

“Did you do well?”

“Good job, good job.”

After the couple’s intimate(?) reunion, the orc man looked at Reppenhardt and shouted in a cheerful tone.

“Nice to meet you, stranger warrior. “I am the warrior Kalken, chief of the Blue Bear Tribe.”

☆ ☆ ☆

Kalken, standing in front of Reppenhardt, took off his cloak. Unlike the face that looks slightly older, the youthful body armed with bursting muscles is clearly revealed.

and… … .

‘Hehe, is this your first time since Master?’

Reppenhardt was feeling awkward as he experienced looking up at another person for the first time in a long time.

Kalken’s height was well over 2 meters. It seemed almost as good as the previous King of Fist, Thethron. Well, he looked a little shorter than Master Gerard, but Orcs have an average height slightly shorter than humans, and instead have a body that is wider on both sides. Looking at his wide shoulders and thick limbs, he seemed to be even bigger than his master.

Reppenhardt and Kalken stood facing each other. Some people watching unconsciously rubbed their eyes. With two enormous figures standing side by side, perspective became confused.

Kalken asked a question to Reppenhardt.

“Human fighter, may I deal with you on behalf of my wife?”

Repenhardt responded cheerfully.


If this had been a duel focused on winning or losing, there would have been no need to deal with Kalken, who was difficult to deal with, instead of the exhausted Starla. But in any case, winning is not important in the mind of a good pitcher. So, if you refuse the offer here, you can’t refuse it because you will show ‘a shameful appearance unbecoming of a warrior.’ In that case, it would be better to show an exciting performance and get at least more points.

“That’s what I was hoping for!”

Kalken burst into laughter.

“ha ha ha! good night! “Manly!”

Kalken took out a greatsword from behind his back. It was a greatsword longer than the Kalken, well over 2 meters long. The mob of swordsmen was so enormous that it seemed like if they were laid sideways, there would be enough space for three or four people to get shelter from the rain.


An even larger green blade aura appears above the body of the huge sword. Kalken shouted as he raised his auror and aimed his sword.

“Take up arms!”

Repenhardt took a stance with golden aura in both fists.

“I myself am a weapon!”


Kalken looked interested. Of course, there were bare-handed martial arts skills that were passed down to the Orcs, but there were no people who actually used weapons with their bare hands. As long as there is a vision called Spirit Weapon, the Orc with the weapon is much stronger.


With his eyes shining, Kalken roared.

“let’s fight!”

At that moment, Reppenhardt smiled and stretched out his hand.

“Dream, rest in peace. Improvised Sleep!”

At the same time, Kalken, who was trying to rush in, fell down.


“… … .”

Everyone watching was silent. Everyone was astonished and had their mouths wide open. My eyes were shining in anticipation of a showdown between powerful Auror users, but what happened?

No matter how much I flew and jumped, an orc was an orc. Auror users did not develop magic resistance that they did not have.

Silan muttered with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Huh, it’s vain… … .”

Russ also had a similar expression.

“You can’t count this as a victory, right?”

“… … “No way?”

Siris clicked his tongue. The ritual of fighting is ultimately an act of measuring a warrior’s skills. Even if I showed magic here, there was no way I would be recognized by the orcs. I couldn’t understand why Leppenhardt did something like that.

‘Isn’t this the only way to cause animosity?’

As expected, Stella was bewildered and looked alternately at her husband, who was fast asleep, and at Reppenhardt, who was withdrawing his hand.

“This is not the way of a warrior!”

Reppenhardt gestured towards Stella, who was crying out in frustration.

“Wake me up.”

Stella clicked her tongue and walked up to her husband, kicking him with her foot. Kalken yawned, opened his eyes, looked around, and muttered fiercely.

“huh? “Aren’t you tired?”

“You’re under a spell, husband.”

“uh? “Was that friend a wizard too?”

Kalken looked at Reppenhardt with surprised eyes.

If the other person had been an ordinary human being, I wouldn’t have been so surprised. However, Kalken had already figured out that Reppenhardt was a powerful Auror. A person with the power of a powerful warrior can even use magic?

Repenhardt shrugged his shoulders and responded.

“I am a warrior and a wizard. “I only informed you to be fair.”

The orcs’ expressions became strange.

As much as they reverence warriors, orcs despise the existence of wizards. The existence of magic, which could not be prevented no matter how much one trained, was no different from the devil’s tricks to the Orcs.

However, despite his outright contempt, Reppenhardt is, by all accounts, a powerful warrior. I can’t decide whether I should admit it or not.

Kalken was embarrassed and Reppenhardt spoke in a calm voice to the other orcs.

“Like my body, magic is also my weapon. “Isn’t it rude if I don’t deal with you with everything I have?”

After listening to it, it seemed like that was true. Kalken muttered in confusion.

“Is that so?”

Although he appeared calm on the outside, Repenhardt was anxious on the inside, watching the orcs’ reactions.

‘Hmm, how are we going to get out?’

In fact, Repenhardt did not use the sleep spell because he was unaware of the orcs’ antipathy toward magic. But now he has to earn the trust of the orcs. It’s not like he won’t use magic in front of the orcs for the rest of his life anyway, but if he hides the fact that he’s a wizard and gets caught later, he’ll lose even more credibility.

Trust is hard to gain, but losing it is fleeting.

Even if it meant being cautious, showing everything honestly now was a better choice for the future.

And, in fact, there was a part of me that believed in it.

‘Because Kalken’s perception of magic wasn’t that bad.’

As expected, Kalken lowered his expression and nodded.

“Right. “If magic is your weapon, it would be dishonorable not to use it.”

The other orcs all tilted their heads and murmured at Kalken’s statement acknowledging the existence of magic.

“Magic is bad, right?”

“But isn’t it bad to have a weapon and not use it?”

“But is magic a weapon? “Isn’t that rude?”

“Isn’t it more shameful not to give your best during the ritual of fighting? “I like it because you’re honest.”

“difficult… … .”

The loud orcs eventually came to their own conclusion.

“Oh, if that’s the case with the Chief, then that would be it.”

As expected of simple servants, they gave up thinking deeply and just did what Kalken said. Kalken stood up with his great sword and looked at Reppenhardt.

“Human fighter, thank you for your consideration.”

It was a voice that clearly acknowledged magic. Kalken continued speaking to Reppenhardt, who was inwardly relieved.

“But that alone will not be enough to gain trust.”

“I know.”

Recognizing magic does not mean that Kalken also recognized wizards. He only regarded it as one of Reppenhardt’s weapons. If Reppenhardt fights Kalken using only wizard-like techniques, not warrior-like, even if he wins, he will only be perceived as a strong wizard and will not be able to gain their trust.

The reason why Reppenhardt in his previous life gained the trust of the orcs was because of his actions and attitude toward the orcs. He was never a powerful magic power. Rather, even though he treated orcs with such enthusiasm, he had a very hard time attracting them due to the fact that he was a wizard.

‘Now, thanks to this body, the process will go a little faster. ‘This is good.’

Repenhardt chuckled to himself.

Kalken raised his greatsword and shouted as if making a declaration.

“Then, let’s begin the hotu ritual again!”


Reppenhardt aimed both fists at Kalken.

Kalken also raised his green aura and prepared for battle.

The atmosphere became ugly again. Kalken and Reppenhardt glared at each other with eyes full of war. A ferocious fighting spirit bloomed between the two, mixing together like a haze.

At some point.



The two Auror users launched themselves at each other.


Kalken’s greatsword swung long towards Reppenhardt. A green aura forms on the sword body, which is over 2 meters long, and spreads the light of destruction.


Wherever the auror passes by, an explosion occurs and dust rises. Reppenhardt stretched out his left fist, spreading spiral guards on both of his forearms to block the blade.

“A surprise bomb!”

A golden cannonball flies in front of Kalken. Kalken dodged by flying his body and struck the sword again. It was a blow that focused all of the aura of the entire body on one point. Trembling at the force contained in it, Reppenhardt took a step and avoided the attack. Jim Unbreakable’s philosophy was to fill most things with his body, but the energy that was currently forming on Kalken’s sword was by no means significant. It was a slash with enough power to pierce Reppenhardt’s spiral guard.

Reppenhardt narrowly dodged the blade and narrowed the distance, then stretched out his fists one after another and shouted.

“Series of surprise bombs!”

Dozens of Auror shells rain down on all sides of Kalken. There were too many orbits to attack them one by one, but Kalken easily blocked all attacks using the sword’s face as a shield.

Boom boom boom!

Aura clashes with Auror, making a roar. Reppenhardt clicked his tongue and widened the distance.

‘As expected, Orcs are good at handling such huge weapons.’

The martial arts of the Orcs, developed over a long period of time, had many mysterious aspects. Just because a weapon is large does not mean its movements are slow. Kalken’s method of using the sword’s center of gravity to deliver a powerful blow and then using centrifugal force to change the trajectory again, left Reppenhardt unable to figure out what to do right away and had to retreat again and again.

Reppenhardt continued to stretch his fists and swing his legs, trying hard to block Kalken’s attacks.


Dozens of attacks took place and thunder echoed in all directions. After fighting for a while, Leffenhardt noticed and tried magic.

“Dream, rest in peace. Improvised Sleep!”

It was an improved sleep spell that I had already used once. Thanks to my hard work, my lower circle magic has now reached a level where I can use it even during battle. In fact, it could be said to be a rather cruel tactic, as one hit of this would put Kalken back to sleep.

‘But if I had dealt with someone like this, I would have proven my qualifications as a warrior, well.’

To be honest, I thought that if the fight continued, someone would get hurt, so I was thinking of ending the duel at this point. I knew it… … .


Sadly, it gets caught right away. Mental spells are not visible and shoot out like flames or lightning, so they cannot be avoided or used in silence. Leppenhardt, thinking he had won everything, was about to deliver a slight blow.

“Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr possible possible!”

The sound of snoring erupted loudly, and Kalken, who was asleep, dodged his attack and launched a counterattack!


I was so surprised that I allowed myself to move to the side. Reppenhardt frowned and stepped back. Because he was hit so hard, he instinctively activated his spiral guard, and luckily he was able to block the slash. But the embarrassment still remained.

“The magic didn’t work?”

That wasn’t it. I could see him still snoring loudly. Nevertheless, his body was properly prepared for battle. Just like a sleepwalker, your body moves on its own while you sleep.

After a while, Kalken yawned and woke up.

“Haaam! Oh my, did it happen again?”

Then, they engage in the duel again as if nothing had happened. Leppenhardt muttered in bewilderment.

“Did Kalken even have this kind of technology?”

☆ ☆ ☆

Cilan, who was watching the duel, asked Russ in a confused voice.

“Wow, you fight in your sleep? “Can an Auror do something like that?”

But Russ did not answer Cilan’s questions. He just muttered softly as if he was impressed.

“It’s really a learning experience… … .”

Russ has an industrial spy’s eye for stealing other people’s secrets. The moment I saw it, I immediately knew what Kalken had done.

Now, Kalken had left some of the auror remaining in the body’s nervous system and pre-set it so that the body would automatically counterattack as soon as the command within the brain was cut off. Sometimes, when an Auror is unconscious due to a serious injury, the Auror wakes up on its own and heals the body. Manifested from the vitality of the body??


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