The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life Chapter 83

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The plan Roman had given was literally reckless. It wasn’t anything like solving the problem with a clever operation, but breaking through the enemy forces and securing a space to install the iron fence on through sheer force. Steven decided this just wasn’t it. Even he had thought about it, but he hadn’t said it because he didn’t want to discourage Roman.

“It is too difficult and dangerous. To break through not only the enemies’ army, which is currently entering through the gate, but the forces waiting outside to rush in too. Don’t you get it that when you are isolated, you will not be able to survive? The strategy of installing the iron fence itself is impossible.”

It was the first time he had met a man like Roman Dmitry. What was certain was that as soon as he heard the news about the Fifth Defense Line being attacked, he rushed here to arrive even earlier than the other reserve units, and struggled a lot to clear the enemies.

That was why, even though the commander himself had run away, Steven was reassured just with the presence of Roman Dmitry by his side as his ally. And that was also why he wanted Roman to live. Wouldn’t it be too unfair if someone like Roman died in a place Baron Bruce should have?

“I can understand what you’re worried about. However, I am not a guy who risks his life on an operation which he considers impossible.”


An enemy tried to do a surprise attack from behind. However, Roman, who had already noticed him, dodged it with minimal movements and thrust his sword through his chin. The enemy trembled and soon died. However, that wasn’t the end of it. Soon, soldiers arrived from behind and shocked Steven.


“Give us your orders.”

It was because Chris and the other soldiers who had arrived were also drenched in blood, as if they had showered in it. It seemed there was no one wounded among them because the blood on them was that of the enemies they had killed on their way here. Their eyes looked like those of predators. Seeing the true spirit of war on this battlefield in those who were waiting for Roman’s orders, Steven’s intuition said that there was still hope left.

Then, Roman said, “From now onward, we will make way for the gate to be closed.”


No one questioned that risky plan. What were they thinking? Them following Roman’s orders without even the slightest doubt showed how loyal and disciplined they were.

Steven admired their blind trust. Baron Bruce, who was also called a leader and followed by Steven and his men, ran away as soon as the gates were pierced, but Roman’s soldiers looked like they would follow him to hell itself if he gave the order to do so. How did he even form such a relationship with them? It was not something Steven could understand with his common sense.

Roman took the lead. Seeing that he hadn’t come to his senses yet, Roman said, “Focus on your role. The war is not over yet.”

As soon as he finished those words, Roman ran toward the enemies and initiated another massacre on the battlefield. It seemed as if blood was raining down from the sky. And soon, a path made of blood opened up. The men who were following Roman did the same as well.


Steven only then got back to his senses. There was no time to be lost in thoughts now. The plan had already begun, and in order for Roman’s actions to not be in vain, he had to do his part.

“Squad 2, follow me! From now on, we all will move and block the gates with the emergency iron fences!” Steven shouted out loud. From now on, it was their chance to risk their lives and fulfill their roles.

Before he left for the Southern Front, Roman was lost in thought.

‘Do I need to take a risk for this country filled with unpatriotic people?’

According to the information he had collected, the Hector Kingdom was clearly sending signals of war on the Southern Front. Even the foreign Valhalla Empire had read those signals and warned Roman, but the Cairo Kingdom didn’t even know what kind of situation they themselves were in. It was that much of a pathetic nation.

In order for the history to not repeat, one needs to have a sober running government, but despite this nation being divided into 4 factions, not one could make the right decision.

Roman could not even be called a person of Cairo. As he had lived his life as Baek Joong-hyuk, he didn’t have to be loyal to Cairo.

‘There are many ways to avoid the war. If I take the hand of Marquis Benedict, I can get exempted from military duty, and there is another way to take the side of Valhalla, which is already quite strong. In the end, war is a battle in which the powerless side has to make sacrifices. Now that my worth has been recognized in Cairo, I have gained the privilege of being a strong person.’

In the world of unknown things, dangers lurked everywhere.Where Stories Blossom: N♡vεlB¡n.

Nevertheless, Roman’s troubles didn’t last long.

‘I cannot bow my head to avoid the danger in front of me or promise to take another’s side.’

In his past life, there were many brothers above him in the beginning. And among those many brothers, some of them were literally quite great. Nevertheless, most of them couldn’t escape the eldest son without any compromise.

Honestly, most people said that it was fine to compromise once or twice. However, it was still a very important thing that showed one’s will. If he didn’t kneel in front of anyone, he understood he could stand firm until the end, but the moment he knelt the body even once, Roman knew that he would get used to the comfort of kneeling down.

Marquis Benedict, the Valhalla Empire, the Kronos Empire, and even the Royal Family of Cairo—All four factions which divided Cairo wanted Roman, but he didn’t give any of them a definite answer. Instead of forming a relationship with them, Roman wanted to solve the problems in his reality with his own effort. In the first place, he knew it was poisonous to bow to someone while he had the purpose of reigning above all inside himself. Also, he wanted to stay as one of Dmitry until the end.

‘I will leave for the Southern Front.’

He made his decision.

The difficulties because of nobles? A small nation’s reality. He didn’t care about such conditions. The Heavenly Demon was born in a difficult situation, yet he rose to the top of the Demonic Sect and made everyone else kneel before him.

Actually, his blood was boiling in ecstasy now. He had missed his life on the battlefield dearly. In the final years of his life, the never-ending peace and quiet didn’t arouse much thirst from within him. And with those emotions, Roman rushed toward the enemy’s camp.

It was already a battle being fought without any hope. Through the completely open gates, the soldiers of Hector were rushing in, and Cairo’s soldiers were busy being pushed back. The difference in power was too vast. As it was a situation in which only one of Hector’s soldier was dealing with two to three of Cairo’s soldiers, the area around the castle gate soon changed into one under the control of Hector. Everyone knew that the battle was already over.

Nevertheless, unlike the soldiers who were trying to run away as far as they could, Roman was rushing toward the enemy and leaving them behind in the dust.


Five enemies who rushed in toward him got their throats slashed. And Roman, who had their blood splatter on him, went into the gap created without even flinching. Obviously, it was a dangerous situation. Nevertheless, even when Hector’s soldiers attacked from all directions seeing the enemy alone, not a single of their attacks touched Roman. He had literally blocked all of their attacks by himself.

‘On the right side.’


Roman sensed the wind blowing from the spear being thrust. He then grabbed the spear and pulled his opponent toward him to cut off his head. And once he did that, he jumped straight ahead and attacked the other enemies in his vicinity.


It was an astonishing sight. Obviously, he had raised his shield to block it, but all the soldiers behind it were killed because of the recoil from defending Roman’s attack and bouncing back farther away.

The enemies’ counterattack didn’t even touch a strand of Roman’s hair. While he continued to advance, he either blocked, avoided, or attacked the enemies in the vicinity. And when they realized that their flow was slowly dying, all of Hector’s soldiers decided to rush in and kill him somehow.

When Roman killed 20 soldiers on their side, they acknowledged the opponent was a lot stronger than they thought. However, when 30, 40, and even 50 soldiers were slaughtered without leaving a scratch on Roman, their faces were dyed with terror.


“S-Stop that man right now!”

It was a complete mess. All because of one man, Hector’s soldiers couldn’t push in anymore. The soldiers who were courageous were now cold corpses, and yet, Roman was mercilessly killing every enemy he saw on the battlefield.

It wasn’t just Aura—No, Roman wasn’t even using Aura. He was currently showing the power that far surpassed any Aura. The Heavenly Demon, Baek Joong-hyuk, was someone who had learned to kill people without things like that. He was someone who had crushed his opponent’s head with a stone and someone who would choose any method to win if needed.

While moving from the bottom to the top of the Demonic Sect, he had experienced many things. And Baek Joong-hyuk, who had gained absolute power due to that, couldn’t be stopped by such people. That was why, even though he was surrounded by enemies all around him and isolated from allies, he continued to slaughter his enemies. Just as a huge number of sheep could not subdue a single wolf, Roman continued to unilaterally slaughter his enemies.

And that wasn’t the end of it. Roman’s soldiers were also different from normal soldiers. If one soldier of Hector was enough to take down three of Cairo’s soldiers, then one of Roman’s soldiers could take down 5 to 6 of them easily. The situation had thus changed. Although there were only 30 people in the reserve unit and it was quite small, the atmosphere of the entire battlefield had changed because of that small reserve unit.

And Hector’s commander was continuously watching the entire situation from far away.

Baron McCleary was Hector’s commander and in charge of the attack on the Fifth Defense Line. He was certain of victory when the gates broke down.

Tch tch, pathetic bastards.”

It was funny to him. Hector hadn’t actually used much of its force yet. Only some of the troops of the entire army were sent to the Fifth Defense Line, and yet, Cairo couldn’t withstand such a measly attack. Their stupid response of firing arrows, and the water-based weapons didn’t work as well. Despite being a kingdom surrounded by war, it had shown a pathetic response.

‘It is unexpected, but we might break through the Fifth Defense Line before anything else.’

The original plan didn’t have anything to do with winning or losing here. They deduced that once they attacked, the sand castle that was called Cairo would just collapse on its own.

Well, all Five Defense Lines had to be captured anyway. So, Baron McCleary didn’t see anything wrong with the achievement of capturing the Fifth one first.

“Attack! Completely destroy the Fifth Defense Line!”

He made the decision as this was a huge chance for him. He convinced himself that this Defense Line could be broken down soon. And it even worked out initially, but it was only until he saw a strange scene. The soldiers who were supposed to head further were somehow running back now.

“R-Run away!”

“Get back!”


The soldiers of Hector could be seen running away from something. Baron McCleary was stunned when he saw the soldiers running away, scared, even though they were on the battlefield. He still couldn’t understand what was happening.

If there weren’t a lot of Cairo’s soldiers aiming for them, why were they running away?

‘Just what is happening?’

The question arose within him.


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Just then, the soldiers ran away even further and he saw the figure of an enemy fighting the surrounding soldiers that were waiting for him in the space that opened up.


And that was an overwhelming sight for him. As soon as he saw them, he unilaterally slaughtered all surrounding Hector’s soldiers. Just then, Baron McCleary made eye contact with him. His eyes were so terrifying that he involuntarily began to gasp for air. Also, the moment they had made eye contact, that man suddenly began to run toward Baron McCleary.

Even more blood sprayed, and even more heads flew off. Still, he didn’t stop running toward him. In the short time Baron McCleary closed his eyes and opened them, that man had almost reached where he was.

‘He wants to kill me?’

No, it can’t be.

It was impossible for Baron McCleary to believe something like that with his common sense.

“Kill him before he gets any closer!”


And when the knights of Hector went forward, Baron McCleary believed he was safe.

Editor’s Thoughts: Chris, Kevin, and the other soldiers are finally here! More slaughter from Roman’s side is coming soon. Also, just what level are the knights of Hector at? 3-Star? 4-Star? Even if they have a 5-Star Aura Knight, I doubt they can defeat Roman lol.

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