The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 90

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[090]Who is the owner of other lives? 3

“Is it plausible? Reporters are already asking. “What are you going to say when you hand out the press release?”

“We will sign a contract with the best image coordination company. “Experts will make it based on those initials.”

“what? coordinator?”

“yes. This is a company that will be responsible for managing our company’s external image from now on. And Chairman Song and the CEOs of affiliates also create their image.”

“What is making? hey! Are we raising actors? Are you raising a celebrity?”

“The 21st century will be an era where we make our living through images. Corporate image is directly linked to sales. anyway! Don’t worry today and enjoy it. “Isn’t it a good day?”

On TV, President Cho Dae-ho’s inauguration speech was followed by introductions of the presidents of each affiliate.

Now it’s time for the reception to begin.

“uncle. You should go and shine your face. “Aren’t you the undisputed ruler of this group?”

“you? “Aren’t you going to say hello?”

“I feel like I’m going to get caught up in something troublesome. I briefly saw my uncles coming. “I’m just going to leave.”

I wanted to avoid the uncomfortable stares I would get from them. Isn’t today a rather special day?

Ajin, no… I left the HW Group headquarters.

The building still has the Ajin name on it, but that will soon change.

It’s a day to celebrate, but it’s also a day to flatter in moderation. We must not forget the grandpa who liked to show off.

There are many people who have died after giving upright advice, but isn’t there anyone who has died because of flattery?

“Chief. Where can I take you?”

Deputy Manager Kim Yun-sik opened the car door.

“Let’s go to the president’s house.”


“By the way, if you find a supermarket on your way, please buy me a bottle of Jinro Soju.”

“Soju? You don’t drink much… .”

“On a day like today, I need a drink.”

I’m so thrilled and proud that I want to drink as much as I want and get drunk, but since I’ve only taken the first step, I’ll just have one drink today.

Congratulations are light. Lots of success stocks.

* * *

“huh? Why are you here already? “The banquet must be in full swing by now, right?”

When I opened the study door and entered, my grandfather was watching the news. Ajin Group’s second founding ceremony is quite a big news story. It flows out without stopping.

“Thanks to my grandfather, I became the owner of Ajin Group, but how can I enjoy it alone? “I came to have a glass of celebratory wine with my grandfather.”

I took out a soju bottle from a black plastic bag.

“What? Why did you bring alcohol from a company that unfortunately failed?”

The grandfather frowned when he saw the Jinro soju bottle with the red label.

“Isn’t it a drink with 70 years of history? Jinro founder and CEO Jang Hak-yeop probably didn’t know that just one soju brand could last for 70 years. And the company went out of business, but this product still doesn’t sell? Jinro Soju will not disappear in the future.”

“It is a product that will not disappear even though its owner may change… . I like that. haha. Okay, pour me a drink.”

Did you even sense my desire to tell you that Jinro Soju is the future of Sunyang? Ah, it’s a little different. Since we inherited the blood, doesn’t the owner change?

“Congratulations. our grandson It’s great. “At your age, all I had was a few gold pieces, but you got everything I had in my twenties when I was over forty.”

“That’s because my grandfather couldn’t have someone like me who gave me a spacious ranch as a gift when I was ten years old. Thank you. “It’s all thanks to my grandfather.”

Grandfather shook his head.

“no. Among the grandchildren of conglomerates in Korea, there are many who had ranches worth tens of millions of won at the age of ten. They are now twenty and thirty. There are many people who have forgotten what they received, but you are the only one who has multiplied a thousand or ten thousand times. What you have now is not because you took care of your grandfather. You made it with your own strength. You can brag. haha.”

My grandfather filled my glass with soju and clinked it slightly.

We both downed our glasses in one go.

“I drank a lot of this alcohol, but it doesn’t taste that good anymore.”

me too. How much soju and pork belly did you drink? But it doesn’t taste like that. I couldn’t even remember the thrill of my first glass of soju.

My grandfather and I stared at the red soju label in silence, lost in reminiscence for just a moment.

It looks a bit funny. An old man and a young man immersed in memories of the same color.

The grandfather who woke up from his memories was the first to open his mouth.

“How is Daeah Construction progressing?”

“Negotiations with the bank are progressing smoothly with small concessions, and working-level staff are calculating the specific amount. “And we are in the process of recovering the money stolen by President Kang Moo-seong as soon as we find it.”

“The prosecution is doing a good job.”

“The cost of labor was generously provided.”

Grandfather examined my complexion.

“But it looks like President Kang is holding out and saying he will never pay the stock sale proceeds.”

“yes. Even if they say they will arrest all of their children and grandchildren for embezzlement of public funds, the point remains the same. money… . “It’s really scary.”

My grandfather looked at me in shock and said with a straight face.

“no. “This is a wrong idea.”


“The proceeds from the stock sale are the last weapon President Kang has. I decided it wasn’t the time to wield a weapon yet. “I can only swing it once, so I’ll swing it when it’s more decisive.”

Swinging here means giving up even the proceeds from the sale of stocks.

“No way? There’s no way President Kang still has a chance… ?”

“If the entire family is arrested and found guilty, the stock price will probably be wiped out as additional fines, right?”

“that’s right. So how is there any chance left?”

“Instead, you cannot touch that money either. “Because it goes into the national treasury.”

I still don’t know what my grandfather meant.

If the proceeds from the stock sale are returned to Daeah Construction, not only President Kang himself but also his entire family will be arrested.

However, if they continue to hold out, the proceeds from the sale of stocks will be transferred to the national treasury, and their families will be imprisoned.

No matter who sees it, the former is a wiser choice than the latter.

The opportunity no longer exists.


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My grandfather smiled calmly as he saw the doubt on my face.

“You are caught up in useless emotions and are trying to blow your money. Isn’t it? “I forgot about the merchant.”

“Are you saying it’s a useless feeling? There is no such thing. I also only think about money. That money will be a huge help in normalizing Daea Construction. “So aren’t you using your grandfather’s power to threaten and appease President Kang?”

Although I rambled on and on, my grandfather explained my feelings in just one word.



“You are angry because of the feeling of justice. We can never tolerate President Kang’s family, who embezzled money from a failing company while not paying their employees’ salaries, and will one day live off of that money. “Don’t you just feel like a guy like that should be a poor person?”

I had no excuses so my face just turned red.

It’s a very strange world. The word “justice” has become awkward and anger at injustice has become a useless emotion. The line is vague as to whether it’s only in this family or the world.

“President Kang sees you as a businessman. So, I am waiting and believing that you will make another offer to save even just one more penny. If you hold on, you won’t be able to save a single penny. And there is no deal without a second offer.”

My grandfather told me exactly what President Kang intended.

“Isn’t it a bit funny for a businessman to judge and criticize others? What does it matter how other people live or what they think? “Moving even just one more penny from his pocket into your pocket is a business move.”

I just sat there blankly for a while, unable to answer or respond.

My feelings toward President Kang Moo-sung are due to past experiences. This is because I saw my past self in the Daeah Construction employees.

“Think about it. What if President Kang suggests that we share the money in his pocket? “He might take you up on your offer if you leave him some money.”

“So, are you telling me to leave some money and help President Kang’s family avoid being arrested?”

“If he offers to give half of the stock price to the company, he shows signs of remorse, so wouldn’t it be okay to put him on probation? “The scenario is good too.”

Seeing that I was still hesitant, he added another word.

“Don’t think about anything else.”

“Are you thinking of something else?”

“The idea is to take the money first and punish President Kang later. Again, just think about money. “Unless Boss Kang poses a threat to you, don’t even look at him.”

One thing I really noticed… .

“Well, anyway, since Daeah Construction is also in your hands, getting President Kang’s money back is just a bonus. This fee did everything it could. “You have to make the choice, right?”

“I’ll keep that in mind. “I will make my decision like a businessman.”

This is the end of the work story.

My grandfather filled my glass again and congratulated me on what I had, and I expressed my gratitude and we chatted for a while.

* * *

“Let’s go to Anyang Detention Center.”

“yes? Why is it suddenly there… ?”

“If I wanted to transfer money from someone else’s pocket to my own, would there be a place I couldn’t go?”

Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok still tilted his head and held the steering wheel.

Is there really a way to make money and turn unscrupulous people into beggars?

As I was deep in thought, I found myself in Anyang.

On top of that, they were even assigned a spacious visiting room as they were from a privileged class of society.

“how… . “Do you like the detention center jjambap?”

“I think it’s a decent price to pay for ignoring an unknown company like Miracle.”

There still seemed to be room.

Like your grandfather said, do you think you still have a sword left to wield?

“The visitation time will not be long, so I will just tell you what CEO Oh has to say.”

President Kang closed his eyes and nodded his head lightly.

“If the president puts all the stock money he will receive into Daeah Construction, or gives the stock to the company… .”

“I know that’s what you want, so why don’t you just cut the front and only say the back?”

“The prosecution’s investigation will end here, and you will be released on probation. Then, I will offer you a position as an advisor to Daeah Construction. It is said that the adviser’s salary may be very generous. “As long as you cooperate well in the future.”

President Kang Moo-sung could not give an easy answer. The suggestion I make has a hidden bonus.

“A shameless person who sucked the very marrow of a failing company. The shackles will be taken off. It was all a misunderstanding, and since I was working for the company, it got a little dusty. Knowing his good intentions, I hired him as an advisor. “The media will package it beautifully and expose it.”


As you get older, you become more concerned about the value of your name. Although he is a businessman who only thinks about money, he knows well the weight of the business cards he carries.

The business card of Daea Construction Advisor is not that heavy, but it is better than a person with a criminal record for embezzlement.

Also, Kang Moo-seong is also a businessman.

You must have realized that if you go to extremes with me, you will lose both your money and your reputation.

“hmm… . CEO Oh, that guy is meticulous. Are you going to treat my money as company expenses? “Isn’t it too petty?”

All the money they bring in as an advisor is salary.

If you keep all the stock money and only give a portion as salary, it wouldn’t be too bad. And isn’t he someone who knows the hidden history of DaeA Construction well?

You can use anything.

“Hey, where is the big businessman? Even merchants who generously donate large sums of money calculate and donate carefully. “Donations are used for patronizing purposes instead of taxes.”

“For an advisor’s salary, I guess I’ll have to pay him quite a lot, right?”

“In return, advisor, you will also have to pay a lot of sudden tax.”

“Paying taxes faithfully is also a citizen’s duty.”

Seeing him smile, the only thing left was salary negotiation.

“Then, I will prepare an advisor appointment contract.”

When I got up from the chair, President Kang held out his hand.

“Please take care of me.”


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