The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 451

451. Muddy water (3)

I escaped from the main camp of the orderly camp and deployed black magic with my magic power.

【Folding vortex】

The scenery of space in my field of vision becomes distorted, and the television screen changes as if spinning.


There was no need to worry about where to go.

The main stage where the war of gods takes place is at best just a planet.

It is a cramped space where a planetary location is not suitable in many ways, as it is a place where many high-ranking gods, official gods, as well as ancient gods are gathered.

But that has now become an advantage.

‘It’s not that difficult to detect all space within a planet.’

It was worth it.

Sensing space at the level of a single planet was something that could be easily accomplished if one had the power gained by becoming an ancient god.

If we conduct a full-fledged search, we will be able to find traces of ancient gods that exist within the War of the Gods.

‘Did the Lord of Time say that the last place he went to was the Southern Front down there…? … .’

It’s also much simpler than you think.

However, the reason why I did not find each of the ancient gods hidden within the War of the Gods was because if I found them on this side, there was a high possibility that they would find me on the other side as well.

Since we did not know what impact this would have on our ability to survive the War of the Gods in the future, there was no need to increase our search capabilities beyond simple spatial detection.

‘I don’t know if he’s still there, but it would be a good idea to go to the southern front to track him down.’

There wasn’t much time.

Although the God of Time did not reveal all the facts to the three ancient gods, the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, it was clear that something was wrong.

Moreover, by the time this side faced the incarnation of the Dragon God on the Western Front, wasn’t it clear that the God of Time had met the God of Proof and had gained enlightenment that was close to a prophecy?

‘We must be careful not to provoke the ancient gods who participated in the War of the Gods, while at the same time finding the location of the God of Time and killing him, La… … .’

If I don’t find and kill the God of Time as quickly as possible, important information may be spread about the Tower of Trials or about me.

‘At least it’s not easy.’

Perhaps the God of Time also knows about this, so there is a high possibility that he is hiding somewhere.

“… … .”

however… … .

‘What is this?’

Contrary to what we thought, there was no need to find the God of Time in any particular way.

‘… … Divine power is converging on the southern front, where the God of Time is said to have gone.’

Suddenly, this side used their physical senses and body magic to increase their spatial detection ability, and an abnormal phenomenon was observed on the southern front.

‘… … The level of divinity is incredibly high for a power possessed by a high-ranking deity or a formal deity.’

I don’t know why, but on the southern front, there was a situation where divine power beyond the scope of what a higher-ranking god or formal god could exercise was rising high into the sky.

‘Ancient deity. He is a power on a level completely different from that of the God of Creation, the God of Law, or the God of Miracles. Maybe he’s stronger than me.’


‘Then there is only one answer.’

Accordingly, I was able to guess who was responsible for the strange and unusual phenomenon on the southern front.

“God of time… … .”

That too for sure.


Southern Front.

The war between the gods has become a mess, and the battlefield has become empty with no fighting between the two sides, either the chaos camp or the law camp.

After I noticed that something strange was happening there, a strange sense of ominousness arose from deep within my heart.

‘… … Why on earth is the God of Time sending divine power up to the sky and concentrating it in a place like that?’

I couldn’t understand.

The current war of gods has already been devastated by the three ancient gods – the dark god, the demon god, and the dragon god.

No matter what the God of Time wanted, it didn’t seem like there was anything worth gaining by sending divine power high into the sky from the southern front and concentrating it.

‘… … Are you planning to use powers such as divine supernormal abilities, powers exclusive to godheads, or special powers to destroy the great world of divinity?’

I frowned and tried to guess what the God of Time was thinking.

Perhaps the God of Time was trying to destroy the ‘Divine Confrontation System’, which was one of the main causes of the War of the Gods.

Well, no matter what, the war of the gods could no longer be established if there were no obstacles preventing them from escaping to the outside of the ‘Divine Confrontation Realm’.

‘… … Even so, it is unlikely that the power of the God of Time alone can destroy the Divine Great Realm.’

step… … .

That can’t be all.

If the God of Time had realized that this world itself was not real and was only a fake, there was no way he would not have known how foolish it would be to leave the world.

Even if the God of Time escapes to an outside area far away from the war of gods, isn’t that all just fake and not real?

‘… … Unless the God of Time is quite thoughtless, it would be correct to say that he has some sort of hidden plan.’

I knew they were up to something, but I couldn’t accurately guess what they were thinking beyond that.

In that case, you have no choice but to check for yourself.


In an instant, using the black magic [Closing Vortex], we reached the beginning of the southern front, not the existing space.

‘Is this the end?’

In fact, what they wanted was to go to the central area of ​​the southern front, not here, but there was nothing they could do.

‘It is not easy for a being as old as an ancient deity to use abilities such as teleportation because they have concentrated so much divine power on the outside.’

In response, I clicked my tongue and stored away the divinity and mana inside my body.

Perhaps due to the divine power that the God of Time had concentrated on the southern front, the abilities of the space jump system were almost ineffective.

Perhaps, if this side tries to move through the influence of the divine power scattered by the God of Time, there is a high possibility that the other side will also notice the presence of the intruder.

‘I can’t help it.’

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

I walked through the southern front, which was almost devastated during the War of the Gods, and looked around.

In the place where the mountain range was supposed to have existed before the War of the Gods, not only dirt and sand but also unknown debris were piled up unevenly.

As I walked through the garbage dump-like entrance to the southern front, a desolate-looking land soon appeared.

“… … .”

and… … .


The moment I looked at the sky in the central area, not at the beginning of the southern front, which was like a huge garbage dump, with my own two eyes.

“What is this… … .”


As we thought, the God of Time did not intend to end his work by destroying the divine great world with divine power.

The overwhelming divinity seen before my eyes, and the power of divine power imbued with the quality of the soul, had a familiar structure.

“It’s a sacred area… … ?”

It was worth it.

If you really want to be specific, isn’t that the power that forms the home ground by encapsulating the unique supernormal abilities of the concept of divinity in a kind of barrier built with divine power?

It could be inferred that the special power this side possesses, ‘creating a sacred realm’, is no different from the principle of building a general sacred realm.

‘… … No way, this-.’

It’s no different… … .

“… … “Is the goal to destroy the divine confrontation realm and replace it with the sacred realm?”

The God of Time is trying to replace the ‘Divine Confrontation Realm’, which is the biggest factor in establishing the war between the gods, with his own ‘Divine Realm’.


In an instant, I realized that the reason the God of Time concentrated divine power on the southern front was to build a sacred realm.


However, what we guess and understand is only about what power the God of Time is trying to use by concentrating divine power like that.

“Even if the God of Time attempts to destroy and replace the Divine Confrontation Realm, I don’t think it will be very successful… … .”

Other than that, I couldn’t guess anything else, so I looked up into the sky, and Dam Cheon-woo sent a signal along with the sound of clicking his tongue.

-This is the worst. It seems that the God of Time, that unknown ancient god, has not only noticed you, but has even dug a trap to hunt you. It was like being caught in a trap.


-her. Sometimes I don’t know if you’re smart or stupid… … . In times like now, it’s closer to the latter. For some reason, even though you are an ancient god, you are slow to catch on.

“… … .”

―Divine Confrontation Realm. Think about the meaning of its existence. The God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles tried to forcibly bind the Ancient Gods, the Higher Gods, and the Regular Gods in a war of gods. Like a cage. Isn’t the God of Time going to use the same principle to change the divine confrontation realm into a sacred realm and then hunt you down?

“… … well. Well, the Lord of Time may have thought so, but regardless, it is unclear whether the attempt will be successful. “The chances of something like that being successful are not high.”

I thought about it for a few seconds and then answered.

“The divine confrontation world is us, created by the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles.”

Even if we assumed that Dam Cheon-woo’s guess was not wrong, it did not seem to be very meaningful.

“Even if they are nothing compared to the lords of the universe, such as the God of Darkness, the Demon God, or the Dragon God, the divine confrontation world created by the three people who have reached the level of ancient godhood is not something to be ignored.”

―… … In other words, in your view, the God of Time will not be able to destroy the Divine Great Realm, so the plan he came up with will not work.

“yes. Not only that, but from long ago, not only the God of Time, but also the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God had no intention of breaking through the divine confrontation realm. “Isn’t it obvious then?”

―… … Does this mean that the divine confrontation world is not easy to destroy even if a dark god, demon god, or dragon god comes? That is definitely not wrong either. I don’t think the god of time would have thought of that either.

“I think so too.”

At those words, I shrugged my shoulders and looked at the divine sphere floating high in the sky.

“… … However, in any case, the hypothesis that the God of Time put forth is setting a trap called the sacred realm to hunt me feels somewhat inadequate.”


“Well, even if we assume that the God of Time is trying to set a trap to hunt me, not only do we have no practical ability to execute it, but I don’t know what we’re doing it for.”

―… … .To be honest, if destroying the divine confrontation world and building a sacred realm is to kill or seal me, isn’t it a trap that is far from rationality?

‘If I were to be honest, if it were to kill or seal me, there would be a better way than spreading out the sacred realm.’

Perhaps the reason the God of Time wanted to expand his divine realm so large was not to kill or seal me.

“Even if the God of Time succeeds in expanding the Divine Realm after destroying the Divine Great Realm, there are many problems.”

Of course, it didn’t matter whether I did it or not.

“It is not a good decision for the God of Time to try to expand his divine domain.”

Well, even though the God of Time tried so hard to expand his sacred realm, the chances of his wish coming true are very slim, aren’t they?

“Most of the ancient gods trapped in the war of gods will rebel as soon as the God of Time expands his divine domain.”

-why? Even if the divine confrontation system had unfolded in the war of the gods so far, no one would have reacted much. I don’t think I particularly like it or dislike it.

“no. That’s because everyone doesn’t think that the sacred confrontation realm is a sacred realm with any special unique effects. Of course, in reality, it seems to have the same unique effect as the sacred realm <Model Garden>, but it doesn’t look like it from the outside.”

-hmm… … . Okay, now that I think about it, you didn’t realize that it was linked to the sacred area <Model Garden> that the God of Creation had laid out until you heard the story directly from the God of Creation. So, I guess there hasn’t been any problems so far.

“yes. If you notice that the Divine Confrontation Realm is not a pseudo-divine realm with no abilities, there will not be a good reaction. “Being within the truly sacred realm means that you can be exposed to a surprise attack from your opponent at any time.”

―For the same reason, if the God of Time expands his divine domain, the ancient gods who did not intervene in the war of gods will protest in earnest.

“That’s right.”

That wasn’t all.

“Well, not only would the God of Time bear such a risk, but there would also be a possibility of forcibly expanding the sacred realm without destroying the divine confrontation world, but that would not lead to a particularly good outcome either.”

Regardless of whether or not the divine confrontation realm was destroyed, expanding the sacred realm could not be a good option.

“If you do not destroy the divine confrontation realm and expand the sacred realm beneath it, there is a high possibility that a battle for dominance will occur between the sacred realms.”

―A battle for dominance between sacred realms? When you used the sacred <Dark Heaven> to expand the sacred realm, there would have been nothing like that. Is there any reason for that to happen?

“That’s just because the Divine Great Realm has not been using the functions of the Divine Realm perfectly until now. “If the God of Creation, who is the one responsible for unfolding the divine confrontation system, fully exerts his original function as a sacred realm, he will be able to crush the sacred realms under his command at any time.”

-her… … . Right. understood. This means that if the God of Creation begins to use the ‘Divine Great Realm’ as a ‘Divine Realm’, the God of Time will also not be able to safely unfold the Divine Realm. Well, if they think that what they want is his death, there is a big chance that the sacred realm that the God of Time has developed will collapse.

“That’s right.”

After hearing those words, Dam Cheon-woo shook the blade of his Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and let out a laugh-filled remark.

―… … Does this mean that our guess is wrong? That’s good. If the God of Time were to spread the sacred realm without knowing that fact, you would have the upper hand from the start. It makes me happy to think about strangling that guy as a trap set to hunt you.

step… … .

‘The problem is that it is unlikely that the God of Time will shake hands with the expansion of the divine realm, whether or not he destroys the divine confrontation realm.’

The God of Time was a man with outstanding information-gathering skills, as he found out the truth about the Tower of Trials and about me.

‘Is it really right for the God of Time to do that without knowing that expanding his sacred realm is a bad decision?’

That’s why I felt uncomfortable.

‘I don’t know.’

The God of Time could not figure out the essential reason why he wanted to change the Divine Confrontation Realm into the Divine Realm.

“… … In the end, unless you ask the God of Time directly, I don’t think you’ll be able to really know what he’s trying to do—.”

The moment I was about to take a step forward, leaving behind the ominous feeling that was somehow rising.


[ ─Well, that’s not a bad idea. Asking the other person directly is also a way to get the right answer. Well, it’s not that big of a secret, so there’s no need to hide it. I will answer you. ]

It was then.

[ Hmm. Did you say that after destroying the divine confrontation realm, you would fill it with my sacred realm? Well, if you really have to ask, it should be close to the correct answer in the end, but in the details, it’s not reasonable in many ways. ]

Hit angle, hit angle -.

[Don’t you think that the premise itself, that the sacred realm will be expanded only after destroying the divine confrontation world in the first place, or that you will be unilaterally pushed out in the battle for leadership in the sacred realm, is wrong? ]

… … Suddenly, the sound of a staff hitting the ground rang out not far from where I was standing, and then the voice of the Divine was heard in my ears.

[If the divine confrontation world is a type of sacred realm, then destroying it itself is no different from an unnecessary act. ]

Without turning my head, I listened to the divine voice coming from next to me.

[You must have already said the correct answer yourself? What I am saying is that there is a fight for dominance between the sacred realms. If the divine confrontation world is no different from the sacred realm, an efficient way is to take advantage of this rather than destroy it. ]

I feel it.

[Unlike the common battle for leadership between sacred realms, there is a coexistence and usurpation of leadership between sacred realms that occurs under special conditions. ]

The status of divinity and the status of the soul are fundamentally different from mine.

[ In one world, and in one space, two sacred areas are similar in terms of effect activation range and central concept sacred level, but when they clash, it is not a battle for dominance in the form of one being ‘pushed out’, but a coexistence of leadership in the form of ‘overlapping’ of the two together. A phenomenon occurs. ]

A person who falls short of the three ancient gods, the dark god, demon god, and dragon god, but can be ranked just below them.

[ At that time, in a state where one of the two sacred realms coexists in an ‘overlapping’ style of leadership rather than a ‘pushed out’ style of leadership, if one of the two sacred realms fails to continue to show off his or her own capabilities, the sacred power will be taken away by the other sacred realm and ‘overlaid’. The phenomenon of ‘losing’ leadership being usurped occurs. ]

It was there.

[Divine Confrontation Realm. Is there any reason to break it in a troublesome and difficult way on my part? All I have to do is to overlay the sacred confrontation world itself with my sacred realm and swallow it up to use it. Well, it was still a good guess for a being who seemed to have only recently become an ancient god. ]

and… … .

“The God of Time is looking at you.”

[─Seed of Ascension. ]

He was looking at me.

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