The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 446

446. God of Time (3)

In an instant, silence fell within the sacred realm <Model Garden>.

The ‘tower’, where the fragments of ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ created by the God of Creation were accumulated, was still spinning furiously, but they were different from before.

All three ancient gods were drowsy and sweating, showing considerable embarrassment.

‘I can’t help but be shaken by what I said.’

At that, I narrowed my eyes and put a faint smile on my lips.

‘Not only the God of Darkness, the God of Demons, and the God of Dragons, but also ancient gods such as the God of Time and the God of Light are probably not opponents they would particularly want to face.’

In fact, aren’t the Gods of Creation, the Gods of Law, and the Gods of Miracles the concepts of divinity themselves that do not specialize in direct combat?

‘It’s not hard to predict that no matter which side I’m on, something annoying will happen.’

As I just said, they will be in trouble if I join the God of Darkness on the Northern Front, the Demon God on the Eastern Front, or the God of Time on the Southern Front.

‘The three ancient gods, the God of Darkness, the Demon God, and the Dragon God, are the lords of the universe, so of course they are difficult opponents, and the God of Time and the God of Light are also strong people who cannot be underestimated.’

step… … .

‘Well, in reality, no matter how the other side turns out, it would be impossible for me to go to an ancient god and be on the same side.’

It was a bluff.

In fact, I couldn’t be on the same side as anyone, be it a dark god, a demon god, or a dragon god.

According to the story told by the God of Proof earlier, the God of Time seems to have realized that not only me, but also this world and himself are nothing more than a reproduction of the Tower of Trials.

‘I don’t know what the ancient gods, like the God of Time, will do to me if they realize that all of this is just an illusion created by the Tower of Trials.’

It is unclear what kind of crisis you will face if you approach the gods of time and light, as well as the gods of darkness, demons, and dragons.

“… … .”

But, I was sure.

‘There’s no way you’ll realize that everything I said was just a bluff.’

Even if everything they said was just a bluff made up on the spot, in their eyes, it was no different from the truth.

“The God of Creation is glaring at you silently.”

[ … … . ]

In fact, not even the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles who stood behind him remained silent, unable to speak.

‘In fact, if you don’t know that all of this is just a fake that is close to the real thing recreated by the Tower of Trials, you have no choice but to react like that.’

Then, I looked at the three ancient gods with coldness in my eyes.

The difference in leadership created by each other’s information superiority cannot be reversed immediately, no matter what measures are taken.

To the three ancient gods, the statement that they would stick with whoever sided, whether it was the God of Darkness, the Demon God, or the Dragon God, felt like the truth, not a bluff.


In an instant, the fragments of ‘divinity’ and ‘soul’ swirling around the nameless ‘tower’ were scattered.

“The God of Creation glares at you with angry eyes and gnashes his teeth.”

[ … … I’ll accept that offer. I’ll do whatever you want. Now, are you done? ]

There is no sign of fighting.

Even if we can’t see through the bluff they made up, I thought we couldn’t rule out the number of cases where they choose to fight… … .

The God of Creation, and the God of Law and the God of Miracles who stand behind him, did not seem confident of completely winning a fight against me.

“The God of Creation slowly takes a deep breath and calms down his feelings of anger.”

[ … … Victory reward. He said he would create what he wanted, no matter what it was. Not only will I pay you that in advance here, but I will also create not one, but two. ]

It was a success.

[Then that’s okay, right? Instead, we must make sure that the story of pushing the God of Time to the brink of death is ensured so that no more is said. ]

The God of Creation spoke as if he was having a hard time calming down his anger, spewing out cold, murderous expressions.

[You do realize that the very suggestion you made is close to a threat, right? I’m just saying this just in case, but if you break your promise to me, I will find you somehow and make you pay. ]

step… … .




Why does this side have to pay for something like that?

I responded with a cold sneer at the cold death showered by the God of Creation.

“doesn’t care.”

In essence, making someone pay for something is the privilege of the strong, not the weak.

“The god of transcendence and death laughs at the weak who pretend to be strong.”

[─Anyway, there’s no way you guys can do anything to me, right? ]

So, wouldn’t it be the latter, not the former, that has to pay the price between me and them?

“The God of Law is enraged by what you said and unleashes divine and magical power.”

[ Pfft… … !! this! There is a limit to arrogance! Why do you speak so rudely! If we all work together, we can handle at least one of you… … !! ]

As if he didn’t like it, the God of Law held his staff tightly, expressing his power and shouting at the same time, but it didn’t last until the end.

“The God of Miracles appraises your power and status and weeps.”

[ … … no. You’d better not do that. Dear saint, I am sorry to say this, but the god of transcendence and death has the right to speak and act like that. ]

Suddenly, the God of Miracles adjusted the white eyepatch covering his eyes and stopped the God of Law from crossing the line any further.

[ Qualification? Even if the god of transcendence and death is strong, where does he have the qualifications to do so? The author has no right to do that… … . ]

It was then.

[ no. ]

The God of Creation seemed to have succeeded in calming down his excitement more clearly than before, and spoke calmly without even giving off an air of life.

[ … … Yes. In any case, it is true that he tried to break the promise he made with the god of transcendence and death. Whether it is the logic of the jungle or the moral perspective, the fault lies with us. It may seem a bit excessive, but there is nothing wrong with what the god of transcendence and death said. ]

She regained her composure and continued speaking.

[Nevertheless, I must make one thing clear. ]

The God of Creation looked at me with cold eyes and spoke a divine voice as if warning me.

[Do not break the contract. The God of Time must be pushed to the brink of death. In order to do that, you are signing a contract, even risking your uncertain identity. okay? ]

It was absurd.

“That sounds interesting.”

It’s nice to be able to get two victory rewards in return for killing the God of Time or pushing him to the brink of death.

“Shouldn’t that come from this side, not that side?”

But that and this are different things.

“I’m the one who shouldn’t trust disgusting things like you, right?”

In fact, wasn’t the War of the Gods just a good self-made drama from the beginning, with regards to victory and defeat?

How many lives have been trapped in the war of the gods so far and died like stubble, lured by the victory reward presented by the orderly camp?

Moreover, it was not only the fact that many higher-ranking gods and formal gods died meaninglessly, I also almost died at the hands of the Dragon God because of them.

“It’s hard to even stand still and listen to you talking nonsense like that.”

In that case, someone other than me is telling me not to break the contract… … .

“Let’s not waste any more time and just do what needs to be done, shall we?”

At that, I spat out the words in a cold voice and a cold sneer.

“Anyway, you aren’t planning to make a verbal contract with me, but rather a binding bond with a holy relic.”

Only a contract made on the basis of a holy relic can have the force of force, even for ancient deities.

‘Earlier, you tried to trick me by using the power of Divine <Creation> as bait, but you can’t do that if you use items like holy relics.’

Even if they try to trick me again with the divine <Creation>, if the sacred relics are compulsory, wouldn’t there be less need to worry?

[ … … okay. I have no intention of entering into a verbal contract with an ancient deity like you who doesn’t even know where you came from. I’m just saying that it’s better not to think about breaking the bonds of the contract made with the holy relic. ]

Moreover, the God of Creation also seemed to have different thoughts from me, activating his divine <Creation> to create another item identical to the relic I saw last time.


She said as she handed me the ‘Divine Contract (S-)’ created using pure white divine light as payment.

[I thought that a crazy being like you might end up doing something ridiculous that would break the contractual bond of the holy relic. ]

“… … well. It would be unwise to forcefully break a contract made with relics when both parties are in agreement. Because I don’t know what penalty will come. Even if it’s guys like you, it’s no different.”

It was a lie.

Even if the contract terms of the sacred relic ‘Sacred Contract (S-)’ are violated, it is unlikely that there will be such a painful penalty.

I don’t know about the common ancient deities such as the God of Creation, the God of Law, or the God of Miracles, but hasn’t this one gained a lot of power to change course by climbing the Tower of Trials?

‘There is a high possibility of eliminating the compulsory nature of the contract by using the transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability>, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do as I say.’

But I had no intention of doing so.

‘Well, I guess that’s not possible.’

Isn’t that right?

‘Since the God of Time found out about the Tower of Trials and about me, leaving things like that will only lead to the worsening of the situation.’

The God of Time was the one who noticed that the war between the gods itself was nothing more than a record of the past, and that although it seemed close to the real thing, it was essentially a fake.

‘therefore… … .’

In fact, now that the God of Creation, the God of Law, and the God of Miracles were offering victory rewards, there was no reason to reject their offer and act arbitrarily.



「… … .」


“The contract was concluded through mutual agreement with the designated target through the exclusive effect of the Sacred Contract (S-).”

Accordingly, the moment when a contract with strong coercion was concluded under mutual agreement, similar to the last time, with a ‘sacred contract (S-)’.

[ … … Whatever it is, if you desire something deep in your heart, you will get it quickly. ]

I felt my heart pounding, and with a deep smile on my face, I stretched out my hand to the God of Creation and held it.


“The sacred <Creation> is activated, creating something new at the cost of divinity, faith, and lore.”

It was worth it.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

The result created by the divine <Creation> in the blink of an eye, emitting a cloud of pure white light, was the product of an overwhelming miracle that seemed like it might be the only one in the entire universe.


It was simple.

An item that can obtain the Tower of Trials, which is virtually a transcendental structure, and even the concept of divinity of the three ancient deities known as the lords of the universe.

Even if you climb the Tower of Trials to the final floor, you may not be able to obtain it again, and it is a power that can only be said to have been obtained purely through an overlap of miracles.

「Ancient Book of Sacred Cloning」

「Grade: EX」

“An old book containing a very small amount of ‘re-presentation’, one of the powers possessed by the Tower of Trials.”

“It is possible to arbitrarily reproduce and acquire one of the divinity that challenger Han Seong-yoon desires.”

「※However, once you acquire one of the divinity by duplicating it, the item itself disappears.」

Tome of Holy Cloning (EX).

“… … .”

It appeared before my eyes again.

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