The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 436

436. Before the Storm (3)

Originally, the sacred <Dark Heaven> was a power obtained from Emperor Pacheon, one of the challengers belonging to the Tower of Trials.

Well, Emperor Pacheon must have thought that the sacred <Dark Heaven> was not particularly useful, so he didn’t use it until just before his death… … .

Isn’t this because Emperor Pacheon invested everything in his physical abilities based on the ‘Secret Art of Selection and Concentration (S)’, which has now become a unique skill rather than a unique characteristic?

‘Unless you’re an idiot like Emperor Pacheon, who changes divinity, authority, and skills into mere strength, agility, and stamina, there’s no way you wouldn’t know the value of the sacred <Dark Heaven>.’

In fact, the divinity <Damcheon> provided immeasurable merit not only to higher-level deities or formal deities, but also to ancient deities.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo… … !!

like now.

“Divine <Fighting Spirit> meets the conditions and is automatically used.”

“With the divine <fighting spirit>, challenger Han Seong-yoon receives a significant buff in proportion to the level of fighting spirit.”

「※With Holy <Fighting Spirit>, recovery speed and total amount of recovery increase by 200 times.」

「※With sacred <fighting spirit>, all physical abilities become 200 times stronger.」

「※With sacred <fighting spirit>, attack speed is accelerated by 200 times… … .」

「※Divine <Fighting Spirit> increases external divinity resistance ability by 200 times… … .」

It’s not like the Holy <Fighting Spirit> stacks once more to create a 10,000-fold increase buff… … .

This is only a story compared to when the sacred <Fighting Spirit> is applied overlapping in an unusual way.

It is truly incredible that the level of the sacred <Fighting Spirit> increase buff can be doubled without any conditions or restrictions.

‘The fact that you can stack the Holy <Fighting Spirit> itself is close to a bug that can be used at the cost of a holy relic.’

As with the superimposition of Divine <Fighting Spirit>, it is not possible to show movement at sub-light speed, let alone light speed, with physical ability alone, but it is possible to show speed that easily exceeds supersonic speed.

‘This is enough for now.’

It’s not even just that.

「… … .」

「I use sacred <transcendence>.」

“All abilities are outside of their designated range.”

“The more you hit the limit, the faster all your abilities will go beyond their designated range.”

“The growth rate of all types increases by [712] times in proportion to the level difference with the opponent.”

When the sacred <Transcendence> is activated, countless abilities such as divinity, mythology, skills, powers, and exclusive effects enter a state of accelerated growth.

‘712 times… … .’

However, if you just activate the sacred <Transcendence> within the sacred <Dark Heaven>, you will see a growth rate increase that has never been seen before.

‘It’s huge.’

Of course it’s not strange.

It is one of the true monsters that shatters the framework of common sense, with a power stronger than any enemy we have ever encountered.

Isn’t the person standing in front of you an incarnation of the Dragon God and the lord of this universe, a being closer to a transcendental than an ancient god?

‘The incarnation, which is not even the main body of the Dragon God, is stronger than ordinary ancient deities, so the multiplier of the increase in growth speed obtained through sacred <transcendence> is also going crazy in this way.’

Should we be happy that the growth rate increase for Divine <Transcendence> is this much, or should we hate that the opponent is that strong?

‘Although he is not a transcendental person, he is an adversary who is different from the typical ancient deity… … .’

I smiled, feeling excitement and chills, joy and anxiety pulsing together.

‘that… … .’

They think only of victory, reward, and gain, and even turn despair and fear into the foundation for their fighting spirit.

‘Doesn’t that mean that there is a lot I can gain when I win this life-threatening battle?’

Is that why?

‘As long as you succeed in surviving the Dragon God, you can absolutely achieve rapid growth.’

Before I knew it, I could no longer think about backing away from the Dragon God, who was not even an ancient god but something closer to me.

“The power skill ‘Blessing of the Wind’ is strongly activated.”

“All speeds increase by 170%.”

「Current skill overlap progress – [17]」

We just focus on using all the power we have without sparing anything and defeating the incarnation of the Dragon God.

“The exclusive effect ‘Double’ of the power skill ‘Holy Source Demon Sword’ is activated.”

「Consumes divine power to increase the power skill power by [10] times.」

「… … .」


In the blink of an eye, I was using the Honwon Demon Sword and firing wildly the basic techniques of the Baekgeomchichisik that I had learned from the Baekhakgeomseon at Yongshin.


[ … … Sigh. ]

The Dragon God, strengthened by the authority skill ‘Honwon Demon Sword’, let out a shallow sigh as the herbivores of the White Sword Seven Styles swept in like a fierce storm.

[ … … It’s pretty good!! ]

He even makes an annoyed expression, as if he has been caught off guard in a way he never expected.


[ … … But that’s it! ]

The dragon god’s eyes glowed intensely, while he used both hands to shake off the wide-range attacks that rained down on him like a natural disaster, showing his teeth and smiling.

[ … … Do you really think that just because I came here as an incarnation rather than my original body, I wouldn’t be able to destroy even a single divine realm? ]

Crunchy… … !!

[ ─That can’t be possible, right? ]

With her long silver hair fluttering, she without hesitation jumped into the center of the sacred realm built with the sacred <Dark Heaven> and immediately sunk her hand blades into the ground.

[There is no need to create and destroy a sacred realm containing my concept of divinity in order to destroy one sacred realm like this… … !! ]

Ugh… … !!

Perhaps this side is trying to remove the entire sacred realm created by the sacred <Dark Heaven> and erase it by force… … .

[You had to use your brain quite a bit, but in the face of overwhelming power, there is little point in being petty like that… … . ]


[ … … uh? ]

no use.

[What is this? ]

Isn’t that right?

‘Is it possible to erase my divinity <Dark Heaven> so easily while the Transcendent Myth <Absolute Immutability> is active?’

In fact, I had almost driven all of the power of the sacred <Dark Heaven> itself into the sacred realm.

In other words, this sacred area is, in some respects, the sacred <dark heaven> itself, and is therefore subject to protection from external interference by the transcendental myth <absolute immutability>.

Well, on the day when this sacred realm collapses for some reason, the sacred <Dark Heaven> will also disappear, but for now, it will be enough to use an expedient method to withstand the enemy in front of us with all our might.

‘Since the divine supernormal ability itself has been contained in the sacred realm, it will not be easily broken unless the Dragon God can offset the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability>.’

So now it was just a head-to-head battle.

‘Let’s do it.’

In an instant, numerous skills, powers, and the power of divinity and mythology emanate from the entire body and pour down on the opponent.


[ Pfft! ]

At this point, there was some damage.

The Dragon God is an incarnation rather than the original body, and isn’t it a situation where he has to fight while being in a ‘weakened’ state due to the divine realm he created?

Even if the Dragon God is a being who has stepped on the borderline of transcendence, surpassing even ancient deities, he will eventually be pushed aside as damage accumulates like this.

‘If I take more time, my magical power and sacred power will run out, but it’s okay to gain time to a certain extent.’


“The proficiency of skill ‘Battle Acceleration (SS-)’ has reached 100%.”

“The grade of skill ‘Battle Acceleration (SS-)’ increases by one level.”

“The proficiency in skill ‘Instantaneous Acceleration (SS-)’ has reached 100%… … .」

“The grade of skill ‘Instant Acceleration (SS-)’ increases by one level… … .」

“The proficiency of skill ‘Shock Block (SS-)’ has reached 100%… … .」

「The grade of the skill ‘Shock Block (SS-)’ has increased by one level… … .」

That’s not all.

「The proficiency of the authority skill ‘Magic Circuit (S-)’ has reached 100%.」

「The grade of the authority skill ‘Magic Circuit (S-)’ increases by one level.」

「The proficiency of the power skill ‘Wind’s Grace (S)’ has reached 100%… … .」

「The grade of the authority skill ‘Wind’s Grace (S)’ increases by one level… … .」

「The proficiency of the power skill ‘Unquenchable Mortal Flame (S+)’ reaches 100%… … .」

「The grade of the power skill ‘Unquenchable Mortal Flame (S+)’ has increased by one level… … .」

Due to the supernormal ability of the divine <Transcendence>, all abilities this side has are beyond their limits and are showing overwhelming growth.

‘The odds of winning have no choice but to rise.’

By simply using all the power we have, we can now perform faster, stronger, and more sophisticated attacks and defenses.

‘I can win.’

There was only one factor that would determine victory or defeat.

Probably, there will be a difference between a winner and a loser depending on which of the two runs out of sacred power or magic power first.

And that’s why, even if it seems like I can fight a long-term battle right now thanks to the fact that I get stronger as time goes on, the Dragon God will win later.

‘The answer is to push them in without giving them any more time to do anything.’

In other words, what we need to do is make sure that the Dragon God can no longer do anything, and at the same time, use overwhelming attack techniques such as the Honwon Demon Sword to hit and suppress it with force.

Oh my gosh!

But they didn’t know that either.

[ … … Are you trying to end me in a short-term decisive battle? ]


[ … … Sigh. Yeah, that’s not bad. Actually, I don’t particularly dislike momentary firefights. Let’s stick together properly. ]

Even though the Dragon God was an incarnation rather than the original body, it must have been difficult to accept that he was being pushed by me, so he shouted and radiated the starlight of his divinity.


‘Is it holy light?’

Although the Dragon God was an incarnation rather than the original body, the divine power condensed in the starlight of the nova had reached a level where it could destroy even a planet.

[ you. ]

She spoke fiercely, compressing the divine starlight into her right hand to its limit.

[Hold on to this too. ]



In an instant, the Dragon God strongly waved his right hand, and the divine starlight was emitted in a straight line to where I was standing and spread widely.

‘You can use divinity <victory> or any defense system’s divinity to block it.’

But it wasn’t that scary.

‘But it’s an attack that doesn’t need to be like that.’

Isn’t that right?

‘If they decide to use Holy Light, I just have to counter them in the same way.’

In fact, I have the same Holy Light power that the Dragon God possesses, even though I am a replica and not an original.

“The power skill ‘Holy Light’ is activated, creating starlight imbued with divine <death>.”

‘On the contrary, if the dragon god puts up a firepower fight like that, it becomes possible to counter it.’


「… … .」

“Skill ‘Starlight Expansion’ is strongly activated.”

“All types of starlight are greatly expanded, resulting in up to 4 times performance improvement.”

The moment when I created divine starlight like a dragon god and used all kinds of skills, powers, and even myths to expand it to its limits.

“The deity exclusive power ‘Pure Death Seeker’ is activated.”

“All beings that come into contact with sacred <death> will perish as their life, magic power, and divinity are gradually polluted.”

“All beings touched by sacred <death> take fixed damage to essential elements directly related to life.”

“All beings who touch the sacred <Death> can never avoid damage caused by pure seekers of death.”

A pure seeker of death.

The power gained when climbing the Tower of Trials and killing the God of Epiphany, one of the ancient deities.

It was contained in the divine starlight created by us, and was given the absolute supernormal ability of death.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

Mo or do.

“The exclusive effect ‘Double’ of the power skill ‘Holy Source Demon Sword’ is activated.”

「Consumes divine power to increase the power skill power by [10] times.」

「… … .」

In an instant, he inflated the divine starlight with the power skill ‘Holy Won Demon Sword’ and mixed it with the power skill ‘Unquenchable Mortal Flame’ to complete a fatal blow.




Next moment.


A tremendous destructive force swept across the area, causing even the sacred realm containing the sacred <Dark Heaven> itself to be partially twisted and broken.

Couuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !!

In fact, since it is a special move that combines most of the strongest cards this side has, I was hoping that that side would be destroyed by being hit by a counter.

‘shit… … .’

however… … .

“The Dragon God looks expressionlessly at his hands becoming tattered.”

[ … … . ]

Although the Dragon God’s grips were almost torn and tattered, it did not seem to have suffered enough damage to lead to the disappearance of the incarnation.

‘… … ‘Is it a good thing among the misfortunes that I was able to inflict sanctity contamination and fixed damage with the pure seeker of death, a power exclusive to godhood?’

However, it is only because the Dragon God appears to be fine on the outside, and since it has received damage from the Godhead-only power ‘Pure Death Seeker’, the extinction of the incarnate body will inevitably be hastened.

‘There is no time to hesitate. One more time, I have to use all the attack techniques I can to push them back. That way, you win.’


At that moment, I was about to continue my next attack while tightly gripping the hilts of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and the Blade of Heavenly Demon Sword.

[ … … Hehe, hehehe. ]

It was then.

[ … … It’s a lie, right? ]

Suddenly, the Dragon God began muttering with a very confused voice and emotions that were uncharacteristic of her.

[ … … In this universe, there was a being other than me who could not only manipulate the Holy Light but also bring about such diverse changes? ]

When I saw that, I frowned and felt sorry, wondering if I had made the Dragon God uncomfortable.

‘… … It’s me who gained holy light by climbing the Tower of Trials, but in the eyes of the Dragon God, it may seem incoherent in many ways.’

Perhaps, the Dragon God feels that this person seems to have learned the Holy Light during a fierce battle with her, which is a matter of life or death, so he is not very happy.

“… … .”

However, regardless of that, since this side is currently engaged in a fierce battle between life and death, rather than feeling guilty toward the Dragon God, they focused their attention on preparing their next move.

[Ahahahahahahahahaha-! ]

however… … .

[This isn’t a dream, is it? ]

It was strange.

Somehow, rather than feeling insulted by what this side had done, the Dragon God seemed to feel a much different emotion than expected.

And as I watched her burst into maniacal laughter for no reason, I felt a chill running up my spine.

[ Finally, I found it… … !! ]


[Successor… … ! ]

Next moment.


“The Dragon God is looking at you and smiling brightly.”

[I will never let you die. ]

The divine power swelled like crazy in the incarnation of the Dragon God standing before my eyes, emitting a power that was hard to believe was contained in just one incarnation.

[I no longer choose any means or methods. ]

It was serious.

‘Has your sacred power increased?’

In fact, it was surprising that the incarnation, which was not even the original body of the Dragon God, was given as much power as before, but more divine power was allocated than that.

‘Even if this is an incarnation rather than the main body of the Dragon God, if it gets to this point, doesn’t the incarnation possess 70% of the power of the main body of the Dragon God…? … ?’

It was an incredibly scary thing.

This was even more so because I knew what it meant that more divine power had been assigned to the incarnation of the Dragon God standing before my eyes.

This means that when looking at the simple divine power of the incarnation of the Dragon God, the gap between the main body and the incarnation is not that large.

[I will have you. ]


[Even if everything is thrown away in this war of gods, I will take only you at any cost. ]

Her eyes were shining brightly like stars, unlike before when she felt boring, bored, or annoyed.

[ certainly. ]

Doesn’t that mean only one thing?

‘… … ‘Isn’t this really the same as dying if you lose?’

… … At this moment, the dragon god declared that he would kidnap this person by somehow making it sound like a ghost, even if it had to exert a force close to its original body.

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